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My Education- Part 6

My education takes an interesting turn.
Dot and I had a game of squash booked at a local sport centre and I was looking forward to it immensely. We had not seen each other since our last meeting when she, my sister-in-law and I had had a threesome. My cock was twitching in anticipation as I remembered her lithe body, as she rode me hard.

Our games had always been energetic, Dot would chase down every loose ball with determination and I would always be sweating when our game was over. Tonight's game was booked late in the evening as Dot was not able to get an earlier one, despite knowing the manager of the sports centre who was a cold looking woman with a serious demeanor.

On arriving, Dot greeted me as though nothing had happened last time we met and my bubble of excitement burst, maybe our last encounter was only a one off thing? We began our game and as usual, I hung back in the court so I could watch Dot serve. She often served overhand, causing her short, pleated skirt to rise up and give me a good view of her dark coloured panties. At least this kept me happy and our game heated up as usual with us running around like crazy, chasing the ball all over the place.

A high ball came flying over and I was wedged into the back corner of the court, Dot came charging back to hit it but misjudged her distance and cannoned into me, I had no place to run and took the brunt of her body slamming into me, knocking the wind out of me. I bent over in pain as I gasped to regain my breath. Dot was full of apologies as she dropped her racquet to see how I was.

"Oh, hun, I am so sorry!" she said to me. "How bad is it?"

I was too winded to reply so she said, "Can I rub it better?"

The tone her voice had taken on made my ears pick up. She removed my hands from my stomach and began to rub my chest. I looked into her eyes and she asked me if that felt any better. I nodded yes.

She lifted my shirt and kissed my chest, licking the salt from my skin. "How about now?" she asked. Again I nodded and she smiled coyly as her hand dropped lower, to my shorts and my rapidly growing bulge. "Now?" she cooed. I grinned and that was all she needed to know.

Her hand began to rub my cock through my shorts and her head came up to kiss me aggressively, I responded, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth, probing her. My hands came up and took her breasts, feeling the firmness of them wrapped in her sports bra. I tweaked her nipples and was rewarded with a shiver that ran through her body.

She pulled down my shorts and underwear to allow my rigid cock to spring free, I could feel her hot hands clamp around the shaft, pumping me. My hands slid down to her waist, lifting the skirt up and pulling down the elastic of her panties so they rolled down her legs. She stepped out of them in one smooth movement. I had her backed into the corner and it occurred to me that anyone on the observation gallery above the court could lean over the safety wall and look down on us. But by this time passion had taken over and it was a risk that had to be taken, besides, Dot did not seem worried at all as she pulled my cock to her damp pussy.

I stooped a little to line my cock up with her pussy and then began to slide into her, all the way, filling and stretching her pussy. She gasped with pleasure and, as I began to stand up straight, she lifted her legs off the floor. She wrapped them around my waist so I could hold them while she leant against the corner walls and was impaled on my cock. Our kissing became more urgent as I began to move inside her, enjoying the warmth and softness of her pussy around my cock.

We both began to grunt with the exertion and excitement of what we were doing, knowing that at any time we could be discovered. Our bodies were heaving and sweating as we fucked hard and fast in the corner. I could feel my orgasm begin to build and pumped faster into Dot, she too was close as she clenched her pussy muscles.

With one last deep thrust, I exploded inside Dot, and she gasped as her body rocked with the vibrations of her climax. Her muffled cries came quickly as I filled her with my thick cream, pumping it into her until I was spent. I held her while my breathing calmed down and my heart stopped racing. We kissed one last time before I released my hold on her legs, allowing Dot to stand up and my cock to slip from her dripping pussy.

It was several days later that I had a phone call from a Mrs. Smith. It turned out that she was the manager of the sports centre and she wanted to see me about something that had come to her attention. Immediately I was on the defence as I had the distinct feeling that she was not a very friendly person. I made an appointment to see her the next day in her office and I showed up on time.

It was just before lunch time and the day was warm, I dressed in shorts and cotton shirt, feeling somewhat respectable. The office area seemed quiet and I realised that most people had gone to lunch. I knocked timidly on Mrs. Smith's door and entered when asked to do so.

She was sat at her desk, her dark hair pulled back into a severe bun, large framed glasses perched on her nose as she peered over them at me. I guessed she was in her early forties, her body in good shape from working out at the gym. She wore a white blouse but beyond that I could not tell as she was seated behind her desk.

