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More Urges - First Day of Sixth Form

The holidays were finally over and time to continue our education. Our choices were to either do our A levels at college or to stay on at school, moving into the sixth form and do them there. All six of us, with advice from our parents, made the decision to take the sixth form route, our first day had arrived. For the previous two weeks the six of us had been having sex every day. I’d spent most nights of that period sleeping with Issabella, at either of our homes and though we were girlfriends, we’d agreed that we wanted to carry on having sex with Robin, Shaun, David and Emma. At the same time, Emma and Robin had become an item but quite simply, we all enjoyed being together and watching each other have sex.

My alarm clock rang; I opened my eyes, arms stretching out from underneath my quilt, blinded momentarily by the bright sunlight streaming through the gap between my curtains, wearily I reached across to press the button and silence the shrilled beeps of my alarm. Throwing back my covers, I revealed my naked body, lying still for a few seconds, allowing myself to wake up fully. For the last two weeks, my parents and I had become nudists, so, without hesitation I wondered into the bathroom to use the loo, saying good morning to my dad who was standing naked in front of the wash basin. Immediately, he turned around, smiled, his cock visibly hardening, as it had done every time he’d seen me since we’d stopped wearing clothes. I felt my face reddening as I glanced at it, remembering that he didn’t know I’d lost my virginity and had sex with three other guys in the last two weeks and realising he may have thought he’d be the one to take it. I got up off the loo and headed downstairs for breakfast.

The kitchen was empty, so, put my cereal in a bowl, made a coffee and did myself a slice of toast, then taking everything into the living room. Mom was sat on the sofa, naked, watching TV and eating her breakfast. As I sat down she laughed and asked what I’d been thinking of because I was wet. I didn’t answer but knew I’d blushed and began eating my food. She was right though, I was turned on and had been thinking of seeing my friends and of course, Issabella and whether I’d get chance to make her cum during the day.

It wasn’t long before I’d finished my breakfast, gone back upstairs, had a shower and in my room preparing to get dressed, when my phone started ringing.

“Hi Jo. Are you ready yet?” It was Issabella.

“No not yet. I’ve just had a shower and ready to put my clothes on.”

“Oh, so you’re naked. So am I and was thinking of you.” she replied excitedly.
My mind was racing and lay down on the bed, without thinking, my fingertips began teasing my pussy and asked, “Are you lying down Issy?”

“Yes I am. I know you are too and you’re touching yourself, aren’t you,” she replied.

I didn’t answer, just holding the phone to me ear with my left hand as the fingers of my right slipped effortlessly between my soaked lips and deep into my pussy, beginning to breathe harder and moan a little.

“That’s it Jo, let your fingers fuck you slowly. You know I’m doing it too and thinking of you.”

I could hear her moans as we spoke, not caring that my door was open and that I’d spread my legs wide apart as I masturbated. The conversation continued to heat up, each telling the other how to touch and tease their pussy, g spot and clit. It was the first time we’d spoken to each other sexually on the phone but were no less turned on had we been together. As I began to tease my g spot hard and fast my hip bucked more and more, body writhing, listening to Issabella on the other end of the phone.

I’d not noticed mom coming into the room. The first time I realised was when she leant towards the phone, taking it from me and then, talking to Issabella, she said, “Hi Issy, don’t keep Jo too long. You both need to be ready soon.” She paused as she looked at me and listened to Issabella’s moans and continued, “Jo looks like she’ll climax any second though” and with a chuckle, passed the phone back to me. With those words, she kissed me on the cheek, told me to have a good day and left, along with dad, to go to work.

Desperation took hold of me as I resumed listening to Issabella, she was moaning loudly and as I told her I was going to cum soon she tried to answer but any words she uttered came out as a groan of pleasure. Immediately I turned my attention to my clit, within an instant I started to orgasm, an intense squirt of juices surged from my pussy, followed by another and another.

We allowed ourselves a few seconds to recover before continuing to talk, “Don’t wash your pussy Jo. I want to be able to smell what I did to you”.

I agreed to do as she asked, so long as she did the same. We giggled but knew it was time to get dressed and said goodbye.

I put the phone back on my bedside table and picked up my clothes, which I’d placed on the chair adjacent to the door and as I walked back to the bed, paused to look at myself in the full length mirror. My skin was still tanned from the great summer weather, any sign of tan-lines had disappeared and thoughts of the sex I’d had outside with my friends entered my head. I noticed my nipples were fully erect but then smiled, remembering that they’d been hard for most of the past two weeks. Then, I looked lower, at my pussy and thighs, I was soaked, juices still dribbling, thinking that if I did as Issabella had asked, it wouldn’t take long before my undies were saturated and that my arousal would be pretty obvious.

