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On The London to Brighton Line

Jess sucks my cock on a train
It’s early. Far to early to be up on New Years Day, but we are up anyway.

We are on our way to Brighton from London. My girlfriend Jess is asleep with her head in my lap, as the train passes through Gatwick and our carriage empties out.

It looks like not a lot of people are on their way to Brighton this rather chilly early New Years morning.

Jess wakes up as we stop at the next station. She looks up and me and smiles sleepily. She has a great smile. Her long brown hair is tousled and partly stuck to the side of her face.

“Come here you,” I say and lean in and kiss her. She grabs me hard and we start making out.

I pull away, “Feeling frisky are we?”

She laughs, “Of course I am.”

We go back to making out. I unzip her coat and slide my hand in and fondle her perfect breasts over her sweater. She reaches down and runs her hand over my rapidly hardening cock.

“Mmm someone’s excited,” she whispers to me.

She looks around the now totally deserted carriage. She kisses me again and we make out as she undoes my belt and the buttons on my jeans. Pulling the fly open she fishes out my cock and starts to slowly stroke it, before lowering her head and engulfing my cock with her mouth.

Jess is an amazing cocksucker and she loves to do it. She can’t really deep throat, but she is very good with her tongue. She grips the base of my cock with her hand and starts to work it up and down in tandem with her mouth. Fuck it feels good.

I stare around the carriage and look out the windows at the passing countryside. Jess keeps going even when we pull into a station and the doors open. No one gets on here. It’s a good thing too because it’s pretty obvious that my girlfriend’s head is bobbing up and down on my cock.

I reach into her open coat and push down her low cut sweater and bra to reveal her perky 32B breasts. I begin to play with her nipples as she sucks me. I continue my perusal of the carriage when I notice the CCTV cameras one of which looks right down on our seats. I hope the conductor is enjoying the show.

At the next stop a young lady getting of the train further back walks along the platform past our carriage and glances through the window and does a double take and freezes. She stands for a long time watching us in rapt fascination, unable to move as I make eye contact with her. Finally the train starts moving away from the platform and she seems to wake from her trance and turns and walks as quickly as she can away from us. “I hope she enjoyed herself,” I think.

There is only one stop left before Brighton, but Jess is still enjoying herself taking her time. I’m enjoying myself too, but I know if I don’t cum before Brighton I am going to spend most of the day with serious blue balls.

We pull into the next stop and two high school boys get off. They are walking the opposite direction to the young lady at the last stop, so they don’t notice Jess sucking away on my cock.

After the train pulls out a voice comes over the intercom and says that we will be arriving in Brighton in 3 minutes. Now Jess starts to speed up. Determined to make me cum before we get to the station.

“Fuck Jess, suck that cock. Suck it hard baby. Make me cum.”

She bobs her head faster and faster. I’m getting close. I can feel my orgasm building. I’m going to cum hard and she knows it. The train is just slowing when I cum. I can feel Jess swallowing fanatically. There is so much of it.

The train comes to a complete stop and as Jess sucks the last of the cum out my softening cock. I quickly stuff it back into my pants and do up my fly and belt and Jess quickly zips up her coat without putting her tits back. We get up, grab our things and exit the train. We walk past the conductor who smiles at us and says, “I hope you come again soon.”

We both giggle and Jess says, “Do you think he knows what happened?”

“Yeah, he must have watched us on CCTV. The cams in the carriage were pointed right at us. Oh and you still have some cum on your chin.”

I wipe it off and she sucks my finger into her mouth cleaning the cum off it. She looks at me with a naughty promise in her green eyes. I lean in and kiss her hard. “I fucking love you,” I say.

“I love you too,” she says. It’s going to be an interesting day in Brighton on the sea.

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