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She never thought cleaning houses would lead to this....
It all began when Sheri’s husband started encouraging her to show a little more cleavage, a little more leg. He began taking pictures first with clothes on then with less and less. She started dressing more and more revealing, lower cut tops, shorter skirts, skirts with no panties. She would drive home from work with her tits practically hanging out, her skirt pulled way up for others to gaze upon. She never took herself for an exhibitionist but she started to enjoy the way it made her feel and the attention she received. She really began to enjoyed the way the fat witches at work checked her out from head toe everyday, talking and snickering behind her back, but knowing the whole time that each one of them secretly wished they were her...

It started when she began cleaning her boss’s house at night for some extra cash. He recommended her to his friend, then that friend recommended her to his friend that was a photographer. His name was Hank but he wasn't around much because he travelled a lot for work. It was at this house that her exhibitionism came out in full force.

At first she dressed in shorts, or aerobic pants, a t-shirt, tennis shoes nothing that she thought was over the top. In the beginning he wasn't around much when she cleaned. He was always gone on some photo shoot or another. He had given her a key to just let herself in. Then as the months went on she noticed he was home more and more on the days she was there. They had worked up quite a relationship, always teasing each other, making smart ass comments to each other, harmless flirting. She then began to notice him watching her as she cleaned so she began to make it a game. She began wearing lower cut form fitting t-shirts, shorter shorts or tighter pants and when she knew he was watching she would bend over (at the hip) to pick up something that was on the floor while vacuuming or leaning over and reaching way out to expose her ample cleavage while dusting.

She would leave his house very aroused, her panties wet. When she would get home her husband would be waiting for her to see what she did that evening to entice this man, which really turned him on, and they would have the hottest sex that night. It became known as Wet Thursday.

The following week when she went to clean, Hank was sitting at his kitchen table cleaning his camera equipment. As she buzzed around the kitchen cleaning she heard the camera click. She looked at him and saw he had the camera up to his face pointing directly at her.

"Smile," he said.

She gave him a cheesy grin and went back to cleaning… More clicking.

"You are very photogenic," he said.

"Sure," she replied.

"Really, you are, maybe someday you will let me photograph you”, he said.

“Whatever," she replied with a roll of her eyes.

The following week when she arrived, she heard his voice back in his studio. He was giving directions, posing directions. As she came around the corner to tell him she was there, her jaw just about hit the ground. On the lounge were two naked women wrapped in a white satin sheet and he was photographing them. As she stood there staring at the two woman being photographed she heard him say, "Hey!" she turned quickly to him and smiled.

"Just wanted to let you know I was here," she said.

"You want to join them?" he said.

"Very funny," she chirped back quickly at him, her voice quivering.

"Have it your way," he said.

With that she smiled at the girls then turned and went about her cleaning. She tried to keep her mind from going back to the women in the studio but with no luck. She heard the women leaving, thanking Hank and tried to look busy when there he was standing in the doorway to the family room with his camera in hand. She heard it click. She looked up and him and gave him a look. He could see the curiosity in her eyes.

"Studio is all set up," he said.

"I'm no model," she replied.

"That is what you think," he said.

"Let me show you something," he said, while taking her hand and leading her to the studio. "Just sit on the lounger".

As the camera began clicking he started telling her how to put her hands, to tilt her head, to lay back, sit forward, etc. "Now come look at these," he said. She had to admit they looked pretty good.

"I just don't know about taking pictures like those other women," she said.

"Tell ya what, I will be gone next week on a shoot but will be home the week after that, think about it, it would make a great gift for your husband," he said

Think about it he said, that is all she could do. Think about over the next two weeks. On Wednesday night she told her husband what Hank had said. He was all for it so on that following Thursday she put on her white push-up lace bra with matching thong, a black, stretchy, knit skirt and a white low-cut, form-fitting t-shirt.

When she walked in Hank was there with a couple of friends standing around the kitchen drinking beers. He smiled when he saw her.

"Oh, you have company, I will just start in the other room", she said.

As she turned to walk out she heard one of his friends say "Wow, that's your house keeper?” She smiled.

Hank took her hand and said "No cleaning tonight, let's get working." He led her into the studio and his friends followed. "Relax," he said. He motioned her to the lounge.

He began snapping pictures of her and telling her what to do. After a couple of minutes he told Joe go to her and take her shirt off. He continued to take pictures while Joe was slowly removing her shirt. When he pulled it over her head, she looked at Hank and he was smiling from ear to ear. As he continued snapping pictures, he told Joe to get behind her and put his hands on her tits. When he did this she could feel the bulge in his pants pushing up against her ass through his jeans. This really turned her on. She began to feel the heat between her legs and her nipples responding with every click of the camera. She heard Hank tell Bill to take off her skirt. Bill walked over and began pulling her skirt off but he just didn’t take her skirt off he took her thong off with it. When he had them past her hips, he sat her down on the lounge and pulled them the rest of the way off and threw them aside. His hands began rubbing her inner thighs while Joe started pinching at her nipples. She could feel them getting harder and harder as he pinched at them.

“Now go with it,” Hank said.

Bill and Joe just began fondling and caressing her body. Her pussy was hot and wet and began to ache to be touched. Joe undid her bra and slid it off while Bill began rubbing her slit which made her moan and spread her legs wide. She was consumed with lust.

With Bill between her legs rubbing and stroking her pussy she turned slightly to Joe behind her and started undoing his pants. When she slid them down and released his manhood she was very pleased. She grabbed it and began stroking it.

“Now, put her on her hands and knees,” Hank said.

Joe and Bill moved her on the lounge so she was on her hands and knees. Joe moved to the end of the lounge where her head was and put his rock hard cock right in her face. She immediately put it in her mouth and began sucking it. With this event Bill went behind her and he began rubbing her clit. He then slid his fingers into her pussy and began pushing them deep inside her moving them in and out. She was moaning over and over. She began pushing her hips back into his hand trying to get his fingers in as deep as possible. It wasn’t until he put his face in there and began licking and sucking the juices from her dripping pussy and paying extra close attention to her clit that she felt the waves of pleasure pulse through her body. It wasn’t long before she was crying out and her body was engulfed in ecstasy.

With her orgasm still running through her she sucked Joe so deep that he came unloading his hot full load deep in her throat. With Joe done she sat on the edge of the lounge and pulled Bill over to her and undid his pants. She took his dick and began stroking it and teasing the head of his dick with her tongue. She took it in her mouth and began sucking him, taking it deep in her throat. When she looked up at him it didn’t take long for him to cum which she swallowed then licked him clean.

She thanked Hank for the session and he said he would go through the pictures and e-mail them to her tomorrow.

Sheri and her husband waited all day for the e-mail to come. She was nervous about his reaction. Seeing the pictures of his wife being touched by another man turned him on so much that he didn’t even finish looking at them before he had to have her.

After the picture show Sheri’s husband kept making comments about wanting to watch her fuck another man. She didn’t put much into the comments until one night when they were out to dinner, Joe walked up to their table and said

“Hi, Sheri, remember me?”

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