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My first time at a Strip club

Nobody that was there will ever forget my first visit to a strip club including my Hubby

All my stories are based on actual experiences that happened to me and my husband, Adam. After I discovered that I was an almost obsessive exhibitionist and not the shy conservative girl that everybody, including myself, used to believe, our relationship went from strength to strength and our adventures grew bolder.

Adam is no stranger to nudism, strip clubs, and the swing scene, but before I fully discovered myself and took the time to explore these worlds, I hated the idea of places like nudist resorts and strip clubs. Probably, because in my subconscious I envied my stepsister who had the guts to live her fantasy and worked at a strip club where she met Adam before she introduced me to him.

After my initial introduction to nudism, exhibitionism, and my own uninhibited sexual awakening when I was nineteen-years-old while on holiday with Adam before we got married, months went by before I again had the opportunity to show off my body to strangers. Or anybody but Adam, for that matter.

The pictures we took on the beach while on holiday were safely stored in a hidden folder and never shown to anybody.

I started to genuinely miss the thrill and excitement of total strangers seeing me naked and me being unable to stop them from looking while actually being turned on by it.

When we made love, or when I masturbated, the only way I could get myself to climax was if I fantasized about showing off my naked body to strangers - men and woman - or to selected friends who knew us. The thought of them getting turned on by my shameless nude body, or the fact that I dared to bare it for all to see, resulted in my instantly getting excited and wet.

Before my first public nude experience, I had never really understood how a woman could get so turned on just by thoughts and fantasies. But now I did and had to do something about it.

I discussed my feelings with Adam, and I think in many ways he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The shy, morally conscious girl he knew and struggled to get to let her hair down every now and then, had turned into a full-blown exhibitionist with a craving for public nudity.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe the things that I was thinking about and craving for. A mere six months ago, the thought of anybody except for my partner seeing me naked, horrified me and I would have died of shame if my friends or family ever found out I exposed myself in public.

We sat down as a couple and started planning what we could do to satisfy my urges. We had to go to one of the larger cities for a couple of days for business, and this created a perfect situation where I could be naughty and not risk being seen by close friends or acquaintances.

Out of the blue, I decided that I wanted to go to an upmarket strip club. I once again shocked Adam who knew how I hated the very thought of venues where girls lose their clothes for money and lust. His first thought was that I wanted to go and strip on a stage in the club and he was understandably taken aback, the poor man.

This was one of my major fantasies I was just not quite brave enough yet to lose all my clothes in front of girls who strip for a living and who seemed much sexier to me than what I regarded myself. I also was not yet confident enough, even though I knew that I craved to be seen naked and as a sex idol by as many people as possible, to face a crowd of people who were there to look at me purely out of sexual lust entirely nude and vulnerable on a stage.

I had never even been in a strip club, and all I knew about them was what I saw on television and from what other people have told me. Which looked and sounded pretty scary most of the time!

Adam suggested that we visit one of the better clubs so that I could see for myself what it was all about.

I was in ecstasy and could barely wait until we finally left for the big city. The thought of being there and seeing how other women strip completely naked on a stage, some for money and some because they enjoyed it consumed my mind. How did they manage to spread their legs wide open in front of complete strangers who want nothing more than to fuck them and still hold their pose? I think I nearly drove Adam insane with all my questions, which varied from, what is a lap dance to do the customers touch the girls?

I also asked him to explain to me more than once what the difference is between a strip club and a cat house and if all strippers were also callgirls.

We decided to go early that Friday afternoon after Adams business meeting because the club might get very busy later in the evening. Adam told me that if I felt comfortable and if I wanted to live out my fantasy that he would arrange with the manager that the girls take me onto the stage and show me the ropes.

I must have tried on all my outfits before we left and finally decided on a sexy short mini skirt and loose long sleeve top. The skirt was very short and did little to hide my black lace g-string. I did not wear a bra, and my breast and nipples were clearly visible through my top. I could see that Adam was turned on. We both get satisfied if one of us gets the chance to fulfill one of our bucket list sexual fantasies.

