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New Cleaning Lady (Part 3)

A Surprise Threesome
Having had sex with Harry's nineteen year old nephew a few weeks ago and then told that he and his uncle would like a threesome with me was more than I could ever have imagined happening to me. Both of these guys were really well endowed making it even hotter. And to think that they were turned on by a black woman in her fifties was even more amazing. Since I was just filling in for Harry's regular cleaning lady I sure didn't expect to get all the sex I wanted out of this.

Even though I was going to get it from those two I still kept my eyes open for any guys who liked jerking off with a woman watching. I noticed that the middle age couple living next door to Harry started leaving their curtains open and they were usually home the days I worked.

I was upstairs doing the bedrooms and had raised the blinds so I would have plenty of light to dust. I was working in one of my usual skimpy workout two piece outfits, showing off my body really nicely. This one also was thin like my white one and the nipples were quite obvious. I glanced over to the neighbors and the window facing where I was working gave me a clear view right into the room.

Just as I looked he came in and began to undress. As he revealed his body it was apparent he was in pretty good shape. When he finally exposed his cock it was in really good shape. He wasn't huge but nicely hung. Now I was beginning to wonder if every guy in this neighborhood was well hung. Maybe it was something in the water, I thought, chuckling to myself for thinking of this old worn out saying.

As I watched he took his cock in his hand and began stroking it, bringing it up nice and hard. He was near the window and it was easy to see everything as he was just across the driveway from me. He leaned over and picked up a bottle from the night stand and squeezed some lotion in his hand. He took his time as he lubed up his cock. He obviously didn't care if anyone could see him. Since I had spoken to him a couple of times when coming here to work I kind of suspected he was putting on the show for my benefit. Little did he know that I really liked to watch guys do that.

I moved over closer to the window where he could see me clearly and stood so that he could see my tits and the nice sexy profile I was giving him. He was facing the window and could easily see me running my hands over my tits. I didn't look over so he would feel free to stare at my body as he slowly slid his hand up and down his shaft. It didn't take him long with the view I was giving him. Since it was obvious now he wanted me to watch him I looked over and our eyes met. I looked down at his cock as he started shooting his cum out all over the floor. He just kept looking at me and he seemed to just keep cumming as stroked the full length of his cock with his cum keeping it lubed. When he finished I gave him the thumbs up and he smiled back and mouthed a thank you.

Harry had been gone these last few times I cleaned and his nephew Jeff hadn't been over either so I was getting kind of horny for some good hot sex. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get that threesome with those two. Well - I got one but not from where I expected.

Having just seen the neighbor do it in front of the window so I could watch had me really hornied up. As I went out the side door to leave, he was in his drive with a couple bags of trash headed for the cans beside the garage.

"Good morning. How are you this morning," I asked knowing darn well how he was after seeing him three hours ago shoot his load all over the floor. Of course I was now dressed in a top and slacks to go shopping.

"Well Hi. Doing just great as you already know. Thanks for the pose. Nice of you to help me out like that."

"My pleasure. I like watching guys do that. Your wife at home?"

"Yes she is. Why do you ask?"

"Just thought we might explore a little more of what we started this morning," winking at him.

"Oh, would I ever like to do that. You really mean that?"

"Sure. Sometime when your wife is gone maybe we can get together for a little fun when I leave here if Harry isn't home that day."

"Would you like to come in for a minute? My wife would enjoy meeting you I'm sure."

"Not sure about that after what we just did. Why would she want to meet me?"

"You'll see. Come on in."

He put the lids back on the cans and led me into the house through the back door. It went right into the kitchen. She was finishing up the dishes and turned around to greet me.

"Hi! My name is Marie. Glad to meet you finally."

"I'm Sherrie. Nice to meet you too."

I was looking at a white woman in her early forties, at best, that had the physique of a bodybuilder. A complete contrast to him who was in really good shape but obviously wasn't into body building. She was in exercise briefs and sports bra like I worked in at Harry's next door to turn him on.

"Looks like you work out some. You are really in great shape."

"Yes I do. Have been for several years. He use to be gone a lot traveling in his work so I turned to this for a hobby and then saw that I could really build muscle without a whole lot of effort so stayed at it. I really enjoy it, and especially meeting other women who are into it also." She was looking me over with a look of pure lust on her face.

