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My Friend's Wife II

The second time is every bit as good as the first!!!
My plainclothes team and I had spent the entire evening running around the south side locking up bad guys and trying to keep the peace in areas where that wasn't foremost on the communities mind. Afterwards, we were parched and we decided it was time for a beer. We headed for a local watering hole close to where most of us lived, and it just so happened, that the wife of one of the team worked there as a bartender. However, that particular team member, Don, was on furlough (vacation) and he was downstate tending his property where he deer hunted in the fall.

I parked my bike, a Harley Road King, right in front on Archer Ave, just west of the northern edge of Midway airport. The bar was crowded, mostly twenty something's, we took over a couple tables in the back. I saw that the guys had already accosted a waitress and had drinks. Always looking for a reason to talk to Joan, I approached the bar.

She looked great, tall, muscular, her brown hair held up by pins. She wore a black t-shirt, torn in the front to allow her cleavage to spill out. She had on short shorts, also black, with just a hint of her ass peeking out and her long, long legs ending in black high-tops and white socks. At twenty-eight, she was probably the oldest woman there, but she out classed all of the other women, staff or patrons.

When she caught me approaching, she popped the top on a Summer Shandy and slid the bottle my way. I tipped the neck toward her and drained it in a swallow. She laughed and produced another. I said thank you and told her I'd rode and didn't want anything else but water. She nodded and looked back at the table of guys.

"Hey," she said. "I get off in fifteen minutes."

"Yeah," I said.

"I have to go let my parent's dog out, they're out of town."


"Really, really," she said pulling a tall glass of water on top of ice and a wedge of lemon. "It creeps me out to go there alone, thought maybe you'd go with me."

"Won't the boys talk?"

"Not if you leave now." She smiled and handed me the water. "I'll park at the all night grocery store off of Cicero and Archer, pick me up there in thirty minutes."

"I thought you got off in fifteen?"

"Hey, a girl's gotta be careful."

It was probably more in the order of fifty minutes before her convertible Chrysler something pulled up and parked. She'd changed and had put her hair in a ponytail. She had on a white t-shirt, obviously no bra, and blue jean Daisy Dukes. I hated giving a girl a ride in shorts, too many ways to scar them, but what the hell.

She swung onto the bike and grabbed me around the chest. "Let's go," she purred into my ear.

I started the bike and immediately felt her grip tighten. Her nose rested against the base of my neck. I thought I could feel her lips on my shoulder.

"I love the smell of a man," she said. She rubbed her tits against my back.

I handed her a pair of goggles, then dropped mine into place, a smile tightening my face almost as much as my swelling dick in my jeans. I shifted into gear and took off. She clutched me even tighter and purred.

As we drove, her hand drifted to my nipple. She tweaked it and laughed. Then her hands dropped to my thighs and she started kneading them, straying to the inner portion.

"Feels so nice," she said. "So, hard, and muscular, must be from all that running you do."

It didn't take long to come to where her mom and dad lived. It was an area that was slowly changing from older, white, second generation immigrants to newer immigrants, mostly Hispanic and some Arabic. There had been a steady increase in the burglaries in the area as well. As I took the last corner on the block, she grabbed my stiffening cock through my jeans.

"I want to play with this tonight," she said giving it a squeeze.

"Who am I to say no," I said pulling to the curb.

"Behave until we get into the backyard," she said hopping off.

I dropped the kick stand down and switched the bike off. She was already skipping up the stairs to the front porch. She produced a key and let herself in. I heard a dog barking inside. It sounded like a small one. She stuck her head out of the door and waved me through the gangway. I was about to ask if I could come in and use the bathroom when she shut the door and I heard the deadbolt turn.

The next door house was only four foot apart from her mom and dad's home, typical Chicago lot, thirty by one-hundred-twentyish. I met her at the tall wooden gate to the backyard. She let me into the yard. It was small, enclosed on the sides by the fence and a detached garage in the back. The dog, about the size of a football and shaped like one, sniffed at the garage and raised a leg, peeing. When it was done it sauntered back to the door and sat. She let it in.

"Ah," I said. "Do you think I could use the bathroom?"

She smiled. "That beer and water getting to you?"

"That and the hour wait."

Her smile grew. "Just pee back here."


"Really, really," she said. "Don does it in front of me all the time, I hardly notice anymore."

