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Once in a Lifetime Part two

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Ever have a bad day
Have you ever had one of those days where everything you touched just turned to shit?
Well midsummer a few years ago I had one.It was like being in Quicksand.
The harder I tried the more things fell apart .I was starting to wonder if I was even going to survive it At long last the work day was over and I could do no more damage so I went home. As soon as I walked in the door I went straight to the fridge and grabbed a beer

After drinking a couple of beers I still had that feeling of impending doom. So I got up and took a long shower.Thinking it might wash away that feeling .It didn't So I got myself dressed pulling on a nice pair of black slacks and a black button down shirt ...dug out my dress shoes and trotted off to the local bar The beer had helped a little so I thought a stiffer drink might help even more

  It was still early when I arrived .I think it was about 6:30 pm ..I took a seat away from the others not wanting to be caught up in ideal chat ..All I wanted was to sip my drink and let the day melt away It was after a couple of drinks when a girl set in the seat next to me Now normally I would have started flirting right away
But the day still had it's hold on me so I ignored her ..She ordered herself a drink and set quietly sipping it ..

She was not a model or anything but very cute .I could tell from her dress she had came straight from work .She had short brown hair and at this point I didn't even care enough to look at her eyes to see what color they were But the drinks were starting to loosen me up some when out of the blue she struck up a conversation with me I was polite at first but not overly enthusiastic .She had a soft voice that had a soothing affect on me It didn't take long before I loosed up and we were talking like old friends even though we had just meet

I looked up and saw it was pushing 9:00pm now and told her I was going to have one more drink and go home ..I ordered one for both of us By this time I was starting to notice her ..Her dress was a little low cut showing some cleavage she had what looked like "D" breasts and the tight bra she was wearing was pushing them tightly against her dress.Her cleavage was like a tight slit ..Her eyes were brown ..That light brown that sparkles in the light

Just as we were about to finish our drinks she leaned over putting her hand on my shoulder.Kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear."My husband is an alcoholic and hasn't made love to me in over 18 months would you like to be with me tonight ?"Needless to say I was a bit shocked But didn't show it.I looked into her eyes and told her that it would be my honer to do that for her.

We couldn't go to her place for obvious reasons and I had two roommates ..She didn't like the idea of that ..Being a beach town and me being raised there I kept a blanket in the trunk of my car I told her I knew just the place ..We left arm in arm .I had parked near the rear of the bar.We walked to the car only to stop at it I took her shoulder spinning her to face me them pressed her to the car leaning in kissing her passionately ...She was like a hungry animal she tried to devour me . I could feel the heat between us instantly jump ...Without a word I opened the door for her then ran around taking my place behind the wheel

As we pulled out I told her about a stretch of beach that was rarely used after dark .We could go there and be alone ,kinda. ..We didn't say much on the way but there was a lot of thigh rubbing on both our parts as we drove ..Her wearing a dress made it easy for me to tease the hell out of her all the way there.Her panties were soaked by the time we arrived in the parking lot ...She didn't wait for me to open the door just jumped out ..I opened the trunk and pulled out the blanket every one that lives that close to the beach keeps in there trunk.

We held hands as I lead her down a tiny path .It was obvious that it wasn't used very much In the dark it was hard to tell if we were still on it .at last we broke over a dune and there was the beach ..we walked down it a ways still holding hands till I spoted a grassy spot up in the dunes above us ..grinning big I pointed it out and lead her to it Where I spread out the blanket telling her to sit facing the ocean ..I moved behind her sitting with my legs on both sides of her wrapping my arms around her soft body hugging her

Leaning in trying to kiss her neck but only getting a mouth full of hair I reached up pulling it to one side then started nibbling on her flesh My hands didn't waist any time wandering over her body ..Her dress was thick material .The kind a secretary would wear but my hands were firm enough that she felt every thing I was doing ..My hands roaming up her torso Brushing lightly against the bottom of her breasts ( I love to tease) .Pressing my now stiffening cock against her chest pressed tightly to her back I could feel her breathing getting quick and even feel her heart beating hard and fast

She started wiggling her firm ass back against me as my hands got more aggressive cupping ...massaging ..caressing her breast the other sliding down her body pulling the bottom of her dress up exposing her soaking panties My hand cupped her tightly between the legs using it to massage her through her panties ..rubbing tightly pressing my finger tightly to them pushing the delicate material in between her swollen lips ..she moaned loudly trying to turn around but I wouldn't let her ..I wanted to make her cum before we went any further

Pressing more firmly and moving my hand faster rubbing her panties was driving her crazy I could feel her starting to buck against my hand ..Feeling her bucking just spurred me on rubbing even more vigorously .Her panties were dripping wet by now ...I felt her back arch she let out a little scream as she released what must have been a long awaited orgasm ...I thought she would never stop ..she just seemed to roll from one to another I bite down on her neck to hold her still as she rode it out ..

