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Ms Marca / Mother and I

Like mother like daughter




                My teen years


Mother and I       Part 1


After getting back from my week with Bert at the trade show in Houston and school was just a month away, mother and I took a trip that made our relationship a whole lot different toward each other for the rest of our lives. After our 7 days in paradise mother had help further my education in how to be a more perfect woman or a better slut than I already was. She didn't just tell me about the facts of life, which she had done years earlier, but this time she showed me. Of course the men that week did help in my education, oh did they in fact one or two made me realize just how good the facts of life could be.


She and dad were to go to the Cayman Islands for a week vacation, but at the last minute dad had a problem at work and I got to take his place since the reservation could not be changed. So this turns into a mother daughter thing for a week, which dad was very happy with, he didn't have anything to worry about since we would be looking out for each other.   Not that dad didn't trust mom, but she still was a beauty at 36, and his 17 year old high school Nymph, (what my two best girl friends called me as a nick name I wonder why) he just didn't know it, you know daddy' s little girl type of thing.   I think mother was fast coming to the conclusion that I was more into sex, than she had known and we both were about to see how much we were a like.




A few months before I turned 16 (at that age I was YOUNG HORNY IN HEAT COCK

SUCKING OVER SEXED GIRL THAT WAS OFFERING HER ASS TO ANY HOT GUY.. .in other words I was boy crazy waiting for a well-fucked reason and a place to do it!). My mothers and I had a long talk about my sex life and her sex life and I let her known that I knew all about Ray the handy man since I was 13. She opened up to me after that and I found out I had one hot mama! We didn't pack a lot of clothes with us since we were going to make this also a shopping trip, so with just two carry-on each, these were more like gym bags that had our makeup underwear, bikini's, shorts, t-shirts and we each had put in two let it all hang out sundress.   On the plane, we wore slacks and heels, those FMP type, you know those kinds of heels that give you that fuck me look... we call them fuck-me-pumps.


As soon as we were in the air and on our way I told mother that since I was going to be wearing just my g-string bikini's all week, I wanted her to at least try one for just one day.   Mother had packed only her one two-piece swim suite. She said she would think about it and see if she could go that far. I told her that we didn't know anybody there and that the people we were going to meet would probably never see us again and that almost every girl there wore thongs or less and one more wouldn't be noticed. She reluctantly agreed and said she would get one g-string when we got there.


Mother is 19 years and a few months older than I am; she was about the same age I am today.   She had a body that most teens would die for, where do you think I got this one, I got the good genes from both sides. Mother was 5'8" about 130# and was 38Cx24x38 she also had dark hair; many people said we could pass as sisters. With our natural skin color being on the dark side and both of us having spent our free time in the sun we had tans before we left the states, so going down and looking like tourist we weren't... more like the locals.   On the plane ride down I told mother that, I wanted to be open about what I was doing and not have her fuss over me.   She agreed and we made a pack to just enjoy whatever came our way. And keep the trip to just us girls.


We had to change plans in Houston to get on Cayman Air and here we slipped on a new top that gave a view that would keep a guys attention a long time, much more showing of cleavage and with the top 3 button open we had exposure out the ass. Mother told me not to call her mom or mother anymore, will no more the rest of the week. I was to call her by her maiden name; I was with Dawn Washington this week. The last leg was a 3 hour flight and with mom taking off her wedding rings and the two if us looking like we were on the make we got not only a lot of eyes checking us out, but a few offers to have a drink while on the island.   Our dance card was filling up fast.


About 30 minutes out of Houston the guy setting across the isle from mom put the move on her. My mother was becoming a compulsive flasher and exhibitionist or was I just seeing a different side to her! I know where I get my flirting from, ever since I was old enough to know what men like I've been making sure that men saw my body and here was mom letting anyone and everyone see what she had to show, what a tease. I was in the middle seat and next to me in the window seat was a young college guy who was going down with his buddies who were back of us about 5 rows, it wasn't long before he had his buddies up checking us out and getting a view of our fun bags as I checked out their packages.  


We both liked to be seen, and tease/flirt and the idea of being watched was a big turn on for us both. It was a fact that could not be denied and one that we had learned to come to terms with. Mother's hot number was a doctor who was going down for a conference, and was very much the gentleman, who couldn't take his eyes off her boobs every time she leaned his way to chat. Mother told me later, that we had been asked to have dinner one night with him and one of his partners. I told her that we could go get a beer anytime with the college group, she told me if we were here to pass out ass, let's make sure we give it to a guy who has class, not some dumb shit who wouldn't know good ass when he saw it. Jesus this was my mother saying this! Shit she has a few drinks and let's her boobs show and she is ready to party, all right this could be a great week after all.


