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Miss Cynthia’s Lingerie Shop

After years of planning, Laura lures her boss into her webb
At the request of a fan ...

“Are you ready to go?”

Evan looked up from his desk to see his assistant standing in the doorway of his office. She was leaning against the door and smiling at him.

“I am ready,” he answered. “Just let me send this email to our idiot client and then we can go.”

“Maybe I’ll just stand here until you finish. I know that you tend to stress over messages to him,” she said.

“Less than five minutes. I promise,” he offered as he turned to his keyboard, but he noticed that she did not move. Evan was trying to finish the message to his client, but he could only think of the lovely young woman standing in his doorway. Laura had been his assistant now for a little over four years and he could find no fault in her. Her work was beyond excellent. She made his work day enjoyable, which seemed like a strange thing to say, but it was true. She handled all of the small issues and saw to it that they never reached his desk. And just as important, she was delightful to look at. Evan assumed that she had a good body, but in the four years that she had worked for him she had never worn anything to show it off. He knew that she had a great ass because she just couldn’t hide that, but she seemed to dress in a way to hide her assets.

In the years that she had worked for him they had established a tradition for her birthdays and Christmas. He took her shopping and bought her anything she wanted. It was the only time that they had ever been out of the office together and they both enjoyed the outings. Today was the birthday shopping trip and Laura had determined where they would be going. She hadn’t shared the destination with Evan yet, but he didn’t care where they went. He knew that he would probably spend a lot of money and that he would actually enjoy it. This young woman was worth every penny he spent on her.

Evan hit the send button on his email and looked up at Laura. “OK,” he said with a smile. “Let’s go do some shopping.” He stood up and reached for his jacket, checked to make certain that he had his car keys and walked to the door as she continued to lean against it. “Well. Let’s go,” he said, but had the strangest feeling that she was checking him out. He quickly flushed that thought from his mind. In all of the time that Laura had worked for him they had never had a single discussion that was personal in a sexual way. She was what you would call ‘prim and proper’ and had never even given him a hint of her personal sex life. In fact, he had often wondered if she had a sex life.

As they were walking down the hallway side by side Evan recalled a conversation he had once many months ago with one of his co-workers. While they were having lunch the fellow had asked, “Do you think that Laura is any good in the sack?” Evan had responded, “I have absolutely no idea, my friend. No clue whatsoever.” Other than the fact that he had determined with his own eyes that she had a great ass, he knew nothing about this lovely woman’s personal life. He thought to himself, “The only reason I know she has a great ass is because she has one pants outfit that she wears from time to time and the pants fit her like a glove.” When she wore those pants his mind went crazy. The good news was that she seldom wore them, saving him time building fantasies.

While backing out of his parking space Evan asked, “Are we going to the mall?”

“Not this time,” Laura said offering him a smile. “I’ll give you directions.”

“You don’t want to tell me where we’re going?” he asked.

“Not really,” she answered and he thought he heard her giggle. Laura was not a woman that giggled.

After several turns Laura pointed to a small strip center and told him to pull into the parking lot. She pointed out a parking spot and said, “That space is good.”

Even pulled his car into the spot, put it park, turned off the engine and looked up to see a very girlie looking shop with the words, “Miss Cynthia’s Lingerie Shop” painted on the window. “This is it?” he asked in a very surprised voice.

Laura smiled at him and said, “Yes it is. This is what I picked for my birthday.”

Evan opened the shop door for her and walked in behind her. Giving the place a quick look he determined that it was indeed a lingerie shop, but was surprised to see that there was not a lot of lingerie on display. He remembered once several years ago asking if Laura would like a gift card to Victoria’s Secret. As he recalled she seemed a little embarrassed and said that she didn’t really need anything like that … whatever “like that” meant.

A very attractive woman that Evan guessed to be in her 50’s stepped into the lobby of the store and spoke to Laura. “Hi there. I’m Miss Cynthia and I’m guessing that you must be Laura.” The woman looked briefly at Even and then said to Laura, “I have you set up in the Red Room. After we spoke on the phone and you told me you had red hair, it just seemed appropriate to use that room.” Reaching out and touching Laura’s hair she said, “And your hair certainly is red. It’s just beautiful dear. I know that we’ll have some fun finding some pretty things for you.” Turning slightly she looked back at Evan and said, “Bring your handsome man and let’s get started.”

