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Modeling for Life Drawing Part 3

my modeling experiences continue
I was surprised when Sheila called me.

“How are you?” she asked.

We had met at the group drawing session that Lucy had arranged.

Sheila was a young art teacher at a middle school a year or so out of college. She was shy and reserved during the drawing session and had demonstrated much talent in the drawing she had done of me. We exchanged greetings on the phone and then she got to the point of her call. She told me that she was applying to enter a master of fine arts program at the university and was preparing a portfolio as part of her admission requirement. Her area of interest in the program was painting and drawing using the figure as her subject source. I told her how impressed I was with her drawings that I had viewed .

“I have a request of you if you think you could help. I wanted you to pose for me in the next few weeks. I need to complete some new drawings to fill out my portfolio. I have been using myself as a model but I wanted to balance it with some a male samples. What do you think?”

“I would be fine with it as long as I could fit it into my schedule.”

“Great. I will pay you of course.”

“We can work that out. I know how it is on a new teacher’s salary.”

“Whatever you want to do. How about we meet on Tuesday night.”

I agreed and it was set.

I arrived at the house she shared with another teacher and she greeted me warmly. She guided me to the living room area and we sat down and took some time to chat about our backgrounds. Shelia told me about growing up in a small town and being raised in a conservative religious environment. Her college experiences were sheltered as she attended a small liberal arts college that was also religious based primarily for teacher training. Her art classes did not allow any nude models so she had not worked from the nude before Lucy’s group. Sheila now found that she was a natural when it came to figure drawing and wanted to pursue it further.

Sheila was tall with light blond hair, pale blue eyes a long narrow face. She was plain on the pretty side wearing wire rim glasses and no make-up. It gave her a young natural look which I found appealing. She had on a pair of denim shorts and a light violet t-shirt and sat cross legged on the floor as we talked. Her hips were wide in relation to her thin shoulders and small breasts and gave her a pear like shape. Her skin tone was pale and her blond hair was long hanging over her shoulders, with her soft lips formed into a warm smile, welcoming me as we chatted.

“I show you some of the drawings in my portfolio so far. Your feedback would be helpful and you may have some ideas for what else I may need.”

Sheila’s attitude was very professional. She opened up her black portfolio case and selected some of the drawings for me to see. The first few that she showed me were very well executed academic studies. I was very impressed with the elegant line and exquisite details in the work. The first drawing was a pencil study. It was in a half figure view from the thighs up as if she were in front of a mirror looking at herself. She looked back at the viewer with her pale eyes, her mouth expressionless and her body relaxed. Her small breasts were pointing forward with the nipples erect and the tips distended. The pubic triangle was thick wisp of blond hair,visible as she gazed at the viewer, as if to say your interrupting me. The textures that were rendered in the drawing were very life like. Her hair flowed down with a soft feeling and the features of her face were modeled subtly and accurately.

“This is a wonderful piece. Your drawing technique is so elegant and precise.”

“Thanks. I love the work of Andrew Wyeth and try to emulate him.”

The other drawings that she showed me were just as impressive. Some were of her roommate Connie who had also posed for her. She was dark haired with a compact gymnast’s build. The drawings of her were equally impressive.

“I think you will have no problem getting into the program.”

“I wish you were on the acceptance committee. I do want to add some male studies to my samples though and that is why I asked you to pose for me.”

“Just tell me how you would like me to pose.”

She told me she worked in a spare room set up as her studio and we walked back to there.

“ I would like you to pose in the half figure view like the first drawing that I showed you.”

“That should be no problem. Where should I change?”

She directed me to her bedroom where I undressed and readied for the session.

I returned to her studio and we were ready to begin. I took off my robe and stood over by a wall in view of her easel. I was a little nervous starting out but I was under control and my cock was flaccid. She started the drawing and worked quietly at first absorbed in her work.

“This is all very new to me, working from a male model so I will probably chatter away asking a lot of questions. I hope you don’t mind. As I just want to learn all I can.”

“Not at all.”

“Your face is very masculine with the square jaw, high cheek bones and aquiline nose. And your eyes are your best facial feature….a very unique blue tone. You have a really nice body too. But I am sure you are told that a lot.”

“No, I don’t hear that much. Thanks for saying it.” I responded.

