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Moriah The Exhibitionist

Moriah indulges in the exciting world of Exhibitionism
“Another drink, Moriah?” I asked with a hint of laughter. She just smiled and raised her eyebrows, holding her glass up in expectation. I got up from the leather Harley-Davidson bar stool I was sitting on and made my way to the kitchen.

I felt a smirk slide across my face as an idea came to mind. I began expertly pouring in vodka, coconut rum, apple juice and orange juice to make Ambrosian Mist- a concoction Moriah had come up with long ago, which now happens to be her favorite drink.

I topped the drink off with whipped cream, shredded chocolate and coconut, and a cherry. I had never been much of a drinker, so I settled with a root beer on the rocks. When I returned to Moriah, she grinned happily and thanked me.

Still smirking from the plan I had thought of whilst pouring the liquor, I sat next to her. The party we were at wasn't all that engaging- the music was bland and hardly any of our friends were there.

I had brought her there in hopes that the music would be something we could “dirty” dance to, but as luck would have it, the “party” felt more like a few friends and 2 or 3 random people sitting down watching a not-that-interesting football game.

She caught on that I was up to something by my silence, and turning away from her friend, she confronted me with suspicion in her eyes. Before she could question me, I laughed and held my hands In front of me reassuringly, and began to tell her why I was so silent.

Smiling broadly, I began, “Moriah, do you fancy a wager?” I asked in the best British accent I could muster. She cocked her head to the side, clearly confused as to where I was going with this. She thought briefly on what I had asked and slowly shook her head in understanding.

She had already downed three Ambrosian Mists, and this was her fourth, so I didn't blame her for being a little slow on the uptake…in fact, I planned to use her buzzed thinking in my favor. “I bet you that you can’t shoot 3 shots of straight vodka after you are done with this glass without falling over.” I exclaimed.

“Winner gets…?’’ She questioned. I stifled another burst of laughter before I began again. “When I win this bet, you have to flash random people I ask you to tomorrow, and for the next two days…”

I glanced down at her red miniskirt and white tee she was wearing, suddenly remembering she was also wearing a thong, “…including tonight, I want you to wear a tight, short skirt with a thong on and bend over constantly in front of me so I can marvel at that amazing ass of yours.” I blurted out.

She replied without hesitation, “Pshhh, you are on, but I’ll do you one better, I’ll bend in front of other people too.” She let out a shrill of laughter, unaware of the mistake she had just made. She raised one eyebrow in expectation, and said “When I win this bet, you have to treat me to a day of anything I want to do, no exceptions.” I heaved out a sigh, and reluctantly agreed to the terms.


It was noon and Moriah had decided, since she won the bet- that she wanted to go to the square today. I called out to her, hoping to wake her up, but to my surprise she came in through the front door-and judging by her attire, she had chosen to take pity on my loss, as she was dressed in a loose fitting cleavage shirt without a bra, and a really short skirt.

She glanced at me and smiled beautifully, waving good morning. I gave her the once-over without her noticing. Her breasts were perky and round and accentuated her slim waist and big ass…especially in the low-cut white blouse she had chosen for today.

I bit my lower lip and blushed, as I felt the blood in my body travel to my lower extremities. As she walked by me to get to the kitchen, I focused on her ass, watching it as she made her way down the hall and past the stairs.

She dropped something, most likely a letter she retrieved from the mailbox while she was outside. She bent down slowly in front of me and glanced over her shoulder, winking seductively at me. As I followed her body downward I saw that she was wearing the black thong that made her ass look undeniably attractive.

I couldn't help but walk up to her, like I was the baddest man in the world and smack her perfectly round ass. She let a moan escape her mouth and I once again felt the warmth of my blood escaping to my lower half. She had apparently noticed I was turned on by this and slowly and sensually turned back around and faced me kissing me and grabbing my penis through my thin boxers.

I attempted to drag her down on the ground on top of me, but she was as cunning as ever and told me that I needed to get dressed or she wouldn't do anything with anyone today…meaning no flashing, bending over, or having any kind of relations with me. She really knew how to drive a hard bargain.

We were driving to the square when we came to a stop sign. Moriah, daring as ever, and noticing that there was not any traffic besides us, rolled down the window and put the top half of her body out of the window like a dog who wants to feel the cool breeze through his fur.

She whistled at a group of teenagers ranging from about 18-20 years old, boy and girl alike, who turned in attention to her. She lifted her shirt up over her round D-cup breasts, and seizing the moment, I took the chance to place my hand on her thigh and rub up her leg until I was under her thong, then gently began to finger her. Moriah let out a moan and the boys that were watching, not knowing that it was I who caused the moan, began to cheer and whistle.