You could have blown in Evan’s face to knock him over when Laura turned, held out her hand to him and said, “Come on, my handsome man.” When he didn’t move she took the two steps to reach him, took his hand in hers and pulled him into the hallway.

Evan’s head was spinning. He had no idea what he was doing in the shop with Laura or why she was holding his hand. In the years that she had worked for him that had never been any kind of “touching” between them. Now here she was treating him like a boyfriend and taking him to do what? Was she taking him into her fitting room? In a lingerie shop? WTF?

Miss Cynthia led them into a hallway that was cool and quiet. There were two doors on each side of the hall and another at the end. She stopped at the second door on the left and opened it for Laura, who entered the room pulling Evan behind her.

Evan determined that the room was about 12’ by 12’ square. The carpet was red and the walls were a rose color. In one corner of the room was a rather large red chair. In the other, what appeared to be a screen. Across from the screen was a white table about waist height and beside that a six-foot mirror. As Evan was taking in the room Miss Cynthia took him by the hand and led him to the red chair. She said, “You just sit right here and make yourself comfortable. Your job will be to approve of Laura’s selections and then pay for them when we are finished. I have no doubt that you will be more than happy to take care of the latter.”

Miss Cynthia turned around and crossed the room to Laura. “Now then,” she said, “As I recall you were interested in sets, right?”

“Yes,” Laura told her. “I’m looking for panty and bra sets that will make him crazy with lust.”

Once again Evan was ready to fall to the floor. His beautiful young assistant, whom he had always thought was a bit of a prude, was telling this woman that she wanted to be sexy … for him! WTF?

“Well,” Cynthia said, “That’s understandable. He is very handsome.”

Laura cut her eyes to Evan and said, “Yes he is, Miss Cynthia and he’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.”

Evan had no idea what to do or say, so he just kept his mouth shut and waited to see what happened.

Cynthia stepped back and looked at Laura for a few seconds and then said, “I’m certain that you don’t need any help from me to make him crazy, but I’m certain that I can help. I just need for you to step behind the screen and strip down for me. Just hang your clothes on that rack on the wall.”

Evan watched her walk behind the screen. His mind was absolutely spinning. He heard Laura say, “Do you want me to take my bra off?”

“Yes, please,” he heard Cynthia say, “I’ll need to take a measurement.”

Evan’s next shock came when his sweet and innocent assistant stepped from behind the screen wearing nothing but soft green hip-hugger panties. She stepped in front of Cynthia and stopped, giving Evan a complete look at her semi-naked body. The body he was observing was amazing. Her skin was the soft porcelain white that is common among red heads. The body itself was one that belonged to a goddess. As Cynthia turned her to take measurements Evan was given the opportunity to take all of her in. As he had always thought, her ass was a work of art, superbly rounded, reminding him of a photo he had once studied of Marilyn Monroe’s backside. As Cynthia turned her to face him, Evan met her eyes with his. She smiled at him and he let his gaze fall to her breasts.

“How could I have missed those?” Evan thought to himself as he looked at Laura’s bare breasts. They were absolutely perfect. Full and rounded, they ended with small pink nipple. As he admired them, the nipples began to harden as if his eyes had touched and excited them. He lowered his gaze to see a flat tummy and then dropped lower to see through her sheer panties a shaved pussy the he suddenly wanted to touch. Once again his eyes met hers. She was smiling and obviously not the least bit embarrassed to be standing in front of him, showing him everything she was.

Cynthia turned her once more until they faced each other. “Is there some reason that you wear a bra that’s about two sizes too small for you?”

In the mirror Evan could see Laura’s face. He could tell from that face so familiar to him that she was telling the truth when she replied, “I just do that for work. A woman with large tits is seldom taken seriously in the business world.”

Cynthia put her hands on Laura’s shoulders and turned her to face Evan. “Do you approve of her strapping those beautiful breasts down?” she asked him.

“She’s never asked my opinion,” Evan managed to answer as he moved his arm as an attempt to cover up the bulge in his pants.

Cynthia turned her again and asked, “Well I hope that we are finding you lingerie that is not for the office.”

“No,” Laura said with a smile. “I’m wanting something to wear just for him.”

