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My New Place, Chapter 1

My New Place, Chapter 1

Buying my first home opens up a new side of my sexuality that I didn't know existed.
It wasn't long after graduating college that I cashed in the savings bonds my parents had purchased for me over the years and used the money to buy my first home. It was exciting to have my own place, but at the same time it got lonely living away from home and being alone.

One day I noticed my neighbor bringing in some groceries from her car and I figured it would be a great chance for me to introduce myself and maybe make my first friend in the neighborhood. She had her hands full so she was more than willing to let me help her out. After finishing with the last set of bags I told her that I liked the way she had decorated her home and she offered to give me a quick tour.

In walking around and seeing the rest of the rooms I noticed two of the bedrooms had windows facing my place that had clear views rights into two of my rooms. With the houses being only eight to ten feet apart I made sure to take a mental note to be careful when I had my blinds open from now on since one of those rooms belonged to her son.

One night when I was getting ready for bed I had on a pair of satin, purple panties and an old button up shirt from an ex-boyfriend that I liked to wear to bed sometimes. Being as small as I am it fit me almost like a dress, ending just below my ass.

As I walked through the house to make sure the doors were locked I noticed I left the blinds open in one of my spare rooms and I could see right into my neighbors’ house. Through the window I saw my neighbors' son Tony watching television in his room. He was a cute boy, but seemed extremely shy and tended to keep to himself a lot. The time or two that I had run into him around the neighborhood he seemed to get really flustered around me. I don’t know if he had a little crush on me or if he was actually that shy around all girls, but it was quite endearing.

I found myself watching him as he sat in his room wearing just a pair of athletic shorts and no shirt. He was only eighteen, but his body was firm and he seemed to be in pretty good shape. Since my lights were off I knew he couldn't see into my room so I wasn't worried about him noticing me.

When I got into bed that night I found myself lying awake and thinking about my neighbor’s son alone in his room. If I had stayed there watching him longer, what would I have seen? I wondered if he would have eventually stripped out of his shorts. My mind raced, thinking of hard, and firm his young body would feel and how big his cock would be. I got myself so worked up that night I had to make myself cum to fall asleep.

The next night I decided that after Anthony unknowingly helped me get myself off the night before that maybe I would return the favor and explore a bit of my inner exhibitionist in the process. I waited to see the light go on in his room then slipped on a black silk thong and the same button up shirt from the night before. I headed into my spare room, which faced his window, and turned on one of the lights. I sat down in a recliner that faced the window and pretended to watch television.

With my chair facing the wall where the window was I could see Tony clearly in his own room. I knew he could see me if he chose to look. I wanted to make sure he was watching so every few seconds I would move and shift hoping the movement would get his attention and perhaps give him a little view of my exposed legs or a glance of my thong. I didn’t want him to know I was aware of him so I did my best to glance quickly at the window to see if he was watching. There was little doubt that his attention was clearly focused out his window and into my room.

After a minute or two I noticed the lights went out in his room so I could no longer see inside. With Tony invisible I had to use my imagination as to what he was doing within the safety of his dark room. I imagined him sitting in his chair, his shorts around his ankles and his young hard cock firmly gripped within his hands, slowly stroking as he watched his older, unsuspecting neighbor, half naked in her spare room.

As I thought about Tony and his cock I reached to the top of my shirt and began to slowly unbutton the first few buttons. I ran my fingers up and down the middle of my exposed chest, only the sides of my breasts visible to my young voyeur. Then I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, allowing it to fall open slightly while still only displaying the center of my chest, all the way down my toned stomach to my black thong panties. I looked at the television, which was still off. I could see my reflection in the glass, giving me a chance to see what Tony was seeing.

I ran one hand back up my exposed skin to my chest’ this time I slipped one hand under the fabric of my shirt, finding my young, firm breast. I softly squeezed it in my hand, feeling my nipple stiffen to my touch. My other hand traced its way back down my stomach until it reached the top of my panties. I slid my hand down the front; my fingers brushing against my soft, freshly shaven mound. A soft moan escaped my lips as I pulled open one side of my shirt, exposing one of my breasts to Tony. Squeezing my breast in one hand, my other began rubbing my clit faster.

Switching hands I pushed the other side of my shirt open then decided to just take the whole thing off. I allowed it to fall from my shoulders and tossed it aside to the floor of my room. My hands went back to my body, rubbing my pussy slowly, then faster, changing speeds back and forth teasing myself. I brought my body closer and closer to climax. I reached my free hand down to the waistband of my thong and slid it down and off. I spread my legs, hanging my knees over the arms of the chair, giving my audience a full view of my pussy as I continued pleasuring myself. I imagined how crazy Tony must be going in his room, stroking his cock while he watched his hot neighbor, naked and playing with herself alone in her room.

Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer. I threw my head back as my body tensed and a massive orgasm rocked my body. I rubbed faster and harder through my climax then slowed as I brought myself back down. I stayed in my chair, naked, rubbing and caressing my body for a few minutes longer, before slipping my panties back on and walking to the window. I took my time closing the blinds; reaching up I pulled the string and began letting them lower. Before they dropped below my face however, I looked directly into Tony’s room and give him a shy smile and a wink before letting them drop to the window sill.

I still couldn’t believe that I had let my young neighbor watch me masturbate like some dirty little slut. What had gotten into me? Was this going to be a regular thing now? I was so turned on that I had to make myself come one more time before I could fall asleep that night 

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