Finally I sat down on the edge of my bed, still able to see myself in the mirror, put my clothes by my side and prepared to get dressed. I picked up my white bra, slipping it over my shoulders and as I fastened the clip I thought how restrictive and strange it felt, having got used to not wearing one. Next was my white shirt, fastening the buttons bottom to top. Though we were supposed to do up the top button too, we’d be presented with our sixth form tie once we arrived at school, so, decided to wait until then to fasten it. I picked up my left sock, bright white, matching my shirt and bending down, slipped it over my foot, followed immediately by my right. My navy blue undies were next, once more leaning forward, slipping my feet through and then standing up to pull them up my thighs and on properly. Immediately I felt the fabric cling to my pussy, standing to look for a few seconds, I saw a wet patch beginning to develop. Still standing, I took hold of my navy blue skirt, slipping it over my legs quickly, tucking in my shirt and fastening it. School regulations meant that the skirt was no lower than ten centimetres above knee level, which of course mine was, fastening on my left side with a button and fifteen centimetre zip. Last to put on was a light blue, sleeveless v neck sweater that I quickly pulled over my head, made myself tidy, gave my hair a quick brush, put in my earing’s and put on my watch, took one last look in the mirror and skipped downstairs.

I was just in time because as I stepped off the final step the doorbell rang. Without hesitation, knowing it was my friends; I unlocked and opened the door. Robin, David and Sean looked so different in their uniforms, grey trousers, black socks and shoes, white shirt and navy blue blazer, I almost didn’t recognise them. After all, for the last two weeks, within minutes of seeing them each day, they’d be naked and we’d be having sex but as they came inside, one by one kissing me, I couldn’t help wondering how others at school might react to our relationship. I rushed into the front room, put on my shoes and picked up my rucksack, heading straight back to the boys, who’d been joined by both Emma and Issabella. The girls had already kissed each other and the boys and as I approached them, proceeded to kiss me, tongues gently caressing and cuddling each other.

As I stopped kissing Issabella, she grinned and said, “You smell nice Jo” and giggled mischievously.

Blushing a little, I became very self-conscious when Sean quipped, “You both smell as though you’ve been fucking each other again!”

Every one of us was laughing, even when Issabella told them that we’d been talking on the phone and made each other cum and with the door locked behind us we began the short walk to school. The boys tried to tease us about what we’d done but after a minute of light hearted banter, Emma asked, “Ok, hands up everybody that’s cum this morning.”

The only one that didn’t thrust their hand immediately up was David, who quickly proclaimed that he woke up hard but was late, so had no time to do it. “Oh, you poor boy. Maybe, you’ll get chance to fuck one of us later,” I quipped cheekily and as Emma, Issabella and I walked in front of them slight we tried to tease him a little more as to who he might get to have sex with. The truth was, he probably didn’t care, the more we’d all had sex the more we’d enjoyed it, who was fucking who was simply not an issue.

Eventually, the six of us made it to school for our first day of sixth form, excitedly but full of nerves entering the common room for the first time. A room that we’d passed by many times when part of the lower years but a simple turn into a small corridor and up six steps, through a stained glass door and we were finally there. It was a much bigger area than I’d expected, full of old armchairs and sofas, a few tables and chairs and on one side, huge windows giving us a great view of the school grounds but conversely, allowed staff to look in if they wanted to from their staff room. Two distinct groups of students had already forms, upper sixth at the far end and us, lower sixth nearest the door. I was surprised as to how few of us there were, twenty seven lower and forty one upper sixth, making it fairly obvious that college had, more than likely proved to be the more popular choice for A level education.

Everybody was chatting; it seemed as though, apart from my five close friends, I’d not seen anybody else for months and tried, in a few short minutes to catch up with as many as possible, all the time holding Issabella’s hand as we stood together. After a short while, a bell sounded, notice that we had to move to see our year head. At the opposite end of the room was another door, leading to a corridor, lower sixth were lead to a room on the right, upper sixth to the left. Our names were read out alphabetically and we were given our lesson plan along with our new ties. The first two periods would be taken up by informing us as to our responsibilities as sixth formers and what was expected of us.

