My Little Adventure

By LexiRose

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His instructions were clear; wear a dress or a skirt, no underwear and make sure that you are wet for me. The instructions were clear but not simple. I normally wear trousers or jeans. Other than dresses for special occasions not particularly suited to an al fresco liaison I have no such garments. However, I do own a top which I usually wear over trousers which reaches to mid thigh. To avoid any awkward questions or comments I left the house wearing the top over trousers as usual.

The top reaches mid thigh and therefore a lack of panties would not be obvious, however a lack of bra is a different matter. My breasts are DD cup and therefore a lack of bra is instantly obvious. I went to work as usual and then slipped into the loo and removed my trousers, bra and panties before setting off.

I was seriously turned on by my lack of underwear and became concerned that I might make a wet patch on my top. So I slipped the top out from under me so that I was sitting directly on the car seat. However, pulling the top up at the back also moved it up at the front; it now rested on the top of my thighs barely covering my pussy. I figured this would be fine because it would slip back down once I got out of the car.

I drove along the main road out of town and was just approaching the next town when I realised that there had been an accident and the road was closed. The police were on the scene. I panicked slightly because my front tyres were close to the limit and I really didn’t want to have to get out of the car for a discussion with the police. Fortunately, as I approached the point where the road was closed I was able to turn off to the left on the diversionary route.

The diversionary route took me past a new housing estate and just outside there were road works with traffic lights. As I slowed for the lights I realised that the men working on the site would be able to glance into my car and even worse that there was a guy sitting in a lorry cab who had an elevated view. I looked forward avoiding any eye contact very conscious that the seat belt between my breasts emphasized my lack of bra. I wriggled in my seat pulling my top down my thighs risking the wet patch. Although, at this point I was so stressed that I thought that any moisture would have evaporated.

Ultimately, the lights turned green and I moved forward. The next stretch of road was straight and fairly quiet. I slipped my hand between my legs and found that despite my near discovery my pussy was nicely moist.

I arrived at our rendezvous point; he was waiting and immediately voiced his appreciation for my attire or lack of it. He kissed me and we walked into a field next to the lay by. As soon as we were out of sight of the main road his hand found his way between my legs. “Mmmm you are wet,” he commented, sucking my juices from his fingers. We found a shady spot towards the back of the field and he lifted my top baring my breasts and everything else. “I love your tits,” he said sucking hard on my nipple. The length of my top meant that it kept slipping down, so with a fluid movement I slipped it over my head.

Feeling that the nudity was all one way at this point I unbuttoned his shorts and removed them. He was commando and therefore his cock was exposed. I took it into my mouth, caressing his balls. It was at this point that we noticed a woman walking her dog along the top of the field. Careful to stay low I slipped my top back on and he covered himself with his shorts. We paused to drink some water, both feeling hot and steamy.

The dog walker eventually made her way out of the field and I took his cock back into my mouth whilst he ate my pussy. I removed my top again and he positioned me on all fours and slipped his cock in from behind fucking me hard. This is my favourite position and I was soon experiencing an intense orgasm. On the point of coming he slipped his cock out of my pussy, pulled off the condom and spurted hot cum over my ass. As we collapsed to the ground we realised that the dog walker was back. We quickly dressed again and fearing that she might vary her route this time, returned to our cars.