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Naked dare chapter 1

Surprised husband discovers wife's exhibitionist side.

I love my wife, Ella. To say she is gorgeous is a major misrepresentation. Although not tall at five feet two inches, she is the perfect height for me. When I hold her in a hug her head fits perfectly under my chin. She has thick wavy auburn hair that always smells fresh and clean and shines in the sunlight. Her radiant beauty belies her age and she still gets asked for I.D. at bars even though she’s in her early thirties. Along with alabaster skin and eyes the color of melted chocolate, she has full, bow shaped lips that I love to kiss. She’s fit and healthy in the traditional sense; unlike a sculpted gym junkie she is soft in all the right places but by no means overweight. I like to think she could have been a model for the early painters and sculptors. She has what I like to call a goddesses body - mainly because I like to kneel before her and worship her.

Ella has a wicked sense of humor and loves to tease. Sometimes she can be a real flirt but I don’t think she’s entirely aware of it or the reactions she causes in her hapless victims. Many times I’ve seen male friends, and even a couple of female ones, squirming in their seats at her innuendos and flirty behavior. The amazing part is no one seems to mind. We can have a group of friends around for an evening and not one person goes away without having a good time. None have ever become upset or angry at her behavior because like me, they seem to know that she is genuinely unaware of her impact on men.

This beautiful woman is not just my wife, she is also my best friend, and confidante and I truly believe she is my soul mate. I know that sounds corny and a little pretentious, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I know she will always be there for me and has proven in the past that she will stand by me no matter what stupid thing I have done - believe me, there have been quite a few.

Having said all of this, I’ve noticed some changes over the last few months that have given me reason to think. For example, she has been spending a lot of time on the internet lately which is very unusual for her as she would sooner have her head in a book normally. When she comes to bed after being on the net she is very amorous and quite sexually aggressive. Even though she’s flirty, she’s always been fairly unadventurous in bed in the past - probably my only complaint within our marriage. Now, however, I find I’m struggling to keep up with her. There have been a lot of new suggestions lately and they seem to be getting more daring. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining, but all this just seems to have come from nowhere.

After a particularly vigorous session one afternoon when I came home for lunch - not that I ended up having any - I just had to ask.

“Where did this new sense of adventure come from?”


Now I am not the jealous type but this was definitely not the answer I was expecting. I’m also pretty sure we have no friends or relatives named ‘Mike’.

“Whoa! Who the hell is Mike?”

“No, it’s nothing like that honey.”

“Like what? What’s going on?”

“Don’t get upset. There’s nothing to worry about, okay? Mike’s a guy I ‘ve been talking to on the net.”

“I don’t understand. What’s he got to do with us?”

“I was just surfing a while ago and I found a website where people get on line and dare each other to do things. They then sometimes post photos to prove they completed the dare. There’s a group who chat online about it. They find a partner and dare each other to do things.”

“What sort of things?”

I was getting very interested now, but I was still trying to figure out how involved she was with this Mike.

“They are usually sexual things. But it depends on what the people are interested in and how far they are willing to go.”

“So this Mike is your partner, is he?”

“Yes, but you need to know that he lives in the U.S. He’s on the other side of the world and he’s not someone you need to worry about, alright?”

“Okay. I do trust you, and if you say there’s nothing to worry about then that’s enough for me. Besides If you were getting some action elsewhere then I guess I’d be missing out, and seeing as I’m reaping the benefits, who am I to complain?”

She laughed and gave me a big hug. Feeling her naked body pressed against me made me begin to rise again. When she saw my cock hardening once more she slowly ran her fingertips along the underside of it making it twitch and jump.

“Oh this is a bad idea. I have to get back to work and if you keep that up I’ll never leave.”

“Is that such a bad thing?”

“Only if you want to continue living in a house and eating.”

“Spoil sport.”

“Hey I’d be happy to stay here and pleasure you all day if somebody would pay me to do it but I’ve yet to see that job advertised in the papers. I reckon there would be a hell of a queue for that interview though.”

