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My wife teases and takes a young college stud

My wife teases and takes a young college stud
The following is a true story. My wife of 24 years and I went out on the town. I am 42 and she is 39. She is about 5’8” with a great figure. She has shoulder length auburn hair with a slim waist and narrow sexy hips. Her ample breasts are just the perfect size to show off in a sexy loose top. Her face is soft and tight and it looks like Jenifer Aniston. No one ever guesses that she is 39 years old. Most people guess that she is around 29.

My wife had several drinks at home while she was getting dressed up in her sexiest clothing. She knew that she would need the drinks to give her the courage for what she was about to do. Alcohol also increases her libido. I did not drink at all. I wanted to take in every moment of what we were about to do. I had planned too much to miss any of tonight by getting drunk.

She put on a very low cut fluffy white halter top that would let her tits pop out at the slightest wiggle. She put on a short black skirt with a split up the side that was nearly up to her waist and was perfect for showing her long luscious legs. She could show off her pussy by just adjusting her legs or slightly parting them. She did not wear any underwear because she needed immediate access to her pussy. She put on a pair of black six inch heels that put her cunt at just the right height and angle for a good doggie style fucking. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

We went out to a neighborhood bar near the college campus in our town. As we walked in everyone was staring at my wife. It made me feel good that they wanted to fuck her. It made her want to fuck each and every one of them. We sat at the bar for a while so that my wife could check out the men that were sitting around the room. She picked out a table of four guys near the edge of the room. I asked her which one she wanted to fuck. She told me that she wanted to fuck the tall blond college boy with the broad shoulders and rippling muscles. I immediately fantasized about her with her skirt bunched up above her waist and bending over holding the men’s rooms sink in her six inch heels with his thick cock penetrating her from behind.

I broke out of my trance and I lead her over to the table next to the boy she had pointed out. We had a couple more drinks. Her luscious breasts were practically falling out of her top. She looked over at him and lean and let them fall out a bit, let him drink in their beauty and then pushed them back into her top. She was sitting so that he could see her long beautiful legs as they escaped from the slit in her skirt. She put her purse in the empty chair next to hers. She got up and reached down to look in her purse and get her makeup. When she bent over the blonde stud got a free beaver shot. She then seductively walked to the restroom. All eyes were on her as she walked back and forth to the restroom. When she sat back down, the titty teasing of the blonde boy resumed. While she was doing this, I acted like I was watching the game on the large screen TV. I called out the score to her and told her about the players as my eyes remained fixed on the TV. She looked over at him and smiled and then looked away and then accidentally had another wardrobe malfunction. Then she turned to me and acted like she was interested in what I was saying. She went through this cycle of teasing him and then ignoring him several times. Finally after it looked like he was in a frenzy and she was in the middle of another wardrobe malfunction, I turned around and caught him staring at my wife.

I said in a loud voice, "What are you doing? Why are you staring at my wife? Do you want to fuck her with your dick? I bet you do." I kept taunting him until he seemed angry. "You might as well fuck her with your dick, you are already fucking her with your eyes."

I turned to my wife and asked. "Were you teasing him?" She shyly nodded her head. "You little cock teaser! Well you aren't going to get away with that this time. He is going to fuck you until your eyes pop out. Do you want him to fuck you?" Again she shyly nodded her head.

I looked up and mused "But he needs a really big dick to do it right."

I turned to the young stud and asked "Do you have a big dick?" He did not answer immediately. "Why are you hesitating?" I said. "Is it because you have a dick about this long?" I made a about a three inch gesture with my fingers. The other guys at the table started laughing at him.

He then stammered that he had a big dick.

I turned back to my wife said "Well then, you cock teaser, get up and take him back into the men’s room and fuck his brains out. You deserve each other. I hope he has a little bitty dick." The other guys laughed again.

My wife got up slowly and shyly walked over to his table and took him by the hand and lead him to the men’s room. When they got into the bathroom she pushed him up against the door and start kissing him while he slid a hand into her fluffy halter and cupped her breasts and groped her tight ass with the other hand. She unbuttoned his shirt and took it off and ran her hands all over his muscular chest and arms. She then moved him over to the sink and pushed him against it. She began to seductively unbuckle his belt while she kissed and bit at his nipples and chest. After she kissed her way down to his six pack, she was ready to pull down his short kaki pants and boxers. He raised up his ass and she pulled them down and off. As she was doing this, his cock sprang out and popped her in the eye. She then kissed her way up his thigh and got closer and closer to his gorgeous cock. It had to be at least nine inches long and nearly two inches thick. She first held his cock in her hand and licked his balls. She then licked his shaft all the way up to it’s bright red head. Then she circled the head with her tongue and then impaled her mouth on his cock. Once she had her mouth on his cock, she knew that we were in complete control of him.

With a loud groan from her, I knew it was time for me to come into the bathroom. I walk into the bathroom with the video camera pointed at them as she devoured his college boy cock. He looked over at me in a helpless sort of way as if he was thinking about whether he wanted to be on video tape.

