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My Wife's Boudoir Photo Shoot

I talk my wife into a sexy photo shoot

I have a sexy idea – I think I will surprise my husband, Ben, with some sexy boudoir pictures. I found a female photographer with a really nice studio. We met and she was so disarming. We talked about taking some tasteful, semi-nude photos for Ben’s birthday. I tell her that I’ll even consider doing something racier, but I’d have to be really comfortable with her to do something more explicit. Maybe a few nude photos, but I want to be discreet. She assures me she will be discreet, so I decide to do it.

When I tell my hubby about my naughty idea, he loves it! But, he wants to “tweak” a few things. It is his birthday, so I indulge him.

First of all, he says the photographer has to be a man. That would be the ultimate turn-on, and he dares me to do it. I say no way. Ben says it’ll be so much hotter if I’m exposed in front of a man, as opposed to a woman. He says he’ll help us find the right guy and it will be off-the-charts hot to get me to do sexy, revealing poses in front of a man.

Secondly, we have to do nude pictures. Lingerie and bikinis are nice, but what he really wants is everything off, totally nude. He says it’s okay if I do a striptease, but he wants completely nude photos. He loves my body, loves my curves. And the idea of me being completely nude in front of a stranger, another man, drives him crazy - in the best possible way.

Also, he would like the photos to be really sexy, really dirty. Nasty, like in a girly magazine. I say, “Like Playboy?”

Ben says, “More like Hustler.” He wants shots of me sticking my titties out, bent-over shots of my ass (Ben loves my ass), closeups of me playing with my pussy. He says he’ll provide 100 reference photos that the photographer should emulate.

Lastly, Ben says he will supply a few props to hopefully spice up the sexier shots towards the end of the shoot. That sounds hot, but I don’t know what he would supply to make it hotter. My mind races. I’m already starting to get turned-on by this bold idea. I’m not sure I can actually go through with it, though.

My husband is tall, dark, and handsome with an athlete’s body. He’s gorgeous. His cock is awesome, too. It’s the biggest I’ve ever had. He’s eight thick inches and he always makes me cum. We’ve been married fourteen years and are just as much in love today as when we first got hitched. As we both approach forty, we definitely make an effort to spice things up in the bedroom, and indulging in a fantasy life keeps our attraction fresh.

I am a thirty-six-year-old mom. I’m a pretty, petite Filipino with one of the nicest asses you’ve ever seen (so I’ve been told a lot). Ever since middle school, my backside has gotten a lot of attention. I also have really nice big boobs for a girl my size. They look bigger because of my petite frame. I’m in great shape. As a mother of two, I take pride in my body and my fitness. I get a lot of attention, I always have, and I like it that way. But I would never do anything with another guy because I am so content with my hubby.

I reluctantly agree to the raunchy photos, but only because it’s Ben’s birthday and he insists we go all the way or forget it. This is why I love him so much, he always finds a way to keep things interesting. He’s never safe, and I guess I like that kind of excitement.

Ben arranges the photo session with a male photographer at a place in the industrial part of the city. Two weeks pass, and every day we get closer to the shoot, the hornier I get. My heart races just thinking of exposing myself in front of another man.

We don’t have sex for the two weeks leading up to the shoot. Ben wants me climbing the walls and super-horny. He told me that he knows that, in this state, I will be liable to act sexier and more adventurous.

As I leave the house for the shoot on Saturday afternoon, Ben hands me two bags and a flash drive. One very small bag has my outfit in it, a size XXS sheer white micro bikini. The second bag is heftier and I am instructed not to open it, it’s a surprise. I am told to give it to the photographer and he has instructions not to open it until one hour into our two-hour shoot. And the flash drive has the 100 reference pics Ben wants the photographer to replicate.

I kiss Ben goodbye and leave for my photo shoot, not knowing the extend of the sexiness my hubby has orchestrated for me today. I’m so nervous and turned-on. I hope I can go through with it.

I arrive at the massive studio and meet the photographer, Pierre, and his two assistants, Derek and John. All three are in their twenties or early thirties, I guess. John immediately takes the hefty surprise bag and puts it near the cameras on the set, which is centered around a king-size bed in the middle of the studio, pre-rigged with a bunch of lights around it.