When she settled down I pulled my hands up and started pulling down the zipper on the back of her dress.She moved to let me have full access to it ..pushing the dress off her shoulders and down her arms till I exposed the bra catch .Unsnapping it I pushed the straps off her shoulders letting them fall with her dress
We had to stand to get the dress all the way off and remove my pants soon as my pants opened her hand moved instantly to my now throbbing cock
I looked around and saw a couple down the beach a ways but thought they couldn't see us back in the dunes as we were

WE slowly lowered ourselves together to the blanket being careful not to get any sand on it She looked at me in a way that was almost scary ...leaned over and kissing her way from my shoulder down over my chest ..I knew what she was going to do I also knew I wouldn't be able to let her do it long or she would get a mouth full of my cum ..Laying back I let her do as she wanted ..She was very passionate as she kissed down over my body her hand gripping my throbbing cock just before she touched it with the tip of her tongue

It's one thing to have a woman that knows how to suck a cock do it for me but quit another to have one that loves having a cock in her mouth do it ..the way she moved her lips .Pushing them down the length of my shaft ...slowly pulling them back up .I could feel her tongue exploring every square inch of my throbbing flesh as she moved so passionately on it.I rocked and moaned .My hands running through her hair, hips moving slowly matching her rhythm.
I had to pull her off or the way she was sucking my cock so masterfully would have made me cum far to soon.

Panting from what she had just done I knew I had to do something to allow myself to calm down a bit before I gave her what she really wanted
My hands pressed her shoulders till she lay naked on her back ..the warm summer breeze rustling the tall sea grass beside us The smell of her sex intoxicating me. I looked into her eyes as my lips did to her what hers had done to me ..Kissing my way down from her neck sucking her nipple into my mouth
Teasing it as I kissed my way down her body ..she knew where I was going as she started squirming long before I got there ..

Moving my body between her legs hands on her knees pushing them apart totally exposing her dripping pussy to me ...licking my lips as I stared at it for a brief moment before leaning in kissing her swollen dripping wet lips tongue tracing teasingly along the length of them ..pressing a little harder till they parted for me letting the tip of my tongue slide freely through her velvety folds ...her back arched hard and she gasped hard as my tongue found her little bud hiding in it's little place ..sucking it into my mouth exposing it to my tongue ...slowly at first rolling the tip of my tongue over it in a slow relentless circle.

She moaned loudly I could feel her starting to shake ..she couldn't seen to stop herself from bucking against my mouth was just then that I slide two fingers into her depths ..pushing them in with one slow smooth motion.Her gasp at this could be heard foe quit a ways I am sure ...her hips started leaping rhythm with my fingers moving in and out of her dripping wet folds She pounded her fist into the blanket as my tongue circled her clit without mercy ...fingers driving in faster and faster ...then she exploded in one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever witnessed ..It wasn't me I am good I think but not that good ..It must have been the length of time since anyone had treated her like I did that night

At last it was time to give her what she had asked for in the bar ..Moving my body up slowly kissing the same trail I had followed going down I reached her breast arching my back and gripping my cock I guided it to her waiting pussy was so wet my rock hard cock slipped in easily ...My lips found her nipple my tongue circled her nipple just as it had done her clit ...she moaned her body moved like she had no bones in it ..her fingers running through my hair ..sucking hard on her nipple she finally spoke ..saying Bite it ...Pull it with your teeth .Wanting to please her my teeth bite down .lightly at first ..when I pulled they slipped of ...biting again I did it harder Pulling again my teeth held this time ..she squirmed and moaned loudly I knew that was the right pressure

With her squirming under me my cock slipped in all the way till my mound hit against hers ..she wasn't shaven and at the time I wasn't either ..there is something sensual about pubic hair grinding together.Slowly rotating my hips as my cock slide in and out if her ...teeth nibbling on her nipple Pulling it lightly hand found the other one twirling that nipple between my forefinger and thumb ...She started bucking and squirming so hard I was barely able to stay on top of her. She was getting louder and more violent in her movements

I could feel my orgasm that I had held back so long building inside me knowing I would not be able to hold it back much longer. I growled out "Baby I am going to cum " ..quickly re-clamping my teeth to her nipple tugging it even harder as my hips moved faster and faster impaling her with my throbbing cock .Sweat rolling of my brow .The cool evening breeze from the ocean the only thing keeping us from melting .She screamed out ...Yes baby cum in me ..will me with it .
Her hips slamming up meeting mine ..slapping sounds ringing through the night .

I couldn't hold back an instant longer .My breathing suddenly stopped .abs clinched tight ..every muscle in my body froze for a split second then my cock exploded blasting my molten cum deep in her waiting body My breath coming in broken gasps ..opening my eyes looking down at her just as her face pulled tight ..her hands grabbed my back .fingernails digging into my flesh ..both of us screaming as we rode out our mutual orgasms together

As our orgasms subsided we sank into each others arms .Not speaking just breathing in the salty air Roiling off her panting laying beside her staring up at the night sky I heard a giggle ...Looking down over my feet I saw that we had drawn an pair of voyeurs We were both to exhausted to care .We just looked at each other and engaged in one of the most passionate kisses of my life ..

I took her back to the bar where her car was ,,gave her my number knowing she would never call ..kissed her good bye and watched her drive off into the night ..I never did see her again and shortly after she left I realized I didn't even know her name

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