"Doing cleaning, I found, has helped me stay in shape. I sometimes go at it really hard, treating it like a workout, to keep the muscles toned."

"I know. We have seen you through the window when you work in the back of the house. My husband said he saw you upstairs earlier this morning and that you were dressed really hot. Sort of like I am now only way more revealing."

"He told you that?"

"Sure. He told me everything. We are very open. I wish I could have watched. I get horny just thinking about it. You have a body to die for. Why don't you get back into that outfit and we can talk a while."

I was dumbfounded. Never did I expect this from these people. No wonder they left their curtains open all the time. They were true exhibitionists at heart. And they both sure had something to show off for anyone who wanted to look.

"You sure you want me to do that? It is a pretty revealing outfit."

"We know. We have talked about you and your body a lot. And since you have dressed like that working around Harry we figured you were - well - pretty open minded."

"You got me pegged right. I am open to most anything and am always looking to try new stuff." With that I stepped into the next room and removed my clothes except for my outfit they wanted to see me in. I was still wearing it underneath my street clothes.

"Oh my honey," she said. "You are really built nicely."

"Thanks and so are you both." I looked over at his crotch and he had a real boner going in his shorts. He saw me look and rubbed his hand over it. Gawd these two were really hot and even hotter for me as it became obvious in short order.

She walked up to me and gave me a long hug. Her body pressed full length against me and her hands explored my back and down over my ass squeezing it feeling the tightness of each cheek. It took me by surprise as I really never had thought of being aroused by a woman's touch before. I had never sought it out so this was a new experience for me. But it sure was having an effect on me.

She let go and we went into the den to talk.

"We have been looking for a woman to have a threesome with. Would you be interested?" He took the lead in the conversation.

"You guys get right to the point don't you. I like that. I do too. And yes I would. When would you like to get together?"

With that he stood up, came over to my chair and leaned down and kissed me. He worked his tongue over my lips til I parted them and worked his tongue in my mouth. I responded and pushed mine into his and we really started getting into it. He reached down and started cupping and squeezing my tits through my top. He sure knew how to get me going. I grabbed his cock in his shorts and worked it into a super hard on. I yanked his shorts down revealing that beautiful cock I had seen this morning. It was bigger looking, being this close to it, and it was really throbbing hard. He was totally naked now and I saw her get up and take her clothes off revealing the nicest tits standing out full and big.

So I stood up and removed mine. Now we were all naked standing there next to each other. He took me in his arms and we started french kissing again, this time really going after each other. I felt her hands on my ass again fondling each cheek and rubbing over them really feeling me up. Then she moved in pressing her pussy against my now nice tight ass and started grinding against it. I could tell she was really working to get off rubbing her clit against my ass. She was humping me in earnest while my pussy was pressed into his hard cock. I was getting really wet down there and his cock kept rubbing against my clit. This was absolutely sex heaven as we enjoyed rubbing our bodies against each other.

He stopped kissing me and took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head back and forth over my clit. I was getting really wet responding to all this attention from both of them. He squatted down a little and put his cock to my pussy. I lifted my leg a little to give him room and he shoved it up into me. It went right in. He worked it all the way in and held it there while she kept rubbing her pussy all over my ass getting herself closer and closer to cumming. She was completely lost in it as she was groaning and moaning louder and louder.

Her hand went to my clit and started fingering it as he started pumping his cock into me while I was sandwiched between them tightly. With the other hand, she was playing with my tits and squeezing the nipples lightly. I had never experienced anything more erotic or felt more sensations at once than I was feeling now. It was as if my whole body was on fire. As she fingered me and he was fucking me at the same time I had huge orgasms one right after the other.

Finally he got close and he asked her if she was too. She said yes and he started fucking me faster and started shooting his hot cum. She moaned loudly and she must have been a shooter because I felt juices all over my ass as she humped it harder and harder matching his fucking motion.

"My gawd you guys are one hot couple. I've never experienced anything like that before. I loved it!"

"Thanks," he said. "She and I haven't had much experience with threesomes but we knew you would be just right for it. You made us both so hot it had to work."

