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My Best Friend's Wife

Sexy wife calls husband's bluff
The story starts at Andy & Sue's house. Andy and I have been watching football on the box whilst Sue has been around her mates for an Anne Summers party.

When she returns we've had a couple of beers and we can tell she's had a few glasses of wine and is a little tipsy.

Andy asks Sue to show us what she's brought. Looking at me Sue giggles and her face goes a little red.

"Come on," says Andy, "Don't be a prude, Pete will have seen it all before."

Going redder, again she says no, but a mischievous look comes over her face that Andy does not notice. Andy tries to grab the bag Sue is carrying and she pulls it away. Sue laughs and says, "If you both really want to see what's in the bag I'll do a little show for you, but first I'll go upstairs and get changed. When I return you two must be sat on the sofa in just your pants."

I look at Andy, wondering what he'll say, but he laughs and says, "You're on, you're all talk."

So whilst Sue goes upstairs we strip down to our pants and sit on the sofa waiting. Andy looks at me and laughs. "Don't worry Pete, she'll bottle out."

When Sue returns she is wearing a crisp white blouse, and black skirt and has put on one of Andy's ties and high heels. Looking like a schoolgirl, she shows us she is carrying a bag as well.

Andy jokes, "That's all clothes you've had before, where's the things you've brought today?"

Sue looks at him and says, "All in good time, but first I am going to tell you all about Bob my schoolgirl ex-boyfriend, he was my first sexual experience, and for small cocked blokes like you two, who can only produce a small amount of spunk, he spoilt me!"

At this point Sue looks at me and laughs. "Don't worry Pete, I've heard you've nothing more to offer than Andy here!"

I go red and twitch uncomfortably, glancing at Andy who has also turned red. I am wondering where Sue is going with this.

We do not have to wait long. Sue pulls a chair up in front of us, and looking at us in our pants laughs. "You both remember Bob don't you?" she asks.

We both nod, although now forty, all four of us went to school together. Whilst none of us were the beautiful people of our year, Sue always had the sort of very curvy figure I used to fantasize about, and Bob always used to be one of the bigger boys in the shower after sport. I was always envious of Bob's large cock and the fact he was going out with Sue.

Sue smiles and continues to tell us that when they started out, Bob would feel her tits through her blouse, and stroke her pussy through her knickers. With that she promptly started to grope her left breast on the outside of her blouse with her right hand, whilst the left slid under her skirt, pulling it up enough to reveal a black pair of knickers, before letting her fingers slide up and down her material covered labia.

I looked at Andy, but he was transfixed. Sue then said, "In return I would stroke Bob through his pants. So why don't you two start doing that?"
Andy and I look at each other, and Sue quickly adds, "Who's the prudes now?"

So gingerly our hands rest on our cocks, and gently squeeze and feel them through our pants. I can feel mine getting stiffer, and when I look over to Andy I can see his cock is well on the way to getting hard, too.

Sue then breaks my train of thought by adding, "Bob then got braver and used to unbutton my blouse and lift my boobs out of my bra."

I stare straight back at her and my cock gives an almighty great twitch as Sue slowly takes off the tie and unbuttons her blouse to reveal her cleavage and a lacy black bra. Sue then slides her hand into the left cup and gently eases out a large creamy white breast, with a large pink areola and an erect nipple.
I gulp and re-adjust my seating as my cock gets harder and is tangled in my pants. Sue then repeats the process and reaches into her right cup, and pulls out her other, equally impressive boob. 

Sitting in front of us, her legs wide open, her left hand slips below her skirt again and slides up and down the front of her knickers, whilst her right hand gently cups her naked breast and pulls on her erect nipple.

She looks at us and says, "Come on, I haven't stopped playing with Bob yet, get touching and stroking your pricks through those pants."
We both cough awkwardly.

"Well?" says Sue, "Who's all talk now? Pete, what do you think of my tits? They are a lot larger now than when we were at school, but obviously being big they have sagged!"
I respond in a croaking voice, "They are beautiful, I love large breasts that have sagged with age. There is more to get hold of."
I am now squirming, here I am sitting in front of my best mate and his wife, rubbing my cock through my pants staring at her gently wobbling boobs. Up until now I had only seen Sue in a bikini top, not even seen a holiday photo of Sue topless. 

I look over to Andy, he is red, and a little embarrassed, but Sue has called his bluff and he will look prudish if he stops things now.

Sue then moves the story on telling us, "Bob would slide his hand inside my knickers and finger me as he sucked on my nipples, and at the same time I would pull his pants down just enough to reveal his large bell end and run the tips of my fingers over it."
Continuing, she tells us we should do the same but as we do so, Sue laughs. "You poor men, at 16, Bob was twice your size!" I look at Andy, he glances back, and we both smile. Although we are both embarrassed, we are both enjoying the humiliation that Sue is inflicting on us

We stare back at her, and she now has her left breast held up to her mouth as she sucks her own nipple. With her right hand, she has pulled the damp front of her knickers to one side, revealing a very dark, hairy pussy. She slides two fingers down her slit and into her cunt, then pushes in a third finger and starts to finger fuck herself whilst rubbing her clit with her thumb.
Sue's head rolls back and she moans and we can see how moist her twat is as her fingers go in and out.

By now Andy and I have forgotten to rub our cocks, and we just stare as Sue works herself for what seems like ages.

Realising we have stopped touching ourselves up, Sue stops fingering herself and says, "At this point Bob and I would strip off and I would get my hands on his big cock shaft. So we must all stand up and strip off". 

I look at Andy, and again he just gulps and nods. We both stand up and slip down our pants to reveal two hard cocks. Sue now stands up, and orders us to sit back down but lean back so she can see our cocks. Then with a giggle she says, "Your two cocks would just about make up Bob's between them."