“ You have an athletic look with broad shoulders, a well developed chest and your long arms and legs are well toned. I prefer lean men’s bodies. Your nipples are pretty small for a man your size…..Cute!”

I smiled at that one. That was something I had never heard before. She seemed to be analyzing my body as she drew and went on some more.

“You are not very hairy although being blond the body hair does not show as much. Your abdominal muscles are flat and in good form. Do you work out a lot?”

“Not really I don’t like to exercise.”

“You're lucky then……..good genes.”

I chuckled at that.

“I am not so fortunate. My stomach is too large and flabby and my hips are so wide…. my thighs are fleshy and loose…breasts are too small…I could go on about my body flaws.”

“Women are so much harder on themselves.” I consoled her. “Anyway from what I saw from your drawings you have a very attractive body, at least I think so. I like women who are natural and have a femine body with some curves.”

“Really? Do you think so? Thanks, but I think you are just being nice.”

She went back to talking about my body.

“I like your coloring. You are blond but your flesh tone is warm and healthy looking. I am blond but pale and pasty looking. Your pubic hair is very golden just like mine and it looks like you trim it back.”

“Yes I do.” I answered trying to be casual about it.

“I haven’t actually seen a penis in the flesh until you posed the other night. My only visual experience was with photographs.”

I was surprised to hear her say this as I thought most women her age had been with a man by now. She certainly was attractive enough probably just socially shy.

“You have a nice sized cock. Are you a little swollen now?”

“I am pretty much flaccid now and hanging loose . It is a little warmer in here and it hangs longer when I am warm. When I am cold it retracts as do my balls. It can vary a lot.” I answered.

“Oh I never thought about it like that. Your scrotum is very smooth. You said the other night that you shaved there. Why do you do that?”

“I like the feel of the smoothness. I usually shave every day when I shower.”

She seemed to be mulling over what I had just said.

“I like the way it looks, like classical Greek statue…. But…?” her voice trailed off.

I sensed her further curiosity and replied, “It feels better when it is smooth and soft…when it is touched..….”

She still was curious.

“You mean when you touch your self there?”

“Yes…. and when others touch it.”

She smiled now.

“I notice that you are circumcised. Do you ever wish you weren’t?” she asked.

That was something no one had ever asked me. All this time she was drawing me.

“I never really thought about that as I don’t know what it would be like to be natural. It something I had done to me as an infant and always accepted as normal.”

She stopped drawing for a moment and said, “But your penis is so exposed. Is it extra sensitive because it is so exposed there?”

“No you get used to it being exposed and the sensitivity. I used to get bothered as a kid sometimes as I would get unwelcome erections sometimes when it would inadvertently rub the wrong way in my shorts.”

“Wow that must have been embarrassing. But that doesn’t happen anymore?”

“Not usually”, blushing a little as I replied.

“The head of your penis seems more prominent since you are circumcised….it is all out there. The shape of yours is like a bell and stands out with the deep coloring around the ridge contrasted with the cooler bluish flesh color of the head. It is nice to draw.”

All the attention to the details of my cock aroused me. I began to swell and I could feel some
wetness at the tip. She had noticed and said, “I hope all my questions are not embarrassing you. I get very inquisitive when I work and I appreciate your openness with me. Tell me if I go too far.”

“No it’s O.K.…as long as you are not embarrassed by all this.. It makes the time go faster.”

She was nearly finished with the first drawing.

“I just want to put a little more shading before I stop. I would like to do the next one in color.”

The pose ended we took a break and I looked over the drawing. It was very well executed as I expected it would be. She had captured my facial features exactly and my body proportions were all correct. The shading was subtle as the lighting was very flat in her studio. The contour lines were rendered elegantly and she had not missed any details. The small mole on my left shoulder was there as was the scar near my collar bone. My hands were drawn in fine detail as well. She drew the pelvic area showing the differing textures and folds. My cock hung down loosely and the sack was rendered with the soft ruffled surface indicated.

“You have certainly captured me no mistaking it.”

“Thanks. You are a very good model and appealing to draw... great lines and proportions. I did want to ask if we could do a seated pose next. You can sit on the divan over there.”


She showed me where she wanted me to sit and described the pose she wanted.

