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Naughty librarian

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I dropped my library card under your desk...
For one reason or another I was in the library at one point in time. I don't read that much so it was purely coincidence that I was there. On that same day I saw you. Sitting there behind the counter in your mawk turtle neck, and slacks. Button up shirt, hiding yourself from the world. But I could see through your thin glasses that fit snugly against your face, adorned with your beautiful smile. I began to notice the way you sat when I came in. More upright in your chair as if to pay more attention to me. The way you cross, and uncross your legs. The way you always had something in your mouth. Pen, pencil, finger nails. You were always playing with your lips. It turns me on like you can't imagine, but I never told you. I just keep coming back for days, and weeks on end. Never reading any of the books. Only there to casually flirt with you. Getting to know you more and more as the weeks go by.
Finally working up the nerve, I ask the guy who works before you about your schedule. After a brief discussion, and a small fee, he gives in to my requests, and agrees to help me out. A few days later (hoping you're in a skirt) I get there early, before your in the building. The guy behind the counter waits until the coast is clear, and lets me sneak back there. Hiding me under the counter while he finishes out his day, and gets ready for you to take over. I can smell you before you ever get behind the counter. O, I love how you smell. Fresh from the shower, and lightly sprinkled with such a sweet scent. I'm biting my lip. I feel like a Tiger stalking his prey. Laying in wait until you're within striking distance.
You sit down, still unaware that I'm beneath you. O... You are in a skirt. Lucky you. Long and flowing. Nearly down to your ankles. I love the strappy shoes on your cute little feet. I brush your leg with my finger tips, and you nearly jump over the counter! You look down to see me sitting there with a shocked look on your face. You want to yell, but.... you're in a library. Hahaha.... So, you give me a stern look, and ask what the hell am I going? I reply that I'm here to fulfill both of our fantasies. You deny the truth, telling me that it's out of the question, and I need to get out. I beg you to let me stay and prove to you that letting me stay will be so worth it. Finally you agree. Good choice...
You start to work away while I gently caress your legs with my finger tips. First the outside, and then up the inside. Lifting your skirt, you feel the cotton drag across your skin. Then my tongue. Kissing the inside of your calf, then the other. Kissing the tops of your feet. Dragging my teeth across your knee gets a flinch. Yea, you weren't expecting that were ya? Hold still baby, and just relax. You just enjoy all I'm doing. Nibbling behind your knee makes your toes curl as you feel my tongue on your skin once again. Pushing your skirt up more, and letting me hand rest between your thighs. My finger tips getting closer to you. I take a peek under your skirt. O MY! I knew you had a dirty little secret. No panties! That's so hot! I look up at you with a grin to see a slightly embarrassed look on your face. I reassure you that it's ok, and trust me. I can feel your legs open up as I duck back under the fabric, out of sight. You scoot your chair closer to the desk so no one can see. My kisses get farther and farther up your thigh. so soft, and creamy. I could get lost in them for days. Your knees finally raced against the sides of your desk and I can see all of you. so pink, tender. Begging for attention. Your lips swelling with pressure, and excitement. I can see a slight glisten on one of your lips from where you're beginning to leak out just a little bit. Here, let me clean that off for you. With an outstretched tongue I lean in and taste you for the first time. So clean, and sweet. I want more. My hands on your thighs I pull you down in your chair a little so I can reach you better. Leaning in to kiss you as if it was your mouth. Soft at first, and then with more passion, and pressure. Eventually slipping in the tip, and then all of my tongue. Flicking it around inside you. I can hear a pencil breaking in your hand above the desk. So I give you a few seconds to catch your breath, then I'm back into you. My lips sealed against you while just my tongue alone plunges in and out of you. Parting your lips to find the prize inside each time. Sucking on your hood, and licking your clit. I give you another break and kiss your inner thigh.  I take a free hand, and place it over your short hairs, and let my thumb rest at the top of your opening. Gently massaging your clit as I watch you build with anticipation. I can see the wetness forming on your lips again as I kiss my way back to you. Now with my thumb, and tongue both working, it won't be long now. I can feel you bracing your legs, and feet under the desk preparing yourself to explode. You slip a hand under the desk, and grab my head. Shoving me into you. Forcing me to bury my tongue within your walls. I can feel them squeezing around me, and I can taste your sticky cum as a little trickles into my mouth as I suck on your hole. When you're done, you release me and let me pull back so I can breath. I lick my lips as I pull your skirt back down over your legs. Sitting there for a few minutes while you catch your breath, I relax as well. Totally satisfied with myself, and the pleasure I've given you. I love that feeling. You attend to a few customers, and I feel that it's clear for me to slip out, and be on my way. Thinking that maybe I'll get to do this again next week possible. But you have other plans. As I try to slip out you firmly place your foot against the back of the desk, and you leg in my way. Blocking my exit. You stare at me with a selfish, greedy look across your face, and eyes. Without a word telling me that I'm not done, and I need to stay right where I'm at. Mmmm.... Yes mam : )
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