Derek takes the flash drive with the reference pics and loads them to a nearby laptop. The first image that comes up on screen is an absolute raunchy picture of a slut on all fours, ass in the air, pussy lips spread open. OMG, I have to do that in front of Pierre and his two assistants? I don’t know if I can go through with this.

Derek leads me to the makeup room, where a stylist has a chair waiting for me. She does my hair and makeup and then watches me try to fit into the tiny bikini. I am spilling out of it. What’s worse is the fabric is so thin, you can see right through it.

I wobble out onto the set wearing heels and the little bikini, my hair piled on top of my head and a really heavy, slutty makeup job. Even though I am proud of my body, I’m super-self-conscious about everything jiggling in front of the three strange men.

They put on some music and get me started with some easy, warm-up poses.

Pierre gets a bunch of sexy bikini shots, but then coaxes me out of my bikini and takes me through the paces of an explicit nude photo shoot, referencing each dirty picture.

Kudos to Ben, because the poses get sexier and dirtier as we continue through the shoot. I can’t believe I am actually doing this. I am turned-on beyond belief at being naked in front of three men.

I am only going through with this because I know my hubby is going to go crazy over these pictures. It takes a lot to do this in front of three guys and my pussy is embarrassingly soaking wet. I hear the assistants whispering about how much I seem to be enjoying myself. I feel like such a hot slut. Once I get warmed-up, I’m sticking my titties out and arching my back, really trying to make it sexy for Ben.

The first time I spread my legs and all three men see me wide open, my heart skips a beat. I’m afraid I might cum from my excitement. I absolutely cannot cum in front of these strangers. The more I think about that, the hotter I get. I am consumed with not cumming. The more I think about it, the more excited I get.

We’re about fifty minutes into the x-rated shoot when six more guys come into the studio and hang out against the far wall, watching Pierre shoot me. I cover up as much as I can with my hands, but I’m so curvy that I can’t cover it all. I am extremely reticent to be exposed in front of these new guys. This wasn’t a part of the deal!

This is crazy! It kind of ruins the vibe and makes me skittish and very self-conscious. Pierre leans in and whispers, “Ben had me arrange for these guys to come and watch the shoot. They’re just going to hang out and admire your body. Your husband wanted to surprise you and challenge you. He thought you would find it hot to be exposed in front of a room full of guys. This is what your husband wants. He thinks it’s really sexy.”

I’m stunned. It takes me a moment to process this. I get up off the bed and wobble over to my phone in my high heels, not covering up enough. I grab my phone, text Ben: Really? You arranged an audience???

He texts back immediately:Hell yes I did! This is my ultimate fantasy, babe! You are so gorgeous! So hot! Your body is incredible! You should do it. For me. I love you, baby. Please keep going. I will bet it will turn you on immensely.

I put the phone down, shaking my head in disbelief. Eventually, I summon the courage to nervously nod okay and uncover and jiggle back over to the bed to resume the shoot.

Pierre references picture #50 and poses me on my back, legs in the air, my pussy totally exposed. I notice the six guys staring at my most intimate parts, and Ben was right, I am absolutely climbing the walls, excited. My pussy is dripping. Pierre notices that my pussy is really wet.

“You seem to be a natural at this. Have you modeled before?”

I nervously nod no.

“I’m going to have the guys come closer so they can get a better look. No touching. They’re just going to admire your beautiful body.”

With that, Pierre waves the guys over to get a closer look while he shoots me. I reposition, laying on my stomach on the bed, sticking my ass way out while keeping my knees together. The men clearly love my sexy ass. They watch every pose with their full attention. They’re all in their twenties and most of them are really hunky. They seem really into me. I can see a lot of bulges.

I can’t believe I am completely nude in front of nine fully-clothed guys. I continue through the 100 explicit poses. I have to make an effort not to cum. That only builds up the tension inside me more, though. What have I gotten myself into?

Pierre shoots for another ten minutes to the one-hour point, then tells me it’s time for Ben’s surprise bag of props to use. He opens it and empties the contents on the bed for all to see. There are three big, thick dildos and some lube. The smallest one is very realistic-looking. It’s eight inches and is similar in size to Ben’s cock. The middle-sized dildo is ten inches and thicker with protruding veins. Finally, there’s a whopper – black, twelve inches with a gigantic head.

