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No Strings Attached - Chapter Two

Chapter 2 of a story with two strangers on a five day sex adventure with no strings attached
Chapter 2 The Next Day

I sleep in the next day to recover from the flight and my exertions of the previous night. You leave mid-morning to return to your apartment and change. We have arranged to meet in town for an early lunch.

I arrive at the restaurant just after noon and take a table at the back of the room where we will have some privacy. You walk in a few minutes later, looking fantastic in a white cotton skirt, bare legs and high heels. Your pink stretch top is straining the buttons a little and struggling to contain your boobs. It clings to every curve and I can see the clear outline of your bra underneath.

You slide into a chair opposite me at the table. The waitress approaches and introduces herself. We ask Michelle for two beers while we look at the menu. When she returns she brings two bottles of Anchor Steam and goes away with our order of two large Caesar Salads. We clink the beer bottles together and each take a large draft.

No sooner has she left than you reach out and put two dice down on the table between us. Last night was wild and I had taken the lead. Now it is your turn. You push one die towards me and smile sweetly. This is little a game we have played on-line before, but never in public. Whoever throws the higher number can give the other a dare that they must complete without hesitation.

I look around the room. There are three other occupied tables but no-one is looking directly at us. I pick upthe die and roll a four. You roll yours onto the table. It’s a two. You look at me quizzically. I grin and demand your panties.

You reach up under your skirt and, lifting your butt up a little off the seat your slide your panties down your legs. Bending down, your hook them over your shoes and pass them to me with a flourish. They are small, plain white. I place them to one side of the table, leaving them in clear view. You pick up your die and roll it again - another two. I take mine and roll a three. You wince as you realise you have lost again.

This time I ask for your bra. You unbutton your top almost all the way down. Your bra fastens at the front and you release the clasp. I see your breasts tumble forward, released from their confinement. You somehow reach up one sleeve and pull the bra strap down over your elbow and push your arm through it. Repeating the trick on the other side, you are able to pull your bra through the sleeve and hand it to me without removing your top. The bra is also plain and white. I place it on the table, re-uniting it with its matching panties.

Swiftly, you roll again and smile as you get a six. I can only manage a three. You lean towards me and whisper “OK. Time to get it out.”

Without hesitating I reach down, unzip my fly and pull my dick out of my pants. It is already semi-erect from thinking about your now bare breasts and your nakedness under your skirt. You lean to one side and pull back the white tablecloth to be able to look under the tableand confirm I have complied.

You win the next round too. Michelle is delivering drinks to another table, but she has our salads on her tray and will be with us shortly. You tell me I have to show her my dick as my forfeit. I look at Michelle as she approaches. I guess she is in her late twenties. She has short blond hair and quite a pretty face. She looks smart in her white blouse with a short black waistcoat. Her black trousers are narrow and tight around her thighs suggesting shapely legs and showing off a firm ass that sways from side to side as she walks.

I am nervous as I have no idea how she will react to what I am about to do. As she places the salads in front of us, Michelle spots the bra and panties lying on the table. She shoots you a glance before looking back at me. As her eyes meet mine, I slide my seat back and my now fully erect cock comes into sight from under the tablecloth. Her eyes flick to my lap and my proud cock now standing to attention. Her mouth drops and she stares at it for just a second or two before turning quickly and bustling away.

You are laughing as I shift myself forward and pull my seat back in under me and my dick slips back into hiding. We start to eat our salads holding the fork in one hand and rolling the dice with the other.

I win the next roll and tell you I want you to touch my cock. You slip your shoes off and stretching your legs out straight you put your bare feet in my lap. You deftly position one foot on either side of my dick and start to massage the shaft for a while with the soles of your feet and your toes. Your feet are soft and warm against the hardness of my cock. You put one foot back on the floor, but leave the other in my lap, nestling against my prick.

The next roll goes to me again and the dare is for you to play with your pussy. You drop your free hand below the table, slide it up your skirt and start to stroke your pussy, parting your legs a little as you slide your fingers over the lips. You continue to eat your salad, staring into my eyes as you gently massage your pussy with one hand and rub against my dick with your foot.