My schedule didn’t look too bad, apart from the double lesson of Economics I was due to have later that morning but then as we all talked, it became clear that I’d be the only girl along with seven boys, one of them being David, an exciting prospect. All of our Economics classes would take place in part of the school that we’d never been in before, looking at a map as to where it was, the only concern was that it was going to be a long walk to get there and with a tutor, we knew nothing about.

Time finally came for us to make our way to school house and our Economics class, the eight of us picking up our bags, going back through the common room, down two flights of stairs, along several long corridors and though a door at the back of the school and into the school grounds. All chatting, we proceeded to walk up a fairly wide path, to our left, a well-manicured cricket field, our right, a fast flowing stream. At the far end of the field was a short flight of steps, the stream cascading down a little waterfall. As we climbed the steps the path turned a little to the left, running alongside an all-weather hockey pitch and in the distance, a big old house, up yet more steps as the stream meandered to the house’s right. Eventually we made it, opening the door and going inside. Our lesson was in a room situated to the right side of the hallway. I’d expected it to be like any other classroom but other than a blackboard and desk at one end, it resembled an overly furnished living room with a number of armchairs for us to sit in.

I sat to the left side of the room, David in the chair to my right and pulled out a folder and pen from my rucksack in preparation to make notes. We all began to talk, until our tutor entered the room, announcing that his name was Tony Lynn and that it was ok to address him by his Christian name. Without doubt, he was one of the tallest people I’d ever seen, being at least 6’8, with grey wavy hair and dressed in a suit and tie. Quickly the formalities of finding out who we all were and knowledge of the subject, were concluded and it was down to learning and understanding the fundamentals of Economics, supply and demand, elastic and inelastic demand and many other things too dull to mention.

Tony wrote copiously on the blackboard, talking as he did, only occasionally turning around to look at us all and asking if we had any questions. I’d assessed fairly early on that this was going to be hard work and decided to try and get comfortable. I put my folder and pen on the arm of the chair, leant forward to undo my shoes, pushing them off, then, lifting my feet onto the chair before resuming the process of taking notes. My actions, however innocent I thought they were hadn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the class, several smiles directed at me, non-more so than from David, who’s look suggested mischievous thoughts.

Time passed by, I’d almost forgotten the look that David had given me when he wrote something on his notepad before putting it on the arm of my chair. It read, “I bet you can’t take off your bra and undies without Tony catching you.”

I choked a little as he smirked, as if suggesting I’d not attempt the dare but I love a challenge and this one was definitely somewhat naughty but I’d not considered, for an instant not to try, merely wondering if I could get away with it. I didn’t think my undies would pose any difficulties, immediately dropping my feet off the chair. Tony continued to talk endlessly, writing a little less frenetically than earlier, so, with the fingers of my left hand I slowly pulled down the zip of my skirt. I looked up, casually wrote a few more notes but then realised that all bar Shane and CJ were looking at me. My toes wiggled involuntarily inside my socks, a sure sign that I was getting turned on but unperturbed, I slipped my left hand inside my skirt. No turning back now Jo, I thought, pulling the left side of my undies over my hip as I raised my side a little. My heart was racing, slipping my hand past my pussy, to take hold of the right side of my undies, lifting up as I pulled them lower, over my hips and onto my thighs. I was well aware that my fellow students were watching my every move but once more, I took time to catch up on copying the notes that Tony was still writing. I took a deep breath before returning my left hand into my skirt, pausing, then, lifting my thighs, pushing my undies lower until I could see them at the hem of my skirt. Five pairs of eyes widened as my damp underwear slither down my bare legs before resting on my sock covered feet.

Mick, John and Andy looked at me with total amazement, David could barely contain his excitement but already my thoughts had turned to the task of removing my bra. The tease in me, decided to leave my undies around my ankle for a while, knowing the sight of them there was most likely turning them all on. So, how was I going to get my bra off? Ordinarily, with a sleeved top on, I could easily remove my bra by pulling it through the arms of my top but on the shirt I was wearing, the sleeves were too tight to manage that.

