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Pantyless to San Francisco, Part 2

Hi jinx without boyfriend, but with his friends.
I had just arrived at the airport, and was happy to be in my boyfriend's arms again. (He's now my ex-boyfriend, and purposely avoid using his name, because I'd rather forget it.) I was very horny as we made our way through the airport concourse. My coat was wrapped around me and the belt nicely tied, so I was pretty sure that no one could see that my dress had ridden-up and was bunched around my waist. With my boyfriend's arm around me as we walked, it couldn't be helped. I soon had my doubts from startled looks, and the sudden breezes on my wet pussy and upper thighs. My boyfriend picked-up on my nervousness and would coax my coat flap open more than natural.

It was really all too much, and when we got to his car, which he conveniently parked in a more or less deserted section of the parking garage, I was more than ready for him. He backed me up against the side of the car and pushed my dress up. I gave in and let him do what he wanted. Usually I'm absolutely terrified about being caught, but I was too horny to care. He stopped licking my pussy just before I was ready to come and lifted me onto him. We where going at it like crazed animals, in plain view of anyone, but I'm almost certain no one came around. I was on the verge of a much needed orgasm when he came and quickly pulled out, and just as quickly made himself presentable leaving me still half naked and very frustrated.

This was a re-occurring pattern and at that moment I almost hated him. He loved the risk, as long as it was mostly me taking it. So I did what I had done many times before, and reclined the seat back to masturbate as he drove. I was on the verge of a much needed orgasm when he suddenly warned me to cover up as we where pulling-up to the parking attendant booth. Out of spite, I thought about ignoring him and just continuing on, but I covered up. I was horny and angry, but sat quietly as he drove, inwardly seething, not wanting to start the trip on a bad note. He seemed totally oblivious to what I was feeling. This made me even more angry, if that was possible, but I remained calm.

I was glad when he announced that we were going to make a brief stop so that he could make an appearance at the groom's bachelor party held at a nearby hotel. I really needed to get away from him for a short while before I said something mean to him. I wasn't going to wait in the car like he wanted, and thought I'd hang out in the lounge/bar, but it was late, and just closing for the night, so I resigned myself to waiting in the lobby. The place was empty except for a couple of employees, so I sat in the lobby, just in front of the hotel front desk, thumbing through a magazine. My pussy was aching and I was fidgeting about when I noticed the front desk clerk glancing my way every so often. He was a lot older, and pretended to be preoccupied with his computer until the concierge joined him. I didn't think anything of it until I realized they weren't making a sound, no conversation or anything.

I had left my coat in the car, and looking down, I could see my pussy hair peeking out between my crossed legs, but didn't think they could. Glancing at the wall clock above their heads, I could see they were looking at my legs. My mood instantly lightened, and I was feeling naughty. I reached for another magazine on the side table, uncrossing my legs and scooting forward when I heard their collective gasps. I'm pretty sure I heard one of them say "Holy Geez", but I didn't look up, not wanting to give my pretense of innocence away. I'm sure they saw the darkness between my legs in stark contrast to the fleshiness my skin.

The dress was obscenely short after all, and from practice in front of a mirror, I knew what I could get away with or not. I slouched on the sofa, not bothering to cross my legs. Holding the magazine to hide my face, I could see clearly see my pussy. I slouched even more letting my legs drift apart still hidden behind the magazine, and saw that I was all wet and shiny. I peeked over the magazine and saw their eyes glued to my pussy. It took a moment for them to notice that I was looking at them, and when they did, I simply smiled. They looked flustered and continued to stare at my pussy. I spread my legs wider and reveled in my naughtiness when I glanced a familiar face walking towards me with my boyfriend in tow. They had got off the elevator and covered the short distance before everything fully registered, and in an instant, I sat up, yanked my dress down and crossed my legs. 

The face belonged to Dino, my boyfriend's friend, who had the biggest smile as he came up to me. He pulled me up to give me a hug. I was showered with compliments on how great I looked, and I warmed to his attention. I couldn't read the expression on my boyfriend's face, but he didn't seem too happy. To Dino's credit, he made no mention of seeing my pussy, but I knew he saw and liked it, judging by his hardness, which he freely pressed against me as we hugged. He even flexed himself a few times, and I felt its pulsing on my tummy. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, and the glaze in his eyes told me he was pretty well sloshed. He informed that the stripper they had hired had left some time ago, and only a few of them remained up in their suite, and that he had come down to say "Hi" before we left. When he invited us up for a quick drink, I assumed it was okay since the party was over. My boyfriend wanted to leave and seemed flustered, but we ignored him, and feeling spiteful, I liked it.

They had a large suite, and four guys I didn't know where lounging around when I entered. Their eyes lit up when they saw me. I felt myself blush. They jostled amongst themselves to be the first to introduce themselves, and their humor and playfulness had me laughing. One of the guys remarked that I should've been their stripper. They all agreed, and came up with their own amusing, yet original remarks. I was eating it up, all the while, my boyfriend seemed not happy, and sulked in the backdrop.