He knew how much I craved new experiences. Especially since I discovered how much fun it can be to push your own limits way beyond what was the norm and acceptable to me in the past.

We stopped in front of the club, and the first thing I did was look around to see who would see us going in through the front door. My heart was pounding, what would the girls think of a woman who comes to a strip club with her husband. Would they think we were weird?

Adam led the way, and we were greeted by a nice looking girl behind the counter at reception where we had to pay an entrance fee. She smiled and greeted us both warmly, I felt so stupid in my short skirt and revealing top. What must she be thinking of me?

A big but friendly looking bouncer opened the steel security gate for us and greeted us politely; he didn’t even give me a second glance. As I followed Adam in through the door, we suddenly stepped into a different world. It was early afternoon, and the sun was still shining brightly outside, but the second we stepped inside the club, it resembled a dance club well after sunset with red, blue and purple strobe lights flicking on and off.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw the tables and stage with stripper poles on them just as I had imagined. I could not believe it I was really here in a building where sexy woman from all walks of life legally stripped totally naked and danced erotically and vulgarly for strangers and got paid for it!

To the left of the stage around one of the tables, there were eight girls all dressed in a wide variety of revealing sexy outfits. All of them were beautiful, but not one of them fit into the stereotype that I had imagined. I suddenly felt really stupid and out of place in my outfit that I thought was revealing.

We took our seats at a table right against the main stage. The club was still empty with only four or five men around some of the other tables. Two of the girls walked over to our table and introduced themselves with wide smiles and full of confidence.

One of the girls a tall, blue-eyed dark-haired looker, whom I shall call Storm came and stood right in front of me as she introduced herself. I could see every inch of her body through her light blue satin outfit. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Adam also could not help looking straight at her breasts and what was clearly a smooth round pussy. I was so stunned and in awe that I almost forgot to introduce myself back as she stretched out her hand to greet me.

Hi, I said I am Eve, and this is Adam nice to meet you she then turned and shook Adam’s hand warmly. She asked if she could join us at the table for a drink and I accepted defiantly before Adam could even get a chance to say maybe later. Both of us could not keep our eyes off of her body I guessed she was the same age as me or maybe a year or two older at the most. The waitress also dressed in a very revealing and very tight bikini came to take our order.

I noticed that the other girls did not approach us after Storm sat down but did not look disappointed in any way that she was our hostess.

They all appeared so self-assured and confident. I couldn’t begin to imagine, knowing that I would probably see each and every one of them completely nude and driving a club full of complete strangers including me and my husband mad with lust, that outside of the club they were just ordinary people.

I had so many questions but did not know how to even begin to ask them to any of these goddesses. Adam luckily must have sensed my distress and started off by asking Storm what the prices for the different dances were. He then also did me a huge favour by promptly telling her that this was my first time in a club and that I would like to know everything about the setup and the actual performing.

Storm looked at me and gave me a knowing smile. She immediately set me at ease by telling me to just sit back and enjoy another drink she would make sure I got everything from the experience that I expected.

Adam leaned over to her and to my surprise asked not only for her to do a table dance for us but for one of the other girls, a stunning light-skinned redhead, to join her.

Somehow Storm knew that he was doing it only to get me more aroused and drawn into the whole experience. She smiled and said, of course, it would be an honour. She elegantly stood up and seductively touched my shoulder as she walked over to ask the angelic redhead to join her at our table for a show.

As she walked over with her back turned towards me I I couldn’t stop looking at her tight toned bum cheeks. I could hardly tell that she had a g-string on in the light and by the way she moved. Adam smiled at me over the table and asked, "Are you ready to see how daring they will be right here in front of us for you and hopefully a little for me?” with a naughty glint in his eye.

“This is the best night out ever,” I replied as I noticed how erect my nipples were under my top. I wanted to jump on him there and then in front of everybody.

I felt a little bit embarrassed that my hard nipples were so prominent through the dress but there was no way to hide my excitement, and I had no doubt that the dancers knew exactly how turned on I was. Storm was talking to some of the other dancers while the redhead walked over to introduce herself.