“Excellent,” Cynthia responded. “Now give me five minutes to get some things for you.” She walked out of the red room and closed the door behind her.

Now alone Laura turned to Evan and said, “You look uncomfortable.”

“I am uncomfortable,” he replied.

“Why?” she asked. “I feel certain that you’ve been with a naked woman before.”

“I’ve never seen you naked before.”

“To be completely correct, I’m not naked. I’m wearing panties.” Laura took two steps toward him and turned completely around. When she faced him again she asked, “Do you like what you see?”

“I love what I see,” Evan said in a soft husky voice. “With or without panties you have an incredible body that would make any man drool. But why are you doing this now and for me?”

Laura took the last two steps to reach Evan, standing in front of him for a full minute before sitting on his leg. She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned close enough for him to smell the fragrance of her skin. “We are here because it’s my birthday and you always give me what I want for my birthday and Christmas. This is what I want. You are going to buy me some sexy lingerie and watch me try everything on.” She let one of her hands slide the front of his shirt and on to his pants. With her eyes looking into his she wrapped her hand around his erect cock through the material. “I’m hoping that you remain in this condition the entire time we’re here.”

Evan’s breath caught in his throat as he felt her hand holding his erection. “As long as you stay naked I’m thinking that I won’t have much choice in the matter.”

Just then the door opened and Cynthia came into the room with a stack of lingerie in her hands. “OK now,” she said, “I’ve picked out some things that you are certain to like. These are all matching sets and I assure you that these bras are going show off your beautiful breasts.”

Laura stood and walked to Cynthia to see what she had brought for her to try on. As she walked Evan’s eyes were glued to her ass.

The women were going through the lingerie together and spreading them out on the white table. Both were slightly bent over. Evan was getting an eye full. He thought to himself that Miss Cynthia was quite a dish herself. He wouldn’t mind seeing her model some of the lingerie.

“Try this set first,” Cynthia said to Laura. “I’m just certain you’ll love it.”

Laura took the set from the woman and said very seriously, “It really doesn’t matter if I like it.” She tuned toward Evan and said, “It matters if he likes it.” She flashed a big smile to Evan and walked behind the screen. Two minutes she stepped from behind the screen wearing a matching panty and bra set that was mostly black. She walked right past the mirror and stood in front of Evan. Against her pale skin the black enhanced her breasts and was quite stunning. She turned so that he could see the back of the panties. When his eyes popped out of his head she was watching him in the mirror and smiling. The back side of the panties was so sheer it appeared as if she was wearing nothing.

Laura stopped at the table and picked up another set, turned to give Evan another look then went behind the screen once again. When she appeared this time the matched set was in shades of gray that looked like silk. Again she walked straight to Evan and stood there with her legs apart and hands on her hips. The color was perfect against her red hair. The bra in this set was quite sheer and certainly had no padding, but pushed her breasts up and emphasizing her cleavage. As he took in the view he could see her nipples harden and show through the fabric. It was all he could do not to reach out and touch them. Laura turned and let him see the back. The panties were not transparent like the first one, but fit her ass beautifully. Again it was a struggle not to touch.

Another trip to the table and another stop behind the screen. This time she walked out in a set that appeared to be an animal print. The panties were very small. When she stopped in front of Evan she said, “These panties are called v-strings.” She turned around letting him view the back side. There was no doubt in his mind that her ass was made for those panties as they didn’t cover much but showed how perfect her ass was. She turned back around to him and said, “This bra has the clasp in the front.” She put her hands to it and opened it, exposing her breasts to him. “It’s really handy when you’re in a hurry to touch the girls.”

Laura made two more trips behind the screen and gave him two more looks at exceptionally beautiful and sexy lingerie. Still wearing the last set she was standing by the table with Cynthia and reviewing everything she had tried. Even remained seated and watch her move around the table, picking up one and then the other. She determined that she was trying to decide which one to take. When he had admired her nearly naked body as long as he could stand it he stood up, held his jacket over his arm to hide his erection and said, “Miss Cynthia. We’ll take them all.”

Laura turned around with a shocked look on her face. “Evan, that’s crazy. These sets are all $150 a piece.”

“I wouldn’t care if they were $300 each. You look beautiful in them and you’ll have them all.” He looked her over again and asked, “Are you going to wear that home?”

