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Outdoor antics - Flowers and fucks

It was a gorgeous day, Lucy was sat in her work when she got a text from Jake. “Can I steal you for a countryside walk?”

She didn’t have to think twice, they were a young couple and these summer days together were so precious. She grabbed her bag, made an excuse and was greeted by him outside, engine running. The couple wound down the windows in the car and blared out songs the whole car journey, smiling and laughing.

When they arrived at the wood, they parked up and followed a shaded path along a dried up stream. Dog walkers and joggers surrounded them, and were moving so quickly around them that Jake decided to take Lucy somewhere quieter, they loved to explore.

Before they knew it, they had walked about 20 minutes deep into a bright green wood, there was moss and grass covering the floor, huge bushes with ripe berries in every direction and a steep decline the whole way down. They ran like children down to the waters edge, and realised that they hadn’t seen anyone in those 20 minutes.

Lucy crossed the stepping stones onto the other side of the bank, and while Jake was messing around with a stick, she decided to flash him. She was stood with her thong down, dress hitched up and bent over, with no idea if anyone else could see as her back was to them. After a good minute, she heard Jake... “LUCY!! Now get back over this side now!”.

She ran over, barefoot and muddy into the arms of Jake and he passionately embraced her, squeezing her breasts over her dress and moved his hand down to hold her hands, where he found her wet thong. He didn’t give her the chance to get dressed again, and instead put it in his back pocket and ran along the path following the stream.

Out of breath, they both flopped into a small crevice, big enough for them to both lie in away from the path, but their legs still stuck out onto it. They fooled around together, as Jake held Lucy’s thong above her head, just out of reach. She snatched it back and pulled it up around her throbbing clitoris, rolling her eyes at Jake.

But he sensed that she was in the mood to play, so he began to softly kiss her lips, then lifted up her dress and kissed her clitoris over the thong. Lucy moaned instantly, and so Jake thought he’d make it a bit comfier if they were going to be there a while. He lay he jacket down under Lucy, and looking each way along the path, crouched down over her.

Lucy desperately began un-buttoning Jake’s trousers, so eager to have his cock in her hand or mouth. She covered her hand in saliva and began to massage his balls, then moved her hands up around the the head of his dick, which was already so wet with pre-cum.

Jake loved that Lucy had no tights on... He ran his hand up her smooth long legs, up and down, getting higher and higher each time until she was begging him to put his fingers inside her. He did one better though, and asked her to move the thong to the side. With his trousers now completely down, Jake risked getting caught in a very compromising position, but the two young lovers had to have each other there and then.

Lucy grabbed her favourite floral thong, with an inviting little bow on it, and moved it to the side. She touched her pussy, it was soaking so she used the juices to rub over her yearning clit, then pushed her finger deep into Jake’s mouth so he could taste her. As she went towards his mouth, he came closer to her, and with no warning, was able to push his rock hard dick into Lucy’s tight pussy.

In unison, the couple groaned so loudly, then both looked at each other and realised where they were. Jake held his index finger up to Lucy’s lips, and she nodded. He kissed her on the forehead and then began thrusting in and out of her so so hard. Lucy had never had such hard thrusting before without being able to make a noise.

She became so aware of the fact that she was now panting, straining her body to get closer to hers, pushing up towards him with every thrust he made. They fucked in perfect unison, supporting each others bodies and staring so desperately into each others eyes.

The jacket had come away under Lucy’s back, she was now directly on the ground, the heavy thrusting pushing her back up and down the wood’s floor, she knew there was no covering up what they’d really got up to now, clothed or not, so she decided to make the most of it.

“Oh baby, yes cum for me Lucy, my own little slut!”

Lucy tilted her head back and looked straight upwards, trees swirled around her and opposite the river there was a steep bank to private farmland. She heard the roaring of a tractor approaching and burst out laughing. Jake was laughing too, the two of them were about to get caught, but the farmer would have a bit of trouble chasing them over the river...

Instead of stopping, Jake started shouting too “YES LUCY, let me fuck that pussy, oh I am so horney for you baby, cum for me!”

The two of them moved quicker and quicker, Lucy’s back now red raw from natures very own carpet burn and before they knew it, Jake felt himself on the edge of cumming. He moved his hand over onto Lucy’s clit and began rubbing it in circles until she was just about screaming in pleasure, the two of them had an electric orgasm. As Jake filled up Lucy’s tight pussy with more cum than they had ever seen, Lucy’s body rithed in pleasure as it contracted with orgasm and the two flopped back down into the crevice in each others arms. Jake pulled up his jeans and Lucy pulled down her dress just as the tractor emerged on the tree line over the stream.