“Yeah, yeah, stop being silly. Go back to work. I’d like to talk more about this tonight when you get home.”

“Do I get to eat dinner first? A man could starve around here.”

“If you’re lucky I might cook you something. There will definitely be something to eat.”

She winked and then lay back and spread her legs.

“Oh for god’s sake stop it! You’re making it too hard to leave.”

She pulled the sheet up over herself and smiled.


“Yes and no. I love you. See you tonight.”


The rest of the afternoon was going to be torturously slow.

By the time I was on my drive home my imagination was torturing me. Although I was fairly confident that there was nothing to worry about at lunch time, it was a different story by the time I was going home. Every time I had a second to think about it, I was conjuring all kinds of scenarios. To be honest though, it turned out to be pretty harmless.

Ella met me at the door, and along with her welcoming kisses I was greeted with the smell of roast lamb. My wife had a real sparkle of excitement in her eye and she had dressed in a very sexy red dress that was very low cut.

“Mmm, you look good. Are we going somewhere?”

“No I don’t think so. That kind of depends on what Mike says.”

“Oh, really? How does that work?”

“Well like I said, I want to discuss this with you, so let’s sit down and enjoy this roast and some wine.”

“How can I refuse a mysterious hottie with an offer like that?”

I went and had a shower while Ella carved the roast and I decided to get a little dressed up for the occasion as well; not that I really understood what the occasion was. We sat and enjoyed the roast and I must say that the view I had across the table straight down Ella’s delicious looking cleavage was very distracting.

“Alright, what was it you wanted to tell me about?”

All of a sudden Ella looked very nervous.

“Come on spill the beans, I won’t be angry.”

“Well, you know how I mentioned Mike and what we do?”

“In the chat room?”

“Yeah, well as I said, it’s about dares. What we do is dare each other to do things. So far it has been pretty tame and we haven’t required much proof.”

“What proof have you had to show so far?”

I figured this was the best way of finding out how far things had gone without sounding too demanding or angry. Truth is I wasn’t angry and I didn’t want her to think I was.

“We’ve just sent a few photos back and forth to show that we had performed our dare.”

I rolled my hand in a ‘give it to me’ gesture and prompted more information.

“He dared me to take a photo of me holding up my panties and email it to him to prove that I was talking to him with no panties on.”

“Did you?”


“You could have taken a photo with any pair of panties and still been wearing them.”

“I know.”

“Did you really take them off then?”


“Hmm. Did he ask for more proof that you were pantiless?”

“No he didn’t need to.”

“Why is that?” I was a bit concerned with how far she may have gone without telling me.

“The conversation we had earlier was a dare to tell each other about what underwear we were wearing, so he knew by my description what they looked like and there was a bit more proof too.”

“Oh do tell.” I said with a big grin.

“Well we were talking dirty a lot and I’d become very aroused, so there was a wet patch on them which you can see quite clearly in one of the photos.”

“So you took several photos?”

“Well we wanted to see what each other looked like and there has been some teasing.”

“Wow. How far have you gone in them?”

I have to admit to feeling a whole gamut of emotions. I was a bit jealous of this Mike. I was a little apprehensive of how far they had gone, but more than anything I was getting very excited.

“We’ve seen each other’s face. We’ve sent photos showing what we look like physically, but not naked.”

“And what about these teasing photos?”

“I’ll show you everything when we’re in the office but basically I sent a couple of photos of me with a tight t-shirt on and no bra. We were getting pretty worked up and my nipples were really standing out and I showed him the inside of my thighs as I was wearing a skirt.”

“Could he see your panties in those shots?”

She gave me a cheeky grin.

“That was after I’d taken them off.”

I swear there was a clunk as my jaw hit the table.

She laughed and said, “There’s no way you can see my pussy from the angle I took the photo.”

“Jesus! Ella.”

“There is one I took that shows a bit more; you can see my pussy from above but I didn’t send him that one. I didn’t even tell him about it or he would have talked me into it.”

“I have to get in on this.”

I was so turned on by this idea I felt like I was about to rip the seam in my pants.

