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Muriel II

Master provides the freedom of responsibility for Muriel
Muriel’s Father received word of a significant job promotion; however it would mean the family was going to be moving some 800 miles away. Muriel being a very bright student and in her last year of high school had already applied and been accepted at a major university 30 miles from where the family currently lived. This is how Muriel came to live with us. Her parents bought her a shiny newly used car, and we happily provided room and board in exchange for light housekeeping.

Muriel would wait dutifully for my wife and me to return home from work. The attire chosen for her to wear at all times in the house was a very short black silk robe untied at the front. The only other covering she was permitted was an 18kt gold chain that held three equally golden hearts. This was a present given to her by my wife and me when she moved in.

Muriel loved her new life, wearing her uniform and the feeling of the three charms that rested just above her small pert breasts. Her wispy blond pubic hair had been expertly shaven by her Mistress. Mistress expected her to be completely shaven every morning, and waxed once per week.

Muriel joined me each morning in our large glassed shower where she would soap and massage my body, and I would assist her by helping her shave. The shower has numerous heads some at ridiculously pleasurable heights. Generally I would have her sit on the seat built into the shower stall, and I would be on my knees to assist her shaving. This usually lead to me exploring her folds with my mouth as the flowing water rinsed away the soap and stubble. Muriel would reward me by drying me off with big fluffy warm towels, and sucking my cock to climax, licking and swallowing up every drop of cum.

Muriel would then dawn her wardrobe and prepare a light breakfast while my wife showered. This way she would be presentable for when she brought the food upstairs and helped her mistress dress.

In the evenings I would serve the ladies wine or cocktails as they prepared dinner. Muriel always wanted to serve us in the dining room. The she would sit cross legged on the floor beside my chair or that of my wife’s. We would have welcomed her at the table but, she preferred to sit on the floor, eat lightly and rest her head against either my thigh or Laura’s. She had come to think of herself us our pet and enjoyed presenting herself in this fashion.

At night she would make love to her mistress with her mouth and fingers so that her pussy was very wet and inviting for me to penetrate. When I did ejaculate it was Muriel’s responsibility to suck and lick my cock clean. Muriel also helped her Mistress clean up taking the sticky ooze that seeped out of Laura’s pussy wiping her thighs with a warm cloth.

Muriel would then use a vibrator to bring herself to climax and put on a show for us. Sometimes she would get permission to get Mistresses strap on, and asked to be fucked. Both my wife and I had fucked Muriel with the strap on. Muriel liked when I strapped it to my thigh and she was able to ride in a reverse cow girl position. Laura used a different dildo that inserted into the wearer as well as the receiver. It was always a pleasure to watch these two, Muriel particularly liked being on all fours with her head between my legs as she was being penetrated.

They also had a double headed dildo that made for some fun, but it was far more exciting to see them scissor each other and rub themselves to climax, pussy to pussy.

Muriel had made the choice to technically remain a virgin. She had never had my cock or any other in her pussy as she was still scared of the possibility of getting pregnant. She had a prescription for the pill, but hadn’t yet had it filled. She was content with the sexual pleasure she was receiving, curious for more, but tentative.

I know all this because Muriel had asked Laura if she could feel when I ejaculated inside of her pussy. Laura confirmed that even without direct clitoral stimulation the pulsating pumping and warm stream could send her quivering over the edge. Laura suggested to her young charge that anal intercourse might be a good interim step. Muriel could enjoy receiving my warm creamy fluid being shot into her body, and not worry about carrying my baby.

We had both played with Muriel’s back door on more than one occasion, and I had even seen Muriel stroke her anus while using her vibrator, so she knew that penetrating that orifice would bring pleasure as well as pain. Laura assured her that with the right preparation she would receive far more pleasure and even learn to enjoy the pain. Muriel was very excited by the idea and so asked her Mistress to help her prepare.

Mistress Laura delighted in her new task. There was a very nice adult store called “Caress” located near Muriel’s university that some of her classmates spoke of frequenting. The staff was all female, well trained and open to giving advice to the naïve university kids that came in to find new things to try. Laura picked a quiet Saturday afternoon to take her young obedient lover shopping. This was to be their first time out of the house as Master and Slave, and Laura took full advantage.

“Muriel you can take off your uniform, we’re going shopping”

“Yes Mistress” she knew that tone, and replied with her head lowered and eyes pointed down.

“You will be allowed to wear the black boots I bought you and your knee length spring coat”

Muriel was wise enough not to question her Mistress, and waited patiently at the door wearing only those two pieces of clothing.

Mistress arrived wearing a short navy skirt a white top and navy vest. “Muriel I am going to tie this white ribbon to the belt on your coat, and you are to make sure the other end of the ribbon is in my hand at all times. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

“At my discretion I may decide to pull on the ribbon allowing your coat to open. You will not try and cover yourself, you are a beautiful slave and I may wish to show you off. I will refasten your belt when and if I wish.”

“Yes Mistress”

“Here are the keys to the car, you are going to drive and I will sit in the back seat”

The two women walked out to the driveway nothing unusual other than the white ribbon in Laura’s hand, and they were standing close enough to each other that I doubt anyone would have even noticed. Muriel opened the back door for her Mistress and held the ribbon for her while she entered the car. Muriel then leaned in and handed Mistress the ribbon in the back seat. As soon as Laura had the ribbon in her hand she pulled it tight and the coat opened. Muriel stood frozen for a moment and then slid behind the wheel of the car. The excitement was palatable and Muriel thought she was going to cum right there all alone of the front seat.

“Muriel I think Myles might like to join us, could you go into the house and ask him?”

The street was very quiet but it was broad daylight. “Mistress may I take the ribbon with me?”

“Yes Muriel you may, but leave your coat untied, it will encourage Myles to join us”

It was less than 25 steps to the front door of the house, but it felt like walking a mile. Muriel held her arms tightly at her sides to keep the front of the coat as closed as possible, but the cool air between her legs and on her breasts reminded her that she was only marginally successful. Once inside she leaned her back against the front door and sighed with relief. She could also feel the excitement between her legs, and felt down with her finger, testing her slit for confirmation. She was absolutely drenched.

I was in the living room and had watched the planned performance from the front window. I felt a little guilty for agreeing to put Muriel through such terror, but as I watched her finger her clit as she leaned against the front door, I knew she would thank us for the experience. I agreed to accompany the women on their unique shopping trip. Muriel handed me the ribbon as instructed, and followed closely behind me, using my body for cover as we walked to the car. I held the driver’s side door open and Muriel slid in, but not before retrieving the ribbon and handing it to her Mistress Laura in the back seat.

Sitting in the front passenger seat watching Muriel nervously drive the 25 miles to the shop was very exciting. She scrunched her shoulders to try and keep as much of her top covered as she could, but the lower portion of her coat was very open and her hairless pussy was glistening in the daylight. I placed my lips to ear, “are you dripping your juices onto your coat my love?” Muriel groaned as I felt between her legs I found that my suspicions were correct.

The closest parking spot to the store was about a block away. I got out of the car and walked around to open the driver’s door. Muriel got out facing me on the busy street. We stood there for a moment before Laura gave Muriel permission to button up her coat. Muriel was allowed to hold the white ribbon while Laura exited the back seat, but returned the leash to her Master before we crossed the street and entered the store.

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