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Our Favorite Parking Spot

We got caught having sex in the car or, maybe more like putting on a show!
Years ago, when my wife and I were dating we would go parking along this one secluded road. We didn't have much money, lived with our folks so we took pleasure where and when we could.

One evening it was very dark outside with no moon. We started kissing and touching then we slowly undressed each other. We were in the front passenger seat of the car totally naked. I was fingering her pussy and sucking her nipples. She was stroking my cock and was extremely wet. We were going at it pretty good when all of a sudden the car was flooded with light!

A van had pulled up in front of us and was just sitting there. At first, I tried to cover up my wife, and hide our faces too. The van just sat there watching, seemed like an eternity but really only a couple minutes. Well, eventually we got turned on by the fact a total stranger was right there and we were naked. I started to tweak her nipples and slid my hand between her legs. She was dripping wet. I whispered to her, “We might as well give them a good show.”

She smiled and got on my lap facing the car. She slid down on my cock and started fucking me, exposing herself to whoever was out there. Her tits bouncing with each thrust. The windows were open and she was moaning pretty good too.

I couldn't believe we were doing this. Now being younger, we were a little more flexible than we are now. The front seat was still a little confining. Not sure what got into us, but I said, “Let’s take this outside."

She moaned, “Oh god, yeah okay.”

We disentangled and opened the door. She leaned against the car spread her legs and I leaned into her. I cupped her breast with one hand and slid my other between her legs, and then finger fucked her wet pussy. I had no idea what the people in the other van were doing. They still had their lights on us so couldn't see into the van. I was hoping whoever it was, was enjoying the show and playing too.

I had my wife moaning and dripping, I needed to fuck her right then in the worst way, knowing we were being watched was driving us both crazy. I spread her legs apart a little more then slid my rock hard cock into her swollen and wet pussy from behind. She gasped as I entered her, then pulled out a little then slid back hard, my balls slapping her ass as I repeated pumped my cock into her hot cunt. I kept telling her how hot this was and that the folks in the car could see us all naked and fucking. She moaned even louder now then came harder than she ever did before.

Panting she pulled herself away, turned and said, "Quick I want to suck your cock so they can see!"

We switched places and she got down on her knees and gobbled my cock, thrusting her mouth up and down on my shaft. Finally, I exploded into her mouth. She licked me clean, bathed in the headlights on the other car.

I think we finally came to our senses and scrambled back into the car and waited to see what would happen. After a minute or so, the van flashed its lights and drove off. We couldn't believe what we just did!

The next weekend we were back at our special spot. During the week, we couldn't stop talking about our little show. We figured, well what the hell, that was once in a lifetime experience and boy was it a real turn on, but we figured no way that would happen again. Yikes were we wrong!

Again we drove to our spot again and started making out. There was no moon so it was totally dark. We hadn't gotten naked just yet. We were kissing and exploring each other. My hands were rubbing her tits through her blouse. She was getting me incredibly hard rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was just starting to unbutton her blouse when once again we got flooded with lights. The van was back!

We couldn't believe it! Like last week it just stood there watching. We weren't sure what to do. I asked my wife, "Another show?"

She giggled and said, "I dunno, should we?"

She then leaned back and gave me a sly look and started to unbutton her blouse. She then reached behind her, unfastened her bra, and slipped it off without taking off her shirt. Her naked breasts were so delicious bathed in the van's lights as she cupped them with her hands and pinched her own nipples. My cock was so hard. I unzipped my pants and was about to take them off when the lights went out. We were back in total darkness. We froze, not knowing what was going to happen.

The van stayed there for a couple minutes waiting. I was just about to say, "What the fuck?" when the interior lights of the van went on. In the other van was another couple. They looked at us with big smiles on their faces.

The couple were maybe five or six years older than we were, nice looking. They were not Ken and Barbie types, but looked like the neighbors next door types. She had long dark hair and his was cut short. He had his hands on the steering wheel, he had big hands, and my wife loves big hands.

We didn't know what was going to happen next when they both started kissing and fondling each other. We stared mesmerized as he pulled off her top exposing her tits that were firm and bursting cupped in her bra, they continued to undressed each other. Her bra was gone, now his shirt too. We couldn't see much else, but we could see that they were totally turned on like we were last week, kissing and fondling each other.

Wendy commented about those big hands, "I would just love to see his matching cock!" As the guy was sucking his girls tits, her neck arched back, I guess their window was open because we could hear some pretty good moans from the woman. With the interior lights on there was no doubt they wanted an audience!

My wife and I were getting turned on and started to play with each other too as we watched. The other couple must have gotten totally naked because the girl slid over on her man's lap and started to bounce up and down. We could see she was fucking her guy pretty good. Her tits were bouncing with each thrust. My cock was out of my pants now and I was stroking as I watched her. Wendy was busy pinching her nipple with one hand and the other was jammed down her pants. The woman in the van was moaning loudly now, then started shouting, "Fuck, fuck fuck!" she stiffed and cried out an, "Oh gawd!" She then collapsed on her man's lap. She was still and her man brought his hands around and caressed her breasts, pinching her hard nipples.

Wendy and I were both so turned on. I could feel my pre cum starting to drip from my cock. Wendy was finger fucking herself slowly as we just watched them. Then all of a sudden, we heard the guy yell, "Hey, did ya like the show?"

Then he said something to his girl, she nodded then yelled over to us, "Hey! You wanna come on over for a beer?"

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