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Strange things happen the first week at a new job.




My first week on a 911 ambulance in a large city was stressful.   Being new, I was assigned to the busy trucks in the heart of the city.   However, one day, I was assigned to a slower truck.   My partners for the day were Angela and Mike.   Mike was a totally cool dude who was about 6 foot 7 inches tall, strong, muscular build and thought he was a comedian.   He spent all day joking around and playing practical jokes on people.

Angela is a 5 foot 7 inch brunette, large Double D cup breast, big hips and a round ass.   Angela had no problem showing off her curves in her uniform.   Angela was very open about anything.   She reminded me of the stereotypical New York City ; “speak your mind” no matter what kind.   She and John made the perfect pair.   Obviously they had worked together for some time, because they knew each other too well.   At least that is what I thought, until later that afternoon.

The city was slow and no one had turned a wheel.   The engine company was assigned to a training detail after lunch and we had returned to an empty Fire Station.   Backing into the bay, I jumped out to make sure that John did not hit anything.   After he turned the engine off, I went into the Quiet Room to study for my Paramedic class.   About an hour went by, when I heard Mike and Angela talking in the hallway.

“Come on sweetie, no one is here.” Angela said to Mike.

“Well, since you put it that way, I guess I can’t refuse.”   He replied.

Angela led Mike to the kitchen.   She leaned up against the kitchen counter and grabbed Mike by the waist.   She kissed him passionately making their tongues dance.   Moving her hands down to his waist, she unfastens his belt.   Mike did the same to her, but he also unzipped her pants.   He slid his hand under her lace panties and onto her pussy.   She moaned as his fingers slid across her hot little slit.   Angela unbuttoned Mike’s pants and began to rub his cock.   Angela placed her mouth next to his ear and said “Fuck Me right here, right now”.

Mike quickly spun Angela around and with one giant move he pulled down Angela’s pants.   Mike pushed her forward, forcing her hands on the kitchen counter.   Her thong stretched tightly between her firm ass as Mike bent her over.   Mike then pulled out his ten inch rod and rubbed the tip against her.   He slid her thong to one side and pushed his large rod inside her.   Angela’s mouth opened, her eyes closed and she pressed against him.   At first he only slid half of his rod inside, but soon he pushed the whole thing in.

“Oh my GOD!” She cried.

Mike began to thrust forward.   With every stroke, Angela would push back causing him to go deeper inside her.   Her face became flush as she held onto the corner of the counter.   Mike’s energy and force excited Angela.   Her nipples became rock hard and pressed through her bra.   Staring at the hallway door, Angela knew at any minute she could get caught, but at that moment she didn’t care.

Mike continued to thrust away, sending Angela closer to orgasm.   His hot breath pushed against her soft hair.   He was in the zone, until he felt Angela’s pussy walls tighten.   He knew she was on the verge of exploding.   Angela began to moan loudly filling the room with noise.   Pushing her body against Mike, her muscles began to spasm.   As her legs shook, she made fists with her hands.   Angela came with explosive power.   She fell forward onto the kitchen counter.   Her body was weak from the intense sensation or her orgasm.

Mike grabbed onto her hips, steadying her.   She began to catch her breath, and opened her eyes.   She could still feel Mikes throbbing rod inside her.   She placed her hand behind her, grabbed Mikes throbbing rod, and pulled it out.   Angela spun around and got on her knees.   She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.   Placing both hands on his long rod, she began to stroke his cock in a rotating motion.

Mike began to moan, as Angela sucked on his magic stick.   He started to move his hips back and forth as if he was fucking her mouth.   Angela moved one hand between his legs and grabbed his balls.   She gently pulled down on them as she stroked his rod.   Angela moved her hand back and slowly inserted one finger inside his ass.   Mike looked shocked, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying his blow job.   Mike knew he was near climax as he closed his eyes.   Angela pressed her finger down, as Mike shot his hot load inside her.   She swallowed the first shot of Mike’s jizz, but then pulled her mouth away from his cock.   Angela then stroked Mike’s prostate and caused him to fire another shot of his hot, white stuff.   It landed on her neck and dripped down between her breasts.   Mike grunted as the second shot of his stuff came out.

Angela stroked his rod a few more times before she got up off the floor.   She slid her thong over and pulled up her pants.   As she fastened her belt, Mike leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

“That was amazing!” Mike said.

“Yes I am.” Angela replied.

As they started to leave the kitchen, I ran from my “peeping” spot and headed back to the quiet room.   I opened my text book and tried to pretend I was studying.   Mike popped his head inside the room and asked if I was ok or if I needed anything.   I told him I was ok and I was good to go.   He smirked and said “So am I”.

A few minutes later, Angela came into the room and sat down.   She started to talk to me about when she started to work here, she was a little nervous.   I agreed with her and told her about my worries.   She then asked me if she could do anything to make me feel more comfortable.

I stared at her and said …… “maybe”.

This is a real story.  I do have a totally different ending if someone would like to hear it.  I know I liked it, in real life!  Leave comments if you wish.  Thank you for ready my story.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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