I blurt out, “No way. Oh my God, I definitely can’t do the huge one!”

Pierre says, “Your husband would like it if you would try all three.”

“I’ll do the two smaller ones, but no way on that huge one.”

The guys watching cannot wait to see me in action with these toys. I can’t believe Ben put me in this situation, but there’s another part of me that’s even more turned-on now.

The next wave of reference pictures are all really graphic, dildo-oriented shots. I start sucking and handling them, like in the pictures. My wedding ring is prominent. There are ten reference pics with toys between my tits, or in my mouth, so I do all of those poses.

Pierre tells me the last twenty reference pics will require insertion. I need a moment to compose myself, but I do it. I’m trying really hard not to cum, but I am so aroused that might be impossible. I absolutely cannot cum in front of nine men. I grit my teeth and insert the eight-incher. I get it halfway inside and give Pierre his dirty poses. Then he motions to try the thick ten-inch toy.

Even though it’s much bigger than Ben, I do it. I lube it up and push it past my soaking wet pussy with a gasp. It is such a slutty feeling to get the ten-inch dildo inside me and suck the other two while a crowd watches. I am so close to cumming, but I grit my teeth and try really hard not to. This dildo’s way bigger than Ben, and he’s the biggest I’ve ever had. I know I can’t fit the really big one. Twelve inches is impossible. But I’m really trying with the middle-sized one.

So, I’m sucking on the really big one and I have worked the thick, ten-incher halfway inside my tight pussy. The fact that I am doing this spread wide open in front of nine guys is beyond hot. I’m getting really, really close to cumming and I really don’t want to cum in front of nine strangers. I grit my teeth and try not to get more carried away.

Pierre kneels over me on the bed, getting very intimate shots. He wants it to be sexier, though. He’s looking at my pussy with about five inches of the dildo inside me. I look up, wondering what he has in mind. He reaches out and nudges the remaining 5 inches all the way inside until the balls are pinned against my ass. I gasp and twist from the unexpected move. Pierre pushes it all the way in and holds it there, locking eyes with me.

I frantically look around at the bystanders gawking, then down at my wide-open pussy with the biggest cock I’ve ever had jammed inside to the hilt. My hips involuntary gyrate. I can hear someone in the crowd say that I must like it. I am taking more cock than I ever had before.

Wide-eyed and speechless, I look back to Pierre and I let off a really sexy groan. “Oh God! I can’t cum in front of all these men!”

“C’mon, you can take that big cock. Look at me. You’re so sexy. Ben wanted to see you fuck a really big cock and for these guys to watch. Make it hot, fuck me back.”

I undulate my hips even more, completely stretched to the fullest and bucking on the big dildo. I look around and all the guys are watching my every twitch. It’s almost too much for me to handle. Pierre grinds the big dildo into my pussy and I explode, cumming all over the toy with a howl in front of everyone. I’m so embarrassed, which only adds to the intensity of my orgasm. I am shuddering and screaming and twisting around on the bed, completely spread and taking this big cock in front of everyone. My juices coat the toy in a filthy way.

Once I come down from my climax, one of the onlookers suggests that I try the twelve-inch dildo. I refuse again, but I suck it. The enormous head looks hot in my mouth. Pierre snaps more pictures.

The two hours is over quickly. I get up off the bed and run to the dressing room, embarrassed, trying to cover my naughty parts.

I go home and tell Ben everything that happened, including the photographer jamming the ten-inch dildo deep inside me. I give him a hard time about that and the onlookers surprising me by watching. He loves hearing that I had an earth-shattering orgasm in front of nine guys. We are both so wound up that we fuck like animals right there on the living room floor.

The pictures arrive digitally and there are 100 hot, sexy pics. Ben loves them and thanks me up and down for such an awesome gift. He also tells me that Pierre propositioned him – he wants to take hardcore pictures of me. He’s got plenty of studs volunteering to model with me.

Ben tries to convince me to do it. He practically begs me to do it. I say no at first, but Ben can tell that this whole scenario gets me hot. I start to consider it.

“Which guy does Pierre want to use?”

