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Office Sluts Chapter One: Lurking Around

Doing overtime can have its benefits...
It is really cool to work at one of the best law firms of the world. Especially when you’re young, enthusiastic and you’re at least a bit interested in women. Because there are lots of them around here. They walk around here all day, bend over at the copy machine, they show their cleavage when they choose lunch at the cafeteria, and do stuff like that which make all the normal men crazy.

Yes, it’s good to work here at Walden, Inc. And of course it needs a lot of sacrifice, self-discipline, concentration, teamwork and other shit like that. I got here right after my graduation at the university. I was really happy with my average diploma and didn’t really know what to do with myself in life. So I answered a lot of job ads and after a series of job interviews, I started to work here, at one of the biggest law firm’s of the country.

As every workplace, Walden, Inc. has its good and bad sides. It’s good to work here because of the hot chicks, the relatively good salary and the chance of making independent decisions. But it’s bad to work here because of the long and boring meetings, amateurish leaders, and the horrible buffet.

And there are the overtimes. Man, I hate them. There is nobody else in the whole building, everything is extinct, like in a bad horror movie. And my boss chose me on my first week to stay here after the working hours to wait for an e-mail from Japan.

“We’ll pay for every minute you spend here.” he said after lunch, when I was planning my weekend already. “You just have to wait for the letter, print it, and stamp with our official stamp. Even an idiot could do it.”

Now that was nice. I decided to send him to hell on an anonymous ranting site. Then I loosened my tie and poured myself another coffee.

As the afternoon went by, I got to be alone, soon. Everybody went home to spend quality time with their family or friends. Since I’ve been working here for a week only, I didn’t know where to find stuff. The restroom on our floor was out-of-service, so I had to search for another for a long quarter hour. Everything was dark, all the other people were at home, watching football. There was only me left here as a rookie and I had to wait for the official answer from our client in Japan. They think I’ve got nothing better to do...

When I got back to my office, I sat into my office chair. With a daring idea, I took off my shoes, then stretched my legs. I leaned back in my chair, and closed my eyes for a while. I thought over what is waiting for me at home: an empty fridge, a cold bed. If I consider it, it won’t matter if I stay here for tonight.

I was startled by the knocking of high heels. I straightened up and put my shoes on. It was about time; my door opened and Bonnie stepped in. She was a black haired, cute, sexy woman. I had been working at the office for only a week, but I quickly found out the whole department had a crush on her. She just had to drop something onto the floor, the colleagues were almost fighting each other to give it back to her. We talked for a few times with each other, but I didn’t think I was good enough for her, so I didn’t really care.

But now here she was, leaning to the door frame with gleaming eyes, and asked me in a trembling voice:

“I can see you’re still in, too... Do you want to see something interesting?”

“What would that be?” I asked. I was hoping she will invite me to somewhere, ask for my number or something like that. Maybe she would use the good old “I need a little help” trick.

“Come with me.” she said.

We stepped out to the dark hallway. I wanted to turn on the lights, to see where we are going, but Bonnie stopped me by grabbing my hand.

“Don’t turn it on, we don’t want to scare them away.” she whispered.

“Who exactly?” I whispered as well, but Bonnie just flashed a smile and turned around.

She led me through the maze of dark corridors. She stopped at a corner, took off her high heels and went along on her bare feet. I followed her in complete silence. There was a little hall after the corner, and a conference room behind a glass wall. That’s where our staff meeting took place every week. Even I had to take part on these, although I have been considered as a trainee. There were exuberant tropical flowers and little palm trees in front of the glass wall - none of them originated from this climate, but if the HR comes out with the idea that these have to grow in our offices, they won’t spare any money. Bonnie took my hand again and pulled me among the palm trees. This way we could peep into the conference room between the palm leaves.

A man was fucking a woman inside the conference room, on the elliptic table. The both of them still had their clothes on. They were doing it from behind. I stepped close to the glass wall very carefully, to get a better view. Bonnie tried to pull me back, but I didn’t let her to do so, and I pulled her beside me.

