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Modeling for Life Drawing

my first experience as a life drawing model
I found my new teaching job challenging and pleasing. As a fine arts instructor in a regional arts high school I was happy to be where I was at 35 years old. I was single and unattached at the time and art teaching jobs were hard to find. There were two other art teachers in the department. Steve, a graphic arts specialist, was a little older than I and Lucy was the painting and drawing instructor. She was in her early forties, single and very into her studio work as well as her teaching. She had a fine reputation as a figurative painter and we became friends almost immediately. We both seemed to hit it off professionally and personally and we had an easy banter with each other. Lucy talked about a group of art friends that got together to do life drawing at her studio and suggested I join them to” broaden my artistic levels” as she put it. But my work was primarily 3 –d and I had limited interest in drawing or painting. She asked if I had ever modeled for life classes in college as so many art students had done. She had modeled herself in college she told me and found the experience insightful and valuable as an artist. I had not done any modeling but had thought about it. But modesty and shyness had kept me from trying .I was tall and lean… skinny really, with blond hair, blue eyes and long arms and legs. Hardly the masculine ideal I had seen in fine art male nudes. I had some exhibitionist fantasies but had kept them at strictly a fantasy level thus far. She went on about how great a model I would be and how easy it really was. She said they had difficulty in finding male models and finally coaxed me into at least trying it in two weeks. Lucy was an attractive woman in a no nonsense way, lean and athletic looking for her age. She had dirty blond hair with green eyed and her firm medium sized breasts always drew my attention when she went without a bra. The pointed nipple tips were always a welcome sight first thing in the morning to start the day. I felt a little anxious about posing nude but at the same time the idea excited me a little. I was curious about the experience and the women that found the male nude aesthetic or erotic.

My first session for her art group was scheduled for nest Wednesday night at her studio. She had explained that it was group of four women that were artist/teachers in the county that were as serious as she about their professional work and all used the figure or references to it in their paintings. My poses would be used for male references in future work. I had taken some basic figure drawing classes and knew the routine. Short poses for the beginning gesture drawings to loose up with, then mid length poses to familiarize the artist with the models features and proportions, and lastly longer poses to do a more finished drawing.

I arrived early and Lucy met me with a gracious smile and thanked me in advance for posing. She led me to the area in her home that she used as a studio, a large refinished back room. The other artists were there readying themselves for their drawings. I smiled at them but avoided eye contact as I moved through the studio. There was a screen in one corner where she told me I could change and I realized I had not brought a robe. I explained my problem to her and she smiled ‘ We don’t want to draw you wearing a robe” she chided “ but I guess for your grand entrance you will need something”. She found an old work coat of hers and I tried it on. It barely covered my bottom but would at least be sufficient to use for this session. Now it was time to begin.

I was nervous about starting and when I entered the room where they were set up I could feel an erotic tension building. I did not want to open my robe and begin the first pose in a state of arousal. They seemed self absorbed at their easels and hardly aware I was there at all. This helped ease my anxiety and I climbed up on a low platform that was set up for the posing. I was still wearing the work coat when Lucy approached me

“You will do fine I am sure. We will start with some fluid poses for our gesture drawings.

Let me introduce you to my fellow artists.”

With that she called for their attention and introduced me as a fellow colleague and artist that graciously agreed to pose for them. Now it was my time to pose. I disrobed and was nude and trying to work into some poses to begin with. I felt a tingling in my cock and scrotum and I sensed them looking at me nude, sizing me up. This sensation made my cock swell and I felt a warmth growing there. I found myself in a semi erect state with the shaft rising a little and my cockhead felt swollen and full. I could feel them looking not necessarily in a sexual way but with a full gaze, taking in my entire body as artists. This did not diminish my state of arousal though. I continued to assume a variety of poses, each about 1 minute or so for their drawings. After 10 or so poses Lucy directed me to break, which was a relief as I tried to compose myself. I could feel droplets of precum on the tip of my penis as a result of my semi erect state and hoped no one would notice. I always get wet quickly and have been embarrassed at times with pre cum spots on my swim suits at the beach. Lucy now asked me to go into the next set of poses which would be 5 minute ones. I would stand more still and get to take in the people that were drawing me.

