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Part of my University Education

First sights of public and private sex
My first week at university,I went for a walk to explore the city. Leaving the colleges behind me I walked down to the river, following the path by the bank to the wilder parts. A couple was lying stretched out on the grass under the shade of one of the trees. He was on his back and she lay partly across him. They were locked in a passionate kiss. Instinctively I stopped to watch and saw one of her hands move down to his trousers where she stroked the bulge in his jeans. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and watched as she undid the button, unzipped him and let his engorged prick escape and started to wank him slowly. I'd never seen something like this before and I could feel my own prick demanding attention. I slipped my hand inside my jeans, slipped it out of my pants. Inside my trousers it stood rampant and throbbing.

The girl was now working his cock seriously. She stopped kissing him, undid his trousers completely and pulled them down to his knees and moved her head down to his groin. She obviously had it in her mouth for I could see her head bob up and down as she sucked him. His hips were beginning to move thrusting up to bury his prick in her descending mouth. He reached out his hands and put them on her hair to pull her head down onto himself. They did't seem to know or care if anyone was watching. Nor did I. I got my prick out and started wanking seriously. Suddenly she pulled away and I watched as he brought himself off, creamy spunk spurting out of hisprick and landing on his chest. The sight of his spunk drove me frantic and I felt the release as my spunk shot out landing on the grass a couple of feet in front of me. Suddenly I felt self conscious and became aware that I was not alone.A young couple and an older man were watching them and me.

Self-consciously I zipped up, but ten years later the picture is still vivid. I love outdoor sex and fantasize about spreadeagling a partly clothed girl on a picnic table, being sucked and wanked by her not caring if anyone else is watching and enjoying it too.

About a week later I walked into the room I shared with a mate. He was standing in front of a mirror. From the back I could see that he had his dressing gown on, after a shower I imagined. But the mirror reflected more. His gown was open. His prick was erect and he was wanking it with one hand whilst the other caressed his balls. He didn't notice me and I kept still and silent watching the long slow movements as his hand slid up and down the length of his shaft. He lingered long over the head turning his hand slowly around the tip. I could see it was big, swollen and blue.

I'd wanked myself often enough particularly since I seen the girl in the woods working on the boy's prick. Sometimes I would bring myself off in bed when I thought Dan was asleep. Sometimes I'd go into the woods. My prick didn't need much to set it off so I would imagine some girl I knew or fancied pleasuring me. Soon it would be hard and I'd wank off letting my spunk plop onto the ground. Almost anywhere would do. Often I wake up with a massive erection without knowing why. But I'd never seen a person wanking a few feet away.

Watching Dan had made my own prick rigid and I longed to get it out and enjoy it.

I knew from my own experience what he was feeling. The desire to go on for ever struggling with the desire for the release feltas thespunk shot out. Then without a break in rhythm he spoke, "I know you're there and I don't care you watching. I just have to listen at night to you rustling in the bed, knowing full well what you are up to. Watch and learn! Come closer"

Obediently I moved alongside him. From close too I could see his pale hair running up from the base of his shaft to his belly button, sideways to the top of his thighs and covering his balls. Mine was dark. I could see the vein in the side of the shaft, pronounced and blue as it pumped blood to the head. My cock was cut but his wasn't and it looked different as he wanked it. I'd never fancied another man's cock but now I wondered what it would be like.

I wanted to wank myself, perhaps even to have him touch me. "Don't be a wimp", he said and, letting go of himself, reached across to undo my belt, button and zip. His prick was waving in the air as he moved and I noticed his big balls swing as he turned. He pushed down my pants and my cock sprang free and we both looked at the mirror, two throbbing, erect tools and twopairs of balls. I was surprised I wasn't embarrassed and soon followed him as he returned to attend to himself. Watching him close too and seeing and feeling the sensations pulsing through my body was exciting. He taught me how to twist my hand round the head as he did, how to fondle and squeeze my balls and introduced me to lubricant so that my prick slid easily through my hands. "Like being in a girl", he said. I loved the sight of myprick, strong, firm and glistening and bursting with desire. In the mirror I could see his too. Seeing both was good.

He moved behind me and I felt the hot strength of his prick as it pressed into the cleft of my buttocks. His breath was hot on my cheek as, chin on my shoulder,he reached in front of me
and gently encircled one hand round my prick and placed his other under my balls letting their weight rest in his hands. "How does that feel", he said.

