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Now I'm Warm

Empty pool in the middle of the night

“Now I’m Warm”

After laughing about being caught by the police officer, we walk towards your car.   My hand brushes up against yours ever so softly.   My fingers wrap around yours as we stare into the night.   Even though it’s almost four in the morning, it is still relatively warm outside.   The sidewalk ends at a stairway that leads up to the road.   With every step, I can only think about what it would be like to be inside you.   I watch you step in front of me and undress you with my eyes.   Once at the top of the stairs, you turn around and look at me.   “Were you just looking at my ass,” you ask laughingly.   I walk to the top of the stairs and take you in my arms.   “What are you going to do if I was” I reply.   You lean into me and kiss me with your soft firm lips.   I press you up against the wall as I run little kisses against your neck.   Your breast press against my chest as I passionately kiss you.   My hand runs down you back and onto your ass.   “We have to stop, or we’ll get caught again.”

I grab your hand and take you down the walkway and by a hotel courtyard.   We notice that they had just turned out the lights around the pool.   A six-foot brick wall covers all four sides preventing the public from watching.   Just a small gate door allows access to the pool.   Just then, the hotel manager walks through the gate and back into the hotel.   The gate slowly closes behind him.   But for some reason, it does not latch.   “Come on” I say to you as I grab your hand.   We walk through the gate and shut it from the inside.   I pull you towards me and unbutton your pants.   “What are your doing” you ask.   I walk behind you and wrap my hands around your waist.   I lean up to your left ear and whisper “going skinny dipping”.   You take your shirt off as I slide your jeans off.   I am breath taken as I catch you standing there in your matching black bra and boy shorts.   You spin around and undo my belt and jeans.   I take my shirt off and throw it on the ground.   I take your bra off and release your soft breast from their shelter.   As I slowly slide your boy shorts off, I run my fingers across your pussy.   I find it still wet from the earlier activities.   You grab my boxers and whip them off of me.   My cock is standing to attention as you grab it with your hand.   You turn my back to the water as you kneel down and place my rod in your mouth.   I close my eyes only to feel you shove me back into the pool.

When I come up for air, I watch you strut over to the pool stairs.   Slowly you walk into the warm water.   Looking like an angel, your body glows against the underwater lights.   You slowly walk up to me and take me in your arms.   Your naked body pressed against mine.   I kiss your neck and then run my tongue along your shoulder.   Your stiff nipples rub against my chest as we bounce with the water.   My hands run along your back as I slowly push you against the stairs.   I lift you up onto the top step and lay you back.   My body pushed between your legs.   “What are you doing?   This is making me cold.”   “Don’t worry, I’m going to warm you up” I reply.

I kiss you along your stomach and slide my face between your legs.   The first taste of your sweet box makes me want to cum.    But I want more.   I slide my tongue down your pussy lips and back up the other side.   I lower my mouth and slide my tongue inside your pussy, pushing it in and pulling it out of you.   I lick every inch of your sweet hole.   I can hear you moan quietly with each and every stroke.   I slide up to your clit and lick around it.   I draw a heart around your clit as I slowly insert two fingers.   I felt your hips move from side to side and watch your breasts rise up and down.   You shake as I lick the top of your clit.   It is fully erect and must send pounding sensations through your body.   “Don’t stop” you say to me.   I take it in my mouth and flap my tongue back and forth.   I curl my fingers inside you and slide them up against the top wall of your pussy.   You jerk and shake as I rub one spot with my fingers.   I can feel your legs start to shake as I hum against your clit.   I make my tongue wide and fat as I stroke your clit faster and faster.   Your moaning increases and I can feel your pussy spasm against my face.   I make faster and shorter licks on the top half of your clit as I press my fingers against your g-spot.   I feel your legs squeeze tightly against my head as you scream out.   You try to say something, but you are unable to get anything comprehensible out.   You breathe deep and fast as your hips come back down in the water.   I slide up to your face, placing my body on top of your.   My throbbing cock hits your clit making you jump up.   I kiss you on your mouth and rub my nose against yours.   “Are you warm now?”