It did give me time to see the artists in the class. They were a mixed group of women by ages, physical types, as well as artistic styles and personalities as I was later to find. For now though I could feel and see differing levels of concentration and intensity in their faces. This eased my erotic thoughts a bit following their subtle movements as they sketched. I had been afraid to try to wipe away the precum droplets I had experienced earlier. I feared if someone saw me wiping my cock head they would think I was touching myself sexually, so I left it alone. The wetness had oozed down the shaft and head. I could see myself in a mirror that was set up on the opposite wall of the studio and the glistening was quite visible. I wondered if anyone else had noticed. It was now the end of the five minute poses and the group would now take a rest break. I went back to the screened area and donned my work coat. And Lucy came back and told me how pleased she was with the class so far.

“You were wonderful. I know everyone was pleased and we all look forward to the longer poses. By the way you have great posture and hold your poses well” she hesitated for a bit and then said, “ and you have nice bod too!……….”

And laughed sweetly. I was flattered and smiled back

“ I usually take a few minutes before the longer poses begin do talk some about anatomy of the specific model to the group. Since you are the first male model we have had it would be especially helpful. Is that o.k.?”

“ Fine.” I replied

I mingled a little with the group before we started again. They were all very nice to me and complemented me as Lucy had on the initial poses. They were surprised that I had never modeled before and a petite dark haired woman named Rose joked,

“ We are first timers too doing a male figure. You will have to be patient with us!”

She was in her 40’s I figured and said she taught High School art as well.

A tall blond haired woman named Sheila was there as I chatted with the others. She was just out of college and taught middle school art classes nearby. She was plain and more reserved and just took everything in, watching and listening to everyone..

The break time was now over and Lucy called the group together and said she wanted to talk about some anatomy concerns before the long poses. She asked if I would assume a frontal standing pose. I did as she asked and wondered exactly what her anatomy discussion would be like. After removing my cover up I felt a little rush being nude in front of the group again. I spoken and mingled with them , connecting in a way and now here I was the nude model again. I felt their eyes on me .

Lucy spoke plainly and in a nonchalant way as she pointed out anatomical things they should be aware of as they looked at me as a drawing subject.

“There are some very obvious differences between our model tonight, Peter and the others we have used., and I am not just referring to the obvious difference.”

This comment drew some giggles as I blushed a little. I had good feelings about them. They were friends and the enjoyment was obvious among them as the drawing sessions that brought them together were about more than just art. Lucy proceeded to go over many aspects of the human anatomy using me as a reference for her discussion.

“The male body has shaper angles and is more structured than the soft curves we saw in the female form as when Leslie posed for us last week. Her proportions were different and soft curves were found through out her body where they are not here.”

The women were attentive and looked at what she had to say intently.

“ We also can’t ignore the sexual differences in his body such as the flat muscular pectoral area and his groin and pelvic area. And another issue is symmetry.

Let’s look at his body keeping these things in mind.”

She motioned for me to step next to her and continued.

“ I want you to look at his chest area first and notice his muscle group there. His pectoral muscles are nicely developed and the nipples protrude at the ends not unlike Sheila’s did but much less prominent. Robert’s nipples look to be average size in shape and circumference and with his fair coloring are a pale pink. The tips are not as prominent and less likely when aroused to stand out like a females. His are distended a bit now. By the way if any of you have any questions please don’t be shy, just ask away.”

I felt strange with her description of my nipples as I never really thought about comparing them to a females. I experienced a tingling sensation and the tips hardened.

“The pelvic area is the most obvious thing we need to be aware of as different in drawing the male. Lets talk about the penis now………”

She paused and there were some wry smiles and Rose blurted out. “Yeah let’s talk about it!”

The group was more relaxed now and I felt more at ease too. They were making the most of this session as it was a real learning experience. Lucy continued.

