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old man gets flashed by young girl.

I make an old man's day by showing him all I got.

Another true story from my wild youth before marriage sucked the life out of me!

I was 19 and at the time was in college in Uxbridge West London, Living locally with an aunt to save money.

I had a boyfriend who lived Near Baker Street in London, and one Saturday night I travelled to have a night out of dancing, drinking and maybe a club. The plan was to travel back fairly early on the London Underground (tube) the next morning because I had a waitress job at lunchtime in a local restaurant.

Predictably the evening was good and after too many drinks went back to his flat to sleep but not before a good fucking.

He was totally rampant and my pussy took a pounding as he licked and fingered me before fucking me into a frenzy. He had me screaming with pleasure as I orgasm like never before. He cummed in me and I went down on him to suck the last out of him tasting my self as I did.

Not being totally satisfied, I then went on to finger fuck myself as he watched, but could not get his cock to harden again. Must have taken to much out of him the first time.

We fell asleep naked on his bed.

The next morning a more gently and loving sex session happened, with him sliding in out of my pussy very gently and at a very slow pace that he held for ages. It had me kissing him so hard as he kept the rhythm up, I was arching my back so much as I came, I felt I would die from pleasure.  He said he was going to cum so I went down and felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat with so much force. I love that, it makes it so much more personal that I could do that for him.

After a long lie panting and cuddling and a nice long kiss before I had to go and leave him.

On getting dressed my boyfriend thought it hilarious to hide my panties, and after a bit of searching and him pretending to look for them, I had no choice but to go home without them.

After kissing him goodbye and he again swearing he didn't know where my panties were, I set off on a fairly short walk to the tube station. I had about 8 stations to go which would only take about 25 minutes.

At the time I was wearing long leather boots and a skirt that was just above the knee so as long as I was careful I would be ok. I was more aware of my predicament then usual and was careful and  a bit worried when going up escalator although my skirt was long enough not to display anything.

For those who don't know London's Underground, many of the trains have seats along the sides so that you are facing people on the opposite side of the carriage.

I sat in one of these seats at one end of carriage, and only a young couple at far end of carriage as company. After the first stop an old man got on and sat dead opposite of me. I don't know why but this annoyed me a bit as nearly the whole carriage was empty.

For the next 3 or 4 stops he did not take his eyes of me. I could feel him staring at my tits and then down to my legs and boots looking at me up and down.  I was feeling very annoyed and was wondering whether to ignore him, say something to him or just move.

I was keeping my knees tight together, and then a rather naughty thought entered my head.

I guess it was the still throbbing pussy, the warmth and memory of the large cock that had been sliding in and out for what seemed like hours, the cum that I so hungrily swallowed , was making me feel this way.

The train was approaching my stop at Eastcote, I thought it's now or never. I inched myself forward on the seat as if getting ready to get up letting my skirt ride up at the back. As the train came to a stop I noticed no one as about to get on.

I moved to get up, but first I held the front of my skirt up and spread my legs wide. putting in full view my wide open swollen cunt for him to look at. I held it for about 5 seconds seeing him staring at it and swallowing hard, I will never forget the pleasure and very surprised look on his face.

I then as now don't shave my pussy but prefer to trim, and as I am quite fair-haired it can look like its hairless anyway. 

I moved quickly to the doors getting out just as they were about to shut, and as the train began to move away I looked into the carriage. The old man had stood up and he had a wonderful smile on his face and gave me a nice little wave.

I waved back and he was gone, I always wondered what would have happened if I did not get out of the doors in time and would have been stuck with him for another stop.

Would have been forced to sit next to him and let him have a good feel, would have been just like my granddad feeling me, which is something he never did but would of loved him to have done.

It also made me feel good to think that when the old man got home he gave his old cock a good tugging or gave his wife some good sex thinking of my young spread wide pussy.

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