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Missy's Naughty Night Out... Part 1

The cabbie watches Ethan finger fuck me with a dirty smirk...
Ethan kisses my cheek as he stands beside me at the bar. I smile up and kiss him in return.

"Ready to go home Missy?"

"Is that a suggestion or a command?" I answer with a mischievious gleam in my eye. Ethan squeezes my thigh and winks,

"It was a question." He leans in and tucks a stray lock of hair behind my ear, whispering, "Now what is the answer little madam?"

"Let's go home."

Sipping the last of my bellini, Ethan helps me down off the bar stool and places his hand on the small of my back. We leave the bar and walk hand in hand through the buzz of the street as people slowly mill about; he wraps a protective arm around me when some drunk guys leer and holler. I am a petite, curvy brunette, I stand at five foot three in pumps and tuck neatly under his arm as he kisses my forehead.

We wait at the taxi rank until a black cab pulls up; getting in, Ethan tells the driver the address and we settle back in the leather seats. I lean my head on Ethan's shoulder and begin to drift off when I feel him draw me closer. His lips are on mine and we kiss deeply before I feel his hand on my breast. I am a thirty-two DD cup and only tend to wear non-padded bras.

Ethan prefers it like this to feel my nipple hardening through the red lace as he cups and fondles my warm breast. I slip my hand beneath his shirt and stroke my fingers over his taut stomach. Ethan is a buff fitness nut married to his active pursuits of the gym and our bedroom athletics. He is handsome, hazel eyed and dark haired with neat stubble that tickles my skin when he kisses my neck. I catch the cabbie watching us with a dirty smirk-

"I want you, now." Ethan glides his hand under my dress, when he realizes I am commando, he growls, "You are naughty, sexy girl."

Ethan strokes my lips and pushes a finger into my tight pussy, I am only just eighteen while he is in his early twenties. He regards me as having the perfect body with slender shapely legs, a curvy bum and sweet jugs. Ethan suckles my ear lobe before starting to talk dirty to me; knowing how much he turns me on with the dirty talk excites us both.

Ethan fingers me deep and fast, moving my legs wide to reveal my shaven pussy to the cabbie. The squelch of my juices around his fingers is lurid as I give a breathy moan. He finger fucks me until I gush cream onto the leather, my legs tremble and I pant for air as I come down from my dizzying orgasm. Ethan runs his wet fingers along my lips, I lick my cream off them as he looks at me lustily. I suck his fingers then mimic a blowjob on them as he undoes his jeans to begin stroking his engorged cock.

"You made a wet patch on the seat Missy, lick it up."

I look up at him, wondering whether he seriously wants me to lick my juice off the leather. He takes a handful of my hair and pulls to guide my mouth down onto the seat. He continues to stroke his cock as I lick the seat. My cream is sweet on my tongue and I moan at the sight of his glistening cock in front of me, Ethan smirks at me and nods to his lap.

"Subtle as always."

I murmur, he laughs and cups my face gently,

"Funny girl." He says fondly before bouncing his cock on my mouth, "Treat time."

Slowly, I lick up and down his shaft before circling his tip, I draw his cockhead into my mouth and suck gently before gliding my mouth down his member. Ethan plays his fingers through my silky straight hair, milking the novelty of avoiding the normal tangles of my curls. I work more of him into my mouth and bop my head, sucking a little noisily as he takes in shallow breaths.I feel him tap the back of my throat and relax, gagging lightly before backing off completely.

I lick his shaft once and pump him with my hand before taking him back into my throat. I slowly deep throat him, moving his full length out to suck his tip before pushing it back in. As I pleasure him, Ethan leaks more precum and twitches within my mouth. I know he is about to cum and stay still until I taste his milk. I catch it all on my tongue and show him my creamy mouth with a smile before swallowing.

Gently, I lick him clean of his sticky seed and put him back in his jeans. Ethan pulls me up onto his lap and wraps an arm around my waist, kissing me as the cab draws near to home. Ethan rests his head on my shoulder and holds my hand until we pull up. I get off his lap and Ethan looks to the cabbie.

"How much?"

"It's free for a show like that." The cabbie chuckled, "Hop in any time."

Ethan smirks as we walk up to the flat, going into the bedroom I strip off and chuck my clothes in the laundry basket. Ethan enters the room shirtless in his jeans, his gorgeous muscled body on full view. I am stood naked except for a necklace he bought me on our holiday. Ethan licks his lips as he looks over my full breasts sitting proudly on my chest, my flat stomach, shaven mound and slender legs.

"Well you look good enough to eat."

I giggle and step close to run my hand down the front of his jeans, leaning in I kiss his collarbone and lick the cleft between his pecs. My warm tongue teasing his smooth skin before I lick his nipples and nuzzle his neck. I kiss him softly before spinning on my heel. I climb onto the bed on all fours and look over my shoulder at him, my hair tossed over my back as I sway my hips.

"Come and get me then."
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