Taking another breath, I quickly pulled off my sweater and dropped it onto my rucksack. Reaching behind my back I unclipped my bra, my heart racing faster with each second. Tony continued, seemingly oblivious as to what I was doing as he had his back to me, so, as quietly as I could, pulled off my tie with the knot still tied, dropping it onto my lap. As I started to unbutton my top three buttons on my shirt I saw that even Shane and CJ were taking notice of what I was doing. With the three buttons undone the collar of the shirt opened, giving the boys a glimpse of my white bra. Again I took a minute or two to copy more notes from the blackboard before I assessed if this was a good moment to try and take off my bra and that Tony was still preoccupied with writing, not looking around at me. With the coast looking clear, I eased my shirt and bra-straps off my shoulders, letting them both drop slowly down my arms. Seven pairs of eyes looked intently as my bra dropped off my breasts, nipples standing proud, shirt dropping off my hands and slithering down around my waist. I sat upright, allowing every one of the boys a clear view of my bare flesh and then, feeling quite daring, copied more notes. I couldn’t resist looking at each of the boys, not at all surprised to see David’s trousers bulging.

Shane was very much the loner of the whole year, was by no means bad looking, perhaps just too shy to make friends easily but as I looked into his eyes, it was almost as though this was his first sight of a girls boobs. However, when I smiled, his look turned to panic, I guessed he’d just cum.

I moved my bra to one side of my legs and slipped my hands into the armholes of my shirt before pulling it back on, quickly fastening the three buttons and putting my tie back on. I’d done it and smiled with some pride at David. He mouthed, I’m impressed as I pulled my feet back up onto the chair, letting my undies drop to the floor beside my bag, not bothering to pull up the zip on my skirt, happy to concentrate fully on the last twenty five minutes of the lesson.

It was very different having lessons in school house, very comfortable and relaxing but we were reliant on the tutor to follow the correct finishing times, there were no bells there but fortunately, Tony looked at his watch a few minutes before the lesson was due to end, telling us that we’d done enough and that it was time for lunch but as he picked up his books and folders he turned, looking straight at me, saying, “Try and see if you can fidget a little less tomorrow.” I blushed but all the others laughed as I wondered if Tony knew what I’d done and chose to ignore it and with those words he left the room, leaving us to pack up our things and leave in our own time.

David immediately started to talk to me as I began to put my folder, notes and pen back into my rucksack but it wasn’t long before the others joined in on our conversation, all saying how amazed they were by what I’d done and how good I looked. “God, you’ve not heard her moan when Issabella sucks her tits though,” David told them.

“Oh, so you’re a lesbian then,” Andy asked.

“I, well, me and Issy aren’t sure. Sex with her is so good but we are fucking guys too. The more we do it, the more satisfied we are getting,” I confessed.

“I bet you look fucking hot naked Jo,” John quipped.

As I slipped my bra into my bag I’d not noticed Andy come towards me and pick up my undies, immediately smelling them and cheekily saying they smelt like I’d cum in them. I giggled and said, ”I didn’t cum in them but had cum before I put them on.”

From that point on, the boy’s comments were becoming more and more suggestive. I’d genuinely forgotten about the zip on my skirt being undone, watching my undies being passed around and examined. Just as I was about to put on my shoes, virtually unanimously I was begged to let them see my pussy as they’d seen my breasts but it was David who argued it would be better to see me totally naked.

With all of the attention, I was feeling very sexy and turned on too, my juices trickling onto my thighs and the trepidation of being naked in front of them soon disappeared as I considered what to do. After all, since my family had turned to nudism, I’d been seen naked by many people who’d visited the house and I’d enjoyed the attention. Taking hold of my socks I pulled them off quickly, undid the button on my skirt. Suddenly there was no more talking as all seven boys stood around me. Off came my tie, the top two buttons undone on my shirt, pulling it over my head quickly and without hesitation I stood up, skirt dropping to the floor to leave me naked.

As I stepped away from my skirt I was within touching distance of most of the boys and whilst I felt extremely sexy, seeing the bulges in their trousers, there were feelings of vulnerability. The six boys that hadn’t seen me naked looked at my body but to my disbelief, it was Shane that reached forward and as his trembling hand moved towards my breasts asked if they could touch me. I said nothing, the circle of boys suddenly tightened around me, twelve hands exploring my body. There were hands touching my thighs, my bum, my back, my boobs and my pussy, as well as being kissed.

At first I was worried but the more they touched my body, the sexier I felt. As I was pushed and pulled against them it was impossible for me not to feel their hard cocks. With each passing second they were getting bolder, taking the opportunity to push their fingers inside my pussy and bum and pinch my nipples hard, all the time, David stood a few paces back but making sure I was ok. I was so wet and turned on, if I’d been asked, at that point, I’d have let them all fuck me but they seemed happy taking their opportunity to grind for a few seconds against my bum or pussy. Each time they pushed onto my pussy, the others held me, my legs wrapped around their thighs, each of their trousers getting wet from my juices. My pussy was throbbing more and more, each time their fingers pushed inside me I’d feel myself getting closer to an orgasm. Suddenly, in front of me, CJ had his cock out. My eyes lit up, preparing myself to be fucked but as I opened my legs in anticipation his cock spewed its load onto my stomach, pussy and thighs.

