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Night Bus Naughtiness

A short, but true story about the joy of public transportation

I looked over at my girlfriend, who was sitting a couple of tables away in a conversation with two guys; one taking on the role of the wingman and the other the pursuer. Damn, she looked sexy in her pencil skirt and white shirt, showing a bit more cleavage than she usually would. This is often how things go when we hit the town: she’ll flirt with other guys and I’ll flirt with other girls. I love the thrill of flirting. I love how the excitement brings a genuine smile to my face. I also love to take all the positive energy that I get from a night out, re-focus and turn my attention to my woman. I caught her eye for a moment, gave her a smile and thought that I couldn’t wait to bury my head between her thighs when we’d get home.

I got up to dance with the twenty-something that I had been chatting with for a few minutes. On the way to the dance floor, my girlfriend shot me a look that said, “Lucky you” and I responded with a smile. Yes, lucky me. The new girl told me that she was a German exchange student who was staying in town for one semester. She had arrived only a few days ago and didn’t know anybody. I told her where my girlfriend was, about how our relationship worked and that I didn’t want to mislead her.

“I’m just here for the fun anyway,” she whispered playfully in my ear, lingered for a moment, and bit my neck.

“I was about to say, 'Two can play that game',” I told her, and continued, “But I think my girlfriend would want to join us.”

My girlfriend and I had never had a threesome together. Alas, that wasn’t going to change that night, since that wasn’t the German girl’s kind of party, but she was fun to talk to and dance with anyway.

As the night drew to a close, my girl and I found our way to the same table, where we were joined by friends. We kept up with the conversation, but we were perhaps more engaged in the footsie game going on under the table. She had taken off one of her shoes, and her foot was steering toward my crotch. She rested her leg on the edge of my chair and stroked my engorging shaft with her toes while she discussed the less-than-promising love life of one of our friends at the table.

On our way to the night bus, she told me about the guys she had been flirting with earlier and I told her about the girl.

“I can’t wait to treat you right when we get home,” I whispered in her ear before we got on the bus.

“No,” she said, “It’s your turn to get taken care of,” she added before she gave me a wink. There weren’t too many people on the bus and we got a row to ourselves near the back. She leaned her head toward me and pretended to be tired. Simultaneously, she stroked my now fully alert cock from outside my chinos. All I could do was to sit back and enjoy the moment.

Ten minutes had passed, and she was still stroking me. More people had gotten off the bus, so our seating had become more secluded. That’s when I opened my belt buckle. She followed my lead, undid my zipper and let my manhood find the fresh air of the night bus. She looked around before she lowered her head onto my shaft and kissed it silently but passionately. A girl was sitting two rows in front of us and to the other side, slightly inward, and there was no way of knowing for sure if she knew what was going on a few feet away from her. The thrill!

My favorite person had gone from kissing my cock to taking it fully inside her mouth. I guess this shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise for me since she had taken a liking to giving me blowjobs in public places over the last few months. I could tell that she was completely taken by the ecstasy of the moment because she had stopped caring too much about the noises that she was making. She slurped and made 'mm' noises to signal that she was enjoying herself, while I was caught between being concerned and being entranced.

We were getting close to our stop, so I needed her to finish the job. I started to thrust toward her, fucking her mouth until I could no longer hold anything back. She slurped and moaned and kept sucking me off until I told her we were getting off the bus in thirty seconds, which forced us to scramble to get fully clothed. She stepped out in front of me, waiting for me to grab her from behind. I held her, kissed her, and told her it was going to be all about her in three minutes.

As we passed the girl two rows in front of us, the stranger smirked at me. She, too, thought I was one lucky man.


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