Once in a Lifetime

By Raptor-ghost

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This is a true story that happened some years ago

 Once in a Lifetime

I awoke one morning to find myself a single father of two sons. Both still in diapers. My ex-wife wasn't ready for the responsibility of motherhood, but to my surprise I was very ready to be a father. I had a good job for a guy with only a high school education, a foreman for an underground construction company. As good as my job was it wasn't good enough, the expense of raising two young kids alone was just too much, not to mention the physical demands of caring for two rambunctious boys of such a young age .

After a lengthy discussion with my parents, I decided to move back home so I could get some help with the day to day rigors of raising these two little demons as well as getting a much needed break on my finances. My parents' house has a room that is separate from the main house, sort of like a small guest house. We painted and fixed it up for me to stay in which kept me from living in the main house with them and also gave me the privacy I enjoy.

One Saturday I called some old friends that I hadn't seen in some time .They invited me over for an afternoon of relaxation. Just what I needed at the time, a chance to get away from the kids and just be on my own, even only for a few hours .I arrived at Mo and Vaughn's house just after noon, Vaughn and I sat in the living room drinking a cold beer and catching up while Mo walked around cleaning and taking care of their house and keeping in our conversation. It was an hour or so later when there was a knock on the door, Mo answered it and there was another old friend that I had not seen in years, Dee, she had been in the neighborhood and decided to stop by.

I was glad to see her, we chatted for a while when I asked about another mutual friend of ours, Kristy, Dee told me that she talked to her everyday which I was delighted to hear. Since Kristy had dated an old roommate for years and even lived with us for year. I asked Dee for Kristy's phone number since we had lost track of each other and it would be nice to catch up with her and find out how she has been doing. Dee said she doesn't give out other people's phone numbers feeling a little disappointed, but thinking quickly I gave her my number, telling her to call Kristy and give it to her. If she wanted to she could call me, Dee smiled and said that would work, I said my goodbye's to Vaugn and Mo then left.

I was milling around the house after getting home, when the phone rang. To my surprise it was Kristy. I wasn't expecting to hear from her so soon, if at all. We talked and laughed for a long time when I told her that I would love to see her again.
She said "Well I'm in your neighborhood and have a little time. Why don't I swing by now?"
I said, "That would be great. Do you remember where my folk's house is?"
She giggled saying "Of course I do, I've been there enough over the years with you and Jack." (Jack being my old roommate and her ex boyfriend)
"Great." I replied, "I'll see you soon."

Kristy and I have known each other for years but always as Jack's girlfriend and roommate. There was never anything more then friendly chat and some harmless flirting between us. When she lived in the house she would run around in those little silk shorts girls wear to drive guys batty, the ones that tied around there waist leaving the side of there thighs exposed, and most of the time she wore t-shirts cut off just below her breasts. This
girl worked out four or five times a week, she was in great shape. She always wore her hair cut short just above the shoulders, I never saw her with a single hair out of place when she would go out, whether it was to work or dinner. She would dress right off the pages on some fasion magazine. A stunning girl with her "D"cup breasts and firm body .

She arrived at the house around five in the evening. I greeted her in the drive way with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. We were both glad to see one another. Kristy is younger then me by three years, so I kind of felt like she was my little sister. Looking at her this afternoon though, I wasn't thinking little sister. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse cut low, showing alot of cleavage. The skirt and blouse were very sexy, almost approaching slutty, short and low cut. Even though she was a classy girl and pulled the look off nicely.

I slid my arm around her shoulder pulling her close and she slide her's around my waist as we walked into the house. My mother was in the kitchen when we walked in, she hugged Kristy and they talked for a few minutes while my mother finished preparing supper. I got my kids and introduced them to Kristy. It was supper time and as always we cooked too much, so I invited Kristy to have dinner with us. We sat around the dining table, catching
up on old times and what had happened in the time we had been a part .

After dinner I put the boys to bed for the night, then we went out onto the back porch where I fixed us a drink. Kristy wasn't a big drinker, but had one with us while we finished catching up, after two drinks it was getting late, my parents excused themselves and went to bed, Kristy said she had to be going as well. It was dark now and she had to get home to care for her animals. I walked her out to her car hugging her as we walked, she opened her door standing in there looking at me with a look I had never seen in
her eyes before. She reached out grabbing my lapel pulling me towards her, wrapping her arms around my neck, giving me the most sensual kiss I think I had ever had. It sent me reeling, I was shocked but it was a pleasing, I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights when she released me as she just smiled at me and sat down on the edge of the seat. She lifted her right leg swinging it into the car. When she did, that sexy little skirt
that I had been admiring all evening rode up very high exposing the most shearest pair of panties I think I have ever seen. I was mesmerized, I must have looked really stupid standing there, staring at her, I could see right through her panties. I could see that she was closly trimmed only leaving a little strip of pubic hair, like a landing strip between her legs. She made no attempt to cover herself, just sat there letting me stare .