I read his thoughts and said "If you want me to stop taking video, then I will, but if the video stops, then you stop doing my wife and we both go home."

My wife took her mouth off of his cock and spit on it and started to slowly jack him off with both hands. She looks up at him and begged him to let me continue videotaping so that she does not have to give up his wonderful cock. The sight of her jacking off that stiff cock dripping with my wife’s saliva was almost more than I could take. I could see him trying to think about this in his head, but with all the blood rushing to his other head, he did not have chance. She returned her sexy lips to his cock and closed the deal. The little head won and got to travel down my sexy wife’s throat. He ran his fingers through her long auburn hair as it danced on his thighs and stimulated every nerve in his body.

He finally took charge, moved off the sink, turned her around, ran his hands up her long legs, bent her over, pushed her hands onto the sink and raised her skirt above her waist. He stuck his finger in her cunt to test the waters. She was dripping wet. He wanted to lick her cunt, but his little head could wait no longer and was clearly in charge. He teased her cunt with his dick and then slowly slid it in. She inhaled as it slid into her and she held her breath until it was all the way in. She clearly had never had a cock as big as his. As he started to slowly move it in and out of her, she started to breathe again. With every stoke she moaned more and more and finally turned to me and thanked me for finally getting her a cock to fill her up. His deep thrusts from behind made my wife scream in ecstasy. His long slick dick, tight hips and rippling young muscles were making a video that I will jack off to for years to come. My fantasy had finally come true. It looked better than I had imagined. That hot young college stud was fucking the brains out of my sexy wife.

I moved closer and went underneath them to get a close up video of his long thick cock sliding in and out of my precious wife’s tight wet pussy. She was the wettest that I had ever seen her. Her pussy juices were dripping down on me and the camera. Finally, I could not take it any longer and had to join in on the fun.

I put down the camera and began to rub my wife's clit as his incredible dick slid in and out of her. I licked her clit gently and she moaned and asked me if I liked watching a big dick stuffing her pussy. I obediently said yes. She arched her back more and ground her clit into my mouth. I licked around her engorged pussy lips and then the inside edges where the shaft of that monster dick was slicing her cunt. His glistening shaft was too enticing, I had to add my saliva and taste my wife’s juices directly from that rock hard dick.

He momentarily paused as his big head was trying to retake control from his little head. My wife sensed this and grabbed his hips and pulled him in hard and screamed for him to fuck her harder. His big head lost again and he forgot that I was under him. I am sure that anyone walking by the restroom could have heard her scream. I glanced over and saw his three friends standing in the doorway. I continued to lick his shaft and then his balls. It was so sexy to see my wife in such frenzy. She started to scream in orgasm and quiver and shake. Her pussy gushed with juices. She again asked him to fuck her as hard and fast as he could. To fuck her like her husband never could. He started to move faster and deeper. I could barely keep my tongue on his beautiful shaft as it slid in and out. He was breathing louder and louder and I could tell that he was getting close to cumming. He had reached the point of no return. We could do whatever we wanted to do with him.

I stopped licking and handed my camera to my wife as we had planned. My wife screamed that she did not want his dirty cum in her pussy. I grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her pussy and began sucking on it for all that I was worth. My wife quickly moved to the side and started filming us. He was a mess with emotions and lust but could not stop. My expert thick lips on his hot rod were too much for him to give up. As he started to quiver for the last time, I took his cock deep into my throat and squeezed his balls with one hand and grabbed one of his taunt young butt cheeks with the other. My wife was getting all of this on tape. As the flow of cum began, I started to choke. I finally had to pull his big dick out of my mouth. I was dripping with his cum, my wife’s cum and my saliva. I pumped it with both hands with long quick strokes as he spewed the rest of his cum everywhere. As he finally started to calm down, I put it back into my mouth and gently sucked it in and out until it started to shrink. I held it in my hand and licked the cum off his balls and then his thighs and then back to his cock until he was clean all over. My mouth, face and chest were covered in his cum.

As he came out of his trance, he looked over at the doorway and saw his friends and then looked over at my wife. I could see terror in his eyes.

He angrily pushed me away and said "Get away from me fagot".

I got up off of my knees and kissed him on the lips as he was trying to pull up his pants. He was startled by my kiss and backed away.

When he finally got his pants up, I said "This is what you deserved for staring at my wife."

By this time, my wife had sneaked out of the restroom past his three friends. They smiled, cheered and gave her high fives as she left.

They asked the blonde stud if he was ready to go home or if he needed some private time so that he could suck his new boyfriend's dick.

He told them to shut up and then turned toward me in anger.

Reaching out to hold him back I said, "If you hurt me, then this video, with some careful editing, will be put on every Gay website in town with email links sent to all your friends."

His mood changed instantly. He looked around and saw that my wife and the video camera were gone. He knew that he was in trouble.

I then added to his humiliation by saying "and what is more, I am going to suck that luscious young cock of yours anytime I want".

I leaned over and cupped his taut chest muscles in my hands and gave him a deep tonguey kiss, my mouth wet with his own cum, and then I walked out.
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