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My Wife arranged a lap dancer for my surprise birthday party

The lap dance treat
Just a true short story about my recent Birthday surprise.

It was the day of my Birthday and whilst opening the presents from my wife she announced that she had arranged a party that evening to celebrate.

The party was to be in the large converted cellar of our house and was to be attended by lots of our close friends, colleagues and neighbours.

I had converted our once dark damp cellar into a sort of games area and bar with soft lighting and a superb sound system that was a great place to have a party.

The day flew by and caterers and deliveries of booze arrived and the scene was set for a great night, so we both showered and changed and awaited the arrival of the selected guests.

Soon the party was in full flow the beer and wine was being consumed in vast quantities as was the food, the ladies were dancing away whilst us blokes watched and eyed up the young sexy babes.

Then just before midnight my wife asked for quiet and placed a dining room chair complete with handcuffs attached to the arms and legs in the middle of the larger room in the cellar. I was invited to sit on the chair and my wife asked me to place my hands and legs in the cuffs and await my surprise. I have to say I was reluctant at first but following some encouragement from my friends gathered roundI complied with her wishes.

As I sat there nervously wondering what sort of surprise she might have in store for me some very erotic music burst out from my big speakers and through a gap in the crowd one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen appeared dressed as a belly dancer.

This woman was in her early twenties, about 5'6 tall and blond, she had the most amazing red lips and at least D size breasts on a very slim frame and she was beautiful.

For what seemed like ages she gave us all a magical belly dance display that even the women in the room seemed to enjoy until the music ended. When the music went quiet she removed her veil and sat herself down on my knee, at which time her breasts were very close to my face causing a reaction in my cock that she obviously noticed from the look on her face.

The dancer then read out a birthday wish to me and gave me a big kiss on the lips that lingered longer than I expected especially as my wife was I the room.

The music then kicked in again and this time the dancing became more erotic and slowly she started loosening the buttons on my shirt until it was open to my navel. I was obviously powerless to do anything about the situation as I was still handcuffed to the chair. I was enjoying every moment but on the other hand slightly worried.

I hastily looked out for my wife who just mouthed the word "Enjoy"!

Next to the cheers from the guys the dancer slipped off her bra to reveal an enormous pair of firm D or DD sized perfect breasts with huge dark symmetrical nipples.

The dancer continued to tease me and was soon pressing her breasts into my face and encouraging me to suck on her nipples which I duly obliged swapping from one to the other causing her huge nipples to grow even more and become very erect . That was not the only effect the show was having as cock was now also standing to attention and trying to bury its way out of my trousers.

The dancer spotted this and after giving me a good rub she positioned her cute pert arse against my trouser snake and rubbed me up and down as though we were having sex.

The cheers continued from the guys who were chanting for her to get my trousers off, now this was a step too far but she was down on my zipper and belt and pulling my trousers down in double quick time.

So now I sat in the middle of a room with my best friends, my neighbours and my wife with my cock standing up like a tent pole in just my boxers with my shirt open and my trousers round my knees whilst this vision of total gorgeousness seduced me.

The dancer continued to dance round me occasionally standing behind me and placing her breasts either side of the back of my head and kissing the top of my head whilst I tried in vain to escape my bonds as now I was feeling quite embarrassed.

Then the surprise of the night the dancer produced some sort of lubricant and rubbed some between her massive breasts then knelt down in front of me and reached for the waistband of my over stretched boxers and asked the excited crown whether or not she expose my cock. There was no surprise at the response and seconds later my 9" fully erect cock was on display to one and all and my boxers joined my trousers round my knees.

The dancer sat back almost mesmerized by the size and girth of my cock then took it in her hand and rubbed it up and down the full length. I again looked out for my wife and again she just smiled and mouthed "Enjoy babe".

She then squeezed some of her lubricant onto my cock and rubbed me slightly faster before placing me between her tits and giving me a tit job kissing the tip of my cock each time it emerged , I could see sticky precum oozing out of the tip of my cock which she licked away.

She was an expert and was now nibbling my balls and the sides of my cock and being egged on by my mates to"suck him".I knew I could not last too long as I was in heaven, but she had other ideas and somehow brought me back from the brink.

Then finally she slipped me into her mouth and somehow managed to deep throat the full length of my cock something my wife has never achieved, and continued to suck me and massage my balls at the same time.

I was in heaven and wanted to shoot my load but somehow she was stopping me from doing that and whispered to me"you will cum when I want you to".

Then the second surprise of the night, something else that my wife arranged, the dancer asked the ladies present if anyone else wanted to suck on my cock before she fucked me.

My wife's best friend and someone I have always fantasized about declared she wanted to , she made her way through the crown and stood in front of me. I again looked to my wife for reassurance and she just smiled and nodded.

I then spoke for the first time and said that she had to be sure of what she was doing, I knew she was now single again so had no commitments but wanted her to be sure. She nodded that she was fine and wanted to so badly, I then made a request that she was topless when she did it as I have always wanted to see her big wobbly tits.

She ripped off her top and bra and dropped to her knees and her lips replaced that of the dancer and she was soon bobbing up and down on my still very hard cock, as she sucked me she was rubbing up and down my length as well and I was struggling to hold back and within a few minutes I was emptying my balls down her throat and she was swallowing every last drop before she came up for air to a huge cheer.

She gave me a huge kiss let me suck on each nipple briefly before grabbing her clothes and heading for the bathroom.

My dancer was not finished with me and my flagpole, she slipped of her panties and mounted my cock allowing her big tits to rub in my face as she made love to my cock. To my surprise I remained very erect and soon after she climaxed over my cock I filled her pussy full of my love juices as well.

Shortly after this she gave me another big kiss grabbed her clothes and left to huge cheers as I was released from my shackles and given big pats on the back by my mates and a hug from my wife who wished me a very happy birthday.

I caught up with my wife's friend later alone and confessed I had always fancied her and that I could not wish for a better birthday present. She said that she knew and that my wife had set it all up and was even up for a threesome when everyone had gone home but that's another story for another time.

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