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Modeling for Life Drawing part 4

the story of modeling continues
I arrived at Sheila’s studio a little early and she greeted me warmly as she had before.

“It’s great to work with you again. You were a wonderful model.”

I thanked her and smiled. She looked much different this time as she had her hair up in kind of a twist and wore a touch of eye make up as well as a deep pink lip gloss. She looked better than I remembered and was dressed in a short denim skirt and white tank top. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, with her nipples quite visible through the thin cotton fabric.

“So what do you have in mind for tonight’s pose”, I asked.

“I was thinking of a seated pose with an angled view from above. I am going to work in pastel tonight with a full pallet. I will start posing you there and we will see what happens.”

I went to the other room to undress and returned in a robe. Her easel arranged over at a divan where she was seated and a pillow was up against a mirrored wall where I would be posed.

“Try sitting here and I will arrange you.”

I did as she asked, removing the robe and sitting with the pillow propped against the wall. I was semi aroused already and it would be difficult to avoid a full erection.

“Try sitting in more of a lotus position with you shoulders open and turned slightly to the left…. There that looks good.”

My legs were bent open and my pelvis thrust forward resulting in my cock to full arousal. She walked over towards the easel and turned towards me and stopped a moment. I was feeling so open and exposed to her at this point.

“I was going to include myself in tonight’s drawing. That is why I posed you against the mirror.”

I was so absorbed in my arousal I answered, “What ever you like is fine.”

She pulled her tank top over her head and next unbuttoned her skirt and slid it off her hips. She stood there in white panties for a moment and then reached down and pulled them off as well. Her body was lovely, so feminine and youthful. Her skin was a smooth pale white and flawless and the tips of her breasts where rigid and the pink areolas very puffy. Her pubic hair patch looked thinner than in the drawing I had viewed and she had shaved over her outer labia. My eyes froze on the smooth pink surface and focused on the slit, which was still closed.

She picked up of my curiosity.

“I decided to do some trimming below. I saw how smooth you were last session and thought I would try it.. I like it so far…...What do you think?”

“I like women who are smooth on the lips but still prefer a patch on top, like you have.….you look great like that.”

She sat on the divan a little above me and began to arrange herself, looking in the mirror as she did so.

She pulled her right leg up under her buttocks and had the other planted on the floor. It didn’t seem to work for her and she decided to sit in a lotus style position as swell. I watched as she repositioned her legs and my eyes drifted towards her outer labia as they opened to reveal the pinker inner lips.

“I think that if I pose and mirror your lotus position it will be an interesting contrast. My sexual parts are more visible like yours. I feel aroused posing like this. Is it noticeable?”

My cock was throbbing and oozing wetness at the tip. I could see her slightly open slit now, with the wet inner lips visible and the hood above them was swollen into a deeper pink.

“Mmmm….Yes, you seem aroused….”

“Really……. how you can tell?”

My arousal was overwhelming me and I hesitated.

“I can tell …because… are wet ….” , My voice dropping off. She smiled.

“You can see that?”

She took her fingers and pulled back her hood and further exposed her clit. I could see the hard bud now.

“Let me show you …….I am swollen here too?”

“I can see.” I answered.

My cock twitched now and I felt her eyes focused on it.

“Does seeing me like this make you want to touch yourself?”

I was now at a point where I was ready to let go with her

“I would like to masturbate with you now…..but I want to go slow.”

Sheila seemed to understand and did not push it. She changed the subject.

“ I thought you seemed to have more hair on your scrotum today .Why is that?”

I hesitated to answer, as I was absorbed in her body now.

“Tell me, please?”

“I was going to let it grow out and see how it looked and if I liked it natural again.”

“Cool. I would like to see that too.”

She looked at me more seriously now.

“Would you do something for me like that if I asked you?”

“Of course if, I can. I respect and like you very much. Just ask and I will try to do what you want.”

She was hesitant at first to say but after pondering a moment she said,

“Robert here is my request. I have seen you as excited as I have ever seen a man and it has made me very aroused when I have been with you. I have never actually experienced a real orgasm. When I touch myself I get very close and it feels so good, but I can never complete it. The intense arousal I have felt being with you when you have modeled for me has made me think that ….well…..” her voice trailed off.

I was surprised to hear that she had never had an orgasm. But what else was she trying to say?

“I am sorry this is hard for me to say. I was hoping to touch myself with you and maybe experience a real orgasm.

She was facing me now and totally serious.

“Will you to show me how you touch your self for pleasure but not with an orgasm. You can stop at anytime if you are too close, but I want you to stop before you cum. And as you do this I want you to help me as I touch myself by telling me how you want me to do it.”

I found this request very exciting, but I didn’t know if I could do it.

“I will try to do it for you but I don’t know how far I will be able to go. I am so excited now I am afraid I will cum right away.”

“Do whatever you can and I will understand if you stop quickly:

“I promise.”

“ Show me how you like to touch your self there.”

I explained to her that when I wanted maximum control I would do it a little differently.

“I pleasure myself like this when I want to stay on the edge and make myself last a long time. It is a teasing technique and I am able to control my orgasm better.”

She asked me to show her what I meant.

“I want to touch myself as I look at you.”