She was staring up into my eyes when she lifted her leg moving it back out of the car setting it on the driveway. She scooted to the very edge of her seat pulling the skirt up even more. I was totally speechless, as she reached up grabbing my lapel again pulling me down to my knees between her legs. She looked deep into my eyes and kissed me again. This time I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pulled her tight to me, sliding my tongue into her mouth we kissed for what seemed like an hour but was actually only a few minutes, she pushed me back, I saw her run her eyes over my body. I was wearing a
tight t-shirt and tight jeans I know I was aroused after the sight of her panties and that kiss, so when her gaze fell to my crotch, it was bulging.

I didn't wear underwear, so my cock was running down my left leg, quiet visible, I'm kind of short only 5ft 8inches, giving it a look that it is bigger than it really is. Reaching almost halfway to my knee. I heard her groan as she reached down caressing my throbbing cock through my jeans. Still in shock I just went with the flow. My hand fell to her thigh and quickly rode up, gently brushing those sheer panties that were viable now, I felt instantly that she was already wet. The moisture seeping through the material as my hand moves between her legs.

We kiss again, lustfully, our tongues twisting around each other seeking out every part of the others mouth, tasting each other. As our mouths are fused together, exploring, her hand rubs my cock in a long steady motion as I slid a finger past the band of her panties,
tracing it along the length of her swollen lips, there was a lot of fluid there, I sighed into her mouth as I felt it, gently massaging her until my finger broke her lips apart. She was so wet it slipped easily between her lips. I pressed it along the length of her slit finding her clit and running little circles over it.

She broke our kiss and I felt her hands move to the button on my jeans .Her skillful hands quickly had the jeans undone, then pushing the zipper down sliding inside, grabbing my cock, pulling it out, it was so hard it didn't come out easily. She had to push my jeans down to mid-thigh to get it out, she smiled looking at me as I massaged her clit . She stroked my bulge while whispering "Rob I have wanted to get your cock in my hands for years. I couldn't wait any longer."
She looked down staring at it as she stroked it with both hands. Her soft hands moved over my throbbing member with such caring and grace it was amazing. I thought I would cum just from her touch. My hand was still circling her clit when she reached down taking my hand pushing it down a little further. I knew what she wanted and slid a finger into her eager entrance, she was dripping wet now, my finger slid in so easily as though it was meant to be there. She sighed as I slid it in deep, her hand moved back to my cock. She was in total control of this situation.

She pushed me back quickly, pushing her panties down raising one foot at a time stepping out of them, leaving them laying on the driveway. Then reaching down pushing my pants down around my knees, running her hands up the inside of my thighs before gripping my cock pulling me between her opened legs. She leaned in laying her forehead on my shoulder, staring down at my cock, getting closer and closer to her wet pussy.

I could smell her sex, feel her body trembling, hear her breathing grow quick and shallow as she guides me into her slit. Pushing the tip of my cock up and down her slit, she guided it to her entrance allowing me to push just the tip in, stopping me with her hands allowing only a little at a time to slip into her. I hear her pant as she stares at my cock I follow her lead as she pulls me into her pussy, eight, nine, ten times before allowing another half inch in, then repeating the process till her hand hits her mound. Pressing her forehead tight to my shoulder she released my cock .

I have the rhythm now, knowing what she wants, I continue the pattern of nine to ten strokes, then another half inch. It was a painfully torturous slow process to get my aching cock all the way into her dripping wet pussy. When it hit bottom at long last she gripped my cheeks holding me into her not allowing me to pull back and stroke it into her. She started pushing on my ass cheeks in a slow circle while holding me deep in her she moans and pants as I grind my cock into her, holding me so tight..

I realize we are outside in plain view, so I don't try to hold back my orgasm whispering to her, "Kristy I'm getting close baby." She moans louder saying. "Please I want your cum in me, do it, do it now." Her body starts to tremble, as my balls tighten. "OWWW God, Kristy here it comes!!"crying out softly as my cock explodes with my seed, pumping it deep into her, she still holds me very tight into her. I feel her pussy pulse around my cock milking it, I can't believe how strong her muscles are, I've never felt any girls' pussy
tighten up like that. I can feel her cum mixed with mine rolling down over my thighs, looking down I see it drip onto the driveway.

Her body shakes, her breath coming in gasps as she has an earth shattering orgasm, the strength of her as she milks my cock, squeezes my ass, and holds me tight to her, still not believing how strong this little girl is. Our body's slowly calm, she looks up for the first time in a while. Still in control. she touches her lips to mine kissing me passionately, something I've always wanted to do, never daring to dream I would get to make love to her, much less kissing her like this.
She pushes me away, smiling at me, then turning to reach into the center console of her
car she takes a tissue and wipes herself, pulling her legs back into the car as I stand pulling my pants up, she closes the door rolling down the window, she hands me her card "Call me tomorrow ok ." I smile replying playfully , "do I have to wait till tomorrow?" She laughs as she starts the car, I step back, still in shock about what had just happened as she backs out of the drive moving down the street as I stand there watching. I look down seeing her panties laying there still wet with her fluids on them, picking them up, I take a quick sniff and keep them as a reminder that miracles do happen