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Peeping Girl VI

When Peeping Girl Found Him
This was a sickness. A sickness that I had to find help for or get under wraps. Sooner or later this kind of behavior is going to get me into trouble. There was no denying that I had to watch whatever seemed to be the least bit arousing to me. More than that though, I needed to understand the fascination. Where there more out there just like me?
I turned to the only thing rational where I could find the answers to all of my questions. I went to google and started my search. It didn't take long to figure out that what I was having issues with voyeurism. Thousands of sites popped up on my screen. I wasn't the only one all right, there were many people out there just as sick and twisted. Among the pages of places where I could learn more about this obsession was an adult chat site called Chatropolis, and this particular heading was for one of the many rooms there called Public Sex. I took my mouse and hovered the heading. "A place for voyeurs to come in and sit down and watch others".
I stumbled down a few more "self help" headings but my mouse inadvertently slipped back up the page to that room. I double clicked my mouse unaware that this day would change me forever. The fluorescent font and images at the entrance of this place was enough to keep my interest peeked. Sure, I have been to chat rooms before, but nothing quite like this. No. This was going to be very different. They required a log in name. Damnit. There was nothing that popped in my mind at first, but considered that what I was coming in for was to watch people showing off...right? I mean, what else do you call a couple chatting about sexual acts with one another for the purpose of having others watch? That's a showoff. And I needed to watch. And so it was. Needs a Showoff. Wasn't perfect by any means, but fuck it I just wanted in.
The second I entered the room I was thrown into darkness. The screen black with all kinds of different fonts and colors I could scroll for. Many women had beautiful sexy avatars depicting their "nic names". So many were just casually chatting. My eyes blurred watching and reading through line after line of casual chatting. There was plenty of casual flirting among strangers, but there was a fare share of "cyber fucking" going on too. Thank GOD!
Time went by so fast reading through the posts. These people were doing some serious role playing and I felt as though the blackness of the screen was like my hiding under the cover of night fall. I sat idle for so long I was startled to read someone actually posting something to me. His screen name was intriguing in itself. "Hard in Satin Boxers". The thought of a big hard cock under a pair of satin boxers...i'm not sure there is a better mental image. And he wasn't a newbie to the room. He didn't wear an avatar but his presence was brilliant. His words perfect and his approach so alluring to someone like me.
"Like to watch people fucking Miss Needs"? That was his first post and in an instant I felt anxious not knowing how to respond. But I did respond and the words flowed freely from my thoughts to my keyboard. "Why yes, I do, I seem to like watching anyone fuck these days".
I was fresh to the room but I caught on quickly and in no time at all he had me in my chair, there in my family room just dripping wet with the things he was doing to me.
His moves were calculated. He posted in great nasty detail about how he wanted me to lay across his lap, to be his pet, and he called me "kitten". I found the whole idea of it rather strange at first but as his hands stroked and petted my body I quickly responded accordingly and purred in his ear. I never typed so fast, trying to keep up with his posts and trying to match his dirty thoughts with raw thoughts of my own. He had a way of making me feel as though I was really there, splayed wide across his lap while he toyed and plucked at my cunt through my panties. "Panty play" he called it. And he could have called it anything he wanted to the fact is he was driving me crazy! The time went by so quickly with him, and post after post he made my pussy quiver with need. I was sure if I didn't touch myself soon, I would beg him to suggest it. Just as though he read my mind he asked me to take off whatever I was wearing, and I simply couldn't get that way for him fast enough. My shorts were off and tossed to the floor at a bat of an eye, and he directed me to touch myself gently, and guided me step by step. "Rub that dripping cunt for me Needs, give that clit a little more finger. rub it for me. That's right Needs. tell me how wet it is for me". I read as his posts went from acting out this sexual play with light touches across my shivering naked body to deep penatrating finger fucks to him telling me how to masterbate? But it was the precision in where he wanted me to touch. It was the depth he wanted my fingers to plunge. And the way he told me to lick at my fingers between the choreographed playing that had me cumming in my chair. I was oblivious to the rest of the room at this time. I could do nothing but post back that "Yes, I am touching there,,, oh GOD that feels good". My responses suffered greatly as this man was in complete control over my body and through his words only. How can this be? When I told him that I had gotten off...that my toes curled and I moaned out loud for him, he replied "Which is why you'll be back, Miss Needs. And why you won't be ashamed that in your haste to pleasure yourself you have been posting out in public for the whole room to read." I blinked past the blurriness from my orgasm and scrolled back up to the top of the page where this all began. And he was right. If I had paid closer attention I would have noted the posts from the strangers that were there with us. How they read our chat and had been stroking their cocks or fingering themselves. They were watching us! They read every perverted thing he said to me and my greedy responses? Oh my god. I quickly slid the mouse to send a private message back to him and noticed that there was no private option in this room at all.
My hands were sweaty as they cheered him on for making a complete whore of myself for them. With all the words that I had typed during the course of this chat, now? I was speechless. "Miss Needs?" The font was his...the words were his. "Come on. Is it so bad? It's not that bad, lover. You were enjoying yourself weren't you? Of course you were. You were comfortable showing these strange men and woman what a dirty bitch you really are. Coming into this room like this and not expecting to be fed upon. You knew better. Your no better than anyone else sweetheart. You'll be back. And you'll look for me. Mark my words". And that was the start of something big. Much bigger than my selfish addiction to watching. I was being watched. And it was a rush to know that they were getting themselves off to our chat.
I posted a "sweet smile" back to him, but assured him that this was not my intention. That all I wanted to do was watch the others there while they chatted about dirty nasty fucking in all kinds of wicked and wild positions. That I was the "watcher". I was the one who fed off the obsessions of others. "Why kitten" he replied. "I can assure you that you did a fine job here tonight. You just can't admit that you like to be watched yourself. Maybe a deep corner in your mind is in love with the idea of showing off for others. Think that might be the case kitten"? I hesitated to reply. My hands trembled and were sticking to the keyboard. My position on my chair obscene, my legs still shook with little waves of my orgasm. "No. This was a mistake, Mr. Hard in Satin Boxers...this isn't what I wanted at all" I typed. I had my cursor over the exit button but inside I knew I had to wait for just one more of his posts. One more and then I am out of here.
The others in the room carried on as if what had just happended was no big deal. My heart was in my throat waiting for one more. Was he just going to leave and not say anything else? I felt dirty and used, but free and alive at the same time. Just as I positioned my cursor over the exit another post came over the screen. In bold letters was his email address.
"Email me when your ready to admit everything about our chat tonight was right for you. When your mind can get around the fact that this was the most excitement you have had in months. That this was the most intense orgasm you have ever felt at the hands of a complete stranger in front of dozens of others. Miss Needs? You will be back. And I will be waiting for you."
My hands trembled back to the exit and I pressed it. I left with the unbelievable need to talk to him again. To learn more about him..everything about him made my heat pound under my chest. Everything he said true or not was moving through my mind like a jolt of electricity.
I will be back.
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