With that we pulled apart and headed to the bathroom to clean up. We talked about doing the shower routine but I passed on it as I had to get out of there. My sister was waiting on me to go shopping.

Next week when I showed up at Harry's place the couple was standing naked in the window where I could see them but Harry couldn't from inside his house. She was holding his cock and stroking it. I smiled and gave them my thumbs up. They nodded back and moved away from the window.

I let myself in and there stood Harry and Jeff in the kitchen completely naked.

"We thought you would never get here," Jeff blurted out. "I've missed you really bad."

"That goes for me too," Harry added. "I've been on the road so much it is good to be home and to see you again. And I've really missed seeing you!"

"Thanks guys. Been looking forward to when we could get together again. The last times we were together just whetted my appetite for those nice cocks of yours."

They both came over to me and began removing my clothes. Their hands were all over me. I fondled and stroked each cock getting them both up hard. Their cocks felt so good in my hands, hot and throbbing. They rubbed the heads over my legs and ass and pressed them into me as they played with my tits.

One was on each side and started sucking my tits both at once. Their hands were on my ass and pussy. They alternated playing with my clit. Harry seem occupied with lubing his fingers with my juice and inserting them in my ass. While Jeff inserted his fingers in my pussy and was finger fucking me Harry had two fingers in my ass stroking me. I was really getting hot and I didn't care what they did to me now. I just wanted them to do it.

"Ok guys. I know where this is headed. I have a big favor to ask. Let's go upstairs to the first bedroom where there is plenty of room and you guys can take me however you want." I didn't tell them I was secretly hoping the neighbor couple would be watching. I loved to be watched having sex.

I knew the blinds were still open and I hoped the neighbors might come into the room across from it and watch. As we went into the bedroom I got a little surprise. I looked over and they were already in there naked and going at it on the bed.

I grabbed both of their cocks and reminded them where we left off downstairs.
I pushed Jeff back on the bed and climbed on top of him straddling his hips. I made sure we were where the couple could see us. They looked over and saw what I was doing with these guys. I smiled at them and proceeded to work on Jeff's now really hard cock and french kissing with him working our tongues into each others mouths.

I held it to my pussy and began to push it into me. It felt huge but it went in easily. I started riding him getting us well lubed.

"Come on Harry. Put that nice hard cock in my ass. I know that's what you guys are wanting. I want it now too really bad. Fuck me honey. I want both of those cocks buried in me."

He put it to the opening and shoved. I was well lubed from the attention they gave me downstairs so I was ready for it. The head popped in and he held it there for a moment. He worked it slowly going a little further in each time til he had it buried to the balls.

I looked over and the couple next door were watching intently. He was totally hard and she was jacking his cock as they watched this scene we were giving them. That made me even hotter to be watched by them while I fucked both of these hot studs at once.

I began to move back and forth enjoying being filled with these two guys' cocks. I was cumming and they had hardly been in me for a minute. We moved together with both of them thrusting and I moving into them. It felt like their cocks were touching each other inside though they were separated by the thin walls. That was such a totally hot feeling.

I came at least three times when I heard Harry kind of grunt and said he couldn't hold back anymore. Then I felt the warmth of his load filling my ass. He kept thrusting til he finished and then held it there. Then Jeff started unloading in me. He thrust up and down in me faster and faster making me cum while he started shooting his load in me.

I looked over just in time to see her stroking his cock to finish him off. He shot his load clear over onto the window as Jeff and I enjoyed a great climax together.

Harry pulled out of me and I collapsed on top of Jeff. He hugged me and kissed me very lovingly. After a few moments I raised up off him. I noticed the couple had gone from the room.

We headed for the pool and went in to rinse off there instead of the shower. We got out after a few good laps and dried off.

"Was it as good as you guys thought it would be?"

"Oh yes. Really hot. It was fantastic," Jeff came back. "And look. My cock is still pretty hard. I could go another round."

"Fine for you to say stud," Harry chided him. "I use to be able to do that too. No more though."

"You guys were great. I hope I made it good for you like you wanted."

I finished drying off and went to work on the house. I was wondering what the couple next door were thinking. And I wondered what it would be like if they joined in. Maybe someday..................

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