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Night at the Movies

It was just a night at the movies, or so I thought
One of my most exciting times, and the most unexpected, was in an XXX rated movie house in town.

The same movie had been playing for about a week and it wasn't crowded. Hubby and I had been out clubbing and I was a little tipsy, which means I'll try anything. We stopped in the parking lot and he asked me to take off my bra and panty hose. (I don't wear panties) I figured he wanted to have some personal fun on the inside.

Inside, we found our seats. I was wearing a skirt, blouse, and heels. We sat down and he wasted no time in making me feel wonderful.

There in the darkness, he started to feel my breasts through my blouse and I was instantly turned on. He unbuttoned my blouse and squeezed my nipple and I just laid my head back on the seat to enjoy. I felt my blouse being opened wide exposing both my breasts, and his other hand sliding up my leg.

He played with my clit and I scooted down in the seat and spread my legs so he wouldn't have any trouble getting where he wanted to go. By that time, I was really horny. My hips pushed up and then ground into the seat as he softly rubbed my clit. I pretended I was fucking someone and the movement came involuntarily. It felt so very good.

After a minute or two, I felt another hand on my other breasts. I opened my eyes and a guy had slid into the other seat beside us. He looked at my husband and he smiled. Now I knew what my dear husband had in mind.

Before long, this stranger and hubby were fondling my breasts and one was rubbing my clit and the other fingered me. I couldn't tell which was doing what and really didn't care. My clothes were opened wide and my skirt looked like a wide belt pulled up to my waist.

I was really getting off when hubby stopped for a second and then started again. He felt different, so I opened my eyes and saw that he let another guy have his seat.

Here I was between two strangers being felt up, almost naked, while he sat in the seat in front of us and watched the show.

Hubby said there was hardly anyone in the theater by that time and I was so hot that it didn't matter. They could have had me on the stage and it wouldn't have mattered.

To my readers here, you know he does this kind of thing to me all the time. It's is very exciting, because I never know when he has something planned.

Before long, one of these strangers got down in front of the seat and started to eat me. Someone filled his seat and now I had three strangers doing me. I laid my head back and groaned, it felt so good.

Suddenly, I felt something on my lips as my head draped back over the seat back. It was a cock. I looked up and this guy had it in my face. I could see him smiling. I opened my mouth and he slid it in to the hilt. Right down my throat. My head was tilted back at just the right angle and I'd been drinking.

As the evening wore on, I'd lost my gag reflex. He worked his throbbing cock in and out of my throat till he came, then pulled out. Sure enough, there was another guy there behind him. I didn't care because the guy between my legs had started fucking me. I sat there being used and feeling wonderful.

I'm not really sure how many guys came over. I know I sucked three or four guys and my pussy was full of cum in the morning. I have no recollection of leaving the movie or how I got home.

All I remember is what I was doing. I was right on the edge of cumming for a long time. They sucked my nipples and fucked me, and had me suck them for a long time but couldn't reach orgasm. So I stayed on the edge, which, for me, is a wonderful place to be.

Hubby simply sat there in the seat ahead of us with a big grin on his face taking it all in, as so many guys changed seats all around me.

That's all I remember.

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