The couple scrambled to their feet laughing, Jake bent Lucy backwards and kissed her, her back arched as she shut her eyes and let her boyfriend sweep her off her feet. They continued along the path for a while, but they start to hear voices nearby, and thought they’d like to be alone a little longer.

They turned up the steep hill and battled their way through brambles and hedges until they noticed a mound of grass. It was elevated from the forest floor, the only soft place in sight and it sat directly underneath a huge opening in the trees.

Jake went to check it out and called Lucy over. She lay down, her head resting on Jake’s leg as he played with her hair and bent down to kiss her sun-kissed face. Suddenly, they both realised how warm it was, there was no shade whatsoever but it was the hottest day they could remeber, so they wanted to make the most of it.

Jake took his top off and lay in the sun as Lucy ran her hands through his chest hair. She playfully unzipped his shorts, more just to rest her hand on his huge bulge than anything else.

“Join me?” Jake asked. Lucy looked around, it was true that they hadn’t seen anyone, but they were elevated so high! Anyone from the path below or above would be able to see them if they walked that way! But instead of feeling scared, all Lucy could think about was the thrill of knowing they could get caught. Again.

She rolled her dress up above her waist and lifted it over her head. There she was in her underwear in the middle of the woods. Jake pulled his shorts down too, but to Lucy’s surprise, his boxers came off with them.

For a while, they lay in silence, staring up through the canope of trees, hearing the sound of the running stream trickling beneath them, the smell of nectar in the air and the feeling of each others hands intertwined. Jake sat up and looked around, he decided to get up and run around. Lucy couldn’t believe what she was seeing! She saw her boyfriend and his now erect penis soaring across the woods in front of her, as he jumped down walkways and clambered over sticks, trying to get back up.

“THIS FEELS INCREDIBLE!!” Jake shouted to Lucy. It was the first time he had been totally naked in a public place, and such a well known one as well.

Lucy un-hooked her bra and stayed on the mound as she watched her sexy man dancing around. Soon he came back, and gave her the most heated kiss that he could. He picked up his camera out of his bag and began taking photos of Lucy stood up tall in the sunlight, and waiting on all fours on the mound of grass. She grabbed it off him and took photos of him running naked and free, the two of them singing and laughing so loud they were doing a very bad job at staying hidden. They fell onto the mound of grass together, wrapped their legs around each other and began to get so aroused.

Jake slipped down Lucy’s thong and buried his head in between her thighs. He used such long and slow licks on her clitoris, gently getting it more and more aroused until her pussy was obviously overflowing with her juices.

“Turn around, baby” said Lucy, motioning for him to get into the 69 position.
“No, enjoy this first!”

She sat back with her head in her hands, pulled her sunglasses over her eyes and tried to take in every sense all at once. It was the most erotic feeling you could ever imagine.
Before she knew it, she was making familiar noises and Jake knew that her moaning meant she was close. He used long licks now, he liked into her pussy and fucked her with his tongue, then moved up to her clit where he lapped up her juices. He grabbed her thighs as her body began to stiffen, then he felt her lose control and cum, her body writhing in time with each wave of orgasm that hit her.

Lucy felt incredible. She often found it hard to climax so soon after sex, but the surroundings were so perfect that she could even imagine round 3.

She flipped Jake onto his back and kissed him immediately. His lips tasted sweet, and she knew that they were covered in her own pussy juices. She rubbed her lips over his, and then moved then straight onto the tip of his cock, where she circled her tongue in between deep thrusts into her throat.

Jake held Lucy’s jaw as he moved her head up and down over his throbbing cock, he watched her pull the length of it right out, move her tongue around and down the length of him, over his balls before she quickly plunged it back in deep. She took a hand and placed it on Jake’s balls, they were so wet from saliva already that she needed no lube, she just massaged them as she worked his cock in her mouth. Then with the other hand, she gripped the base of his cock firmly, and started to move it in time with her mouth.

The combination of the wetness from her mouth, her swirling tongue the movement of the hand job sent Jake crazy, and soon he was so turned on that he couldn’t last any longer, especially as he knew how close by two paths were to the mound they were lying naked on. The thrill of it all was too much and soon Jake felt himself begin to cum, he began gushing cum out of his long, hard cock that dribbled out of Lucy’s mouth. He took his hand and began to rub his cock as he came, pushing his cock further into Lucy’s mouth making her nearly gag, then quickly pulling it out and watching jets of his cum splash onto her face.

The young couple lay, naked, exhausted and happy, feeling more free than they ever had done before.
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