The atmosphere changed appreciably, the circle of boys suddenly widened, almost as though they thought a line had been crossed, I can’t believe it was because they’d had enough of touching me. I was very disappointed and frustrated when they eventually let go of me so I could get dressed, I wanted to cum. I picked up my undies that were back on top of my bag, casually using them to wipe CJ’s cum off my body, before proceeding to dress, leaving off my socks, undies and bra and putting the rest of my clothes on quickly, along with my shoes. David gave me a reassuring hug and with the others all watching, after telling me how hot and sexy I was, kissed my passionately. “How come you get to do that?” Mike asked.

“Because I’ve fucked her most days in the last few weeks,” David replied as I picked up my rucksack, leading everybody back down to the main school and the common room. The boys chatted endlessly as we walked down the path, cheekily suggesting that I could strip for them all every week. I just laughed but deep down, the idea of doing it, appealed to me a great deal.

Arriving back in the common room, the same territorial groups had formed. Even with the bigger yearly groups, smaller sub groups were obvious. Very quickly I spotted Issabella and Sean, going immediately to where they were sat. She was seated in an armchair and had already eaten her sandwiches, patting her lap, inviting me to sit there, which I did without hesitation as she asked why we were so late.

David wasted no time recounting the events of the lesson we’d had as I began eating my sandwiches. “I bet Jo that she couldn’t take off her bra and knickers without the teacher seeing. Well, she did it but all the guys saw her tits. It was so fucking good but then after the lesson, they wanted to see her naked. So, she stripped and they’ve been feeling her up.”

Issabella and Sean laughed and she said, “You’re such a tart Jo. It’s a good job I love you and you doing that really turns me on!”

I chuckled as I continued to eat my lunch, sitting sideways on her lap and pulling my feet up onto the chair beside her legs. Straight away, she untied my shoes, pulling them off and throwing them to the floor, then gently stroking from my toes up to my knees with her fingertips, knowing full well that her doing that turned me on a lot. I tried to ignore her actions but as I continued to eat I felt the button on my skirt and my shirt being pulled free. It was getting harder to resist her, with my sandwiches eaten and sucking my juice drink, I was getting very wet as her hands moved under my shirt, caressing my breasts.

As soon as I’d finished my drink, I threw the carton to where my shoes were and turned a little, so I could begin kissing Issabella. My lips gently caressed hers, my tongue running across them slowly, before I started sucking her bottom lip. Soon, our tongues were entwined as our kissing became more and more passionate.

Issabella pushed me away, “Stand up a minute Jo,” he asked.

“My skirt’s undone Issy,” I said, looking at her with a little trepidation, which heightened as I felt her pull down the zip.

She smiled as I thought whether or not to stand up but was curious as to what she was going to do, so, after a few seconds and kissing her once more, I stood up, facing her. My skirt slithered immediately to a heap on the floor at my feet, to be greeted by whoops of approval by those close by and as Issabella got to her feet more noticed that I was bottomless. I felt very self-conscious but at the same time, knowing that so many were looking at me, feeling very sexy. Juices had already began dribbling from my pussy onto my thighs as Issabella turned me around, offering the common room population sight of my smooth wet pussy. She took hold of my arms, guiding me back onto the chair. I’d expected her to strip me completely but instead, she knelt on the floor between my feet. She pulled me closer to the edge of the seat, opening my legs as she smiled at me. I felt her soft lips kiss my thighs, my legs opening wider but still she kissed my thighs, higher and higher until she began to lick into my groin either side of my pussy. Already I was breathing heavily and starting to moan a little, my pussy throbbing as if ready to climax but still she teased everywhere but my pussy. Instinctively my hands moved under my shirt, working up to my breasts, fingers and thumbs teasing my nipples. Eventually her tongue began licking up and down my lips slowly, my body tensing, feet lifting off the floor as my legs wrapped around her head, letting out moans of pleasure. Suddenly, as soon as the tip of her tongue touch my clit, my pussy contracted violently and instant later I began to cum, squirt after squirt of my juices filling Issabella’s mouth.