“That’s where it gets awkward. He doesn’t want me to tell you about it even though I said you would probably be fine with it. He also wants to start having these chats over the webcam but I told him we don’t have one. I wanted to check with you first.”

“If you’re going to be having these chats over the webcam, there’s no way I’m not going to be there. This is the sort of thing we share and there is no way I’ll be kept out of my own office or our sex life.”

“Calm down! This is why I wanted to talk to you about it. I wouldn’t have it that way either. I’ve been giving this some thought, though and I think I’ve come up with the answer. If I say no to this, he’ll back out. I think this is his way of getting off on it knowing that I’m married. So what I think we should do is say to him that I went out and bought a webcam today but didn’t realize that I had to get a microphone as well. That way you can be in the room with me but out of view of the camera. We can still discuss things as we go; it will just look like I’m reading out loud or talking to myself.”

I had to laugh at this.

“You really did put some thought into this didn’t you? If this is what you really want then let’s do it. We’re going to have to move the computer a bit though so we can both see what’s happening but still be comfortable and so I can come and go from the room without him seeing me.”

We spent the next half an hour moving furniture and testing our theories. When we were happy with the set up we got online. Mike wasn’t on yet and it looked like we’d have to wait a while.

“While we’re waiting, why don’t you show me these photos you took?”

She gave me another of her cheeky grins as she clicked her way into her folders and found the one labeled ‘dares’. She opened it up and I was surprised by how many photos were in there.

“You’ve been busy!”

“You know what it’s like; you have to take a heap of photos before you get some you’re happy with. It’s hard taking photos of yourself, even with a timer and tripod.”

She was right. There were quite a few blurry ones and some with her head cut off. They did get better the further down the page we went and the more she practiced. I’d reached some of the ‘juicier’ ones now and was surprised at them. There was nothing x-rated but I was surprised she’d taken them at all, to be honest. Like I said earlier she does flirt a lot but mostly she never seems to be overtly aware of her own sexuality and how it affects other people.

As we went down the page she showed a bit more flesh. There were some of her cleavage, her bare tummy and the ones of her in her skirt. There were a few of her in a t-shirt that left me in no doubt at all that she had removed her bra. Her nipples were very rigid and there were a couple where you could even see the color of her areole through the shirt. In amongst the cleavage ones were some where she had pulled her shirt forward and taken a ‘down blouse’ shot, including one where you could quite clearly see her nipples. I asked her about that one.

“I never sent that one to him because it showed too much.”

“Would you send it to him?”

“I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it so I didn’t. I’m not sure if I would. I guess it depends on how horny I get and how far I want to go with this dare thing.”

“I think you should.”

She looked at me with one eyebrow raised and a smirk on her face.

“Turns you on thinking someone else is looking at me, doesn’t it?”


“Hmm, interesting.”

She said no more on the matter and we scrolled through more photos. We then came across the ones she mentioned earlier about her panties.

The first one was her just standing there in her skirt and white t-shirt. Her nipples were standing out and you could see that she had already taken her bra off. The next one showed her in the same pose except her panties were around her knees. The third one showed her still standing in the same place except she has the panties in her hand. The final one showed her still standing but leaning in closer to the camera. She was holding up her panties close to the camera and you could see a very definite wet patch in the crotch of her panties.

The next set showed her legs from the knees down. Then with each shot you could see more of her thighs culminating in the shot she had told me she hadn’t sent. This one showed her body from below her tits right down. Because she held the camera very close to her body and the way the skirt was bunched around her waist you couldn’t really see her pussy. You could see her pierced belly button, her pubes and her very sexy thighs but you couldn’t make out the shape of her pussy lips. If she was shaved you probably could but she doesn’t like to shave. She keeps her pubes very neat and tidy and she waxes during summer but she doesn’t like to go bald because she says it makes her look like a child.

As we got to the bottom of the page I noticed another folder. This one was named ‘Mike’.

“So Mike sends you photos too. I’m glad it’s not all one way.”