The doctor had a car pick him up at the airport and he gave us a ride to our hotel. We thanked him and when we got out of the car mother kissed him on the cheek and I heard her say we are looking forward to that dinner, please call us, and just ask for Dawn Washington here at the hotel. We got to our rooms just as the sun was setting. I looked out our patio window and seeing the very inviting pool. I told Mother I was going to put on my suit and go get in the pool check for any guys for awhile. She said that sounded great, but we had better things to do tonight, like look for some grownup lover's!   I just stood their looking at her; Marca get dressed honey, time is not standing still. I could see mom was into this trip and she was going to have a good time. We took a shower and spent the better part of an hour getting our makeup on, I was trying to put on 5 years, and mother was trying to take off 5. Mother called home told dad we had made it and would see him in a week and that she loved him and missed him, which she did.  


Dressed in bikini panties, sexy sundress that came down about 8 inches below the knee and they hugged our ass.   The tops were peasant style that had an opening for the cleavage to be seen and we wore them off the shoulders, everyone could tell we were stacked the way they clung to our breast and the nipples were coming thought the material. Our lipstick had that hint of gloss and with 4" open toed clear plastic heel' s we were hot, we looked like two hookers who were going to go out for a trick... with both of us dressed in our fuck me outfit it was show time. Our outfit's just looked, and made us feel, sexy. In fact our look had "FUCK ME" written all over it. We went out to get a bite to eat do some dancing and who knows what else. We decided on a place we had seen in the hotel handout that is in all the rooms, it was a short cab ride, as everything on the island is a short ride. The Cayman Islands are pretty small; 12 miles by about 27 miles all the action is along 7 mile beach. It is an island with a green interior surrounded by white sandy beaches.


We got a taxi at the hotel and gave him the address to the place we had picked out. The driver adjusted his mirror so that he could get a clearer look at us, Mother noticed this right off the bat and opened up her legs, flashing him. In his Caribbean accent he asked if we ladies were out for a good time tonight. I let mom do all the talking.


"As a matter of fact we are looking for some action"


"You ladies seem to be just what the men are looking for; I don't think you will have any trouble finding takers"  


"Is the place we are going to have any action, is it what we want tonight?"


"Yes mum, you can get your price there, may I ask what fee you need so that I might send some business your way?"


My mouth fell open I could not believe what he had said he just called us whores! Mother didn't bat an eye; she just smiled and told him "All depends on the client and what they want!"


He looked at our reflection in the mirror a little closer and when he had to make a stop at a red light he gave us the going over in greater detail; mom spoke up...” you think we pass the test”...”oh yes mum and I have to admit that I haven't seen any better looking ladies than you two in years.   I would guess you ladies are out of New York with one of the high-class escort services?”


When we got to the place and got out of the taxi, he gave us his card, telling us to use him any time, day or night free of charge. Mother smiled and told him you might make a few dollars this week if we get the right client!


As we went in I looked at mother and was about to say something, she stopped me and said,


"Marca I know what you're going to say but you better look in the mirror again and see how we are dressed. Just play their game honey, it's all a game!"


I just looked at mom trying figure out was I with my mother or some woman showing me how the real world is?


"Baby one other thing and I'll stop talking to you like I'm your mother. Always remember be a woman before you get in bed; in bed make love like you're a whore; when you want sex the way you want it be a slut; but if you find a man you want to spend the rest of your life with, like your father is. ..a husband, you got to be a lady! I don’t need to know, but I’m sure you were not a lady in Houston ?"


She turned took two steps toward the door to the night spot we had come to and than she stopped and looked back at me and said.


"Your father married a lady and I have always been that in our world! This week I'm not!"


The place had a small lounge/bar with the wicker chairs and small round tables to enjoy a drink and at 10 PM a small jazz group would play. We took a seat in the bar till our table was ready and sat next to each other with our backs to the wall. I had a glass of wine I had to pace myself with the drinking, not use to drinking as mother was, and she was having gin and tonics. I was afraid of what would I do if we got picked up what might happen if they wanted to go to bed I was just a little anxious. I felt like I was going on a blind date and I hate blind dates.