One of the girls in the group that witnessed this display ambled over to the car and started massaging Moriah’s boobs-in turn causing the boys to cheer louder. The girl pressed her lips to Moriah’s left nipple and began to suck passionately.

Moriah looked at the girl with a gleam in her eyes and leaned in to kiss the girl. Not long after they began kissing I turned off the ignition. My jaw hit the floor when Moriah lifted up the other girl’s shirt too. Moriah opened the car door and then things really started to heat up- they started making out with each other while groping the other’s breasts.

The boys in the group had stopped cheering by this point and one of them had his hand in his pants. Moriah and the other girl took their pants off, and soon the other girl had Moriah backed into a tree fingering her.

Moriah grabbed and squeezed the other girl’s ass while sliding her own fingers in and out of the chick’s vagina. By this point I was out of the car and sitting on the grass, with an awesome view of the action. The girls fell to the ground grinding each other in ecstasy while fingering and groping.

They each reached an orgasm at the same time and I couldn't help but notice a sticky warmth on my fingers and down my leg- that’s when I looked down and realized I had been pleasuring myself as well.

I looked around unsure of what had just happened and realized the other boys had been masturbating to it too. Moriah got up and helped her romancer up as well. Moriah grabbed her clothes-without putting them on-and we got into the car like nothing had happened and continued to the square.

We came to another stop- this time one with vehicle traffic and hardly anyone around. I looked at Moriah curiously and eyeballed her up and down about three times before even saying a word to her. I mean, what was I supposed to say? (“Hey you are really hot!” or “Damn, I never thought you would do that…”) That just wouldn't cut it.

I opened my mouth to speak when she cut me short and apologized for her behavior. “Why the Hell are you apologizing? That was the hottest damn thing I've ever seen in my entire life…You were amazing!” I couldn't help it…it had to be said.

“No…I’m sorry I forgot the camera,” she replied jokingly. We both laughed until we couldn't breathe, and then she kissed me passionately and said with all seriousness, “You know that girl meant nothing to me, I love you James.”

I guess she really just doesn't understand that what I just witnessed is like every guy’s ultimate fantasy come true, and I don’t care if it meant anything to her or not, I know how she feels on the subject. The fact is what she did back there was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.


We returned home after a day of her flashing random people and finger-fucking a stranger until the whole neighborhood orgasmed. The first thing she did when she got home was strip me and tell me to get into the shower.

I obeyed her command- I mean, who wouldn't, she was like a Goddess to me now. Moriah was setting the temperature of the shower when I entered the bathroom. I sauntered over and grabbed her ass hard, as she and I stepped into the steamy chamber.

She bent over and I felt myself getting stiff again. I placed my dick in between her thighs as she bent over and reached backwards to insert me into her from behind. I reached in front of me and slid two of my fingers in and out of her pussy with ease as I thrusted myself further and further into her ass.

I used my other hand to fill her mouth with my fingers so she would suck on them, stiffening me even more. There was steamy air all around us and the water both felt good on my muscles and acted as a lubricant to help ease myself in and out of her.

I lost control in the heat of the moment and lowered my head to whisper in her ear. “Take it bitch, you are my little cock fucker, my little whore…my personal sex slave…” I could tell she was enjoying the dirty talking by the slight moan she gave.

“Fuck me James…Fuck me harder! Fuck me until I scream! Ohhhh….Mmmmmhhh….ahhhh” she was in complete ecstasy and all I could do was think of how unbelievably hot those two girls were when we were parked outside the square. I tried to imagine Moriah fingering that girl while sucking my cock and then I inserted myself even further into her ass and she let out a moan of intense pleasure.

I whispered into her ear again “You are mine to control, sex slave. You are my little dick rider, I am going to fuck you so hard you will be begging for more…” She moaned really loud this time, and I could tell she was finished. She pulled away from me and grabbed the soap.

So that I would stay hard, she kept massaging my dick until the soap was lathered in one of her hands. She then started to give me a hand job with the soapy hand and then rinsed it off after about ten seconds.

Moriah knelt down on both knees and started to suck me off with excitement. I think- or wanted to think- she was imagining the girl she had pleasured earlier today- I wanted to believe that was the reason she was sucking so intensely.

I came inside her mouth without warning-probably because I was still imaging my own little fantasy where what had happened today became a threesome. She swallowed, then rinsed her mouth out with the shower water so that I would kiss her.

Moriah had her head on my chest and one leg over me, cuddling me in bed. I looked down at her and told her how amazing she was and how lucky of a guy I was that she would do such a mind-blowingly awesome thing. She didn't respond, so I shifted a little so I could see her face- she was sound asleep.

As for me, I laid in bed thinking of how great the day turned out to be….and then passed out while anticipating the next day of exhibitionism….after all, she did owe me 2 days’ worth of naughtiness… 

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