Ella clicked this folder open now and I received my first surprise. Mike was a very tall and quite an athletic, African American. I don’t really know why this surprised me; it was just not what I expected. We scrolled through his photos and most of them were the same type of photos as Ella’s. They were obviously giving each other the same type of dares. He was dressed very nicely like he was going to a party or an evening out. The next set showed him opening his shirt. Holy shit, this guy was well built.

“He must work out, a lot!” was all I could gasp.

I must have sounded a bit nervous. I was feeling a bit inadequate. I’m not in bad shape but I’m nothing like this guy. Ella gave me a look that pretty much asked if I was ok.

“You know you have nothing to worry about don’t you? I have always said to you that it doesn’t matter where you get your appetite so long as you come home to eat.”

“Yeah I’m fine. Just feeling a bit underdone.”

She laughed again.

“Your plenty for me hon. besides this one would be way too much for me. Have a look at this.”

She scrolled down a bit further and brought up a photo of Mike in just a pair of jocks.

“Holy shit! What does he do, smuggle Anacondas from South America?”

“Yeah he certainly is a big boy. Too big for me. I think the only way to have sex with him would be to have your organs removed for the evening. You’d need the space.”

I was gob smacked. I mean, I’ve seen those websites with blokes with enormous dicks but I always assumed they were fake.

“That can’t be real.”

“Well that’s one of the things I’d like to find out but I’m pretty sure he won’t show me any more unless I do.”

“Honey, I’m not gay but I would like to know if that thing is real too. I think you should send him the two photos you didn’t.”

Ella gave me a very level look.

“If I do that I’m not sure where it is going to end. Are you prepared to do that?”

I thought about what she said for a while.

“You will only go as far as you want to. You know you can say no and stop anytime you want right? And you know that I trust you. Besides, he’s half a planet away it’s not like he can touch you physically from there.”

“Let’s do this.”

She brought up the e-mail program and created a new e-mail. She inserted both pictures and left a small message saying she had decided to share these photos with him. She moved the mouse over the send icon and then looked me in the eye.

“You’re absolutely sure?”

“Only if you want to.”

A huge grin spread across her face and she clicked ‘send’.

“I’m fucking wet already just thinking about him looking at those.”

Within seconds of sending the e-mail, the chat icon lit up at the bottom of the page.

“That was bloody quick. Do you think he’d have it already?”

“I doubt it. Probably just a coincidence. Why don’t you ask him?”

She logged on and began to type.

“Hi Mike. I was just looking at your cock and decided to send you some more pics from the other night.”


“Awesome. Can’t wait to see more of your hot bod. Send them through.”


“I already have, check your e-mail.”


“Right. brb.”


I waited, nervously, while this stranger looked at my wife’s naked body. I was surprised to find that I really wanted approval from this man that I had never met and would likely never talk to. I looked across at Ella and saw she had the same look of apprehension on her face.

“Got them.”




“God damn you are fucking hot. I’m hard as a rock over here.”


“I’d like to see that.”


“Lol. Not yet. You’ve got to do some more things for me first.”


“Shit. I forgot it’s my turn.”


“Does your camera take videos?”




“I’m going to up the ante now. I dare you to go check your mail topless and tape yourself doing it. Then send me the proof.”


Ella looked at me and laughed.


“He’s forgotten that it’s the middle of the night here.”

“Shouldn’t be anyone around. Are you up for it?”

“Fuck it you only live once.”

We were just about to get up to do it when a new message popped up.

“Are you still there?”


“Yes, just getting the camera ready.”


“Won’t your husband think that’s a bit weird?”


“No he’s away for a conference and he won’t be back until late Sunday early Monday. That gives me tomorrow and the whole weekend to me.”


“Awesome, we don’t have to hold back then. Oh, and with your dare, NO RUNNING! You must walk all the way there, check your mail box and walk all the way back no matter what.”


“That makes it harder but you know what? I’m gonna do it anyway. Back soon.”


With that Ella stood up and grabbed the camera and tripod.

“You don’t need the tripod. I can hold the camera.”