“In order to draw the male nude one has to know some things about the physical characteristics of the penis and pelvic area. I will be specific. Notice that Robert is fair haired and his pubic area is also blond and silky with longer strands. He is circumcised as the head is always visible since the foreskin has been removed. The circumcision scar is the deeper pink ring just below the head on his shaft. The head of a penis has a distinctive shape with his an elongated bell shape. The ridge of this head is more prominent and a deeper pink color. The coloration of the penis will vary and with Robert being fair, the shaft is normally a pale pink with the head standing out more in color in a purplish deeper pink. In different conditions the colors will intensify going more towards a salmon pink. His scrotum hangs below the shaft and you will notice that the left testicle hangs lower than the right.”

She was certainly going into detail and I was feeling very much on display. I sensed they were all looking at my cock to verify the things she was telling them to look for. Sheila had been listening intently and now posed a question.

“ I noticed that they hang differently. Is that normal?”

“Oh yes absolutely. Most men will hang lower on the left.”

“And his scrotal sack is smoother than most. Do you shaved there Peter?” .Lucy asked

“Yes.” I shyly answered.

Rose piped in, “I thought he was just very blond there and we couldn’t see hair.

I keep myself smooth too!” The group laughed at her frankness and I smiled too..

Nancy asked further, “His penis seems to point to one side too, kind of left.”

Lucy explained, “That is common as well. Men are not perfectly symmetrical nor are women. For instance our breasts are not the same size nor do they usually hang exactly the same.”

I felt aroused and starting swelling with all this attention. My shaft grew arching upward and I felt embarrassed now. I tried to turn to the side and bend a bit to off set this. It didn’t help though and I found my self growing more aroused. I caught Sheila’s eyes looking down at my cock as it swelled and then she looked directly into my eyes. She kept eye contact with me and quickly looked away. She could see what was happening and sensed my discomfort and growing embarrassment. I was blushing now and I tried to keep my mind focused on something to stem my arousal but it did not seem to work. My cock was now in a “solid” state as Lucy continued. She looked over at me and realized what was occurring.

“You can see that he has experienced an involuntary reaction now and his penis has become swollen. It’s O.K. Robert, it may have happened from calling attention to it and it is not a problem.”

She was playing it down and it did help me relax.

“O.K. we are going to have Robert do a 45 minute pose now. Back to work.”

Lucy approached me as the others went back to their easels. In a very quiet voice she said to me,

“You holding up ok? Please don’t be embarrassed. It happens sometimes with models.”

She smiled softly and continued, “With a female model it doesn’t show. With you it all shows …….we will just draw what we see.”

I thanked her for her kind words and moved over to the platform and readied for the last pose of the night.

Lucy had a small couch set up on the platform with some pillows and a throw on it. She suggested I do a reclining pose, which was agreeable to me. I adjusted my self on the throw lying on my back turned slightly on my side facing the group. Lucy made some adjustments with my arms and legs for a more aesthetic look to the pose. It would be a 45

minute pose with a break for me at 20 minutes.

My cock was still swollen when I assumed the pose being in the reclining position it was positioned upward, the underside visible. I was aware of the tightness in my scrotum as my balls had risen and were swollen from my arousal. A long bead of precum had oozed out and was visible just above my pubic hairline. I decided to ignore it and go with the situation as Lucy had suggested. I was still aroused and my cock was not a full blown erection but swollen considerably. I tried to look into the distance at the back wall not looking at any of them specifically. The time passed slowly, and it seemed it had been an hour when Lucy called for a brief time out form the pose. My cock was softened now, still elongated but not as swollen when I climbed down from the platform. I went back to get my cover up and wanted to look at the drawings they were working on.

Of the four Lucy was the best. She had captured the attitude the of pose exactly, and her rendering of me was very good. The form was solid with good volume and a nice feel of modeling with the pastel. It was a very good likeness. The details were still sketchy but it was very professional looking and no doubt it was me. The others were of varying quality with Sheila and Rose competently working with the pose and my likeness. Their drawings were also pastel and less finished. Nancy was struggling with the pose, working in graphite. She had started by making the torso too large and could not fit the head or lower areas in to the composition. It had become more of a torso study. All the drawings showed my cock in the upward semi aroused position with Sheila’s showing the most detail. She had precisely drawn the contour of the head and the shaft was modeled subtly to show the variations of the surface texture. She had looked very carefully at her subject. Lucy had stood more in back of me and the view was looking from my head downward. She too had drawn the cock head in some detail as if she was looking over my shoulders and it faced her. It would be interesting to see how they were all completed.

