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Office Drinks

Innocent cocktails after work leads to filthy fun…
I had been living in New York City for a year or so and working in a big office, there were a lot of young people working there and we would organise regular nights out, usually on a Friday after work to a local bar to drink off the stresses of the week. This one Friday a bunch of us were going out and I was very pleased to hear that Sally would be coming along, Sally worked in sales, she was tall with curly long blonde hair, with a lovely shape, a real blonde bombshell type. She didn’t have HUGE tits, but larger than average and she had nice wide hips and a wriggle like a 50’s pin-up.

It was August and the New York streets were steaming from the heat, even after dark it was hot. By the time I got to the bar there were already a handful of people there, accountants, sales, legal. Kevin from sales ordered me a beers and I stood at the bar chatting with a bunch of colleagues, there was a group of women from the office sitting at a nearby table and Kevin and another sales guy, Paul were sizing up the ladies.

“But you’ve got a soft spot of Sally, we all know that.” Said Kevin and Paul laughed.

“What makes you say that?” I kind of blushed.

“I see the way you stop by her office for one reason or another, you’re always standing outside her door.”

“It’s strictly professional.” I said and the others laughed at me.

A few drinks later and still no Sally, some of the others were already starting to leave, mostly the commuters needing to get back to the suburbs before too late. I was now sitting with a bunch of the ladies at a booth in the back, Nancy, Marilyn, the receptionist Wanda and a couple of others I didn’t really know. I ordered them a round of drinks and they were very happy. Wanda was flirting with me, as she always did, Wanda pretty much flirted with anyone, she didn’t want to be a receptionist for long and I always thought this was her way of working herself into another department. She was young and bubbly, very funny and quite saucy too. She was wearing a very low cut top and she looked gorgeous, she was one of those girls that would touch you when she talked and I was really enjoying the attention since Sally, my main target, had not shown. I was deep in conversation with Wanda when Kevin came over to give me a nudge, I looked up and standing at the far end of the bar was Sally, wearing a tiny little blue and white sundress, the skirt part flared out at her waist and fell above her knee and had thin little straps over her shoulders, Wanda gave me a little wink and said, “See you later Wallace, and you might want to close your mouth.” She blew me a kiss as she walked over to the bar and joined another group of people.

As the night wore on more and more people started to leave, I was sitting at a booth with Kevin, Paul, Wanda, Nancy and Sally when the last of the stragglers said their good-byes and left the six of us behind.

“Where to next?” Wanda asked.

“It looks like this place is going to close soon.” Said Kevin, “Let’s go to a club or something.”

“We could go to my place.” Said Wanda, “it’s not far and I’ve got plenty of booze.”

We were all a bit tipsy and agreed to head off to Wanda’s. We piled into two cabs, Kevin and Paul with Nancy and me with Wanda and Sally.

“You look hot tonight, girl.” Wanda said to Sally.

“Thanks. I just had to go home and change before coming out, it was too hot to go out in a suit.”

She looked absolutely incredible, her legs pressed next to me in the cab, it was all I could do not to reach out and grope her right there. We were at Wanda’s in no time, the others were out front waiting for us and we all piled in the lift and up to Wanda’s tiny apartment. It was hot so Wanda cranked up the air-conditioning, but it didn’t seem to help much. Wanda put on some music and Kevin switched on the TV, with the sound down and found Channel X, strippers and adverts for phone sex came across the screen, the girls just giggled and ignored it. We all got a drink and I sat down on the couch next to Sally, we were talking work stuff, complaining about so-and-so, etc. Nancy was dancing in the corner, she was tall and very slim with olive completion, she had taken off her suit jacket and was wearing a very sheer white shirt, her pointy nipples could be seen right through the thin fabric. Wanda started to dance with her the boys were talking shit on the other sofa.

The night progressed and Paul was in the kitchen with Nancy, Wanda and Kevin were on the floor of the living room kissing right in front of Sally and I and Sally and I were watching the dirty images on the TV and kissing a little . Finally Wanda stood up and announced, “Let’s go do something, let’s go somewhere really filthy.” ‘Let’s go!” said Kevin not knowing what she was talking about. Wanda then started to tell us about an S&M nightclub downtown, we didn’t have to do anything, but it was just wild to go and watch she explained. Surprisingly we were all up for it. I had never been to anyplace like that before the idea was very exciting to me. Again we piled into two cabs and headed down town, this time it was the four other in one and Sally and I in our own. Wanda had given us the address and we made our way downtown. This time in the taxi I didn’t keep my hand to myself, Sally and I kissed passionately and my hands roamed over that beautiful sundress, squeezing her firm breasts and poking my finder under the cloth to play with her nipples. I could see her eyes checking the driver’s rear-view mirror, she was getting uncomfortable so we stopped fooling around, straightened ourselves out and just sat close to each other for the rest of the ride.