The scene could have been from a kind of an old Playboy movie: the woman was bent over the table, her long blonde hair was spread on the table, her skirt was tucked up, her panties were still on one of her legs, but she had both of her high heels on, of course. The man was dressed in a grey suit with his white shirt unbuttoned, his tie loosened, his pants on his ankles. He was fucking her with abandon from behind. The woman grabbed his tie and pulled him closer to herself by it. I could hear even their moans in the silence of the building.

“He’s got a really big cock,” Bonnie whispered to me, causing me to stir a bit.

I don’t know how she knew that because his clothes almost hid all of his body. Bonnie had probably seen this more than once before. I saw her watching the scene with sparkling eyes. She swallowed hard, probably because her throat had gone dry.

The man in the conference room leaned on the woman, and fucked her like a well-oiled machine. It was really exciting to watch, and I started to feel my arousal. The man grabbed her thighs, and gasped something in her ear, but I couldn’t hear what. Her head bobbed and nodded. The guy stopped, stepped back, took his cock in his hand - he really had a big one - and slapped her ass cheeks a few times with it. The woman was laughing, I could hear that even from here, at the other side of the glass wall. The man said something, like teasing her, slapped her ass cheeks with his cock again, then put it back, this time really slowly, and started to move inside her.

“He just put it in her ass," Bonnie said. I was looking at her questioning, so she continued: “I watched them some at other times as well. A little suckie under the table, a little lickie on the table, then cowgirl, and at the end, from anal behind. They do it always the same way,” she shrugged.

“So you were peeping, right?” I whispered to her. She kinda blushed as I could see her face in the dim light, between the leaves of the palm tree.

“Of course," she said. Her hot breath was warming up my blood. “I wouldn’t miss to see a good fucking like that...”

The man started to really give it to the mystery woman. He fucked her ass really hard, both of them panted very loudly, the woman screamed. They probably thought they are alone in the building at this time of the evening. He straightened up, pulled her ass cheeks apart with his two hands and watch the view in delight. I could tell he really enjoyed his cock moving in and out between her round ass cheeks. Of course, this caused my groin to swell more, and I imagined myself behind the woman. The man released her, spanked her light brown ass cheeks hard, and fucked her harder, grabbing her hair with one hand, her breasts with the other, and pulling her close to himself.

“This is really dirty,” I whispered to Bonnie, whose eyes were sparkling like diamonds.

“I think they stole these ideas from some kind of a porn movie,” she answered but couldn’t get her eyes from the view. “That’s where people do it like that.. Especially at the end, just watch it!”

They were panting really hard. The woman grabbed his neck from behind. They were moving like a couple who know each other well. The woman cried out, and as he would just have waited for it, penetrated her asshole deeply. She was trembling, cried out loud a few times, then fell on the desk. The light was really dim, but I could see both of them were covered in sweat. The man bent over her and slowly started to move inside her again.

“That’s my favourite part,” Bonnie said, partly to herself.

The woman seemed to come to life. She snapped away from the man, turned around, got on her knees before him. She grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off. The man hung onto the table, enjoyed the fondling he got from her. She let his huge cock into her mouth for a few times, but didn’t really work on it, just made it wet and slippery. She jerked it really hard, she seemed to know how to deal with it. And the man screamed loudly soon, trembled, and sprayed his juices on her face. She jerked it off for some more, but slightly smoothly, and held it above her breasts. That’s where the next drops sprayed. Their white colour seemed to glisten in the dim light of the floor. Finally, she licked his cock thoroughly, made it clean with her wet tongue, and the man moaned like a really satisfied lion.

While they were dressing up, I backed off from the plants. As I tried to adjust my pants to hide my erection, Bonnie spotted it and touched it gently through my fly.

“I can see you liked it, too...” she said to me, then turned around and walked away. I still had a glance at her taking on her high heels, then she waved goodbye and disappeared.

I hurried back to my office. I sat into my chair, leaned back and smiled. This is a good place, I thought, I will really enjoy working here.

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