“I want you to lean back, just relax now put your arms up behind your head and your back against the pillow…now put your legs both up and extend them. That’s good now let me look.” She looked intently at the pose.

“Could you pull you right leg underneath your left and slide your pelvis forward?”

I did as she asked.

“That’s good, much better.”

She positioned herself at the far end of the divan so she was looking from toe to head direction.

I was comfortable enough and she was ready to begin.

“I have a request, if you don’t mind. Would you arrange your penis in an upward position. I want a different view for this drawing that will show the underside and scrotum. ”

I lifted the flaccid shaft and arranged it as she requested. I felt a tingling start there and to swell some and I was feeling somewhat embarrassed .

“I am sorry, it just happens sometimes.”

She smiled sheepishly and became a little flustered.

“Did my request cause it to swell like that…are you becoming aroused?….I mean…“ and was at a loss to finish. I didn’t want her to feel uneasy.

“It’s o.k. I am aroused but it’s not your fault. I will be ok with it if you are. It happens involuntarily sometimes.”

She was embarrassed now and blushed.

“I told you I am inexperienced with men and never saw a penis change like this. I wasn’t expecting this to happen, but I am fine with it…intrigued actually.”

She was chatting nervously now.

“This gives me a very good view of your penis and scrotum. I see the colors changing there. It looks different. You're getting a warm red hue there especially at the head.”

“You are doing a great job. Just try to hold the pose for me”

I could feel my erection growing into full size. I just went with it and felt good letting go.

My wetness oozed over the head and down the shaft as I held the pose for her.

“I want you to feel O.K.about posing for me. I am learning so much looking at your body change as I know so little about men’s bodies and sexuality. You seem very wet now?”

She was not familiar with the pre wetness that occurs in men when they reach arousal.

“It is just something that happens as a man becomes aroused…a natural lubrication. You get wet when you are aroused, don’t you?”

“Yes I do. I didn’t realize men got that way.”

She continued her observations and questions as she worked.

“I notice that your cock head has a kind of separation or cleft on the underside….. and under it some folds of flesh that seem to be very red and swollen. Is this part of your arousal too?”

I was throbbing now with her referring to my frenum and the state it was in.

“It is the part of a man’s penis that is the most sensitive, like your clitoris.”

“Really. Whenever I have seen photos of men masturbating, they have a hand wrapped around the upper shaft of their cocks and pull on it. Does that rub this when they do that?”

“Yes it does exactly, that is a very pleasurable feeling.”

I was having trouble now concentrating on the pose as her questions were sending me to the peak of arousal.

“I notice that your scrotum has changed shape. It is tight now and the testicles seem to be higher up nearer to your body. Is that a part of being aroused?”

I didn’t answer and was losing my composure. And Sheila must have picked up on it.

“Are you O.K. Robert? Maybe we should stop now.”

“I‘m sorry. I am very aroused now. I usually have more control. I want to apologize and we probably should stop for now.”

She got up from her easel and came over to me and looked into my eyes.

“It’s fine if we stop now and I finish my drawing another time. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

She moved her eyes move downward to look at my cock, still rigid from my arousal and said, “I really appreciate you being so uninhibited while taking the time to explain so much to me. I am unfamiliar with the male body and sexuality. I was just thinking that you might want to…might like to…”

She trailed off and seemed reluctant to finish her sentence.

“What is it Sheila?”

“I have never seen a man reach orgasm. I saw how aroused you were posing here and didn’t know what to expect. I thought you…” She hesitated again.

“You thought what Sheila?”

“Well…I thought you might…I don’t know…have an orgasm now?

She had come out with it and I didn’t quite know what to say.

"I am close to an orgasm now but I can’t to do in front of you yet. I think I have that much control yet. I have reasons which I am reluctant to talk about with you now.”

She was puzzled by my explanation.

“I don’t understand. Why can’t you talk to me about it now…..your reason that is?”

I was embarrassed at all this and rose from the divan to put my robe on. She didn’t seem to understand and but I regained my composure and pulled back.

“I will tell you about it soon when I am more comfortable.”

She smiled and was accepting of my decision.

“I will call you again soon to model again, if that’s o.k.?”

“That would be fine.”

She smiled sweetly.

“Thanks, Robert.”

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