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My Black's Beach Baring

My incredible first time at a nude beach.
I met Alan my last year in college. He was getting his MBA and we were introduced by a girlfriend of mine who I'd gone to high school with. What got me interested in him, even before we met, was that Alice had told me he was the best guy in bed she'd ever had. And Alice was a very popular young woman.

So, when she introduced us at a party, I just knew I had to see if she was right.

Now, that sounds pretty bold, maybe even a bit slutty. Well, that's not quite right, actually, I'm pretty shy when it comes to sex; when I met Alan, I'd only been with three guys in my life. One of them was only one time. So, I'm not some hot babe out trolling for guys.

He was handsome, six-one, nice, solid build, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, captivating grin, just a nice-looking guy. I was certainly drawn to him and, trust me, it was more than what Alice had told me, it was what I was seeing when we both stood there at the party, each sipping our wine.

We had a few dates, I really was liking him, when he made a move one evening and I just decided to let him.

We were at his apartment and were making out nicely on the sofa when, during a kiss, I felt his hand on my breast. I decided right then not to stop him from anything he wanted and was soon under him in his bed having the best sex I'd ever had. Oh, Alice was right.

So, now I've had four years of excellent sex with Alan and I'm thankful to Alice for first introducing us.

I've already said that I'm a lot less experienced than Alan and much less adventuresome in sex. He's told me several times that he wouldn't mind sharing me or having threesomes or foursomes and, while I find it erotically stimulating to talk about while we're having sex, I've told him I just couldn't see myself doing such things. Yet, he does keep bringing it up.

Another thing he's brought up is showing myself to others, especially men, in public. I love him but he's just got this thing about sharing me with the world. I mean, in a way, it's a compliment, I suppose, that he thinks I'd turn guys on.

I realize that I've told you about Alan, I guess I should tell you about me.

I'm blond, not natural, I wish, long, down past my shoulders, often in a ponytail, nice skin, brown eyes, dimpled chin, 36-C (just), narrow waist, pretty legs, I guess that's enough. Oh, breasts are nice and firm, curved up a bit with small, pink nipples that get really hard when aroused which, being with Alan, is quite a lot.

Yes, he is attentive. Maybe I should say horny, he's wanting me all the time, and, well, that does turn me on and I have become much more responsive since we've been together. I guess his horniness makes me horny. Go figure.

One of the things he's kept mentioning is Black's Beach which is not far from here and it's a nude beach. Well, clothing-optional. He tells me we should go and I can always keep my bikini on if I want. Well, I keep telling him the pool here at our condo is just fine.

But, Alan is also persistent. So, finally one weekend, I finally relented and told him, yes, I'd go.

"Just don't expect much, Alan. You can hang your cock out for all to see but that doesn't mean I'm showing anything, not even my boobs."

"But you have such perfect boobs."

"Thank you, but that doesn't change anything, sorry."

"At least be open to trying something new, if the mood strikes you, okay?"

"Okay," I answered sullenly as we drove up Torrey PInes Road toward the beach. We got there, parked and took our towels and a cooler and I followed Alan who, he told me, had been here many times, even in high school.

The beach looked nice and relaxed and people seemed to be doing normal beach things, then, we began down a path that had a sign, "Clothing-Optional Beyond This Point." Aha, we weren't there yet.

Then we crested a dune and came out onto a wide, open beach filled with people in every stage of dress and undress imaginable. We walked on through to the far end as I saw hundreds of cocks and boobs and pussies. I have to confess, seeing all those cocks was a turn-on.

I had never seen that many naked men before and some, well, even soft, they hung down eight or more inches. A few were semi-erect and there were dicks everywhere.

As we walked to a less populous area, there were couples stretched out on the sand and just beyond; Alan put down the cooler and we got on our towels to sun.

"How's this, hon?" he asked, "Remember, no pressure. Do just as you feel like," Alan said as he stood up and stripped down to nothing, his cock looking about half-hard.

People were doing normal things, surfboarding, barbecuing, sunning, tossing Frisbees, just the normal things, just doing them naked or almost.

As strange as it was to me, even more unexpected was the friendliness of the people. Most spoke to you with a simple, 'hi' or whatever, in a lot of ways it seemed quite normal.

Alan and I enjoyed the sun, him naked and me in my bikini. I must say, I was rather enjoying being with my lover naked next to me as we chatted about this and that. And, yes, it was arousing. I have to admit that.

In fact, it had turned me on enough that I sat up and reached around my back, asking him, "Sure you don't mind if I take my top off?" as I pulled the strings loose.

"Not at all, babe, oh, see, you look so good."

I sat there for a few minutes watching people go by, cocks and breasts swaying, people smiling, nodding, it felt so sexy. I knew they were looking, admiring me.