“But if you move he will know you were there. It needs to be the same height and still. It’s just easier if we put it on the tripod.”

“Oh I didn’t think of that.”

We grabbed all that we needed and walked out the front door. We set up the camera in the driveway where it would catch everything.

“Oh shit!”

“What’s up?”

“How am I going to do this with a dress on? I don’t want to get changed.”

“Here let me show you.” I really wanted to be part of this.

I slowly pushed the shoulder straps down over her shoulders and down her arms. I felt her shiver with anticipation and excitement as her breasts popped out of her dress and into the night air. Her nipples stood straight out but it wasn’t that cold. I half rolled, half tucked the top half of her dress in around the waist to stop it slipping right off.

I pressed the record button and sent her on her way. She slowly walked down the drive way and her beautiful clear skin shone in the moonlight. She walked with an exaggerated sway of the hips and to be honest it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

She arrived at the letterbox and made a big show of checking it for mail. She turned and looked straight down the camera with her lovely tits on display, and with a pouty expression said, “Gee nobody loves me. No one wants to send me a letter.”

She then walked back towards the camera, sashaying as she went. About half way back a car came around the corner and its headlights swept down our driveway briefly. I could see the look of panic in her eye. As they went past somebody yelled something indecipherable out the window. Ella jumped when they yelled and her dress started to slip down. It dropped far enough that you could see her pubes but she grabbed it before it fell any further. She did keep her cool and kept walking though.

After I turned the camera off I said to her, “I can’t believe you didn’t run when the car went past.”

“Mike said I had to walk. If I didn’t do the dare right I’d have to do another one.”

“Oh, so there are rules, hey?”

“Yes and they’re strict. I want to keep going with this, if that’s ok with you, but if I break the rules he won’t play anymore.”

I ignored the small reference to permission. I’d already given that.

“I also noticed a distinct lack of panties.”

“I was going to surprise you later.”

“Well consider me surprised.”

We sat back down at the computer and they started up the conversation again. Ella hooked up the camera to the computer and uploaded the video to the e-mail and sent it.

“I’m back.”


“Wow that was quick. I thought you might chicken out of that one, and you know what that would mean.”


“Yeah I know. I’ve sent it to your e-mail.”


“Have you watched it back?”


“No need. I lived it. That’s better than watching it.”


“Awesome. Give me a few minutes to watch it.”


We sat and waited nervously again for Mike to go watch the video. It seemed to take forever.

“Why don’t you want to watch it?” I asked.

“I don’t know, just seems silly watching myself.”

“I think you should.”


“Just to see how you did.”

“Alright. I guess we can. You just want to watch it again don’t you? You are such a perve!”

“I know,” I said, “But when it comes to you I can’t get enough - besides you know I like to watch.”

Ella laughed as I pressed ‘play’ on the camera, then she stared at the screen as she saw herself for the first time walking around outside, half naked. By the time it had finished she was lightly brushing one nipple with her finger tips and she was softly biting her bottom lip.

“Wow. That was hot.”

“I told you.”

“Yeah but you’re biased.”

The chat icon popped up and when she opened it there was a message that simply said.

“Holy shit!”


“Liked that did you? What took you so long?”


“I had to watch that twice. And try to pause it when your pussy showed. Lol.”


“I’m glad you liked it. Guess what I got today.”


“No idea.”


“A webcam.”




“I thought you’d be happy about that.”


“That’s fantastic, turn it on. Let’s do this.”


“Settle down. I haven’t even got it plugged in yet. Oh, and I thought it had an inbuilt mike but it turns out it doesn’t so we will still have to type.”


“Oh well, maybe next time.”


“Give me a second and I’ll have the cam going.”


Ella sat back and looked at me.

“What are you doing?” I queried.

“I’m just waiting a few seconds to turn it on. He thinks I don’t know what I’m doing, so why ruin it by moving too quickly?”

If I’m honest with myself I have to admit to being impressed and just a little unnerved by just how sneaky Ella was acting.

“Are you ready for me to do this?” she insisted.

“Like I keep saying, if it’s what you want to do, then go for it.”