Since it was getting hard not to think about I tried to figure which corner of the backyard was the darkest. I strode over, fumbling with my pants. Before I could even get myself out of my underwear, Joan was behind me. Her arms wrapped around my waist.

"Here, let me help."

I half turned away from her.

She laughed. "C'mon, don't be silly."

I quit resisting and let her dig me out. I was half erect and it didn't help that she was tugging on my shaft, but I really had to go. As soon as I started to go, she purred again.

"I love the feeling of a man's cock. It feels so powerful when you pee," she said. She stroked it lightly, wiggling the stream. "Wow," she said. "You really did have to go."

She flicked my cock once, twice, three times. Then she spun me around to face her and she undid my belt, then the button at the top of my jeans. Something came to me, and I straightened her up and pushed her back, back, back until we came against the hot brick of her mom and dad's house.

"What're you doing?" She asked.

"Shhh," I said spinning her around. "Assume the position," I whispered in her ear, trailing my tongue down the back of her neck.

She trembled and looked back at me almost scared. "You can't fuck me."

I could tell she was serious and nodded. I put her hands high up on the wall and kicked her feet back and apart. My hands started at her arm pits, slipping my hands around to her front. I cupped her breasts and squeezed, my finger tips finds her nipples and pinching. She moaned and pushed her ass back again me.

My hands left her tits and descended across her taunt stomach and inched under the waistband of her pants. She shot one hand out that grabbed my wrist. "No, please."

My hands retreated only to descend over the top of her shorts. My thumbs pushed between her legs. It was hot, wet hot and damp. Her breathing got deeper and she pushed her ass back against my stiffening cock. One of my hands came around to her backside and slipped between her tightly sheathed ass. It was tight and damp and hot. She ground against my hand and moaned low in her throat.

"You have to stop before I do something I'll be mad at you about," she said sounding desperate.

My hands left her crotch and encompassed her thigh, smoothing down first one side, then the other. I stood behind her and pressed my groin into her ass. She pushed back. I buried my face in her hair at the back of her throat.

"I want to make you cum," I said.

"Another day," she said. "Tonight it's still about you."

I tugged my jeans down, my firearm dragging them down further. I was happy it was in a good holster. I grabbed the base of my growing cock and rubbed its flared purple head up and down the crack of her ass. She stopped breathing for a second, and then pushed back so very delicately against me. We did this slow motion dance for a minute or two, each of us growing more and more hot. Sweat trickled down my face. I don't know if it was from the heat or the desperate courage to not fuck her.

Joan spun and dropped to her knees. Her hands taking hold of my cock, she pulled it. She moaned and rubbed the mushroom shaped head against her cheeks, one at a time. She ran her nose along my lengthening shaft. She looked up at me with her big almond shaped eyes, the irises a liquid brown. She stroked me slowly, watching my face, our eyes locked.

She smiled and brought the head down and opened her mouth. Her lips kissed the head, her tongue flicking out to taste the moisture at the end of my cock. I didn't know if it was sweat or pre-cum. She moaned and made love to the tip of my cock, all the while her hands worked my length up and down, slowly, ever so slowly. She tipped my dick up and bent at her neck to lick my balls, something I usually hate. But she was so gentle that it felt great. All the while she squeezed and pumped my rigid length.

She moved her top most hand and slowly took as much of my length into her mouth, and then her throat as she could. She stopped at her other hand. She worked me in and out of her mouth, looking me in the eye. Her hand tightened and she began to pump with more force.

"I'm going to make you shoot," she said. "Will you cum for me?"

I nodded as she smiled and stroked me with even more vigor. She worked my length with the one hand and with her mouth. I started to push forward with my hips trying to get deeper into her. My thighs trembled as I had to lean against the wall to keep from falling. And still she stroked me. I let out a moan and went up on my tip toes. She jacked me with both hands and pushed her face against my hard stomach, my cock's head by her ear.

"Joan. . ."

"Cum baby," she said. "Cum for me." Her hands flew up and down my shaft when finally the first jet of semen erupted from me and went through her hair to splat against the wall. And still she jerked my cock. Cum jettisoned into her hair, across her cheek, drooled down her two handed grip. She still pumped and cooed, talking to my cock as she licked up my seed from her hands. She finished me off as I was about to collapse. She stood, staring into my eyes. She used a finger to bring a glob of cum into her mouth from high up on her cheek. I leaned down and kissed her, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She tasted hot, and wet, and of me.

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