“The dude named Julian.”

“I met him on the way out. He’s really hot.”

“I heard.”

“What do you mean, you heard?”

“Pierre tells me Julian is hung like a horse.”

“OMG, how big?”

“I don’t know, but he’s dying to fuck you and have Pierre take pictures.”

“That’s absurd.”

“I don’t know… I think it could be really hot.”

“You mean you want me to do that?”

“Yes! That seems like a really hot avenue to explore. I’m pretty turned-on. I can tell you are turned-on. Will you think about it?”

I shoot him a look that definitely isn’t a no. As I walk away, Ben says, “And I want you to have an audience again, too, for the shoot.”

It takes me a few days, but I eventually agree to do it. Ben makes the arrangements for the shoot. I’m even more nervous this time. And even more turned-on.

As soon as we get the e-mail from the photographer, Pierre, my knees start shaking. It’s addressed to Ben, but I am cc’d. A hardcore photo shoot with Julian has been booked for this coming Saturday at the studio.

Ben replies: Fantastic! She’ll be there, ready to fuck! How big is Julian?

As we wait for the response, my heart races. Finally, Pierre replies: He’s twelve inches. You sure your wife can handle that? She couldn’t do the biggest dildo at the last shoot.

Ben quickly answers: It isn’t that she couldn’t. She didn’t try. She’ll do it. Tell Julian to fuck my wife and make her scream! Don’t be gentle. And I want some really horny pictures!

I smack Ben. He grabs my phone and e-mails a response from me: I can’t wait for Julian to fuck me with his big cock!

He urges me to go along and hands me back my phone.

I read what he wrote and smack him again, harder.

He tells me, “Ask what you should bring to wear.”

I hesitate, but eventually I reply: What outfits should I bring? I have bikinis, lingerie, a sexy dress...?

Pierre’s reply: 6 inch heels.

I’m surprised:Just heels?

Pierre writes back: Just heels. Julian says he wants you naked right away.

OMG, that makes me so wet. Pierre e-mails us a picture of Julian in action, and his cock is absolutely huge! I don’t want Ben to see me really turned-on like this, like a little slut, but it’s so hard not to react when you see a cock like Julian’s.

Ben writes back: And I want guys watching again. Feel free to take pictures and video to keep for themselves. But make sure to send to me, too!

I smack Ben again. He reassures me, “Baby, this is so hot, it’s my fantasy. I love you so much. Please make it hot for my birthday. I’m so glad you’re going to do this!”

“I’m not doing this! You already got your dirty birthday present!”

“You already replied that you can’t wait for his big dick!”

I walk away in defiance. But I know that I’m going to do it. Ben has unlocked something really slutty deep inside me and he knows it.

I tremble all week, anticipating the shoot. Julian’s gorgeous and that picture was so hot. I can’t believe I’m going to get fucked by a stud with a twelve-inch cock. Ben wants a lot of dirty pictures. Saturday’s shoot is all I can think about. I masturbate constantly all week looking at that picture of Julian, getting ready. I hope I can go through with this.

On Saturday, I get buzzed into Pierre’s studio and head inside. I wear high heels, some extra small boy shorts and a white, sheer bandeau tube top that barely covers my big bouncing boobies. Ben dressed me like a total slut for this.

As I approach, I hear Julian’s voice. He’s talking to someone about me, I think. He’s talking about a “gorgeous slut.” A really hot slut who he thinks will love fucking a big dick. Wait until you see her hot ass and big tits. He tells them he’s gonna absolutely wear the slut out. I think they’re talking about me!

As I turn the corner, I see Pierre and Julian and two other tall guys.

A few helpers are arranging lights and prepping the set. There are three big monitors set up to see all of the shots during the shoot.

As I walk up, all four men stop talking. They get a good look at my bouncing titties as I approach.

Pierre says hello, kisses me on both cheeks, very European. Julian kisses me deeply on the lips, grabs my ass. Introduces me to his two tall friends, Zack and Charles. Tells me they’re going to stay for the shoot. They want to watch. I shake their hands, nodding. These two are just ogling me, sizing me up and down and being way obvious about it. Part of me is annoyed but I can’t help getting excited to have to fuck in front of strangers.