She was nowhere near finished teasing me, licking all of my juices, then, pushing her tongue deep inside me exploring the depths of my pussy as she’d done many times before. All the time I was working my breasts and nipples, almost forgetting where I was and the seventy other students in the room, most watching Issabella’s love making prowess, my shirt and sweater moving higher and higher. Her tongue probed slowly in and out of me, gradually increasing speed as my hip started to writhe against her. I was trying to pull off the rest of my clothes, desperate to be naked but it was impossible with all my buttons and tie fastened. Issabella looked up into my eyes as her tongue moved faster in and out of me and then to teased my clit. I gasped as she sucked it hard and took hold of it in her teeth, getting closer to another orgasm. “Oh god yes Issy,” I moaned as she pulled my clit hard, all the time teasing with her tongue. Faster and faster her tongue moved, my body writhing out of control until, finally my pussy contracted hard, holding my body in suspension before releasing. I couldn’t help letting out loud moans of pleasure as each squirt left my pussy until I could begin to relax.

Issabella smiled, her face covered with my juice, crawled up on top of me and kissed me tenderly as we hugged each other and finally as we came to our senses, hearing the whops of the others made us very aware of where we were. Even though I was bottomless and shirt and sweater barely covering my boobs, with fellow students not wasting the opportunity to take pictures of Issabella on top of me, I was happy to stay there as long as we could. It wasn’t long before a few people came up to talk to us, mostly the guys, I guessed to get a better look, telling us that what we’d done was hot and hoping we’d both be nude next time.

Time had passed by quickly though and was nearly time for afternoon lessons, everybody had started preparing to leave. Issabella knelt back onto the floor, opened my bag and picked up my undies, before using them to wipe my pussy and thighs. She stood up in front of me, handing me my skirt, which I put on quickly, along with my socks and shoes. Our next lesson was Maths and then Accounts to follow, both making sure our clothes were tidy before picking up our bags and heading out of the common room to our next class.

Maths class flew by, concentrating fully on the lesson, although taking every opportunity to hold Issabella’s hand or to caress her pussy through her skirt. There were twenty of us in the room, three of whom had been at the Economics lesson before lunch. Occasionally as I made eye contact with some, they’d smile and point towards their phones, showing the pictures they’d taken of me. I was only bothered by Issabella’s opinion and she thought it was great what’d happened during the day, assuring me that it turned her on.

As the lesson ended, the tutor left and Issabella told me to look after her bag, she’d be back before the next lesson, Accounts was due to take place in the same room. Twelve students left the room, two taking their place, I’d put mine and Issabella’s maths books away and had just got our Accounts books out when she arrive back, grinning cheekily, just before the tutor arrived. Mrs Davies was a middle aged lady, with very short blonde hair and very masculine in features. Most of the students made the assumption that she was gay, a thing that now amused Issabella and I because of our sexuality but that aside, she had a fearsome reputation, so, as she got to her desk the class fell quiet.

I wondered where Issabella had been, my curiosity heightened by the twinkle in her eye and an almost perpetual smile when we looked at each other. We’d been given a short set of accounts to produce a balance sheet and profit and loss table, simply to find out what we already knew about the subject. As I worked on it I felt Issabella drop something on my lap and heard the zip of her skirt being pulled down. I glanced at my lap to see her red knickers and then felt her fingers wrapping around my right wrist. Immediately I looked at her as she guided my hand towards her open skirt. Knowing exactly what she wanted, I slipped my fingers inside to feel the bare flesh of her thigh and then as I ventured in further, her wet pussy lips. I saw her bit down on her bottom lip as I teased gently up and down her lips, before I became bolder, pushing my middle finger inside slowly. I felt her tense as I stroked in and out, her juices flowing more and more, encouraging me to move faster and faster, adding a second finger.

Mrs Davies began to wander up and down between the desks, looking at everyone’s progress, offering the occasional piece of advice. Feeling a little nervous I went to withdraw from under Issabella’s skirt but as I tried she looked at me, mouthing for me to carry on and placed her left hand on her skirt, on top of mine. All the time, although we’d both virtually completed it, we continued to work on the task we’d been set. Meanwhile, the fingers of my right hand alternated between, sliding in and out and circling and stroking her clit as I felt her hips responding more and more. I knew the tutor was somewhere behind us, hearing her talking to one of the others, so, glanced at Issabella, who was very flushed and struggling to control herself, her pussy gripping my fingers harder each time they pushed inside. But then as I looked up, I was horrified to see Mrs Davies toying with Issabella’s red knickers in her hands.