“Yeah, but is it what you want?”

“Have you not noticed the tent in my lap? The fact that you want to do this just adds to my enjoyment of it, honey. Now let’s not keep the man waiting.”

“Alright, here goes nothing,” she laughed. “Remember to stay out of shot.”

She clicked on the button to request a cam session. His picture came up within seconds, as though his finger was hovering over the mouse button just waiting. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wow somebody’s keen.”

All of a sudden it was like Ella just changed personalities. She just totally relaxed into it and started up the flirting. Maybe ‘changed personalities’ is the wrong way of putting it. It was more like she amped up her personality. She had a huge smile on her face and she leaned a long way forward showing ample cleavage. It was kind of strange to witness.

Well hello there, sexy lady.”


“You don’t look so bad yourself.”


“Did you enjoy doing that dare?”


“You know, apart from being nervous, I really did. It kind of got me hot.”


“Really? I’ll have to keep that in mind.”


“Just go easy on me. I am new at this you know.”


“We’ve got all the time in the world, I have to admit that I was just a little disappointed that it’s night time there, until the car went past any way. Now I guess it’s my turn. Have you thought of something for me to do?”


“Actually yes I have, but I think you might think it’s a bit lame.”




“Because it’s an easy one.”


“Oh no!”




“Whenever someone says it’s easy it always turns out to be harder than they imagined.”


“I have got harder ones but I want you to do this one first.”


“Alright. Give it to me.”


“Ok, I dare you to tell me about yourself, not just your ‘identity’ on the net but who you really are and the place where you live.”


“What the hell for?”


“You know the rules, do you accept the dare?”


“Alright, I ain’t gonna back down now, but for the record, this is not easy.”


“Well I’m glad it wasn’t too lame.”


“Well as you know my name is Mike. I am 32 and I have one brother and one sister. I’m single, not really by choice, never been married and I have no kids. I guess you could say that I’m the eternal bachelor. That doesn’t mean that I sit on my ass and watch football and drink beer all the time, although I do like to play poker with my buddies and we usually have a few beers in the process.”


Ella was about to reply but she could see Mike was typing another message. We both waited. He was telling us more.

“Both of my parents died when I was a teenager at college. My sister is married and has two gorgeous little kids but we don’t get to see each other very often as she lives in a town called ‘Lyons’ in Colorado. Her husband owns an engineering company that mainly works on ski lifts. It’s such a long way from where I live that we usually only see each other once a year. I refuse to go there in the winter because it’s just so damn cold. She refuses to come here in summer because it’s hot and humid.


“I live in a town called ‘Cocoa’ in Florida. So we do have to contend with some exciting weather and mosquitoes big enough to carry off small children. Oh, and the Gators can be annoying when you go fishing too. But when you see a shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral it makes up for it.


“My brother lives in the same town as me and he has a girlfriend who lives with him but I don’t think either of them wants to get married. They still like a certain amount of freedom if you know what I mean. My brother is a traveling salesman for a power tool company, and like they say with sailors, he probably has a girl in every port. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his girlfriend and they live together when he’s home, he just ain’t home all that much. I’ve never seen a ‘visitor’ at his house when he’s not home but it wouldn’t surprise me. You can’t neglect someone as fine as her for long and get away with it.


“Any way that’s me in a nutshell. Not much more to tell you.”


“What do you do for a living?” my wife asked him.


“I cart rich people’s boats around and put them where they want them. Sometimes I get to take them on a small trip up or down the coast but they usually want them trailered. So I spend half my days driving my truck and half my days doing whatever I want.”


“Are there many decent shopping malls near you?”


“Typical girl question. Lol. I don’t know what constitutes a good one but yes there are a few around here.”


“Well I guess that just about covers my dare. I guess now it’s my turn again.”


“I might just have to think about it for a while.”


“Well don’t hurt yourself thinking too hard. I have to go to the bathroom, back soon.”


Ella got up to move out of view of the webcam but she couldn’t resist leaning a long way forward as she did, showing Mike a great view of her tits down the top of her dress.

