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Caught doing her up the arse
Me and the girlfriend were out for a walk, it was a glorious day and as usual I was horny as hell. We have always loved sex outdoors so decided to find a nice empty field in which to fuck. A perfect spot was soon found and we stretched out on the cool grass.

My girlfriend is a real beauty, far too good for me really, with long slim legs, nice small tits, and a gorgeous arse. We got straight down to business, kissing passionately and running our hands over each others bodies whilst stripping off what little clothing we were wearing. I moved my kisses lower down her body taking a nipple into my mouth. Gently sucking and nibbling the perfect little bud. My hand slipping down to her perfectly shaved pussy. As expected she was very wet and sticky down there. I slipped two fingers in straight away. Stretching her hole ready to receive my cock, which contrary to most stories is not huge but a modest six inches.

As she moaned with pleasure and I felt her cunt muscles relax I moved on top of her slipping my penis into her willing flesh. After making love in the conventional missionary position for a while she wanted me to do her up the arse. Of course I was only too happy to oblige. We both love anal sex and the girlfriend's orgasms are much more intense from this kind of sex, whilst I just love having my cock in an incredibly tight hole. Because her bum hole is so tight I flipped her over onto her hands and knees and told her to spread her cheeks.

With her arse spread wide I spat a huge glob of spit onto her little brown hole and inserted my index finger to help lube up her wonderful back passage then more spit to lube my cock. Then, the best bit, putting the swollen glans of my cock against her tight brown hole and starting to push. Feeling the pressure start to build, then suddenly giving way as the head of my cock pops into her arsehole and then immediately tightens behind the helmet.

I hold it there for a minute before pushing the rest of my meat straight in, right up to the balls. She cries out in pleasure and pain, I hold still, my meat embedded fully into her arse and my balls squished against her sopping pussy. After just a minute to allow her arse to get used of my cock I start to pump into her, long slows strokes, speeding up gradually.My flesh gliding into hers, my balls slapping wetly against her cunt.

Then all of a sudden I hear " Well I say!" And there, right beside me is an old woman dressed in tweed with one of those stupid little dogs wearing tweed as well.

What to do.

I'm balls deep in my girls arse, do I stay where I am and hope this interfering old bitch goes away or pull out exposing my full length to her.

I can hear the girlfriend giggling at my discomfort and then she starts twitching her arsehole around my shaft. Ripples of pleasure running up and down my cock.Then against all reason she starts to slide up and down my shaft. Backing into me then sliding off my cock, just keeping the tip in before backing up again.

"Well young man, are you going to cover your shame" the old bat demands and whacks me with her walking stick.

"OW." I shout.

"You are disgusting , worse than animals." she continues to rant.

My girlfriend thinks this is hilarious and starts to thrust back harder. I forget the old bat and her now constant torrent of verbal abuse and stupid yapping dog. And set to fucking my girlfriend's arse with a vengeance. It only takes a minute before I feel my balls tighten and I decide to give the hag one last surprise.

I whip my cock out of my girlfriends now gaping arse and shoot a massive load over her back.

Well that certainly shut the old bitch up, she stood there open mouthed, staring at my cock as it pumped wave after wave of sperm over my girlfriends back and arse. It trickled down over her swollen cunt.

As my cock starts to soften and post orgasmic sanity returns the old woman seems to snap out of her shock, looked me straight in the eye and said in a rather distracted and wistful manner "yes , well...... very good young man. Very good indeed. Good day to you". The girlfriend and I just collapsed into a heap laughing so hard I thought we would die. So all in all a very fun afternoon.
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