Issabella must have noticed because she giggled but an instant after Mrs Davies was standing to the right of us and looking at our work. With Issabella’s left hand still on top of mine, even with the tutor there, I let my fingertips circle her clit slowly. Mrs Davies, it seemed, was spending more time looking at our work than any of the others, which was odd as we’d both done Accountancy at the lower level, were good at the subject and knew what we’d done was correct. Just as she was about to move on, she told us that our work was good, paused, looking down at Issabella’s lap, smiled and said, “Continue exactly like that Jo, I’m sure your results will be perfect. Taking it slow is always good!”

Should I make her cum I wondered, knowing that she always moaned loudly when she climaxed and that the lesson would soon be over. It might be good not too, with her so close, she’d be desperate by the time we got home and with those thoughts I’d decided to keep her on edge, stroking her clit softly and moving my fingers slowly in and out of her, occasionally teasing her g spot.

The bell finally rang out and everybody began to move, packing their bags and preparing to leave for their next lesson. I pulled my hand from Issabella’s skirt, immediately she pulled up the zip as I licked and sucked the juices from my fingers. We too packed away our things and got ready to go our separate ways. I’d got a study period in the library, Issabella a Business Studies lesson but before we stood up to go, we kissed each other good bye. “God Jo, I can’t wait to get home with you now,” she said.

As we walked past Mrs Davies, she reached towards Issabella offering her undies back, at the same time looking at the wet patches on her skirt. Issabella took them from her, smiling as we continued our way out, she said, “I think David has Study too. Maybe you should try and fuck him, so I can taste his cum in you Jo.”

We said goodbye once more and went our separate ways. The corridors were busy with students moving to their various classes. It didn’t take long to work my way through the maze of corridors and get to the library. Passing through the doorway, the library was a huge room, each wall hidden by rows of shelves stacked with book. Running down the middle of the room were several long tables with a number of students sat at each. There was an annex opposite the door, which was where I wanted to go. It was split into smaller areas, room for six in each, with high wooden patricians allowing some privacy or for students to work in small groups without disturbing others.

There was no sign of David in any of the sections, so, a little disappointed, I went into an area with one girl, Katie. She was a fairly quiet girl, with short brown hair and eyes, wearing glasses, was small, around five feet, very thin with, I’d guess, C cup boobs. As I sat down, she smiled but continued to do what she was doing. I undid and took off my shoes, followed by my socks and took out my books to read. After a minute silence and trying to pluck up courage, she asked, “I saw you and Issy in the common room, it was so hot. Are you really gay though?”

I couldn’t help giggle a little but before I answered David appeared, immediately moving to sit close to me. “I think I’m lesbian, yes but I’m still having sex with guys,” I said to Katie as I looked at her.

“Which is best though?” Katie asked.

“Oh, there’s no contest. Sex with Issy is incredible. But while sex with Emma was good, the guys are as good. It might be that we are watched then though and that’s so exciting,” I replied.

“I thought your legs looked really gorgeous when you wrapped them over Issy’s shoulders,”Katie confessed, looking shyly at me, before continuing, “But I don’t know if I could do it with another girl.”

David chuckled, “Well, when we see, Issy, Emm and Jo do it, they are so hot together. You should try it and see.”

Suddenly, I was feeling very turned on once again, my toes wiggling out of control, forgetting all about reading and thinking about the day I’d had and what Issabella wanted me to do. After all, David was the only one of who hadn’t cum this morning and we had said he would have to fuck one of us and as Emma had gone home with Robin and Issabella was in a lesson I guessed it was down to me. I looked at Katie, smiled and pulled off my sweater, followed by my tie, tossing them on top of my shoes and socks.

Katie watched me, frozen; a look of apprehension on her face as I unbuttoned my skirt pulled free my shirt and began to unfasten it. I dropped it from my shoulders and onto the ground, then lifted my hips and with a quick tug pulled it over my hips, dropping it to my pile of clothes to leave me naked.

I glanced at David, I think he knew what was about to happen, the bulge in his trousers growing rapidly but then looked straight at Katie, opened my legs and began to masturbate, plunging two fingers deep into my pussy, working them slowly in and out, wanting to get myself as wet as possible. It didn’t take long for my juices to start flowing freely, my breathing to become heavy and begin to moan. I noticed that Katie’s face had reddened and that she’d turned to face me, her thighs squeezing together, she was definitely turned on. For a moment, as I teased my clit slowly, I considered seducing her instead but then, maybe that was a job for me, Issabella and Emma but then focussed on what I’d started out to do.