“You look like you’re having fun,” I teased.

“Oh well, might as well give him something to think about while he thinks of a dare for me.”

“Does it scare you that he’s thinking of a new dare?”

“No, just kind of gets me a bit excited to be honest.”

“So what was the deal with fishing for info?” I asked her.

“Gives me something to work on when I make up his dares. I’ve got some good ones floating around up here.” She tapped her head with her finger.

She went and sat back down at the computer, judging she had been gone for the appropriate amount of time for a loo break.

“I’m back.”


“I can see that. I also saw a very nice view when you got up.”


“Did you now? Did you find the view inspirational?”


“Well it just so happens I did. I thought to myself, I really want to see those gorgeous titties some more.”


“Oh that’s easy.”


Ella reached up to her shoulders and slowly lowered the straps of her dress. First one side and then she slowly lowered the other side until the dress was just barely staying in place and seemed to be clinging to her nipples. I looked at the image of Mike and he had his face right up to the screen, his eyes transfixed on my wife’s chest. She looked straight into the camera and did this kind of shoulder shake that made her dress fall down to her waist, revealing her tits in all their glory with very erect nipples topping their swelling mounds.

“Well I must say they are glorious and I could look at you all day like that. I appreciate you doing it for me; now about that dare.”


“I beg your pardon? Haven’t I just completed your dare?”


“Not at all. I just said I wanted to look them, I didn’t dare you to show them to me.”


I burst out laughing and Ella blushed a bright red which then traveled from her face down her chest. I couldn’t help but think she blushes the same way when she comes.

“Alright smart ass, you got a freebie. Now what’s your dare?”


The way she typed it made her sound angry but I could see the smile starting at the corners of her mouth and eyes and I’m pretty sure Mike could too.

“I see you are in your office. So seeing as you have the girls out you may as well leave them that way and grab some of those clips behind you and see how long you can leave them on your nipples.”


I saw her hesitate for the first time. She turned around and found the clips he was talking about. They were like miniature bulldog clips. She turned back to the computer and I could see the look of doubt on her face.

“These ones?”




“This is gonna hurt.”


“If it’s unbearable don’t leave them there. Or are you going to reject my dare?”


All of a sudden there was a look of steely defiance on her face.

She looked down at the clips. She looked at her nipples. She looked up at the screen with a look that clearly said “Bastard”. She took one of the clips and opened it; she slowly released the pressure off the clip as it clamped down over her right nipple. She took a sharp breath in. I expected to hear her say how much it hurt but instead she let out a guttural moan and she shivered, making her breasts shake.

When she looked back up her face had changed. Gone was the look of apprehension and instead I could see lust smoldering just below the surface. Her blush had returned and she was taking slow, deep breaths like she was trying to control herself. She looked at the screen and Mike had this ‘knowing’ look on his face. He bent forward and typed.

“That’s good isn’t it?”


“God yes,” she typed with an effort.

“But you’re not finished. It’s time to put the other one on.”


She let out another moan and picked up the second clip. She took a few deep breaths to steady herself and then placed the second clip over her left nipple. She moaned again as the little clamp bit down on her nipple. She was squirming in her seat and I knew she’d be very wet and I wished I could taste her, but I didn’t want the game to end just yet.

Mike sent another message as Ella calmed down a bit.

“You like that more than you expected don’t you?”




“Are you having fun?”




I could tell Ella was still struggling to control herself by her one word answers.

“You looked very intense just now.”


“Did I?”


“Oh yeah. That made you feel real good - so good you were nearly going to cum?”




“Do you want to play some more?”




“Good. You’re very wet aren’t you Ella?”




Wow. This was getting interesting. It was like she had forgotten I was in the room and I wasn’t about to remind her.

“Good. Do you like being wet Ella?”


“I love it.”


“I want you to do something for me. I know you don’t want to show me your pussy yet but I really want to see how wet you are.”




“I want you to slip a finger inside your pussy and when it’s all nice and wet I want you to show it to me.”




