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Peeping Girl III

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Getting in deeper

It was consuming me. I found myself looking at couples and wondering what they would be like together, fucking in their bedrooms. If they left the lights on or hid in the dark while they did it, and how often did they partake in the pleasures.

Since my dream I was feeling as though there was a warning. He even told me in my dream that I was walking a dangerous path by spying and peeping like I was. God. What would I do if I came across a couple that weren't so understanding? Somehow the warning wasn't good enough to keep me from the prowl. It wasn't long before the need took over common sense and I was lurking around the park. With the change of season, surely the spring weather would bring more couples out to play.

The path that trailed to the wooded area of the field was long, and wide enough for traveling by car. There were tire marks back and forth there all the time. This evening just before dusk I decided to maybe stray from the path and just take a look into the woods. There were benches set up for people to rest and empty beer bottles and cigarette butts were tossed about. I'm wondering now just how many people use this park for more than casual walks, and how many lurked here later at night under the stars after families leave for the night. It was obvious to me that there was much more to this place then meets the eye.

No luck. Maybe the grounds were too wet from the rain the day before. I started home a bit disappointed that my hunt was unsuccessful. It was getting darker and I was just half way home. I noticed the lights inside the houses coming on. With the shades open, it was really quite easy to take a quick glance into a bedroom where some unsuspecting victim might just feel comfortable enough to undress there in front of the windo. I said victim? That means my subcouscious mind knows what I am doing is wrong, and certainly against the law.

It was then I noticed her through an opened window. Older than I was, I thought as I watched her sit on the edge of her bed. Doesn't she realize I can see her? I slowed my pace and before any warning I was making the turn towards home. Wondering what she was doing or going to do my curiosity got the best of me. I threw my hood over my head and crept between her house and the empty wooded lot. If I angle my self perfectly right here I can see into her room. It wasn't long before she picked up her phone and smiled. Her face was flush, embarassed at whatever was being said on the other line. I sat right on the wet grass. Right there. It was darker now and I was sure I was safe here.

Her hands moved slowly through her hair as she listened to the caller. She looked about her room with a more than a wicked smile on her face, and layed back a bit on her bed. But not out of my sight. The angle may have just gotten better! Her mouth wasn't moving much, she wasn't talking but her eyes were getting heavier. She pushed herself back to the wall and brought her legs up to top the bed with her knees bent. Figuring I was probably wasting my time, I got up to my knees ready to head back to the road, when I saw her lay the phone down. But she was still talking? Ah. Speaker phone. Nice feature. Almost immediately she stood worked on the zipper of her jeans...and then the button came open. I'm not going anywhere!

The light in her room was perfect. Her body was perfect. This girl was pulling her jeans down so fast and feverishly her panties came sliding off with them. Oh my god! Was he telling her what to do? Phone sex? I've heard it being done but I hadn't done it myself, but the look on her face was enough for me to want to consider it. She was shaven and her hips had a curve that would make anyone want to stop and observe. Too afraid to move, I restrained from obtaining any kind of self satisfaction from her. Not to imply that this display wasn't making me wet myself of course. No. I'm just going to take this in.

With the phone laying beside her pressed with her back against the wall, her legs spread suddenly wider. Fuck she was wet. Her fingers started to tease and play. Her head lolled from right to left and it was obvious he had her right where he wanted. Her mouth moved in such a manner she could only be moaning for him. She bit at her bottom lip and slid her hand deeper between her legs, slapping at the fire, spreading herself wider and dipping her fingers inside. How in the world did I get this lucky? My heart started to beat just a bit faster as one finger just didn't suit her and she added a second. With her other hand she moved under her tee shirt and began squeezing and tugging at her breast. Her back arched against the wall over and over again obviously the calm before the storm. A look of sheer ecstasy sprung across her face as a third finger fucked in and out of her. Whatever he was saying? It must have been perfect. A perfect teasing voice I imagined as my legs felt a little weaker. Look at her! Shoving them in and out faster and faster. Oh she is going to cum real good for him. And she did. Her hands stopped and her head lay still but her body was out of control. Her ass lifted off the bed in a high arch, and I could swear I heard her scream out. Then she lay still. Her smile let me know that her release must have been awesome. She picked up the phone with her eyes still closed and it was then she lay down too far for me to follow.

Five minutes must have went by before I even considered standing. That thick moistness between my legs felt almost too wet to describe. I waited to pull my hood off until I was walking safely up my driveway. My eyes moved to my bedroom window, and I took note of the fact that with my own light on it wouldn't be hard to watch me.

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