She sat back and opened her legs. Her pussy was now in full view and I could see the petals of her inner labia wet and swollen to a pink color. Sheila used her fingers to open them further as she looked at me.

“Tease your cock some more, Robert”

I took my left index finger and touched the underside of my cock, right under the cleft of the head.

“This is my most sensitive spot, my frenum.”

I began to circle it very lightly easing the pressure on and off.

“ I like to tease this spot very slowly when I want to make my pleasure last. How do you usually start to touch your self when you are excited?”

Sheila started circling her finger around the opening of her vulva and pulled on the edges of her inner lips as she watched me touch myself. “ I start by feeling my lips as they swell. I like watching you….you’re so artistic and elegant as if you are doing a painting.”

I was unconsciously putting more pressure on my cock head and moving my finger faster. I felt my balls rising and the shaft twitching into a pre orgasmic state.

I pulled my finger away and my cock just twitched on it’s own throbbing ready to explode.

“Why did you stop? Please go on……I want to see more.”

“ I need to stop or I will explode.” I knew I would not last very long, and I pulled down on my balls hoping to stop my self from going to far. She was l massaging her inner lips and probing her slit a little with her fingertips. She didn’t stop herself when I did. I saw her take her middle finger and push it over her swollen hood rubbing it intently

. “I want to cum so badly…..this feels so good.” But she was getting mechanical and self conscious and not going to get there. There was too much hard pressure being applied to her clit as she rubbed herself. After a few minutes she stopped.

“This is what always seems to happen. I get so close but can’t seem go any further. What can I do ?”

She was frustrated and very aroused but she could not reach her sexual climax. She was looking to me for help.

“Sheila, you are such a sensual woman and you excite me so as I watch your touch. But you are to focused on your vagina and you inside sexual parts. Open you legs wider and take your fingers away for a moment. I want to look at you closely.”

I could see her slit was very wet and inner lips were a deep pink color from arousal. Her hood was very swollen and reddened as well. “You look so beautiful there. Do you ever just play with you clitoris to make your self cum?” she looked at me shyly and replied,

“ Not really. I try to do it like a man was inside me only with me finger. I want it to be like a practice for intercourse when I will have it.” She was revealing her innermost sexual self physically and emotionally.

“That is a different way to think about it. But when I pleasure myself I don’t worry about it being anything but self pleasure.” I replied to her. I went on,

“I would like you to try something for me now. I want you to let go with me and forget about the way you touched yourself before, O.K.?”

“I will try. I feel so embarrassed now after you watching me. I must have looked silly. Have you watched other women pleasure themselves….do they do it like me?”

I am no expert but I have had lovers pleasure themselves with me. They sometimes do it like you by rubbing themselves and putting their fingers inside. The secret is in the touch.”

“Tell me how you want me to touch myself.”

She rested back on the divan and I asked her, “What feels especially good when you touch yourself there.”

She was blushing now. “ I like it touched all over.”

“Put your fingertips on the edges of you inner lips……tell me what you feel exactly?”

“ They are very wet…. more than they are usually and they are slippery too from the wetness.”

“Pull on them a bit and feel the edges. Are they smooth or more ruffled?”

She did as I had asked and replied,

“They are smooth and feel swollen.”

“Move your fingers higher and put your index finger on top of your hood. Tell me how that feels?”

Her face was blush pink color now from her arousal.

“It feels swollen underneath it and it makes me tingle when I touch there.”

“I want you to pull the hood hack there and show me what is swollen under it.”

She took her index finger and did as I asked her too. Her clitoris was very swollen, about the size of large pearl.

“This is your special spot. I want you to enjoy touching it. First circle around it slowly not touching it directly.”

She did as I asked and I could tell by the way her body reacted, that she was enjoying this. Her legs opened wider and her pelvis was thrust more forward. Her circles became smaller and her touch quickened. Her index finger was working itself into the hood and pressing on her clit.

“Pull back now…..not to hard. You must learn to tease it. Here let me show you.”

I reached over and with my index finger gently tease the bud, barely grazing it as I ran my finer tip back and forth. With quick featherlike stroke I could feel her clit pulsating.

Her eyes closed and her head fell back as her arousal increased. I could see her whole body responding as she neared her orgasm. Her hips buckled and her legs tensed and I heard soft moans come from her. Then suddenly she let out a high pitched sound of pleasure with hips thrust high, her fingers reaching frantically down to where I was touching her.

Her orgasm was upon her and she was in full pleasure mode. Her fingers took over and she now began to rub faster and harder kneading the flesh of her pussy lips and clit. Her body contorted with her legs flailing. I just watched and did not dare to touch myself yet or I would have come instantly. I want to make my pleasure last of watching her orgasm overwhelm her. It was an erotic experience I will never forget. Her eyes had been closed during her moment of release but now she gently opened them and looked over at me. I was fully hard, oozing pre cum as I was so very taken by her orgasm.

“I was just so hot as you touched me and watching you I can’t believe how I exploded like that.”

“You were wonderful to watch. I am in awe of your sexual depth.”

She was flushed red from her orgasm and smiled openly at me. Her legs were still wide open and she lay there in a haze of post orgasmic bliss. I looked at her labia that were still swollen and red from arousal and marveled at their beauty. I wanted to mount her now and go deep inside.

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