"Good", I replied. I liked his hot, firm prick pressing in behind and his hands gently on my prick. I saw his face as he watched his hands working me reflected in the mirror. It was strange to see and feel hands other than mine on my prick and balls. It felt different but it felt good. I felt my buttocks beginning to clench as I thrust upwards and forwards into his hands. I felt him pushing against me and upwards to work his tool against the back of my body. I knew I would come soon. So did he. I could feel his prick even harder rubbing aginst my back and we settled into a rhythm as we pushed forwards together and relaxing backwards.
It felt wonderful. "You're going to cum soon aren't you" he said.

"Yes", I replied weakly. I slipped my hands down to my prick, throbbing and frantically slipping and thrusting in my encircled hands. We both watched as the smooth, swollen head slipped up and down. He dropped his hands, one encircling my waist the other on my hip. I knew I was to come and we both watched the reflection in the mirror as I jerkedmy spunk out in four massive streams which landed on the mirror and trickled slowly down. Almost immediately I felt his body clamped to my back and his prick contract a couple of times and then the hot spunk spurt up my back and start to slide down.

Dan and I occasionally enjoyed each other again and a couple of time we shared a bed and wanked together, sleeping deeply afterwards. We never went further. Wanking each other was just a variant of wanking onesself. It was just the usual thing to do to satisfy the excessive drive of our hormones .It was girls I adored. Just the usual here too. Long hair, short skirts, tight tops. In winter black tights, or hopefully stockings. Normal fantasies for virtually everyman. Here Dan helped too.

He seemed poular amongst lots of the girls. He was, I suppose, looking back, a bit of a charmer,

I'd seen the couple in the woods and been turned on. I'd seen anther man tossing himself off, close too and been tossed by another man but I'd never seen a couple close too having full sex.

We'd come home from a party with two girls. One I already knew a bit. The other was new to me. The four of us were on a sofa sharing a bottle of champagne, me on the end and he, inevitably, was between the two girls. The television was on but we were not particularly attending. I noticed he had his hand on the end girls leg and was caressing it. His hand was moving up beneath her skirt and it was pretty obvious that he had his hand into her pants. Soon her hand dropped on to his leg and worked up until it was clearly exploring his manhood through his jeans. It was clear where matters were going to Cara, the girl nearest me and feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Why don't you two get on the bed", I suggested. The area where we both had beds was beside the settee and they went past us and got onto the bed and lay down feet towards us. They seemed oblivious to us and didn't care what we saw. To start with we tried not to look but they were obviously continuing where they had left off. His hand was up her skirt, short enough to start with but now up around her waist exposing her knickers whist she was stroking his cock through his jeans. Soon Cara and I couldn't take our eyes off them. I'm pretty sure he made her come with his fingers once. We saw as he pulledher top was pushed up. She had cute breasts and no bra. We watched as he caressed her nipples and started to suck them. Seeing Robyn laid out on the bed, skirt over her her waist, top around her neck and imagining all the fun Dan was having was lovely to see but frustrating. Cara felt so too, she whispered as much,and she didn't have an erection to cope with.

"She'll haveit out soon, I guarantee", she said. "Robyn loves cock". She was right.
Dan's belt was undone, his zip slid down and his trousers pulled off leaving him lying on the bed in shirt and briefs. The latter barely accommodated his erection and balls and as my own were bursting to escape I knew his must be too. Did she release them? No. Instead she worked them through the thin fabric of his pants. Dan was groaning with pleasure and expectation. Cara too. "Get them off Robyn", she said and her hand went down on my trousers exploring the dimensions of my swollen tackle.

Robyn ignored. Already I could see a damp patch on Dan's pants as his pre-cum oozed out. Using both hands she caressed, stroked, tugged and pulled until in desperation he moved to pull his pants off himself.Then she whipped them off and his cock burst free, rigid and swollen. Robyn licked its length again and again.I could see it twitching, almost leaping, under her ministrations. But I was not being ignored. I could feel my zip being undone. A gentle hand removed my cock from may pants and soft lips encircle it. I looked down as Cara's head slid up and down my shaft. She caressed the head and explored its dimensions with her tongue. Small hands cradled my balls.

Dan, in ecstasy, looked across, and saw the sucking Cara was giving me. "Suck me. Suck me Robyn", he urged. Robyn obliged, as as her hair was short, I could see her lips sliding up and down Dan's shaft a few feet away. Dan was flat on his back on the bed and I had slipped down legs apart on the settee. Cara pulled my shoes and trousers off, knelt between my legs so she was facing me and I could see her mouth sliding up and down my cock. If I turned my head I could see Robyn working on Dan. I grabbed Cara to give her passionate deep kiss working my cock with one hand at the same time. After the kiss she watched me wanking my hard throbbing tool and joined in on my balls.