The club was dark and in the cellar of an old meat-packing warehouse, there was a bar in the front room, but no alcohol was served. There were people dressed in fetish gear, rubber, leather, whips and chains, as well as lots of people like us just in there for a perv. Sally and I found the others at the bar, Kevin was busy getting the score from the bartender, they didn’t serve alcohol but you could bring your own, Kevin quickly ran out to find somewhere to buy some more booze while the rest of us wandered around the place, there were people in cages tied up and having hot candle wax poured on them, a very sexy woman in leather tied to a rack being tortured by another woman, men with collars being pulled around on dog leads. Paul and Nancy found a corner and stood against the wall kissing and Wanda, Sally and I wandered around. A man offered Sally $100 to pee on him and we all broke out in hysterical laughter. There were lots of couples groping each other and transvestites standing around trying to look beautiful.

We found Paul and Nancy back in there corner still going at it, now there was a group of people, couples, but mostly men gathered closely around them, Nancy’s shirt was open and her lovely pert breast were on display, Paul was kissing her face and neck and tweaking her large hard nipples, Nancy had small breasts but with large thick, dark nipples, it seemed like half her tit was nipple, but a lovely pointy shape, curving up. Paul had her against the wall and his mouth of going from one breast to another, Nancy’s head was thrown back, her eyes shut. Many of the men standing around had their cocks out and were stroking as Paul and Nancy put on this show.

Kevin finally found us, with a paper bag with a few cans of beer, but we were no longer interested.. He dropped the beer with the bartender and joined us watching the show. Paul had now undone Nancy’s tight suit skirt and pulled it down, she gently stepped out of it and kicked it to the side, she then took off her open shit and stood there in the corner in nothing but frilly white knickers, she caressed her own body with her hands, running over her hips and across her breast, then up over her head where she leaned back and waited for Paul to continue. Kevin, was now standing behind Wanda had his arms around her, feeling her hips, squeezing her jugs and she reached her head behind to give him a passionate kiss. Paul was now sliding Nancy’s knickers to the ground, kneeling down to pick them up of the floor as she stepped out of the them. Nancy was completely nude, her pussy trimmed to almost nothing, just a thin dark strip above her box – you could see everything. Paul kissed her neck, sucked her nipples and his hands grabbed and her butt cheeks, Nancy turned and put her hands against the wall sticking her ass out at the audience and Paul started working his hand between her legs, Sally jumped out of the way toward me as the man standing next to us shot a huge load all over the floor, there we men furiously wanking all around. Nancy’s eyes were closed as Paul worked on her pussy, rubbing her clit, sticking one finger in, two finger. Next to us Kevin had Wanda’s top completely open and they were kissing, he was playing with her nipples and some of the wanking men had turned their attention to them. Wanda had big round tits and large nipples, there was a man right next to them stroking away at this cock, the man whispered something in Wanda’s ear and I heard her say, “it’s OK.” The man reached out and caressed Wanda’s breast and Kevin immediately went to move the man’s hand away. “It’s OK.” Wanda said, “He asked.”

Sally was holding me very tight, she could feel the huge bulge in my trousers and she smiled at me. Back against the wall Nancy was now cuming quite furiously, Paul’s hand was working very fast between her legs and she was moaning and clutching at the wall, she could hardly keep steady standing in her heels, she turned around and embraced Paul and gave him a huge kiss. Next to me Kevin was standing behind Wanda, her shirt was completely open and two other men were of fondling and sucking her tits, Kevin had his hand down the front of her loosened jeans and Wanda was stroking one of the men’s cocks with her hand, she was moaning with pleasure when the man shoot his load all over her hand and wrist, she then moved to the next man and started stroking him, her hand still covered in the first man’s spunk. Wanda was getting closer and closer to orgasm, Sally had her hands behind her back rubbing my hard dick through my trousers. Nancy was now on her knees and undoing Paul’s flies, she struggled a bit to get the hard cock out, but finally if popped free, she opened her mouth and moved towards the pulsing member, and at that moment...