My short break was over and it was back to the end of the session time.

I reassumed my pose on the sofa, asking for help from Lucy to find the angles of my arms and legs and the correct position of my body. She decided it was close enough to begin and told the group it would be for 25 minutes to complete the session. We were about to begin when Sheila approached Lucy and said something quietly to her. She nodded to her and walked over to me and said discreetly,

“Sheila pointed out that in the first part of this pose your penis was positioned in an upward view. We need to try to pose it that way now again”

I realized what she was saying at once. I had been aroused and my cock was swollen and elongated. In order for them to complete their drawings, I would need to approximate the same conditions. I looked down at myself and realized I was quite flaccid and hanging straight down not at all like I was in the first half of this pose.

Lucy also understood my predicament. She looked over at me with a contemplative expression.

“I have and idea. I’ll want to get some other pillows. Be right back.”

She went behind the screen where I had used to changed and brought out a pillow in each hand.

“Here, let me position these under you to help.”

As she got closer to me I noticed that the paint smudged tan blouse that she wore was now open at the top and 3 buttons were unbuttoned. I am sure I had noticed earlier that only the top button was open. She leaned towards me and it gaped open exposing a view of her left breast. I could see the hardened tip of her nipple and the deep pink areola.

This site caught my attention and started to arouse me as I had been before. She continued to fuss with the pillows under me and touched my hip to move me, feeling the warmth of her hand as she did so. I got another good view of her breast and nipple as she adjusted me.

“Robert, could you slide your hips ups and place your penis upward please.”

“Sure.” I replied. I did as she asked as my cock had started to swell and it was not a problem to face it upward again. She watched ma as I repositioned it and commented, “That looks good……. I think it will be fine. Does it look the same to you Sheila?”

“Yeah it is close to the first pose now.”

I was close to the arousal point of the first pose, maybe even more aroused. I had been in this state now for almost 2 hours and my balls were starting to ache. They had risen high up in my scrotum and were swollen larger than normal. When I was in an aroused condition for a long period of time like this my cock would stay in a semi hardened state indefinitely like it was frozen in time. The second part of the pose seemed to go quicker as I sensed they were wrapping up the drawings now. Lucy gave a 5 minute warning for the end and I felt relieved be finishing and soon time was up. I eased my self up out of the reclining position and walked out to get changed.

As I dressed I thought of my first experience of posing nude. It wasn’t so bad and the group had made me feel good about my body. They didn’t seem offended or put off by my involuntary arousal and were able to go with it. I was glad I had done it.

The group had already pretty much packed up when I came out. Sheila’s drawing was still out and I went over to see it. She had done a very accurate job and I complemented her on it. The detail was very distinct and she had captured the likeness of my face and body exactly including my cock. The colors were accurate with the flesh tones warm and pinkish. She had shaded my cock with medium vermilion and pink tones that indicated the state of arousal. She smiled and thanked me.

Lucy came over to me and invited me to have a glass of wine with her. It was a nice gesture and her way of saying thank you for posing. After everyone had left and she closed up the studio, we went to the house where she opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio and we relaxed a bit.

“I really appreciate your posing for us Robert. You did a great job. I am sure the group would love to have you again if you are up to it.”

I thanked her and smiled. She looked a little contemplative and continued.

“I have a proposal for you in fact which I would like you to think over. I can’t have you do this on a volunteer basis but I would be up to giving you one of my paintings as payment for your time. I want to do an oil figure study of you.”

I was very flattered by her offer. She was serious and I felt good about accepting her offer.

“ I will tell you what…. Suppose you agree to 3 more sessions with the group and some sessions with me to do the painting and we will call it a deal.”

“Deal.” I replied, as we toasted our glasses.

My modeling was now to continue.

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