Suddenly Robynclimbed above him and holding his cock in her hand, lowered herself onto it. Then she rode him gently, Dan and I watching fascinated as her breasts dance free and his cock was swallowed into her body.

Cara had removed her dress and was down to classy, white lace underwear sensed the change in soundsandturned to look across, got up, removed her knickers and bra,turned round and lowered herself onto my cock. From behind I reached round to hold her breasts. Pushing from the floor with my feet I forced my cock as far as it would go into her with each thrust. She was wet and warm and tight and I could feel her muscles squeezing my cock with each entry.

Dan and Robyn changed position. Soon they were 69ing, Dan on his back still head reaching up between Robyn's thighs, exploring her pubes and clit. Her mouth and the onehand not supporting her were working on his cock.

Cara lifted herself off me and bent over the far end of the settee. It was obvious what she wanted. I stood behind her, guided my hungry cock inside her clit and buried deep into her warm moistness. She pushed back aginst me and I stood there buried to the hilt my cock feeling her muscles twitching. I withdrew slowly, waited and buried myself deep inside her.

From the bed the others had noticed. Dan was greedy. He slid off the bed, walked across the room. his rigid cock, swinging like a vertical pendulum before him. He stopped in front of Cara. Robyn followed. From behind she reached round took his cock and inserted it into Cara's mouth. From behind I could look down and see my own cock slipping in and out of her at one endwhilst Dan was being pleasured by her mouth with one of Robyn's hands round his balls and the other helping him in his oral sex with Cara. At each end of Cara was a man thrusting his hips backwards and forwards. In and out. In and out. Forwards and backwards.

Robyn came round behind me, pulled me back so my cock was free. She took it in her hands placed it in her mouth and sucked hungrily whilst I still stroked Cara's bottom. It was only a moment but I returned to Cara with a sense of urgency. Robyn had taken Dan to the other end of the sofa. Two couples faced each other. Both Dan and I had our hands on the girl's hips, thrusting in and out with a sense of urgency. Both of us were thrusting our hips forwards, ramming our rigid cocks as deeply as possible into Cara and Robyn. I could feel Cara burrowing herself into me to extract avery millimetre of penetration. "In or out? I whispered.
"In", she said.I knew that for Dan there would be no question. It would be "Out". I looked at his face - sweating with a mixture of joy and pain on his face. Robyn looked hot, her face half turned backwards towards him. She turned and flashed me a smile. Dan started to groan. I knew he would soon cum. Suddenly he withdrew, Robyn looked round. He took his cock in hand. It took three strokeswith his hands for him to bring himself off and with almost a scream andhis juice shot out towards us, some landing on Cara's hair. The sight of it finished me as with a couple of final desperate thrusts, "Yes1 Yes! Yes!"I felt my cock muscles brace and release several loads of spunk into Cara. I stayed there, cock deep inside her, spent, very happy, and still stiff I withdrew.

It had all been unimaginable. Unbelievable. Sexually aroused, I was satisfied but still desired more. Cara was amazing. I was so grateful to her. I'd been with girls before but nothing so awesome had happened.

The next step in my education took a surprising turn. Cara and I had become good friends, and lovers. We walked, talked and found lots of common interests. In addition she was very good looking. Brown eyes, honey blonde hair below he shoulders, fine and delcate features - she would look good at fifty. Add to this lovely skin and teeth and a size 10 figure on 5' 9". It was perfect. We have been married now for two years.

Ten years ago Cara was reading French at university. We were in diffrent colleges and I spent a lot of my time in the science labs. We were at university to learn, not to get drunk and in debt.

For her second year she went off to study under the Erasmus scheme at Nantes. I still saw other girls but none had the style of Cara.

On my birthday asmall package arrived from France. I opened it and out fell a pair of floral swimming trunks - brief hipsters. Attached was a note "Can't wait to see you in these. C xxxx". They weren't for swimming - they were under-pants. So started an almost fetishistic love of underwear. I didn't need much encouragement. I was particular, changing them before I went to bed, putting on clean fresh ones in the morning. It was Y fronts or cotton boxers. Standard English.The latter rose up my legs during the day leaving my tackle dangling and feeling vulnerable. Y fronts were... just too grandad. These were comfortable and would keep unexpected arousals safe. I tried them on. They looked good in the mirror and held my stiffening cock in place as I thought of Cara buying them, seeing me in them and getting me out of them.I folded them up and put them away for her return.

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