Laura was now completely shocked and had to get control of herself. “Oh. Ah. No. No I’ll just put them with the others and put on what I wore.”

“Well then, get them off and give them to Miss Cynthia,” he ordered.

She quickly went behind the screen, took the bra and panties off and handed them to Evan, who in turn gave them to the shop owner and said, “If you’ll put those in a bag, I’ll be write out to take care of the bill.”


When the woman had gone out the door Evan walked back to the screen and said to Laura, “Do not put that awful bra back on.”

“What will I wear?” she asked.

“Just the blouse,” was his answer. “That’s all you need. I can’t believe you’ve been hiding those beautiful breasts from me for such a long time.”

Laura stepped out from behind the screen once again wearing nothing but the green panties she had been wearing when they arrived. She looked up and him with a big smile and asked, “Do you really like them?”

“Of course, I do,” he answered, completely unable to take his eyes off of them. “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more beautiful breasts.”

She threw her arms around his neck and squeezed him with a giant hug. “You are such a wonderful boss. This is going to be my best birthday ever.” She released him, took one step back and looked down below his belt buckle. “You might want to cover that up before you go out to talk with Cynthia. I think she’s got her eyes on you and that would just get her a little crazy.”

Evan actually blushed. “Thanks for the tip, Laura. I’ll try to keep it covered with my jacket. Now get dressed so we can get out of here and get some lunch.”

By the time that Evan had reached the front of the store his “condition” had improved. He stepped up to the counter where he saw that all of the selections had been wrapped in tissue paper and placed in two shopping bags. As he handed Cynthia his credit card she said, “You are certainly a very generous man. I’m certain that your young wife is very happy.”

“She isn’t my wife,” he said before he was sorry that he said it.

Cynthia smiled at him and handed him his credit card and the bill to sign. After he had signed it and gave it back to her she handed him one of her business cards. “I hope to see you again sometime. If you’ll call ahead and make a reservation I can always arrange to give you some extra time in the dressing room so that you can be properly thanked.” As she handed him the shopping bags she lowered her voice and said, “On the back of the card is my personal phone number. When you want to see a woman your age that can be equally grateful I hope you’ll give me a call.”

Just then Laura came out of the hallway still beaming in smiles. Evan was actually taken aback at the difference in the way her office clothes looked without her breasts being strapped down. He turned and thanked Cynthia once again and led Laura out the door and to his car.

As Evan pulled his car back onto the street Laura put her hand on his leg and said, “Well, that was fun wasn’t it?”

Evan considered his response before saying, “Surprising, arousing, uncomfortable, but I don’t know that fun was a word I would use to describe it.”

Her hand moved up an inch on his leg before she said, “It was fun for me. And thank you very much for my gifts. You really didn’t need to spend that much.”

“Baby girl, I could not possibly have seen you in those wonderful undies and not bought them for you. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful and sexy you were in them,” he told her without looking in her direction.

Laura thought to herself, “Baby girl. He’s never called me anything even close to that.” Her next thought was, “And he said I was beautiful and sexy.” Her hand moved up another inch. She smiled thinking, “This is going better than I thought.”

Neither of them spoke for the next two minutes. Evan felt like her hand was burning a hole in his trouser leg. Her hand wasn’t moving, but it was dangerously close to touching him between his legs once again. While he knew that it would be an exceptionally troublingly situation, in his mind he was begging for her to move her hand higher.

As they neared an intersection Laura said, “You’ll need to turn right at this light.”

“Where are we going now?” he asked. He had been driving to a restaurant near the office that they had been to before.

“You said that you wanted to have lunch,” she said. “And it’s still my birthday, so I get to pick where.”

“Sure thing,” he responded. “It’s still your call.”

As they drove she continued to give him directions until she told him to turn into the parking lot of an apartment complex. She guided him to a parking spot and told him to park there.

Once the car was parked he turned to her and said, “Where are we? I thought we were going to have lunch.”

Laura smiled at him and let her hand move up again until it was only an inch from his manhood and said, “This is where I live. We are going to my apartment and for lunch you are going to have me and I’m going to have you.”

“Is that really a good idea?” he asked seriously.

She slipped her hand to cover his hardening cock and gave it a squeeze. “It is not a smart decision, but it is my birthday and it’s what I want. Don’t I get what I want for my birthday?”