Ok? Ella had never masturbated in front of me before. I know she does it just like everybody else but she has always been too nervous to display herself like that to me.

She reached down and started to pull the bottom of her dress up around her waist; it now looked like a large red belt holding up nothing. She put her feet up onto the chair so that they were sole to sole, and let her knees relax. Mike was looking at her down the monitor like he was trying to will the camera to see lower but what Ella was doing was below the height of the desk, so he couldn’t see. All he could see was Ella’s knees spread wide apart, her nipples in clamps and the look of intense pleasure on her face.

Opening herself up wide she reached down and slid one finger straight into herself. She was so wet that she didn’t need to work her finger in, it just slid straight in. I could see her swollen lips and they were covered in her juices. She moaned as she slid her finger in and out of her pussy. She had her hand so that every time she pushed her finger in, she squashed her palm hard against her clit. She pulled her finger out then slid a second in beside it. She curved the two fingers she now had in her up so that she massaged her ‘G’ spot.

She looked like she was about to explode when she pulled her fingers out and held them up close to the camera. You could see the light reflecting off her glistening fingers and you could see the look of longing on Mike’s face, especially when she took those fingers and popped them in her mouth, sucking her own juices off them.

I was blown away, and coincidentally I almost blew in my pants. I’ve never seen Ella behave like this before and I liked it.

“Can I take these clamps off now Mike? They’re starting to hurt.”


“Absolutely. That was stunning. You are so hot.”


“Thank you, but I’m going to have to go now.”


“I thought you might.”


“But I’ll give you your dare first. This one will take some time.”


“I’m scared already.”


“No this one isn’t scary. I dare you to go to your busiest local shopping mall and take a lot of photos. The idea is that when you send them to me I should be able to get a very good idea what the place looks like and where things are in relation to each other. The reason for this will become clear with your next dare - if I make it through yours of course. It would probably be better if you take the photos over several days so people get used to seeing you in there with a camera.”


“I’ve gotta say I’ve never been asked to do this before, but I’ll give it a go. I accept your dare and I will talk to you tomorrow night. Oh and by the way, seeing as I got a freebie I decided that you should too. Check your e-mail. Goodnight.”


“Ok. Goodnight.”


We went straight into Ella’s inbox. There was only one new message and it was from Mike.

It was titled ‘A freebie for a freebie’. There was no text, just an attachment. Ella opened the attachment and there was a picture of Mike, obviously taken tonight while watching Ella’s show. The man has the biggest hard-on I have ever seen. His cock looked rock solid and was so long it reached up to between his navel and his nipples. I was stunned and Ella couldn’t seem to drag her eyes away from it. The head was the size, shape and color of a large plum. It was thick too - about as thick around as a good sized cucumber. I don’t know if there are too many women in this world that could take all of Mike. In fact I think most would run screaming if presented with a cock that size.

We didn’t even shut down the computer that night. Within moments Ella had jumped on me. She grabbed at my pants, trying to get them undone. I stood up and helped her pull them down. She pushed me back onto the office chair and straddled me. I had one very swollen nipple in my mouth and I just had time to hope the chair didn’t collapse when I felt her wet pussy slide down onto my cock.

After that, all intelligent thought stopped. Ella rode me hard, slamming herself onto me in a frenzy. Very rapidly she reached her climax and froze in place. The only movement I could feel was her breathing hard and her pussy spasming on me. She had cum so hard and was so wet that I could feel her juices all over her thighs and my balls.

Once she had her first release she slowed things down a bit and slowly slid backwards and forwards on my cock, making it push on her ‘g’ spot and rub against her clit. She began a slow build toward another climax. Her face, neck and her chest were now blushing. She had her head thrown back, her mouth was open and between panting breaths she was moaning. Her eyes were closed and I wondered briefly if she was thinking of Mike and surprised myself by not being jealous.

In fact the thought of Ella riding that giant black cock pushed me right to the limit of my control and as Ella started to cum I was sent over the edge. I came so hard that Ella’s eyes opened in surprise and we stared into each other’s eyes as I squirted against her cervix again and again.

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