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Marriott Blond

A Blond Squirter
The woman, across the way, came out of the darkness of her room toward the window. The drapes were opened all the way, so as she neared the window you could tell that she was naked.

She was blond with straight hair down to the middle of her back. She had to be 5’-6" to 5’-8" tall. Her breasts were a good size, tear drop in shape with pronounced nipples. She had a slender waist and nice hips, what I would call curvy. Her navel was pierced with a hoop. The triangle from her navel down to her mons was flat and muscled. She probably did a lot of situps and crunches. Her pussy was clean of any hair or stubble, most likely waxed.

Bending over the window sill she picked something off the sill. Tilting her head back she grabbed her hair and collected it into a pony tail and tied her hair together with an elastic band. Her breasts jutted out and her nipples were hard. As she bent back her labia and clit were exposed.

Her clit was large and was framed by thick labia which dropped low. Neither the clit nor the labia were pierced. There was some white colored cream just inside her labia which trickled out as she flexed backward.

Once her hair was tied up she bent over the sill again and picked up a small bottle of liquid, popped the cap and squirted the fluid into her hand. Closing the cap she placed the bottle back down on the sill.

She placed her right foot up on the sill exposing her clean shaven pussy. The labia were even more pronounced, jutting down away from her pussy a good two inches. Taking the hand with the liquid in it, she rubbed it over her pussy, concentrating on her clit. Using her other hand to pull apart her labia she rubbed the fluid in between the lips of her pussy and even thrust two fingers in and out of her pussy. With the stimulation, her clit became engorged with blood and grew larger. More of the white nectar trickled out between her pussy lips.

She thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy five times, when all of a sudden; she pulled her fingers out and smacked her clit hard causing her to squirt onto the window. Turning to her right she reached out her hand. A hand extended from behind the wall of the building and grabbed onto hers. The blond pulled hard and up came a man; a naked man with his thick cock sticking out parallel to the floor.

Grabbing him by the shoulders she pushed him onto the bed in a sitting position. Kneeling down in front of him she pushed his legs wide and took his cock in her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock with her mouth like she was bobbing for apples.

She was taking all of his cock in her mouth and down her throat; her nose nestled in his pubic hair. She did this quickly for about four or five times. On the fifth time she popped his cock out of her mouth and grabbed it with her hand. Spinning around facing the window she straddled the man’s cock and sat down hard on it.

As she bottomed out, juices squirted out of her pussy, soaking the bed and the carpet. Spreading her legs as far as his legs would allow, she started to bounce up and down on the cock. Not only was he bouncing up and down but the bed was bouncing up and down. As she bounced up and down, she grabbed her nipples and started to pull and twist them.

The man grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back. He dove into her neck and started to kiss and bite it. Pulling her hands away from her breasts, the man roughly grabbed her them and squeezed and smacked them. All the while the blond continued to bounce up and down on his cock.

The blond took one hand and started to rub her clit fiercely. She was going even faster up and down on his cock, rubbing her clit faster and faster; a sheen of sweat covering her upper body reflecting the sunlight entering the room. The man smacked her breasts one last time and using forefinger and thumb pinched her nipples and twisted them left and right.

The blond started trembling and as she came down hard on his cock she started convulsing. Her head tilting back with her mouth open like she was screaming. Her face flushed, her eyes rolling back in their sockets and the veins on her neck protruding. She was spasming on his cock. Juices squirted out again hitting the window and soaking the bed spread and carpet.

Still shaking uncontrollably she laid back into the man. But he had yet to cum. He grabbed her ass and started thrusting up and down, using the bed springs for leverage. Pistoning in and out of her pussy, the blond came alive again, screaming and squirting. With every thrust into her juices squirted out in an arc spraying the carpet and the window sill. With one animalistic push the man lifted his hips into the woman forcing her feet to come off the floor. Holding her up in this position you could see his cock throbbing as he unloaded his sperm into her.

They fell back onto the bed, still coupled together with his cock spreading her pussy, her labia draped on either side of his cock. Her clit had swelled to the size of my thumb.

After a minute or so she lifted herself off his cock. As the cum started to gush out, she reached between her pussy with one hand while the other spread her lips and caught the mixture of the two of them on her cupped hand. Standing straight, she tilted her head back and brought her hand above her mouth. She tilted her hand, allowing the cum to slowly drip into her open mouth.

Sticking her tongue out, she caught a thick strand of cum and using her fingers she twirled the string around her tongue. She slowly brought her tongue back into her mouth as she gulped down the nectar. Sticking out her cum filled tongue she started to lick the remnants off her fingers.

But she had a better idea. She rubbed her nipples with the palm of her hand which still had some remnants of nectar on it. Turning toward the man who had sat up on the bed she forced her breasts into his mouth. He twirled his tongue around her nipples and licked the nectar from her breasts. Once he was finished he bit her nipples.

Turning away from him she faced the window. Looking over at me she pinched and smacked her clit one last time and walked back into the darkness of the room.

Footnote: This happened yesterday. This morning as I was leaving the coffee shop I passed by the blond. It was evident by the smile on her face that she recognized me and I her. I said good morning to her. She smiled and said the same as she walked by. Perhaps there will be an encore later this afternoon.
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