“I’m married, but my husband really wants me to fuck Julian and get a lot of sexy pictures and video.”

Julian cackles. “That’s so crazy! Your husband is crazy! Because by the time I’m done fucking you, you’re gonna want to be my girlfriend. Bet on that.”

I blush, then tell everyone I’m turned-on for the shoot and I head to the dressing room to essentially take off all my clothes, get these heels back on, and then get my makeup done. They all watch my ass as I walk away. I can feel their eyes on me. My boy shorts are so small.

It takes a ton of courage, but a half hour later I wobble out to the set wearing nothing but my heels. Totally nude, as requested. Julian’s in a robe, talking to his friends.

There are lots of people on the set. At least ten plus crew.

As I approach, all eyes leer at my nude body. My tits jiggle and my hips sway as I walk up. I’m very aware of how all of my stuff is jiggling as I approach them. I’m the only one naked. And they check out every inch of my body. That makes me wet. Pierre tells me I look hot. Julian and his boys admire my curves, especially my tits. I’m growing more and more self-conscious.

I am so hot for Julian’s big cock. I didn’t think I’d feel this way, but I am actually looking forward to going through with this! And at the same time I am mortified that so many people will watch.

I start to panic – I can’t believe I am going to get fucked with all these people watching. Pierre, Julian’s two tall friends, the lighting guy, the three helpers and Pierre’s camera assistant. I’m going to get fucked in front of eight guys! That’s so horny.

I cannot believe Ben arranged this. It’s actually about to happen.

Julian reaches out, pulls me in front of him, and French kisses me. He twists my nipples right in front of his friends, grinning. I moan softly and squirm. He tells me to inform his friends that I’m going to get fucked, still twisting my nipples. I look them in the eyes.

“He’s got such a hot cock. I’m going to suck and fuck him and there’s gonna be a lotta cum and you’ll have a front row seat for all of it.” I cannot believe that just came out of my mouth. “I’ve never had a huge cock before, but I guess I’m getting one today.”

Julian licks his fingers and then goes straight for my pussy, rubs my clit right in front of his friends. I moan, gyrate. Their eyes drink it all in, less than a foot away. Julian works a long finger into my pussy. I start wiggling around and let out a few soft moans, looking his friends square in the eyes. Fuck, that’s hot. I gyrate against Julian’s hand. His robe looks like a tent.

Pierre asks that we adjourn to the set. I turn to Julian’s friends and say “Are you guys ready to watch us?” They both nod yes. I lick my lips and shoot Julian a let’s go look.

I turn and walk on set, stepping into the lighting. I make sure they get a great view of my sexy naked ass. I shake it all the way over to the bed, crawling up on it, sticking my bare ass out in a really obvious way. Since I have nothing on, my pussy is right there for everybody to see. I overhear Julian’s friends admiring my big bouncing tits, my sexy ass, and my exposed pussy. They seem to love it all.

There are three large monitors that show whatever Pierre’s camera lenses capture. He’s got three cameras set up. He operates one, there’s an automated one fixed overhead, and his assistant shoots from a third angle. All cameras are trained on me.

Julian ambles over, no robe, his big cock stiffening. His cock is impossibly huge with a gigantic, mushroom head. He’s easily twelve inches.

I grab him by the cock and look into his eyes. “I don’t know if I can get it in my mouth.” I tease the massive head, then go down on him in front of everybody. I suck his cock really good, but I can only get the big head in my mouth, so I stroke the shaft. Ben is going to go crazy looking at pictures of me with a huge cock in my mouth.

Julian really likes how I’m sucking him. In no time, he’s on his back on the bed with his stiff dick standing at attention. “Suck me, baby. That’s so good.”

I gnaw on the big head as Julian closes his eyes and grunts.

I look into his eyes. “You like people watching me suck your big cock?” He grunts. “I can’t wait for my husband to see me sucking your big cock. I can barely get it in my mouth.”

Pierre positions himself directly in front of me, snapping away, getting very dirty pictures straight on of me licking and sucking Julian. Every time Julian grunts, I swirl my tongue around the head. He really likes that. He’s so big and throbbing. I look each of his friends in the eye as I suck the big head.

