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Naked in the Student Union

Strip I told her. Jenn stood up and removed her clothes and put them into the sack I was holding
"Strip," I told her. Jenn stood up and removed her clothes and put them into the sack I was holding, then put on the mask to cover her eyes and part of her face. "Now, when I text you, you will walk, not run, to the stairs at the end of the hall, down the stairs and then down the hall way to the doors on the other side of the building." Jenn nods her understanding. "Now remember, you only have about five minutes that the guard will be away from his desk and in the bathroom, so don't delay." Jenn smiles and agains nods her head. I lean down and suck first one and then the other of Jenn's nipples into my mouth leaving them hard and standing out on her pale skin, then walk out the door, leaving her standing in the dark room.

Now, a little about Jenn and what is going on. Jenn is my slave. She does what I tell her to and she does so without question. Anything sexual goes and this is just another step in seeing how far she is willing to go. She stands 5'5", weighs about 143 pounds with D size tits that drive me wild and an ass that makes me want to bite into it like you would an apple. Her pussy is shaved bald, with just a small patch of hair above it. Her cunt hair matches the blond hair on her head. Jenn and I both work on a college campus and tonight we are in the Student Union where Jenn is about to show herself to anyone in the building who cares to look, except the guard of course. She will leave the study room on the 2nd floor, walk down to the 1st floor and out the door on the other end of the building.

I position myself so I can see the guard, I know that he likes to walk around and stop at the bathroom every night at 8:00pm sharp. True to form, he gets up and walks past the Chicken Express and the Sandwich Shoppe and to the bathroom. I text Jenn one word, "Now", and wait.

In just a minute, I see Jenn's bare feet hit the steps and then her bare legs follow. As Jenn makes her way down the stairs, several people stop and watch her. The boys and girls alike were staring and gathering around her. Cell phones were out and several people were taking photos and videos of Jenn while still others were grabbing at her breasts, ass and pussy. As Jenn made her way past the Chicken Express and Sandwich Shoppe, I ran out of the building to the parking lot and got into the car. I spun it around to the near the doors and opened the passenger door. Then I sent her a message that said "RUN" on it, and waited.

Jenn ran out the door and straight to the car with a crowd of people behind her. As I pulled away, I saw the guard trying to work his way to the front of the crowd, but they were doing a good job of holding him back as we took off. As we pulled off campus, I reached over and took the mask off of Jenn and pulled her close to kiss her deeply.

"How was it?" I asked.

"The wildest thing I have ever done. Now, take me somewhere and fuck me quick," she responded.

We then went to a dark city park and walked over to a picnic table where I shucked off my pants and laid back across it. Jenn climbed on top of me and sank herself on my hard cock which had been hard since I watched her undress in the Student Union. As soon as she impaled herself completely on my cock, we both came like never before. She then leaned down onto my chest and whispered in my ear, "Thank you for tonight, Master. I hope we can do it again." And we did, but that is another story and another time.
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