You push me back into the water and laugh.   You jump in and swim towards me.   I slide back to the far corner of the pool, where you come up to me.   You slide your arms up around my neck as we stare at each other eye to eye.   I go in for a kiss, when you pull back and place one finger on my lips.   “I didn’t say you could kiss me yet,” you say.   You then take that hand and place it on my throbbing hard cock.   You slide your hand back and forth, stroking it softly.   You press your body against mine and wrap your legs around me.   I feel your hand guiding my cock inside you.   Your warm body devourers my cock, as I let out a sigh.   “Oh my god” I say under my breath.   “It’s ok, you can call me” you reply.   I grab your ass with both of my hands and raise you up slowly.   You place your hands on the corners of the pool and move your hips in a circular motion.   You moan with every thrust of my body.   I slowly pump my rod in and out of you.   You close your eyes every so often, the open them up as I kiss you.   With my fingers, I trace circles around your ass.   “OH My” You say to me.   “I didn’t know you were into that type of thing?”   I smile and wink at you.   I raise you up so I can place one of your nipples in my mouth.   I pull at it with my lips as you slide back down on my cock.   You rock your hips faster and faster.   You rub your clit against my body as you moan out loudly.   I grab your ass and pull you back on my harder and harder.   Placing one finger between your ass cheeks, I draw you closer and closer to me.   If you try to slide back, my finger with enter you.   Just as I thought that you slide back on my finger.   It must have sent you over, because you cum right then.   You yell out and bite my shoulder.   You move your head back as I thrust my cock deeply inside you.   You shake some more and tighten your legs against my waist.   “Oh God, Oh God” you yell out.   I could not hold it any longer.   I took one more deep thrust inside you and shot my hot load.   You come up to my ear and whisper, “I can feel your cum inside me”.   I look at you and kiss you.

I spin you around and pin you against the wall.   I continue to thrust back and forth inside you.   “You can keep going?”   I just look at you as I continue to fuck you.   I lean you back and slide my cock deep inside you.   I pull it all the way out and then slam it back in.   You let out a sigh with every thrust.   I then slow it down and hold myself inside you.   We move over to the stairs, and you lay me back.   You ride me slowly as you massage your clit.   Water drips off of your nipples and lands on my chest.   I run my hands over your breast and pinch your nipples.   Your hips rock back and forth, massaging my shaft from the inside.   Your muscles tense up as if you are squeezing my cock.   You ass bounces against my legs.   You moan with every slide down.   You rub your clit violently in counterclockwise motions.   You then stand up and go back into the water.   You look at me and make a “come hither” motion with your fingers.   I get up and follow you into the water.   You then spin around and get down on all fours on the stairway.   I come up behind you and place my tongue on your ass.   I lick your pink asshole as you slide your fingers in and out of your pussy.   I trace the every grove of your ass with my tongue.   I heard you moan as I tickle the center of your ass.   I stand behind you and slide my hard rod inside your wet and hot pussy.   As I enter, you let out a loud moan.   I place my hands on your hips as I continue to slowly thrust myself inside you.   Your fingers are massaging your clit, as I slide my rod back and forth inside.   You lean up so I can see your breast.   Your nipples still stiff, and your skin is still wet.   Your wet hair hits my face and makes me only want you more.   I move my hands under your arms and grab your breast from below.   I hold on to them as I increase my rhythm.   “I love it when you touch yourself” I whisper in your ear.   You stick your tongue out as I slide it in my mouth.   We become one as our lips touch.   “Oh baby, I think I’m going to cum again” you say to me.   I show you down and slap your ass.   I grab your hips and spread apart your ass cheeks.   I shove my cock deep inside you with a fast force.   I raise my hips up so my cock can hit your g-spot.   This is when you scream out and cum.   You body goes motionless, and your arms shake.   I notice goose bumps run across your arms.   I continue to thrust in and out of your tensed up pussy until you relax.   You look back at me and smile.   You pull forward and turn around.   You take my cock in your hand and slowly place your lips on it.   You begin to suck on it as you slide you hand back and forth.   You look up at me and notice my eyes are closed.   You can see my legs shaking and can tell I am ready to cum.   You clamp your mouth around my dick and suck harder and harder.   You move your hand back and forth on my cock faster and faster.   Then you suddenly pull your mouth back as I shoot my hot white load onto your neck and chest.   You squeeze every bit of my man juice out.   You then lick the tip of my dick, causing me to shake.   You shove it back inside your mouth and tickle me with your tongue.   I shake and bend down to grab your head.   You let go and look up at me as I rub my stuff into your skin.   Looking at me you whisper, “Now I’m warm”.

All good stories need an ending:

I place my lips on yours and kiss you passionately.   I help you and walk you over to a table.   I grab two folded towels from the chair next to the pool and dry you off.   The sun starts to come up, as we get dressed.   I walk you over to your car and kiss you once again.   “Thank you for the great time, you are wonderful,” I say.   You put your hand on my face and kiss me softly.   Just then a loud noise goes off in the background.   You open your eyes and look around.   “Where am I?”   You notice the alarm clock in your room says 05:00.   The sun is rising and you get out of bed.   You head towards the bathroom and wonder if it was all just a dream.   You get ready for work and leave the house.   When you get in the car, you notice something on the floorboard.   You lift it up and notice it’s a towel from the hotel.

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