I could see the girls looking over at us and smile as Storm clearly told them I was a strip club virgin.

The stunning redhead with milky white skin and a few cute freckles on her face introduced herself as Savannah. She wore a white tight fit tank top over a neon green bikini top and a pair of the hottest tightest white boxer bikini bottoms I have ever laid eyes on. She smiled at Adam then turned around and seductively looked me straight in the eye. Her eyes were devilish green, and the look she gave me immediately made me want to make passionate love to her.

I notice Storm walking over to the Dj to request the songs they would like to perform to. I tried my best to evade Savannah’s intoxicating eyes. She let her eyes slowly move down and stared at my un-avoidable hard nipples. I felt a rush of adrenalin through me as she stared openly without looking away at my clearly braless and now very prominent boobs.

 I noticed that some of the other clients were now also looking at our table and knew they saw my breast and rock hard nipples through the thin shirt. They were undoubtedly also eager for the show to begin.

Adam studied me curiously the whole time Savannah’s devoured me with her eyes. Where on earth was Storm I couldn’t wait any longer to see these two goddesses strip one another totally naked in front of me and my man for our pleasure and probably theirs as well?

Without thinking, I moved my legs to shift my position in the chair. The short skirt did exactly what it was indented for at precisely the wrong moment. It slipped up over the front of the completely see-through black lace g-string I wore, and Savannah’s eyes locked straight onto my very visible lips. My trimmed pubes did nothing to hide my wetness. She held her gaze on purpose as she smiled wickedly.

“So I heard that Storm and I will have the honour to be the first dancers you have ever seen in real life,” she said without looking away from my now over excited and much-distressed pussy.

I saw Adam softly giggle at my obvious distress and knew that he enjoyed every second of it. He knew that this is what I actually craved for, to be embarrassed and exposed leaving nothing to the imagination. I was in heaven and wanted more.

Acting like I did not notice or did not care that my most private and vulnerable sexual organ was being studied and analyzed from every possible angle by those seductive green eyes I answered her in the most stable tone I could, “Indeed you do, and I am sure it is going to exceed my every fantasy”.

She knew that I was excited, embarrassed and actually extremely nervous because she had now seen absolutely all I had to offer and she was completely in charge.

Suddenly I felt two hands reaching from behind over my neck down my chest, and in what could not be seen as an accident, to touch my breasts and rock hard nipples. It was Storm, and she was back and ready to make my every fantasy a reality with Savannah.

As she looked down to take Savannah’s hand, she too saw my pulled up skirt and apparently also my unavoidable lady garden. Her eyes lingered for a few seconds and then she turned to Adam as they both climbed onto the table. I felt Adams hand on my leg just below my still visible pussy and placed my own high up between his thighs on purpose. I could tell that he was hard through his pants and enjoyed every second of this.

Storm and Savannah were amazing and moved with superb grace and obviously well coordinated and practised limbs to the rhythm of the music. I knew right there and then that I wanted with all my heart to be so in control and so seductive on a table or stage in front of complete strangers who worshiped every inch of my body.

They danced seductively against one another and bit by bit started taking off the clothes that up to now were to me the scant items that prevented them from shining in all their glory.

Both of them made sure that they made me and Adam part of the dance. Before I knew it, they were topless. Storm had firm round breast with small almost blood red nipples pointing upwards. I was mesmerised. I wanted to be on that table with them.

Savannah had perfect firm round breasts with cute pencil rubber shaped nipples so hard that I thought she could cut through glass with them. They danced erotically caressing and kissing one another’s breasts.

Adam moved his hand slowly up my leg, and I unwillingly moved my hips forwards and backwards on the chair to the rhythm of the music allowing him to touch my now soaking wet pussy every time I moved forward.

I did not know where to look they seemed so in control and moved so naturally to the music together. Both of them would look down the table every now and then and held their gaze on purpose before looking me in the eye.

Three men in their mid-twenties sat at the table next to us and every now and then I looked over to them as they soaked up every move the girls made. I caught them looking at my breasts and down towards my pulled up dress a couple of times and made sure they knew that I knew they were watching.