“That’s the rule,” he answered. “If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get.”

“You are such a giver,” she said with a laugh. “Wouldn’t you like to have a private fashion show and take another look at my gifts?”

“I certainly would,” he told her and reached for his cell phone. “I should probably call the office and tell them we’ll be late getting back.”

She took her hand off of him and covered his hand with the phone. “There’s no need for you to do that. Before we left I told the receptionist that we were having lunch and then making a client visit. I told her that we would not be back in the office until Monday.”

Evan laughed. “That’s my girl. Always planning ahead.”

“Indeed I did,” she said. “I had Vickie pick me up this morning so I don’t need to go back to the office to pick up my car. We are both free for the remainder of the afternoon.”

Evan glanced at the clock on his dash and saw that it was just a few minutes past 1:00. “That’s a lot of afternoon left,” he thought to himself. “I hope it’s a long fashion show.” Very quickly any thoughts of business had vanished from his mind and decided to devote his thoughts to the young woman beside him.

He followed her to the door to her apartment carrying her shopping bags. She opened the door and he followed her inside, quickly scanning the rooms in front of him with an approving eye. He had never been in her apartment, in fact, he had never discussed it with her. It looked very comfortable and tidy.

Laura pointed at her kitchen table and said, “Just put the bags there,” and walked into her kitchen. Within just a few seconds she had produced a plate with sandwiches on it and a chilled bottle of white wine. “The sandwiches are chicken salad and the wine has my stamp of approval. Perhaps you would be good enough to open the bottle for us,” she said as she handed him a cockscrew.

“Wine at lunch?” he asked.

“Why not,” she countered. “We’re not going back to work. We’re going to have lunch and then you’ll get a fashion show.”

“You make a very good point,” Evan said as he began to open the bottle, “But do we have to wait for the fashion show?”

Laura stopped what she was doing and turned to look into his eyes. “Would you like for the show to start now? I can arrange it if you’ll put everything on the table while I change.”

He just smiled at her and watched as she picked up the shopping bags and disappeared into her bedroom. In five minutes he was seated at the table with his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up. She walked around the corner in the black set she had tried on first. She noticed he froze in place, his wine glass halfway to his mouth. Laura moved to where he could see all of her and then slowly turned completely around to find him still frozen, his eyes wide and locked on her body.

“I picked this set first because I knew that you would like it,” she said, doing another slow turn and stopping with her backside facing him.

“How did you know that?” he said in a rather husky voice.

“I know because you can see my ass in these panties. You are an ass man and like my ass,” she said over her shoulder.

He cleared his throat and said, “And how do you know those things to be true?”

“I couldn’t possibly work for you as long as I have and not know for a fact that you are an ass man. It’s just too obvious. And I know that you like my ass because Vickie told me a few weeks ago that you never take your eyes off my ass when I walk away from you. She told me that one day when I was wearing pants that I walked away from you and she saw you making no secret of watching me and saw you mouth the word ‘wow.’ That’s how I know,” she said as she turned around to face him. “Is that about right?”

“That would be about right,” he told her. “I think your ass is a work of art.”

Laura leaned over the table and picked up her glass of wine, giving Evan a very good look at her milky white breasts. She took a sip of wine, a bite from her sandwich and another sip of wine while she kept eye contact with him. “A work of art, huh? You are pretty good, mister.”

“Hey,” he said, giving her the little boy innocent look. “It’s your ass. I’m just telling you what I see.”

Finally she turned and walked back to her bedroom to change for the next viewing. Three more times she came out to give him an extended view, noticing each time the large bulge in his pants and completely enjoying what she was doing to him. Each time she would eat some more of her sandwich and sip some wine. While she wore the 4 th set she finished the sandwich and the last of her glass of wine. “I have one more set to model,” she said as she set the glass down. “Why don’t your refill our glasses and I’ll let you see the last set again. I think it was your favorite.”

Evan took the glasses to the kitchen and refilled them, then took them into her living room and sat on her couch putting the glasses on her coffee table. A minute later she came out of the bedroom wearing the set with the animal print and v-string panties. “Based on the look in your eyes when I first showed these to you I would say that this set was your favorite.”

“I think that you are probably correct,” he said softly as his eyes burned into her.