Dropping onto the floor, Katie tensed apprehensively; I smiled and moved in front of David. Without ceremony I knelt up, unfastened his trousers, took a firm grip of them, along with his boxers and as he lifted I pulled them down to his ankles. I heard Katie trying to get a better look but then David patted the chair to his left, invitingly. No words were required, she’d moved very quickly, immediately looking at his throbbing cock, saying, “Oh my god! You shave too!”

Of course she was right. The night after the six of us had sex for the first time, Robin, Sean and David had all agreed to shave off their body hair, an act that turned, Emma, Issabella and I, on so much. It made sucking and licking their balls a very pleasurable experience.

I stood up in front of him, moving to straddle his thighs and lowered myself slowly. I moaned in pleasure as I felt my pussy lips spreading around his cock and as I lowered further onto his shaft I throbbed hard onto him. Once he was fully inside me I wasted no time unbuttoning his shirt. We kissed passionately for a while before he pushed me back, so I was lying on his upper legs. Immediately he began teasing my upper body with his fingertips and looked at Katie, asking if she wanted to touch me. I looked at her, she was paralysed with fear but David was giving her little option, taking hold of her right hand, guiding her to my body. Her fingers were shaking as he guided her to my boobs. Curiosity took over as she caressed my breasts, encouraged by my moans she pinched and teased my nipples. I felt my pussy throbbing hard on David’s cock, my legs wrapping tight around his waist. Once again he guided her, lower down my stomach, until her fingertips were on his shaft. Her confidence was growing by the second; soon she was teasing my clit and the shaft of David’s cock, both of us becoming more desperate.

I could see a look of curiosity in Katie’s eyes but never expected her to lean over and kiss my right nipple. I tensed as tingles radiated through my body and she began sucking gently. My pussy was throbbing harder and harder, if she’d have kept going, I think I’d have cum but with her curiosity quenched she sat back on the chair. Her right hand disappeared into her clothes, with her knees spread, there was no way for her to disguise that she was masturbating.

David placed his hands on either side of my waist and began to guide my body. My pussy began sliding effortlessly up and down his shaft as it throbbed inside me. Quickly I sat up, pushing off his shirt, tie and blazer to leave him all but naked and began riding his cock steadily. The more I moved on him the harder and bigger he felt, the look in his eyes becoming more desperate, my movement increasing in speed, the two of us trying to contain our moans.

Katie’s face looked very flushed, her fingers moving fast underneath her clothing, her eyes fixed on David and I.

I could feel that David was getting close, his steady rhythm up into me becoming more urgent, thrusting harder, still guiding my body with his hands, forcing me hard down onto him. I’d made no effort to satisfy myself, my sole intention was to make him cum in me, my pussy throbbing hard. Suddenly, with a violent thrust he was cuming, spurt after spurt of his cum filling me, a look of relief and pleasure replacing the one of desperation on his face until he started to relax.

The two of us sat motionless, for what felt like hours, in truth was most likely thirty seconds to a minute, his cock not softening inside me but I knew we had to get dressed soon, so eased myself up off him. Katie’s eyes never left my body, stood up to let me sit back down on my chair. To my surprise, she turned to face me, moving closer, then, with the fingers of her left hand began rubbing David’s cum that was dribbling from me, into my pussy. I looked into her eyes and opened my legs and whispered, “Tease my clit hard and fast and I’ll cum quickly.”

She needed no more encouragement, using her middle two fingers to stroke my clit hard and fast. I bit my bottom lip hard, trying to prevent myself from moaning loudly, realising that everybody in the library would hear me if I didn’t. Fucking David had sensitised my pussy, lips and clit swollen and desperate to cum. I’d planned on waiting until I saw Issabella but I also wanted to seduce Katie. Her fingertips moved hard and fast, teasing my clit, my body writhing in response as my pussy throbbed. Each throb took me closer to the edge, as soon as she touched me I was at the point of no return. It wasn’t long before I was gasping for a last breath and then a moment later my juices were squirting over the floor. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning loudly each time a spurt of my juices left my body but I didn’t care, I felt so good.

Katie sucked her fingers, looking very pleased with herself as I sat in front of her recovering but then realised the bell would be ringing at any moment to signify the end of the day, so quickly got dressed and ready to see Issabella and go home.

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