Storm moved to the edge of the table and stood upright her swaying hips so close that if I moved my head forward a little too much, it would be between her thighs. The next moment Savannah pulled Storms G-string down from behind in one fluid movement. I almost climaxed with excitement and envy for her sake as I looked up beyond her thighs at her perfect silky smooth pussy aimed down at me. The view was incredible as she stood there swaying her hips to the music while caressing her own breasts.

I heard the guys at the table next to us gasp and comment at what they saw and slid harder against Adams' hand. Storm turned around opened her legs and bent over as Savannah’s hand moved between her legs over her tight lips.

Savannah then sat down and lifted her legs up as Storm pulled off her bikini bottoms. She had a bright orange patch of pubes above her swollen full lips. Her clit was protruding between them.

Both women stood and moved up and down one another’s bodies kissing and stroking. Storm squatted in front of us her unbelievably smooth vagina mere centimetres away from my face. She opened both her legs as wide as possible while leaning backwards. The sheer guts it must have taken to show us, especially me, every detail of her most private body part so close and totally powerless would be imprinted in my memory.

Savannah straddled spread-legged over Storms upturned face and started rubbing her lips forwards and backwards over Storms mouth and nose. Both women moaned if it was faked pleasure they had me fooled.

Storm moved her hips and widespread pussy right in our faces in slow circular motions for the next ten second as the song started to reach its end much too quickly. Savannah kept rubbing her gash at a steady pace her clit now more prominent over Storm’s half-open mouth and nose.

As the song ended both girls stood up and smiled at us. “Well, I am almost one hundred percent sure Eve enjoyed our show more than anybody else in here,” Savannah said loud enough for everyone to hear as they both looked down at me smiling contently.

It took me a second to realise that Adam has removed his hand from my leg and that they were both focussed on my crotch. The three guys at the table next to us, not even two meters away, were also looking in my direction and over the chair railing at my wet pussy and loudly remarked that it sure looked as if I did.

Up to that moment, I was so fixated on the table dance and turned on by it that I did not notice my skirt pulled up even higher above my panty line and that I was literally leaning back in my chair with only the edge of my bum on the seat.

In my state of ecstasy and sexual bliss, Adam had masterfully pulled my panty, which wasn’t of much use in any case, sideways over my lips to expose my neatly trimmed bush and my soaking wet vagina. Anybody with the right line of sight and only had to look over the low armrest to get a full view of absolutely all of me and exactly how much I had enjoyed the show!

I was so embarrassed I just sat there frozen as some of the other dancers also moved over to our table to see why everybody was smiling and staring. Adam looked at me winked and said that it was the best show he had seen in a club in a long time and that I shouldn’t blush so much as everybody enjoyed it.

I pulled down my skirt in as ladylike a manner as possible and moved back into my seat taking a big gulp of vodka and lemonade I had almost forgot I had. Everybody laughed, and the only one that seemed shocked was me.

Storm and Savannah were still nude on the table, and both leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek. “Glad we could make your day, I know you definitely made mine and Savannah’s nobody has ever been so turned on by our show,” Storm said to me as she gathered her clothes and started putting them back on.

As the whole epic episode sank in and everybody started minding their own conversations again, I nervously laughing and thanked the girls for their great performance.

I then did the only thing I could to save what little dignity I had left. Without thinking too much about it, I promptly stood up pulled my skirt up as high as I could and stripped out of my wet panties giving the whole club, which by now had filled up quite a bit, a totally un-obscured view of my still wet love triangle and naked red bum.

Everybody cheered loudly and clapped as I stood with my hands on my hips deliberately taking as much time as I could to make sure that everyone had a chance to get a good look and always remember that the show they got was more than what they paid for.

As I lowered my skirt and sat down with a sigh next to Adam, I only had to look at his happy smiling face once for the reassurance I needed and knew I found my perfect man. We partied till late that night at the club, and to this day both Storm and Savannah remain our friends who we regularly see and talk to.



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