Finishing your salad you drop the fork and roll your die again. This time you win with a three against my two. “Follow me” you say.

Sliding quickly out of your chair, you smooth your skirt down and head towards the back of the restaurant. It takes me a moment to push my stiff dick back into my pants before I can follow you. There is a passageway at the back with doors off to the Gents and Ladies restrooms. I take a guess on Ladies and push confidently through the door.

As soon as I enter you grab me. You pull off my jacket and drop it on the floor. Pushing me up against the wall you press your mouth to mine in a hungry kiss. Your tongue is winding urgently round mine as you pull my face hard against yours. Still kissing me you reach for my belt and pull it undone with one hand. Moving down further you can feel my prick still hard in my pants. You start to rub my dick hard through the material of my trousers, soon restoring it to full hardness.

I take the opportunity to undo the remaining buttons of your shirt and the two sides fall away, exposing your plump and soft breasts. I cup each in one hand and squeeze gently. As you continue to massage my dick, I am kneading your naked tits. Lifting one up a little, I lower my head and take the beautiful rosy nipple in my mouth. It is velvety soft but I feel it swelling as I suck and roll my tongue round and round it. I capture it between my lips and feel it going a little hard at the very tip as I tease it with my tongue. Your hands move fast as you undo pants and unzip the fly. You slowly lower yourself to a squat in front of me, pulling my pants and underwear down with you as you go.

My full, throbbing erection springs forward as you do so. Without wasting a second you take the whole straining length into your mouth. You clamp your lips firmly around the base of my solid shaft and draw back, ever so slowly until only the engorged head remains in your mouth.

Your tongue circles it a few times, tasting the pre-come that is already leaking out. Then you place your tongue under my glans and begin moving your mouth rapidly back and forth. The friction of your lips on my swollen knob is exquisite and risks bringing me to an immediate climax.

Before you take me over the edge I pull you to your feet. Looking around the room I see that there are two sinks set into a counter. Lifting your short skirt above your waist, I lift you up and set you down between the two bowls. In this position you can lean back against the mirrored wall without the taps getting in the way.

I lift your legs up and, with a hand under each thigh I pull them wide. I lean forward and slide my aching shaft straight into your hot, wet sheath. You arch your back with the top of your head pressed against the wall as I begin a regular rhythm driving in and out of the slippery wetness of your pussy.

Your breath is soon coming in short gasps as the pleasure builds within you. You lift your legs high and drape them over my shoulders. I lean forward more to get even deeper into your pussy. You are almost doubled up on the counter and your thighs are now pressed hard up against your breasts. I am on the tips of my toes but my hands are now free so I grip the front edges of the two sinks to give me extra leverage as I thrust ever harder. I am plunging into you, impaling you with my hot, hard flesh.

We are now both close to coming. You lower your legs. Wrapping them around my waist and putting your arms round the back of my neck, you squeeze tight, pulling me close to you, burying my dick deep inside you. Heaving against each other, we reach a simultaneous, pulsing climax. You shiver as the spasms of pleasure flow through you like a tidal wave. I shudder and convulse as I release my thick hot seed deep within you.

We are holding each other close, sucking in air by the lung-full following our exertions, when I catch a glimpse of movement in the mirror. I turn my head and Michelle, our waitress, is standing in the doorway watching us intently. She breaks into a broad smile and, without saying a word, she spins round and heads back down the corridor. I turn back and I can see in your face that you knew she had been standing there for quite a while.

We break our hold. I pull up my pants, grab my jacket and, running my hands through my hair, I head back to the table leaving you to freshen up in the bathroom. I signal for the bill and Michelle brings it over, beaming from ear to ear. “I hope everything was to your satisfaction, Sir” she says cheekily, with her eyes fixed firmly on my crotch.

I am tempted to ask for her phone number, but I can already see that I will be fully occupied for the rest of my stay. So instead I pass her the cash, including a large tip.

You come out of the restroom, scoop up your underwear from the table and take my hand as we go to leave. As we walk to the door Michelle gives us a wink. We make our way to the car I have rented. With you directing me, I drop you at your apartment before heading back tomy hotel to clean up and rest a little before what promises to be an exciting evening.

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