I carefully sat down on the sofa, not wanting to show anything. When they asked me what I wanted to drink, I purposely chose something I thought they couldn't make because it wasn't a popular drink with men. I was surprised when they brought out a bottle of melon liqueur, and made me a perfect Melon Ball. Someone mentioned their friend's night club grand opening, which was to be an all night rave. Every one was for it, except for my boyfriend. So we decided to drink a little more since it was late and no alcohol could be served in the club. They designated my boyfriend as our driver, which he didn't like. I just played along. Seeing my boyfriend's discomfort was very satisfying and I felt I could handle these guys. They all seemed like goofballs. The drinks continued to flow, and I was enjoying myself.

They were fun to be around, and when they saw me bobbing my head to the beat of some rap tune, Dino grabbed my hand and pulled me up to dance. Suddenly upright, I was momentarily woozy from all the drinks, but wiggled and gyrated a little, which erupted in hoots and howls.

I was entranced when I saw my reflection off the glass balcony doors. My legs looked great with so much exposed, accentuated by the high arch of my heels. Overall, I looked and felt hot and sexy. I snapped out of my trance and quickly sat down crossing my legs. Their eyes were riveted to that apex where my legs met. I inwardly giggled wondering if they thought they actually saw my pussy or just dark colored panties. Their expressions almost caused me to bust-out laughing.

They brought up the stripper, and showed me pictures they had taken. I didn't understand their disappointment, because she was very pretty, and looked much younger. The photos were funny, with one showing Dino sticking out his tongue, almost touching the strippers butt.

They started chanting for me to dance again, and the thought of teasing them before we went to the club was appealing, but I declined. They pleaded, and one got on his knees and pulled out a wad of cash telling me that no amount was too much for a lap dance, all the while staring intently at my crossed legs. I laughed as they all started pulling out whatever cash they had and cleared the coffee table for my stage.

My boyfriend was nowhere to be seen, and when they saw me bobbing my head to the music, they started rapping along replacing "Pussy" for one of the lyrics in the song, while egging me on. They all howled when Dino pulled me up. I did a little sexy gyration to satisfy them, and was about to sit down when was I grabbed at the waist from behind and lifted atop the coffee table. My dress had ridden up slightly, and I quickly yanked it down. Someone threw a bunch of bills onto the table, and money was flying everywhere. I was laughing during it all, and seeing them looking up my dress, I started to dance a little more. They were loud, giving each other "high-fives" while I was feeling crazy.

Again I was fixated on my reflection and thought about the show I was giving to anyone across the way. I admired how I moved to the music, with each gyration causing my dress to inch upwards until my bush was exposed. The first few times this happened, I quickly tugged my dress down after they got a quick peek, and then danced while holding the hem of my dress down. Their objections were loud and funny, but it suddenly got quiet when Dino reached out to hold my hand away. I gave in and let my dress ride up as I danced to the beat and admired my reflection.
When my legs parted in my movements, hands would reach for my pussy, and I playfully swatted them away. My pussy was drenched, and I could feel drops running down the insides of my legs. One of the guys placed his finger to stop it, and retraced its path barely touching my skin. The feeling was electric, and when he touched my pussy, I quivered and moaned. Someone's arms wrapped around my waist from behind, and I was gently lowered until I was seated on his lap while he nuzzled my neck. I leaned into him , enjoying the sensation. Hands where everywhere. My boobs were being devoured, while my legs were held up and spread apart. Someone buried his face in between my legs, and I came like crazy.

I don't remember how my dress finally came off, or how many times I came. They were insatiable, and we fucked in many different positions all through the night and into the next day. Its funny though how I remember silly little things, like someone telling the others not to fuck me until he's had a chance to eat my pussy. I thought that was funny. The sex was a blur of orgasms, and when I started to nod off from sheer exhaustion, they fixed me another drink and told me that it would energize me. Earlier they had made comment about taking ecstasy, so I suspected they had put some in the drink. Normally I don't indulge, but have tried it before, and accepted the drink.

They were right, I wasn't sleepy anymore, and they were fun to be around. Early that morning, while still dark outside, we went out to the hotel jacuzzi. They rushed me out of the room so I had to go naked. Luckily, no one was around as we made our way down to the pool area. They were such goofballs, playing musical chairs with me, while they sang and were the chairs. And when the security guard strolled by and saw what we were up to, they just made friends with him, and he sat there watching them fuck me as I moved from chair to chair.

I never knew what happened to my boyfriend. We all went to the wedding reception the next day, missing the actual ceremony, with each of them sharing me as their date, which is another story in itself. I gave in to their dares to flash (obviously my boyfriend had told them about me). I was reluctant at first, but the bride and her bridesmaids were real bitches. We were late of course because I had to shop for an outfit to wear. That was an experience, trying on different outfits for four horny guys. A couple weeks later, my now ex-boyfriend showed up at my door unexpected, and thought he could pick-up our relationship as if nothing happened. I just closed the door on him.

Thank you for the nice compliments on my first story, and I'm glad that some of you liked it. It was a real memorable experience for me, and fun sharing it. I am flattered that many of you have sent me emails wanting to know more about me. Well, I'm an only child, and I think I was enough for my parents. I was very shy, and still am to a degree. But one thing I tend to not be too shy about is showing my body. I don't think I'm conceited or egotistic, I just feel sexy, naughty, horny...well you get the idea. Bye.
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