Pierre’s assistant shoots from a side angle, capturing Julian’s rock-hard cock sticking straight up, the head inflamed and pulsing and dripping pre-cum. My tongue darts around the head, teasing him. His hips buck as I engulf the whole head in my mouth. I glance over at the monitors. Completely nasty. Three different angles, all completely obscene. Julian’s big cockhead in my pretty mouth and me looking right into Pierre’s camera like a little slut.

I think Ben might enjoy these pictures.

Pierre snaps away and also encourages my audience to pull out their iPhones and shoot video and pictures.

I give them tons of poses with my tongue snaking around Julian’s flaring head. I lick the length of the thick shaft all the way down and back up again, slowly. All twelve inches.

I lock eyes with him. “I’ve never had a huge cock, Julian.”

I tease the tip with my tongue then engulf his massive, engorged helmet. He groans. Click, click, click.

After twenty minutes of sucking and countless pictures, Pierre instructs me to get on my hands and knees and stick my ass in the air. I do that in front of everybody, even though my pussy is soaking wet. I’m embarrassed but I wave it around anyway, in a really sexy way. Julian approaches from behind. His cock is like steel and sticking straight up. He spits on my pussy from behind. I don’t know why that turns me on so much, but it does.

Pierre wants explicit shots of it going inside, so we spend the next twenty-five minutes with the big head just barely in my pussy. Every time it goes in, I grunt and moan and wiggle, then Julian pulls out, only to put it in again and again. I don’t know if I can handle how big he is. This is really turning me on. The anticipation of having it all inside me has me climbing the walls.

The three monitors catch all the angles. Julian’s cock glistens with my pussy’s wetness. I moan loudly, the teasing really driving me wild. Both Julian and Pierre remark how hot my ass looks with this huge, throbbing, hard dick barely going inside my pussy. I look at the monitors. It looks pornographic. Fuck, that’s hot.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Pierre nod to Julian, who immediately thrusts forward powerfully and buries his hot cock deep in my pussy from behind.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! You’re so big!” I scream and lean forward from the force of it. He grinds it in, pulls out abruptly, then jams it back in all the way again. “Oh fuck! Your cock is huge!”

I moan and squirm. He crams it inside, moves his hips around. He whispers in my ear that he’s never going to stop fucking me and it doesn’t matter how much I yell or squirm, he’s never going to stop fucking me. I shout out “Oh fuck!!!” over and over as he pounds into me. I look around and everybody is watching us intently. Julian’s friends walk around and position themselves right in front of me, iPhones trained on my contorting face, moaning as Julian fills me with twelve inches of hard cock.

All the guys have bulges in their pants. I look back at gorgeous Julian pumping away. That takes me to another level. I cum like a wildwoman in front of everyone!

He keeps cramming that big cock deep inside me from behind, powering through my extended orgasm. I lock eyes with Zack and Charles standing right in front of me. I’m getting fucked really hard on camera and I can’t stop cumming on his huge cock! I’ve never had an orgasm that powerful, that extended. Everyone watching intently makes it even more intense. Aside from my yelling, you can hear a pin drop in the studio.

Pierre pauses us for about five minutes to resolve a lighting issue. When he interrupts us, Julian is in mid-stroke, almost all the way outside me. His big cockhead is halfway in me and half out. Streaks of my cum coat his entire shaft.

Everybody pauses, taking a break in the action as Pierre and his assistants adjust the lights.

As I await further direction, Julian plunges his big cock deep into me in one strong motion.

“Oh fuck!!!”

He grinds it into me, hard. Fuck he’s big. I thought we were –

“Oh fuck!!!!!!”

Julian grinds even harder into me. Sinks it so deep. Pushes in all the way as far as it will go.

He grunts in my ear. “Your pussy is so tight, babe. Take it. Fuck me back. Show your husband that you love my big cock.”

“Oh my God! Oh fuck! You’re so big!”

I thought we were taking a break? Pierre needed a break? Julian grins, grinding it into me. I squirm with pleasure, moaning loudly, screaming. I look at his friends, bite my lip.

“Oh fuck his cock is huge!”

I fuck him back, so turned-on. They can’t take their eyes off of me. They make lewd comments while we wait for Pierre’s lighting adjustments. We keep grinding, slowly. Fuck, it’s hot. I lock eyes with his friends. I shudder, another strong orgasm building inside me.

