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Nila through the window
The room was dark when I first caught a glimpse of her as she walked past the window. The drapes were fully opened and I caught a flashing glimpse of white. Was she naked? I knew the figure walking by the window was a woman just by the curves of the shadow. I was working at my desk twelve floors up facing the Marriott Hotel across the street. From my vantage point I see a lot. Most times it is just people in various stages of dress but every now and then things spice up to whet my voyeuristic urges.

Today was one of those days. The room remained dark so I went back to my work. 15 minutes late I noticed a flash of light from the corner of my eye. The lights were on in the room, not only the night stand lights but the floor lamp by the window illuminating the entire room.

She was sitting on the bed closest to the window wrapped in a towel facing the window. Her hair was wet and she was drying it with another towel. Looking up she saw me standing. Smiling she stood up reaching for the drapes.

As she stood the towel wrapped around her fell to the floor leaving her exposed. Grabbing the drapes she pulled them halfway closed or as I would put it, halfway open allowing me to see in the room while shielding her from others that might be looking. Bending down, she picked up the towel and facing me she wrapped it around her back holding it open allowing me to see her breasts and pussy.

Her breasts were perfectly sized for her 5’-8"frame with large aureoles with rigid nipples. Her flat belly melded into her hip line which had that sexy triangle shape leading down to the top of her mons. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a thin strip above her clitoris. Her labia were smooth with no hair. Her skin had a light tan complexion, with a very small bikini tan line around her hips. There were no tan lines around her breasts.

The smallness of the bikini tan line made me think of a Wicked Weasel bikini bottom. I couldn't’t wait to see the rear. She pulled the towel closed and tucked it in just above her breasts and sat back down on the bed and continued to dry her hair.

Sitting on the bed she was facing me drying her hair, every now and then looking up to see if I was watching. She would bend over to dry the back of her hair showing me her cleavage wrapped in the towel. At one point the tuck came open with the towel gaping open again exposing her breasts. She let it fall off her back. She stood again, her nakedness exposed to me in all of its beauty.

She continued to dry her hair, bending over at the waist shaking it out. The towel she was drying her hair with would rub across her nipples causing them to become even more rigid and engorged. Dropping the towel on the bed she stood in front of the window and ran her hands through her hair.

You could tell she was getting excited. Her nipples were standing out prominently. Looking at her pussy, her clitoris seemed to swell and become engorged spreading her labia apart. There was cream on the insides of her labia and some was running down the inside of her thigh…..just a trickle but it was definitely noticeable, the cream colored nectar running down the dark tanned thigh. After shaking out her hair, her hands went to her pussy.

She rub the top of her clit with her index and middle fingers of her right hand while she dipped the same two fingers of her left hand into her pussy. She pulled them out of her pussy and stuck them in her mouth and slowly sucked the nectar off of her fingers. She put her foot on top of the bed and continued to rub her clit and thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her pussy juice was flowing profusely over her fingers.

Again, she pulled them out and slowly brought her fingers dripping with her pussy cream to her mouth. Tilting her head back she dripped the cream into her mouth, her tongue extending out to twirl the string of cream hanging from her fingers. She sucked the rest of the cream sucked off her fingers and thrust three, now, up her pussy, her left hand rubbing her clit.

She started to bounce up and down on her fingers and her fingers on her clit turned to a blur as she rubbed her clit faster and faster. All of a sudden a stream of cum squirted out of her pussy striking the window glass. She fell back on the bed still rubbing and still squirting. She thrust the fingers of both hands into her pussy collecting her cream and juice bringing both hands to her mouth and dripping her girl cum in her mouth. She devoured her fingers sucking the juice off.

Once cleaned, she thrust three fingers of her right hand back into her pussy twirling them in her pussy. With her left hand she twisted and pulled on her nipples. Pulling her fingers one last time from her pussy she again brought them to her mouth and as she calmed down she slowly licked the cream off her fingers.

