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My Rebel

I have always wanted to date a man that rode a motorcycle   Don't ask me why maybe it is because I was always told I would be in major trouble from my family, if I ever was caught on a motorcycle. Don't get me wrong I have ridden on motorbikes, just never been caught on one, and never dated the driver. The freedom I felt on the back of those bikes I just couldn't believe it. Or maybe it was the stigma put on bikers being rebels or outlaws. Maybe I was attracted to the bad boys. I don't know but what ever the reason that yearning followed me through my teens into adulthood. I am a happily married woman when I had a chance encounter with that biker I have alway dreamed of.   


It happened on the way to a get away I was taking I had decided I needed a couple of days away just to relax. I had stopped for gas and right beside me pulled a lone rider. He also was filling up; as he took off his helmet I glanced into the most amazing baby blues.   I could have looked into those eyes for a week and it would have felt like minutes.   He smiled, nodded and headed into pay for his gas.   When I went in to pay for my gas I found out it had been paid for and the lady behind the counter wouldn’t tell me who had paid for it except the fact it was all paid and that I didn’t owe a thing.  


I headed off on the next leg of my trip; while I drove I had two things on my mind the biker with those amazing eyes and who had paid for my gas.   Could they be one in the same?   I have a rule that I try to stop every hour or so to stretch, bathroom break and get the blood flowing again.   After about an hour I pulled over into the rest stop and I couldn’t believe my eyes there was a lone biker, leaning on his bike, and I was sure it was the same one from the gas station.   I slipped my feet back into my sandals and stepped out of my car.   I headed over to the washrooms and went in to do my business and freshen up a bit.    When I stepped out I glanced over towards where the biker had been, the bike was there but the biker wasn’t there.   I was only a few feet from the door when a voice from behind me startled me.


“Good morning, enjoying your trip?” he said


I turned around to see those baby blue eyes smiling back at me, and below a smile that could melt hearts.   “Yes, I am thanks.”  


“Great I will see you later” he said and he walked away, put on his helmet and drove off.


See me later, what was he talking about?   I had know, idea who he was and wasn’t planning on seeing him again so why would he say that.   Not that I wouldn’t want to see him again, I was already getting a little excited with the thought I might see him again.   I might not know him but I wouldn’t mind knowing him.   I climbed back in my car and check my map next rest stop was actually about an hour and a half away.   Turned up my music made sure I had my refreshments handy, slipped on my sandals and headed off.  


I preferred to be as close to naked as possible when trailing; I wear as little as possible.   Under my skirt I never wore panties, my legs are bare and I usually wear sandals that I slip off when I am in the car.   I take care of my feet and since they are out for the entire world to see I always make sure my nails are paint usually red and they are soft and smooth.   I prefer to go braless and usually just a light t-shirt or if I am feeling a little risky I will wear a button down light shirt that if it is to hot I will actually undo baring my breasts for anyone passing to see.    This is what I was wearing on this day and even tough it wasn’t even noon yet I was starting to get warm so I unbuttoned my top and slide my skirt up.  


Not long after I had got comfortable and set the cruise control a group of bikers passed and there was a lot of double takes as the passed, some of them even slowed down to take a better look.   This started to get me excited, I thought about my lone biker and I wished he would pass I wouldn’t mind showing off a little of what I got.   The next hour or so went by quietly I sang to my CD’s and got the odd call from a friend.   I took my car off cruise as I started to get ready to pull into the next stop and in my rearview mirror, I notice a lone biker pulling up.   Could it be, could it truly be, no it was just too weird if it was the same one still.  


I pulled into the rest stop as he passed and looked into my car.   Damn I had forgotten to button up before pulling in; I usually make sure I am presentable before pulling into rest stops because there are some people who just wouldn’t understand.   I saw a smile spread across his face and continue right into those eyes of his.   I pulled over in the first free spot and made sure everything was in its place and covered properly maybe not fully but at least I was presentable.   I slipped my sandals back on and started to step out but almost run into the biker he was basically standing in the door away of the car.   He was so close I stumbled slightly and he put his hands on my waist to steady me.    


He said, “You know it could be dangers for you to be driving around looking like you were when you are all by yourself.   You might give some guys the wrong idea.”


I blushed and said, “that is why I always pull over in well visited rest stops so there is always others around, and I don usually straighten up more before slowing down.”


“But you know, that might not help you after all I have been following you for the last few hours and look how close I have got to you and no one has even given a second look to us” he said.


I looked around and he was right, everyone was going on not even noticing us, this complete stranger was so close I could smell his aftershave and if I put my hand out I would be able to feel his hard chest and leather jacket.    My pussy was starting to get wet.


“I am wondering back there at the gas station was it you that paid for my gas?” I asked.  

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