Pierre fixes his equipment and resumes the shoot. We never stopped fucking. I lock eyes with Julian.

“I love your big cock. You fuck me so good.”

Pierre instructs me to get on top and ride Julian, the camera positioned behind us. I make sure we maneuver so my ass is wide open for the whole set to see. I lower myself down on Julian’s big cock, moaning louder as each inch sinks into me. Ugghhh! I can only go down so far.

“Fuck, he’s so big!”

I look into the overhead camera lens, groaning and wincing. Eventually, I wiggle my way down on that big cock. Julian thrusts upward to jam the last two inches inside. I grunt. We fuck and grind and curse and moan. My big tits swing in his face. He bites my nipples.

He flips me over on my back, pulls my legs wide apart. His big cock never leaves my pussy. He drills into me, pounding hard and fast. My eyes widen as I buck all over his cock, screaming. He’s on top of me, pinning me down, sweating from the exertion.

Julian smiles, winks at his friends. “I told you she’d love my big cock.” He continues stroking, pounding my pussy. His arrogance is such a turn-on for some reason. A really powerful orgasm sweeps over my whole body. I explode.

“I can’t stop cumming on your big cock! Fuck!”

He’s so cocky, he just grins knowingly and keeps fucking. Out of breath, he looks into my eyes, tells me he hopes I’m ready for all the cum in my pussy coz he’s gonna shoot it inside. He grabs my hair in a fist and his whole body tenses. He shudders and convulses and jams his big cock in as far as it will go, shooting stream after stream of cum deep inside me.

His massive cumshot sets me off again, and I buck wildly, having another, full-on, screaming orgasm.

“I can’t stop cumming on your big cock, Julian!”

He pulls out, still rock-hard. Cum is everywhere. Pierre tells him to hold his cock just outside my pussy. He does. I look at the monitors and it seems impossible that such a big, pulsing cockhead would fit inside my little pussy, much less the length of his shaft.

Waves of cum stream out of my pussy. Wads drip off of Julian’s head and onto my open pussy. Pierre gets all the embarrassing cum pictures, as does his assistant.

I glance at the monitors and all three angles are completely filthy. Julian’s cock is so big and so hot, dripping with cum! He’s still really hard and rubbing it against the outside of my pussy.

Julian’s friends look at me in disbelief, the whole set does. Julian tells me I’m an awesome fuck. I smile shyly, a little embarrassed. The look on his face and his snide grin lets me know that he absolutely owns me.

Suddenly, he maneuvers back on top of me, pins me down and crams it all the way in again, this time very slowly. Oh fuck! Cum oozes out of my pussy as he works it all the way inside as far as it will go and holds it there, grinds it. I’m so overwhelmed.

“What are you doing? I thought we were done.”

He looks deep in my eyes. “Let’s fuck some more. We got our pictures and video, but I wanna keep fucking you. Let’s stay here like this for a little while,” he says. “I love the look on your face when I’m all the way inside. You look so desperate, so overwhelmed.”

“I am!” My mouth is open in a silent gasp, my hips bucking, my pussy completely spread and this big stud way up inside me again. I nod okay like I can’t get enough of his big dick.

He’s gorgeous. He flexes his big cock inside me, the giant head flaring deep inside. My pussy clamps down on him. He flexes his big cock again and I can’t take it. I cum again, really hard. He’s embedded, so deep inside me. I shudder so much my boobs bounce. He starts pumping, really stroking, building his momentum. He pulls that big cock out of my tight pussy, grunts, jacks it. It shoots thick streams of cum in on my tummy and on my pussy.

I eventually catch my breath, compose myself, and get off the bed, satisfied and covered in cum. Everyone stares in disbelief and amazement. That was the fuck of the century.

As I stride off the set, still in my heels, Julian calls after me, “Please tell your husband that I fucked you good. Call me any time you want to fuck.”

I was quite a sight, nipples sticking out like bullets, cum dripping out of my pussy. I give my audience a sexy smile, and head to my dressing room, making sure to swing my sexy ass while I walk away. I can feel their eyes on me. You can hear a pin drop.

The End


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