Standing she grabbed the towel and started to wipe her juices off the window, still naked. Once finished she straightened up and looking at me she extended her arm toward me and crooked her index finger at me motioning for me to come to her. She then turned and walked to the bathroom.

By now I am beyond excited. I am trying to think of ways to meet her. As I am standing there, she comes out of the bathroom and goes to her backpack on the other bed.

Still naked, she rummages through her backpack pulling panties out and sniffing them. I am guessing she hasn’t done her wash in a while. Finding a pair she then turns toward me bends over at the waist and puts the panties on over her ankles. Standing straight she slowly pulls the panties up stopping just below her pussy.

Taking her index finger she rubs her clit and dips the finger in her pussy. Removing it, she again extend her arm towards me and crooks her finger in a come here motion. Then she slips her finger into her mouth and sucks the juice off it.

Smiling, she then pulls the panties up over her hips and wiggles her hips at me. Reaching down she grabs a camisole and pulls it over her head. She leaves the camisole around her neck and takes a nipple in each hand and pinches them. Again, she smiles at me and pulls the camisole down.

Looking up at me she spreads her legs and points to the front of her panties. There is a wet spot growing in the front of her panties. Hooking her thumbs into the sides of her panties she slipped off her panties and brought them to her nose where she sniffed them and then licked the crotch of her panties.

I was in heaven….a woman who loved to lick the cum out of her panties. Someone who could be as raunchy as me! After licking them she threw them back in her backpack and reached in and pulled out a billowing floral colored skirt. Again bending down she stepped into the skirt and pulled it up to her hips. She twirled in it showing me that the skirt barely covered the crack of her ass. Looking over at me she then waved and turned toward the door. I lost sight of her as she walked toward the door.

Now knowing I could not let this woman walk out of my life, as brief a time as she has been it, I grabbed my empty coffee cup and raced to the elevator. Out the front door and across the street. Dodging traffic I quickly entered the coffee shop and made my way to the back door hoping to catch sight of her.

As I rounded the corner of the back door entrance I almost ran her over. Stopping short I looked her in the eyes. There was a hint of recognition. I dropped my cup and took her head in my hands and kissed her full on the mouth. No tongue just lips! Backing off I said to her that I wanted to taste her pussy juice. This caused her to laugh.

Grabbing my hand she pulled me into a little nook between the elevators and the coffee shop and guided my hand up her skirt. She rub my hand over her labia and guided my fingers into her pussy. Pulling them out she then brought them to our lips where she then proceeded to kiss me with my cum soaked fingers between our mouths. She tasted incredible. A faint hint of lilac and sweet, the nectar was addicting.

After licking my fingers clean, we stepped back from each other. At the same time we tried to introduced ourselves. Laughing I said go ahead. She said her name was Nila, Nila Kirsh from Tennessee.

I told her my name and then I asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. She said sure. So we walked back into the coffee shop. Meg and Anna were working today. With Nila standing next to me holding onto my arm I handed my cup to Meg and asked for a refill and a tall coffee.

Both Anna and Meg are good friends of mine and we have spent many a time together. So they could tell something was up. Smiling that "I know what you are up to" smile Meg poured our coffees and we retreated to a table in the back of the shop.

Sitting down, I took the seat against the wall with Nila sitting in the corner where the back wall connected with the window looking into the hotel lobby. I started off asking where in Tennessee she was from and we proceeded to discuss everything from our travels to politics for the next half hour. I asked her what brought her to Philly.

She stated she was here for a medical seminar. She went on to say she was an OBGYN from Miami. I thought to myself that explains the bronze skin. When I asked her why she wasn’t in the seminar, she stated that she had attended the sessions that she had interest in and that she had one more two-hour long session tomorrow. She went on to say she would be here another three days including today.

Wow! I thought. I get to look at her for two more days. She did say that she had to attend a dinner tonight but that wasn’t until 5PM. Looking me in the eyes she asked me what I was doing for the next three days. I told her I was at her service……she said that she would hold me to that, both the service and being serviced.