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Peeping Girl

Tags: curiosity
Waching...and wanting more to be watched
Now before I start, you may wonder why Peeping Girl.  Well, what would you call a girl who loves to watch other people doing naughty things to each other, a female peeping Tom?

The answer is simple. I get off on every opportunity to watch couples, or any other combination of people, or any single person doing anything sexy.

It started as any other of my obsessions, a mindless walk through the park, usually during the day time, since this area isn't located in the best of neighborhoods.

On this particualr day, the park was fairly quiet.  A few swings still swayed as though a child had just left it.  I continued on, taking in the smell of that new Spring day.
I looked around and saw nothing. But as I walked I could hear what sounded like a woman's voice making those unmistakable sounds of sexual pleasure. 

Following the sound I spotted a man's backside pumping up and down, obviously fucking some lucky girl. I creeped just as close as I could  watching as he rammed his cock into her like he was some sort of fucking machine.  My god...he was giving it to her good.  The blanket was no longer any sort of cushion to her, all balled up between them covered in the dirt and grass where they writhed together.

I stayed watching as long as I dare, totally mesmerised by the spectacle in front of me, feeling myself getting wet at the thoughts of her being fucked so hard and so well a tad jealous that she was getting it so well, and embarassed that I would be spying as I was.

Damn..I wished it was me in her place, but as he groaned and was obviously about to come, I tore myself away, ducking behind a thick tree, and partially covered by the shade it made.  When it seemed they were too into one another to notice, I crept away.  A little dampness between my legs, and in such a hurry to get back to my place.

The thoughts of watching those two young people in the woods stayed with me for weeks. Every time I thought about them my insides tingled. I replaced her with myself in my own mind, and brought myself to an intense orgasm just remembering.
Curious to see if this couple did this often and in the same place, I began to make that park a normal path to take my walks.  Eager some nights to find them there, and incredibly excited when I would near that path where they mated that first day.

It was several months later when I was just about home, I cam accross a car parked in a bulk of trees.  I looked closesly and noticed it was rocking.  That obvious rock that could only mean one thing.  Bingo. Sure it wasn't as private a place here, just parked a few yards off the road, but I couldn't help myself.  The steam on the windows were an attraction.  I had to get closer.

Nonchalanlty I walked near the rocking car.  I could hear the low grumbles they made inside.  I got as close as I dare and peeped through the window. The woman was riding her man such that her face was in full view. She had her eyes shut, so didn't see me as I crept closer, almost touching the car as it rocked gently on it's suspension in time with her vigorous thrusting. And then it happened. Oh shit.  How did she know I was out here??

The girl opened her eyes and smiled at me, not blinking at my intrusion. She seemed to welcome my presence. Her head lowered down to her lover and slowly lifted herself off of him.  His cock was so terribly erect. The size almost frightening.  God she was looking right at me as she knelt on the passenger seat and bent her head down to his cock, turning her face sideways to give me a clear view of her mouth as she devoured him.  I watched closer at the way her tongue slid up and down him.  Her eyes never left mine as she teased at it.  I could't help myself but to touch.  Sliding my fingers right down the front of my sweat pants seeking my own heat while her mouth puckered to perfection and she was taking his dick into her mouth.  She was a pro, of that I was sure.  And he indicated as such, moaning and growling at her to keep sucking him.  "Harder, slut...I know you can do better than that".

Closing my eyes I let my fingers roam, touching myself; first the outer lips - I felt the overflow of moisture that had seeped out, then opened my outer lips, stretching them wide, feeling the cooling effect of the summer breeze wafting through between my legs, a sort of fanning of the flames.

I was deliberately not touching my clit. That would have to wait. I wanted this to last, inserting just one finger deep into my saturated cunt, enjoying the wetness on my finger, making little circular motions round and round and driving myself closer and closer to the edge.  She grinned looking at my face..knowing what I was up to I was sure.  Suddenly I saw her speaking to him, then pointed at me through the rear window of their car.  I quickly pulled my hand from myself and walked back a bit, trying to make sure he didn't see me and I had enough time to flee the scene.  Fuck!  That was close.  I hurried down the path back to my house.  I got inside quickly and leaned against the door.  My heart was racing.  What a fucking rush!  Wondering now to myself if he ever came.  Did she sucked him off?  God the way he talked to her.  Why did it turn me on like that?  I shook the thoughts from my mind and scurried to the shower where I could finish myself off yet again with the thoughts of them.  Was this beginning to become an obsession? 
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