"Okay, just don't gloat, but I'm really liking this. What a turn-on. My nipples are so hard and am I wet. I can tell a lot of the men are checking me out and, well, I have to say, I'm doing a bit of checking myself."

"Like all these cocks, do you?"

"I just never knew they came in so many sizes and shapes."

"See any you'd like to sample?"

"Well, yours, of course. You mean other guys, right?"

"Sure. You know, if you wanted to, I wouldn't mind. I've told you I'm pretty open about stuff like that."

I lifted my hips up and pulled off my bottoms and lay there, legs tightly closed, leaning back on my elbows.

"God, this so so sexy. I just need to remember to keep my legs closed. Just like Mom always told me."

"So what if someone sees your pussy, hon. There's a hundred more out here on the beach. I really don't care what anyone sees, I'm the one that gets to stuff my cock in your pretty pussy."

A few more minutes went by and I opened my legs a bit which felt nice, the cool beach air now just wafting across my labia. Yes, it felt sexy to expose my most intimate part to the men and women along the beach. I spread wider as I saw more smiles come my way.

I rolled over on my back, making sure I was wide enough for my pussy to show, yes, now I was putting myself on display, wanting the beachgoers to see me, see my pussy.

I knew I was wet, even felt little drips once in a while. I was more turned-on than I'd ever been before, just sexed to the max.

I turned again onto my back as Alan was on his side watching me, his cock, I could tell, hardening as the afternoon sun began to lower over the ocean. People were leaving, it seemed, the beach was emptying.

One man did walk toward us, then sat down in the sand just twenty or thirty feet away, he had walked by us earlier. He was angled somewhat toward us and I knew he was looking right up between my legs. He was perfectly positioned to do just that.

"Alan, that guy's looking right at my pussy."

"Well, if you're uncomfortable, we can leave, it's starting to get late, anyway. You tell me."

"You're not going to believe this but it so turns me on having him looking at me, at my pussy and my tits. I am so wound-up. This is incredible, god, am I hot, I want to cum so bad, I can feel how wet my pussy is."

"Well, go ahead, have a little fun, there's no one else around that I can see but him. Why don't you go ahead and get off, give him a show?"

I sat there, legs open, leaning back on my elbows, never more aroused in my life, just crazy, at this point, with desire, wanting the release of an orgasm more than I'd ever wanted before.

"Go ahead, Kelly, rub your clit."

I just didn't care any more as I moved my hand down to my pussy and dragged some juices up to my clit which was as swollen as I'd ever felt before while I began to slowly circle it with my fingertip as I looked directly at the man watching me.

I was so aroused that every circle I made just sent waves across my body, tiny shudders of ecstasy. Looking at Alan, he had a huge erection which he was slowly stroking. Turning back to the man, I could see that he was now stroking his cock. I just had to put two fingers inside as my other hand took over on my clit.

I was now so close, so close as I heard Alan moan and felt his warm cum splatter on my leg, then looking up right when arcs of cum went flying out of the man's cock as he knelt there in the sand stroking himself, smiling at me as he mouthed, 'Thank you."

I kept finger-fucking myself but I think there must also have been some element of nervousness as I couldn't seem to get just the right combination to get me off, I really wanted to be fucked, I wanted a cock doing it, not my fingers.

"Can we go, can we go home, I'm so horny, so worked-up, I just want to go home so you can fuck me crazy."

"Sure, hon, let's go," and we stood up and I followed Alan as he began walking toward the man. As we neared him, Alan asked him, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Oh, I did, indeed. Thank you, miss, you were great."

Alan asked, "Can we sit down for a bit?"

The man waved his arm along as Alan, then I, sat down with him.

"You can put your hand on her thigh, go ahead," I heard Alan say as I felt the man's hand rest on my thigh.

"Go ahead, move it up, I know you want to," and the hand slid up my thigh as I shivered a bit.

"It's fine, go ahead, go ahead and touch her pussy, play with it. See if you can make her cum. She hasn't cummed yet like we both have, go ahead."

Omigod, I thought, as the man's finger slid along the groove between my pussy lips, so wet now, I was just going crazy with lust.

His thumb was rubbing across my clit as I spread open for his two fingers to slip up inside me and began moving in and out. I couldn't believe it, here I was naked on a public beach with my boyfriend as some stranger fingered me. And, god, it felt so good. I just couldn't help but groan. I just didn't care, all I wanted was an orgasm, all I wanted was release.

I lay back as his fingers moved in and out, his thumb grazing over my clit, it was wonderful, so erotic. I just didn't care about anything anymore as I reached over and took the man's cock in my hand and began jacking him back and forth.

I closed my eyes, then felt hands on my breasts followed by lips, each nipple being sucked. It had to be Alan and the man, both. Well, I was too happy even to look.