We saw that we had the complete attention of every man in the place and two guys at a nearby table were the best looking ones in the bar and mom told me under her breath lets give them a show. I crossed my right leg over my left leg to give them a look at a lot of thigh. I soon began dangling one of my heels from the end of my toes on my right foot, and it wasn't long before I had them both mesmerized. It was intoxicating to know I had their attention. I could see their eyes were directed at my legs. Feeling much bolder from this show, I slowly moved my right leg further away from my left leg, and in so doing I knew that they would be seeing further up between my legs. I really wanted to treat them to a view of what to most women is their forbidden territory.


I get very bold once I know I have him watching, and tend to do rather whorish things like this. I get excited when I know I'm making guys really horny and wanted to give them an experience that they'd long remember. I leaned backwards and arched my back a little, like I was stretching, to get my top to lift. I could tell by the feel of the material on my breasts that my nipples were exposed to their view. I wasn't looking directly at them, but was sure that they were locked on to the view of the top of my breasts. They probably thought they were getting lucky at my accidental exposure. They had no idea of course of how much this sort of display turns me on, and how wet it makes me. Opening my legs even further, I hoped they were getting a view of my panty-covered pussy, even though the lighting was not great.


I mentioned it to Mother and she giggled as she said that they were probably looking and hoping that one of our tops would fall off. Mother than mentioned she had not wore any panties. I knew she was right as she crossed her legs and let the hem ride up over her knees.   She gave the guys a little more to look at by leaning over to put down her drink and made her tits squeeze tighter to show more cleavage. After spreading my knees and crossing them a few times Mother's knee bump mine. I looked at Mother and smiled and she said to me,


  "Are you spreading your legs and flashing those guys your pussy?"


I blushed and mumbled "yes." She told me it was "OK" and to go for it because she was already doing it. A few minutes later, one of the guys came over and asked if we would like to join them for a drink.   Mother said we would love to, but we were here for dinner. Just than our name was called and we went to our table, I was with someone who was showing me the ropes; I could learn a lot this week.


Mother and I had a nice dinner and we talked about nothing but men, men, men, sex and sex, I did nothing but ask question.   When the meal was almost over she asked me what I thought of the two guys in the bar.


"They did have their eye on us didn't they, we got checked out pretty good I guess, but they look nice."


"Honey would you sleep with one of them, have sex with them?"


I looked off past her and could see only one thing and that was mom fucking them like she did Ray the fix-it guy. "I could see me doing that. It’s what I did in Houston all week, twice a day, don’t ask how may!”


"Marca think long and hard about this they are both as old as your father, can you handle that age of guy." I had not told mom about all the men I had sex with so far. ..I told her yes; I think it would be fun and exciting... for both of us. She gave my hand a squeeze and said "It is show time!"


She asked if I had any condoms.   No I didn't know if I should bring any.   She gave me that look as all mothers do and than opens her purse and pulled out 4 for me told me to put them in my purse and for god sakes use them. She told me she had more back at the hotel, but if need be we would get more tomorrow, she laugh and said. ..I think we just might need more the way this trip has started out.


"By the way I can see that the two guys are still there and you know we each have someone to sleep with tonight if we say yes."


I just nodded yes and told myself I can do this... I can, just got to block my mother out of my mind.  


"Remember baby all they want is you sweet tender spot between your legs.   You don't have to be something your not, so don't try and fool them, just let your looks do it, flirt with them be sexy and when you don't know what to do or say just smile.   But never let them know you want it as bad as they do! Not until you have done it with him and than be a slut after that!"


She told me to let her do most of the talking and watch her lead and listen to what she said and how she said it. That I didn't understand, but I was here to learn.


"Oh... one last thing baby... if you don't care who you sleep with let them pick between us, life is easier that way! Unless you like the looks of one, just remember all we want is what is between their legs."


"I don't care mom, tonight when the lights are out all I want to feel is his cock! Oh what do you think we should charge them I bet they would go 500 for each of us!"


"Baby did you get paid to sleep with those guys in Houston ?”


“Mother I know you would never tell dad, but I made about 7,000 on that trip. Bert said I could do half that on a good weekend if I wanted the action!”


“Maybe I could learn something from my daughter, play it by ear if they offer take it, oh in that case just remember one thing … make him work for it, make him eat that sweet spot first, he will be a better fuck later, believe me."


To be continued …..


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