“Was it because of the color?” she asked as she turned to give him a side view.

“Partly,” was all he said.

“Maybe it was the smallness of the panties?”

“They do show off your beautiful ass,” he said.

“I think that maybe it was the ‘easy exit’ bra,” she said as she unhooked the front clasp on the bra and let her beautiful breast jump out.

“That would probably be it,” he said in a voice that was more of a growl. “Probably because I had an almost uncontrollable urge to touch them at the time.”

“Do you still have that urge?” she asked in a whisper-like voice.

“Oh yes,” he whispered back.

Laura moved to his side, knelt beside him on the couch and said, “You don’t have to fight that urge anymore. They are yours right now because it’s my birthday and I can have whatever I want.” She paused and whispered, “And what I want most right now is to feel your mouth on my breasts.”

Evan leaned forward and lightly sucked one of her nipples into his mouth as his hand caressed the other one. With his mouth and his fingers he could feel her nipples turn to pebbles. He sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth and pressed harder against the one in his hand and was rewarded with a loud moan from her mouth. He moved his mouth to the other breast and sucked that nipple while his other hand cupped and stroked the breast he kissed first. He continued moving from one breast to the other causing her moans of pleasure to become louder and more often.

Quite suddenly Laura pulled away from him and stood up leaving his head spinning and wondering if he had done something wrong. She stood in front of him panting and looking at him with wide eyes. “It’s my birthday,” she said slowly. “And on my birthday can I have anything I want.” As she watched him she pulled her new panties down and off, tossing them into the chair that had caught her new bra. “What I want right now is to feel your fingers between my legs.”

Once again she knelt beside him, but remained upright on her knees, presenting her hairless pussy to him for fondling. Evan didn’t make her wait. He quickly laid his open palm softly on her flat belly and let it slowly slide down until he held her sex in his hand. He felt the heat coming from her and felt her shiver as he slipped a single finger into her slit and slowly ran it from her vaginal opening to her clit where he let his now wet finger linger.

He could see that her eyes were closed and her mouth opened in a soundless moan as he began to move his finger around her clit. Evan wrapped his left arm around her so that he could run that hand over the silky skin of her bottom. She made a little whimpering noise as she felt one of his hands on her sex and the other on her ass.

Before she became completely comfortable with what he was doing, Evan changed direction. While continuing to slide his wet finger around her clit he moved his left hand between her legs and quickly slipped a finger inside her pussy. Laura gasped from the pleasurable feelings it caused and leaned back attempting to drive his fingers deeper inside her. He added another finger, pushed deep into her hot pussy and was again rewarded with a deep and loud moan of pleasure.

As he sat there pleasuring her girl parts she began to claw at his trousers, pulling at his belt buckle and at his zipper. By the time that she had his pants opened, had his boxer shorts pulled down was and ready to pull his hard cock out from under his shirt she was grinding her ass against his hand and making a constant whimpering sound. Frantically she pulled on the tail of his shirt making buttons pop off, but giving her access to what she wanted … his very hard cock.

She held her gaze steady on the hard shaft for several seconds before she said, “Oh god, Evan. It’s beautiful.” She dropped down on it swallowing almost all of it. Bobbing her head up and down on his cock she moaned continuously while squeezing her pussy against his fingers.

After several minutes of hard sucking and fingering, Laura stopped and sat up straight. Evan’s fingers slipped out of her as she stood up in front of him and held out her hands to him. As he took her hands in his she pulled him to stand beside her and began removing his shirt and tie. When his chest was bare she leaned down and removed his shoes, socks and his trousers and boxers that had been down around his ankles.

When he was completely naked Laura led him to the doorway to her bedroom. She stopped there where he could see her queen size bed with the covers turned down. She turned to him and took his cock in her hand before locking her eyes on his. “Because it is my birthday I get anything I want, right?”

“Yes Baby Girl,” he answered.

“This is what I want,” she told him. “I want you to lie on your back in the middle of that bed. When you are there I’m going to climb on top and fuck you until I cum. Then I’m going to get on my back and you are going to fuck me until you cum. And after that happens we’ll just see what I want next.”

Evan stepped to the bed and rolled over onto his back with his cock pointing at the ceiling. He looked to her and said, “You really should have more birthdays.”

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