“OK, OK, shows over!” one of the women working there was making her way through the crowd and told Nancy to get up. “I’m sorry, but we’re fine with everything except penetration, I don’t care if you’re married or what you are, that’s the kind of thing that will get us closed down.” Nancy, very embarrassed started to reach for her clothes.

“Honey, you don’t need to put your clothes on, it’s just we have a strict no fucking or sucking policy, it’s not me, it’s The City.” Nancy was kind of confused by this, handed her clothes to Paul and walked over to Kevin.

“Where are those beers?” She asked.

“Behind the bar.”

We all went over to the bar, Wanda rushed to the bathroom with her tits hanging out to wash the spunk off her hands.

There we were standing in this dirty little basement bar, Kevin organised the beers, Nancy was wearing nothing but her heels, Wanda came back with her top in her hand and says, “Thought you’d like some company.” Wanda says to Sally, “What about you girl, are we going to see that amazing body you’ve got under there?”

“I don’t know,” Sally said, “This is incredibly hot, I mean I really like watching this, but I don’t think I could do that myself.”

“You just have to let yourself go, if it feels good do it.” And with that Wanda stripped off her jeans and her underwear and gave Nancy a huge, wet, sloppy kiss.

At this point my cock was so hard I didn’t know what to do, I was thinking to do just like the other men in the place, just take it out and have a wank. Wanda’s body was simply gorgeous, her tits were huge and round, flat stomach, but not too skinny, and a plump round bottom that you just want to bury yourself in, she was completely shaven and we all had a nice long drink together. Before this night I think I had only ever said about five words to Nancy, now I was standing in a bar with her trying not to stare at her landing strip. Eventually the girls got dressed and we all went outside, this time it was three cabs, one for Paul and Nancy, one for Kevin and Wanda, the other for me and Sally. In the cab Sally told me how turned on that whole scene made her, she was flushed and didn’t seem to know what to do with herself, she leaned over to kiss me, but she moved her head right for my lap, undid my trouser and started sucking my cock, I reached up under her dress and pulled her knickers down to her knees and started playing with her pussy, she was really slurping away at my manhood and I knew I was not going to last so I pulled her head up and sat her back, I reached down and pulled knickers off all the way and put them on the seat next to me. I kissed her neck and pulled the thin shoulder strap of her dress down and then the other, I could see the drivers eyes in the mirror and I knew Sally did too, she was sitting behind the passenger seat, I pulled the dress down further and exposed her luscious breasts, she has lovely pink nipples and they were so hard. She looked at me as if to say ‘stop’, but I didn’t, she covered her breasts with her hand and I took them and put them at her side, she was sitting in the back of the cab with her tits fully exposed, her hands at her sides, her face turning red. I then started working her pussy with my hand, slowing rubbing her clit and licking her left nipple, she closed her eyes and started to move with me, the cab was zipping through the city and she is half naked in the back of a cab when I bunched the dress up over her waist so I can see her pussy, she was completely shaved, lovely big pussy lips, I could see the wetness. I leaned her head forward and pulled the dress completely off over her head, now she was clutching at herself trying to cover up, I put the dress on the seat next to me, moved her hands back to her sides and spread her legs, she was looking at me, half smiling, half terrified, trying to speak to me with facial expressions as if to say, ‘OK that’s enough.”

This is when the driver turned around and asked what side of the street we want, we had arrived at my apartment building, “Just on the left here is fine thanks.” Sally looked at me confused, I collected her knickers and dress and held them in a ball at my side, took out my wallet and handed Sally a $20 bill, “Pay the man.” I said. “What?” “Get out of the car and pay the man.” Sally took the $20’s from me, “I can’t.” Get out and pay the driver.” Sally opened her door and slowly stepped out of the car. She walked toward the front of the car and crossed over, the head lights blaring directly on her nude body, she slowly walked across and over to the drivers door and handed him the money. “Keep the change.” She said and smiled at him. I got out of the car and she followed me into the building, looking behind the cabby was still there watching her walk all the way into the building. I held the door open for her and Sally walked in, only to see the doorman half-asleep behind the counter and just kept walking.

“Hey, Richie.” I said. And the doorman snapped out of his daze and stared at Sally walking in.

“Hey, how you doin’ tonight Wallace?

“Pretty good, Richie, pretty good.”
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