As we watch, our cocks hard and erect, Sue slides her blouse off her back and throws it to one side. This is quickly followed by the black bra, her large boobs wobble as she does so, before falling back onto her chest, She looks at me and smiles, and then leaning slightly forward, gives those beautiful creamy fleshy mounds a good shake at me. How I want to pull my cock at that sight or grab those tits, but I have been told to just sit and watch.

Then reaching behind her, Sue undoes the skirt and lets it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it, that also is thrown to one side before she starts to lower her knickers. There is a significant wet patch in the crotch of them, and as she bends right forward to remove them her tits swing forward, erect nipples pointing down. She continues to slip her knickers off and her boobs swing from side to side. This is a sight I love to see, large mature breasts hanging and swinging. Again, I would really love to grope them but that is not on the agenda.

Now naked, she stands up and turns her back on us and opens the bag. As she bends we can see her hairy bush from behind, her pussy lips are all soft and puffy looking and there is a moist glisten to them. 

This is what she had brought at the Anne Summers party I thought, and Sue pulled out a large blue rabbit vibrator. Turning back to us she laughs and says, "I decided that I had done without Bob's cock long enough, and this is about the size it was. So when I saw it at the party I thought I must buy it."

The rabbit must be a good 10" long and twice the thickness of my cock. Sue gives it long lick up the shaft and slides it into her mouth. She can only just get her lips around it.

At the same time she sits down, opens her legs, and rams three fingers back into her pussy and starts thrusting.

Looking towards our cocks she nods, both Andy and I know what she means, and we slowly start to wank ourselves in front of her. I look at Andy and back at Sue, and I cannot believe I feel so at ease, and turned on, to be rubbing myself in front of two people I have known so long.

Sue now takes the rabbit out of her mouth and switches it on. The shaft has little rings in it and I can clearly see them moving up and down inside this toy and the two ears vibrating. At first Sue turns it upside down and puts the ears onto her clit and holds it there making her pelvis thrust up and down.

Then turning it back the right way she slides it into herself, slowly at first and then deeper and deeper, until it almost disappears. The only thing stopping it are the vibrating ears which are again working her clit.

With one hand Sue holds this toy in place, with the other she lifts and massages her large boobs, pulling hard at her nipples. As she does this her belly and pelvis are thrusting up and down and she moans with pleasure. All Andy and I can do is to sit and watch and wank.

After what seems an age, Sue starts to arch her back, breathing more heavily and her moans get louder. Then, all of a sudden, she almost leaps off the chair with a violent shudder, making her tits shake and she makes one last long sigh. Andy and I sit there staring, with our cocks in our hands, we again look at each other and sigh about what we had witnessed.

Sue sits upright and smiles as she slides out the rabbit. Getting up she says, "Bob would often lick me out, but you're not getting the chance to do that, but must lick my vibrator clean."
First she goes to Andy, and stuffs the rabbit under his nose. "Lick all around up to a point I'm marking with my finger," Sue orders.

I watch as he does, getting the taste of Sue's pussy with each lick. Then coming over to me, "Right you lick the rest," I am instructed. Sue saves me the bell end and about the top 4". I can smell Sue's body and pussy juices and I'm inches away from her beautiful tits as she holds the rabbit in place for me. I duly clean it up as I am told, taking in her taste as I do so, just staring at her wondrous breasts which she gently wobbles for me.

Putting down the rabbit she turns back to us and says, "The only thing the rabbit couldn't do that Bob did was make spunk. However as there are two of you, you may just manage the amount Bob could between us." Sue then turns to me and says, "I am a right cumslut Pete, I just love the taste of it. I hope I can make you blow your load over me"

I reply, " As a young lad I often blew a load over the thought of you Sue. So I don't think today will be an issue!"

Sue laughs, her hands on hips and again her large boobs shake and wobble to my delight.

Then Sue goes to Andy, kneels in front of him and tells him, "Start wanking now."

He does as he's told, and I watch as in seconds my mate shoots his load all over her boobs and belly. For the first time I have seen another man cum in real life, and in a trance I look on as the last drops dribble out of his cock. Sue leans forward and licks them off, before turning her attention to the spunk on her body. Standing up in front of us she slowly scoops it all up, finger full by finger full, and then licks off her fingers, Sue swallows it.
When she finishes, she turns to me, smiling, and says, "As you can see I have been rationed with cum, as that's all Andy can produce at a time."

I wait to be told to wank like Andy, but instead as Sue kneels before me she bends forward and slips her lips over my cock and starts to suck me. Moving her head up and down I can feel her tits banging against my legs. I close my eyes so I can picture them doing it, and almost as soon as I get the picture, I blow my load deep into her mouth. Her head though keeps going and going until I pump my very last drop into her mouth.

With a sigh I go limp and she stands back up, then with a large smile, she opens her mouth and I can see my massive deposit in there. It's a real load, a lot more than I am used to cumming.

She smiles again and leans forward to kiss me, her tits brushing my chest, and she wobbles them as they do, her hard nipples brushing my skin. As our mouths touch she opens mine with her tongue and pushes all my spunk into my mouth and pulls back to look at my expression.

I had not been ready for this, yet a mouthful of my own salty sperm could not really be refused given where it had come from. Laughing, Sue bends forward again, opens her mouth, and lets me push it all back in. Finally standing up and smiling at me she swallows the lot. 

Sue then looks and laughs at both of us and says, "Well that's what I used to do with Bob when we were at school, and I suggest we all get cleaned up before I order a Pizza."

As I shower I wonder if Andy will bluff her again in front of his mates, or if I'll ever see her put another show on like that.

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