She looked sternly at me as she pointed to the chair in front of her desk. I sat and she looked at me wordlessly while she put her thoughts in order. Then she began.

"I witnessed something a few evenings ago that shocked me greatly. It was late and I was doing my rounds of the club, making sure everything was secure for the night. I thought the place was empty when, imagine my surprise I was walking along the gantry behind the squash courts and I heard noises. I looked over the wall and was met with the sight of you and Mrs. Davenport rutting like wild dogs on MY squash court!!" Her voice had hardened and her eyes bored into me.

"That kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in this club, it is a respectable place and I will have it treated with respect, in fact, I demand to be treated with respect." Her voice trembled with what I assumed was rage.

"You WILL respect me," she growled, "and if you want to carry on in that manner, then you will have to okay that with me first!"

These last words were said as she stood up to reveal she was wearing a tight skirt that showed off her very shapely legs. She reached behind her and pulled the tie that held her hair back, letting it fall around her shoulders. She took off her glasses and wiggled her finger at me.

"Over here young man," she commanded.

I stood up and moved to her desk. With a sweep of her arm, she cleared the top of the desk off and then reached over to me, grabbing my shirt and pulling me close to her over the desk.

"That kind of behaviour has to be approved by me and that means I get fucked first and foremost, after all, I am the boss around here."

I looked deep into her dark eyes and she pulled me closer still and clamped her mouth to mine, forcing her tongue into it. I responded, naturally, trying not to analyze the situation too deeply. Hell, if sex was what she wanted then who was I to argue?

We broke away and she released me. She began to unbutton her blouse to reveal her ample boobs held in check by a lacy bra which she unclipped quickly, allowing her boobs to spring forward. She had large, dark nipples that stood erect and waiting to be sucked. She lay down on the desk and I pulled my shorts down, kicking them off and moved to the end of the desk, laying down on top of her.

My mouth found one of her nipples and I sucked it in, tweaking it a little in the process. My hand found her other breast and I began to roll her nipple between finger and thumb. I could hear her gasp with pleasure as I played with her breasts, alternating each one from mouth to hand.

After a while, I slid down her body and pushed her skirt up around her waist, exposing white lace panties that showed a dark patch underneath. I rolled the panties down and she lifted her bottom to help in the process. When I looked again, I was gazing on a thick, luscious triangle of dark, almost black, hair. Her pussy lips were swollen and moist.

"Lick my slit young man," she ordered.

Obediently I lowered my head and inhaled her strong aroma. I parted her lips and slipped my tongue into her, running it along the length of her slit. She gasped as I did so and I repeated it again and again, each time hearing a gasp. I pushed deeper into her, probing for her clit, and finding it erect and sensitive to my tongue. She moaned deeply as I flicked and licked it, causing her juices to run down my chin.

After a few more minutes she sat up and pushed my head away.

"Quick, I want that young cock of yours inside me. NOW!" she growled at me.

As I stood to comply, she flipped over onto her hands an knees so her ass was facing me and I could see the dark hair of her pussy between her legs. I moved in behind her and guided my cock to her waiting pussy. She reached under and grabbed my cock, pulling me into her as she placed it between her lips. I slid easily into her hot wet hole and pushed all the way into her until my groin rested against her ass.

"Fuck me hard and fast, I am close to cumming," she panted.

I reached under and took her pendulous boobs in my hands as they swung free and began to pump her pussy at the same time. I kneaded her boobs, tweaking her nipples as I pounded in an out of her, my balls banging against her smooth butt cheeks.

"Faster!" she cried

I increased my speed and she began to cry out as she came, long and hard, her body twitching and quivering as her orgasm moved through her. I could hold on no longer and felt myself release my seed into her, spewing it in thick, hot spurts as she gasped and cried out again and again. I pumped until my cock began to soften and eventually slipped out of her, a trail of semen/pussy juice oozing from her pussy.

She turned and sat on the edge of her desk.

"Well, young man, I have decided that you may carry on your wicked conduct in my sports club but don't forget, I will be watching and may have to summon you to my office from time to time to 'repremand' you for your behaviour" she said, and then she dismissed me.

To be continued.

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