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Piper Gets Revenge

The breeze was low, sweet with blooming lilac and heavy with the evening dew. Piper stood in the open french doors that led onto the back porch, her arms laden with blankets. She inhaled deeply, savoring the summer air. There was no light beyond the fireflies and the first few stars above; the lone streetlight out front couldn't reach between the houses here and left the lush backyards intimately darkened. Somewhere nearby a pool filter hummed quietly to itself. The only other sounds came from the house next door where the neighbors were holding a cocktail party. Piper smiled.

The slender girl walked into the darkness with her burden, her feet as sure of themselves as they were in the daylight. It didn't take her long to find the loose board in the fence and slip through it. She picked her way through a flower bed and found herself a nice patch of lawn to spread her blankets on, making a soft nest in the grass.

A high bray of laughter came from the direction of the party and Piper made a face, wrinkling her cute little nose. Debra, her neighbor, had a voice that could put cracks in glass at its normal octave, but her laugh was something only cats in heat could compete with. The woman could do nothing small, whether it was the hats she wore each Sunday to church, the enormous roses in her garden, or her laughter.

Piper ran back to her house on stealthy feet. Inside, she found her husband in front of the television, his short brown hair still wet from his shower. Cocking a hip saucily to the side, she winked at him and gave him her best 'come hither' look, earning her his immediate interest. He eyed her short skirt and tiny bikini top with obvious appreciation and rose to follow her like a moth to a flame.

Piper slipped back outdoors but her husband stopped at the mat, confused. Outside wasn't where they usually did their no-pants dance. “Where are we going?” he called after her.

“Just come on!” Her laugh came from some unseen place nearby and he stumbled blindly out, tripping over patio furniture and plastic flamingos, making his way towards her voice. Her hand took his suddenly in the dark to guide him through the opening in the fence and over to the place she had prepared.

“What is this? This is nice...” He sat down on the blanket and looked around, his eyes still adjusting to the darkness. “Hey, is this...?”

“Yup!” Piper's smile was devious as she straddled his lap, her skirt hitching up her thighs. Her husband groaned when he realized she wasn't wearing any panties underneath. He touched her moist outer pussy lips gently, stroking the folds with his fingertips, then withdrew in uncertainty.

“Why are we...” he started to ask, but she put a finger to his lips to quiet him.

She rolled her hips, grinding against the growing lump in his pants. He sighed audibly, his arms coming around her waist, his body responding to hers. With his teeth he pulled down the cups of her bikini, two small pieces of fabric that may as well not have been there at all for all they concealed. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked, teasing with his tongue.

“Oh, I like that...” Her voice was husky, low in her throat with sexual need.

He smiled around her nipple and let his hand return to that hot, damp cleft between her legs. His smile turned to a grin when she whimpered and pushed her pussy into his hand for more. Letting go of her nipple, he kissed his way up her chest while his fingers explored below. When he reached her neck he sank his teeth gently into her flesh, at the same moment sliding one finger then two easily into her wet hole. She whimpered again.

Her body took up a rhythm as she rode his hand, his fingers pressed to her g-spot inside, her clit pressed into his palm. She held herself steady with her hands on his shoulders, her forehead resting against his. Her pussy was soaking his hand, she knew, and she knew that he was loving it. She had been thinking about this for over an hour, ever since the guests had started arriving at Debra's snobby little soiree, and the build up as she had prepared had left her wet to the point of dripping.

The sounds of talk and laughter and a little dog yapping drifted across the backyard, mingling with the softer chirping of crickets. The party was in full swing at the neighbors'. Piper knew they would be outside soon, taking their cocktails and imported beers to the veranda and stripping for the jacuzzi that bubbled at the end of the landscaped garden path. The air was balmy and the night was as calm as could be, good weather for a dip. Everything was perfect.

“Jack, take your clothes off,” Piper panted into his ear, kissing and nibbling on his lobe, her tongue flicking those sensitive places like a snake.

“Baby, I don't know if we should be...” he started to say, but couldn't finish when his wife pulled up his shirt and wrapped her mouth around his nipple.

“I need you inside me, Jack!” she said between the kisses she planted on his chest, wet little marks of her love and lust.

It seemed he didn't need any further encouragement, and while she pulled her own token bits of clothing off, he stripped himself of his shirt, pants and boxers.

Piper pushed his solid frame down to the blankets to lay flat. His cock stood straight like a mast in the night air and she kissed around it, licking away the last traces of warm wet from his shower before. His scent filled her senses, musky and male. She curled her fingers through the hair of his groin, wrapping around his balls, petting them like the head of a cat. He groaned in response, his thighs tightening.

She climbed on top of him, straddling him as he reached up to cup her pendulous breasts in his palms, brushing over her stiff nipples with his thumbs. Crouched like a leopard over it's prey, her hands on his chest for balance, she slid herself onto him. In one smooth, downward movement she engulfed his cock with her hungry cunt, a very audible moan passing over her lips as he filled and stretched her with his girth.

“Oh baby, I love your cock...” she gasped as she began to move, began to ride his body. He was lifting his hips into her, propped on his elbows as he tried to see in the darkness how her little pussy pumped like mad on his hard cock, enjoying him for all he was worth.

The sounds from the neighbors' house were getting louder.

Piper twisted her nipples between her fingers, bottom lip clenched between her teeth. Sparks were flying along her skin like invisible fireworks. She could feel the build up inside of her, amazed that she was this close to climaxing. It had never come this fast before!

“Piper baby, fuck you feel so good!” Jack was laying back again, his hands clenching fistfuls of blanket. His eyes were closed, his head back. He was going to cum soon too.

Suddenly the neighbors' back door opened, their porch light coming on. People were coming outside, sniffy Debra leading the way. There was a moment of shocked silence, and Piper watched with delighted glee as Debra fainted dead away at the sight of her rowdy neighbors fucking on her lawn.


Piper was cumming, her spine arching, flooded with light from Debra's porch, watched by the gaping crowd of her guests. And Jack was cumming beneath her, filling her pounding pussy with spurts of white hot lava. They came together, long and loud, and finally stopped, breathless.

Inwardly Piper crowed with pleasure at her completed revenge, the ruined party, and as she and her husband grabbed their clothes and ran for the loose board in the fence, she thought to herself...

THAT will teach that dry old cunt to let her sniffy little poodle crap on our lawn!!

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