Then, the fingers slipped away and my legs were being led further open as I felt a cock push at my labia, it was Alan, up over me, driving his cock into me. It was the most wonderful penetration I'd ever felt. I was so ready.

"It's me, hon, just relax and enjoy it, just keep your eyes closed, okay?"

"Yeah, Alan, oh, yes, fuck me, god, I am so hot, fuck me, fuck me," I groaned as I felt lips begin to suck on each nipple as Alan fucked me in and out as I raised my legs high in the air while I kept stroking the man's hard cock.

I opened my eyes and saw a man and a woman, each sucking my nipples, people I'd not seen before. I just exploded in the most passionate, erotic, lust-filled orgasm of my life.

"OH, OH, OMIGOD, UUH, UNH, UNH, AAYE, AAYE, uh, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, I just…I…oh, my god…I feel so…oh, don't stop, it's so…oh, just keep going, please don't stop, oh, I feel…oh, oh."

Incredible, just incredible. I never knew an orgasm could be that powerful and last that long. Then I had a second one, something that has never happened to me before. The man I was masturbating was groaning and the couple sucking my boobs were also running their hands all over me as Alan, somehow, still holding off as I felt the man's cock throb and my hip and stomach was splattered with his cum.

"Mmm, oh, I'm so close, mmm, oh, fuck, mmm," as Alan drove deep into me and I felt the warm pulses of his cum squirt out of my love's cock as he slumped down on me, the man and woman moving aside as I was just overcome with ecstasy.

As I felt his cum spurting into me, it put me over the edge again into a third orgasm and I shook and trembled as Alan rose back up and continued fucking me as the new couple began squeezing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. I had each hand on a guy's cock, the original guy had just cummed on my stomach as I kept stroking him and the new man, sucking my nipple, I was stroking him back and forth and got him to cum on my boobs right as Alan kept on fucking me.

Then Alan said to the first guy, the one who had started this whole thing, he said, "Get up here, let her suck you dry," and the man moved up to my head and dropped his semi-hard cock onto my lips. I opened and began sucking him as I jacked the man of the couple sucking my nipples.

If you think that by this time, I was in a sexual frenzy and just didn't care who did what as long as it was to me, you're absolutely right. I was just out of it with sex.

Alan got in a final cum as the man I was sucking groaned and I tasted some of his cum but there wasn't much flow. I guess he was dry, I'd sucked him dry. I have no idea how many orgasms I had but I was just laying there in the sand pleasured out of my mind.

Finally, Alan pulled out of me, it was now fairly dark and getting chilly, he helped me up, the three helpers each hugged me and we picked up our things and walked right past the sign that marked the boundary to the nude beach and just kept walking to our car. Along the way, people smiled and no doubt some was because of the cum on me, I think they must have seen it all over me and when we got to the car, I put on my bikini top and we got in and began our drive home. I leaned over and sucked him all the way home.

As the garage door was coming down behind us, I raised up off his cock as he said. "Kelly, you are the hottest woman on earth. I hope you're up for it because I want to go upstairs right now and fuck you so bad."

"Well, we do agree on that," and I raced him up the stairs, flung back the covers and was spreadeagled on the bed as he pushed into me and began fucking me like it might be our last chance.

"See, baby, I'm the one that gets to fuck you. You gave them some fun but it's my cock that's in your awesome pussy. So, what do you think of our day at Black's Beach?"

"I have never, ever been so turned-on, so sexually aroused as I was on that beach. All those cocks, and boobs and pussies. Then, me, seeing guys looking at my boobs, knowing they wanted me, then my pussy. God, that made me so wet and horny. I was actually spread open there with my legs apart wanting my pussy looked at."

"I have to say, you looked so good."

"Then, masturbating, god it took me three years to do it in front of you, now I'm doing it for strangers. And the guy was jacking-off. Oh, fuck me, Alan, god, don't stop. I think I'll be super-horny the rest of my life."

"That's fine with me, hon," he said as he thrust in and out.

"And, my god, the other couple, where did they come from? Well, I really didn't care, all I wanted was sex, more and more sex. I just never knew I was like this."

"I guess you even surprised yourself, huh?" he asked.

"Shit, did I ever. I even sucked that guy's cock. When you asked me to, I just figured, why not? A total stranger."

"Well, you sure made him happy, I can tell you."

"Yeah, but I'm the one with the happy pussy. Fuck me, Alan, and when you're through, I want my pussy licked. See what you started?"

"I guess I do. Well, do you want to ever go back to Black's Beach?"

"Oh, yeah, now you've got me all worked-up, sure."

"What about other guys fucking you? With a condom, of course."

"Not just you, other guys, too, fucking me on the beach like that?"

"Sure, what do you think?"

"I think you've started something that I don't want to stop, that's what I think."

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