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Pirates Treasure

A wild Halloween party and a kinky couple on the prey....
Pirates Treasure

Lindsey enjoyed Halloween. For her, dressing up in a costume and hiding behind a mask removed all inhibitions. And nothing said Halloween more than a costume that allowed her to show off her body.

An experienced motion picture sound technician, Lindsey was also a skilled seamstress. Each Halloween, she made her own costume as well as the one Steven would wear. This year, she’d decided on a pirate theme.

Black is sexy, she told herself as she unrolled the bolt of soft jersey knit material and fashioned a flowing long skirt. Its empire waist with a mid-thigh slit outlined in decorative red lace allowed her to show off her long curvy legs and certainly set any man’s pulse racing. The outfit demanded a peasant blouse. She made a black silk pleated blouse with three-quarter gathered balloon sleeves. The plunging scoop neckline provided a provocative view of her cleavage. It also added an alluring hint at the nicely rounded C cup breasts concealed under the material that was aided by the built-in bra she’d sown into the garment. She found a wide leather black belt at a second-hand store and added a decorative silver handled dagger and toy pistol. To disguise her platinum bleached hair that she wore in a classic bob hairstyle, Lindsey rented a 20 inch sleek red costume wig. Adding some sass to the outfit, she created a hat covered in black velvet and added a gold decorated brim. She covered the hat with black lace and a red bow on each side giving it an intricate and definite sexy look. A glittering black plastic half-mask completed the outfit. And to feel as sexy as she looked in the costume she decided against wearing panties.

She and Steven had been married for two years. She thought his handsome good looks and athletic physic could have easily appeared on the silver screen or millions of flat screen TV’s. Instead he’d chosen a career as a corporate lawyer.

His costume would be that of a swashbuckling pirate. She made a loose fitting classy satin shirt that laced at the chest and carefully sewed little ruffles around the collar and billowing shirt sleeves. She found a vest at a second hand clothing store, along with two brown leather belts. One would be worn across the chest, the other at his waist. The toy store, where she’d bought the dagger and pistol, also supplied an awesome looking cutlass sword and two matching silver pistols. She then went in search of the material to make the outfit’s trousers. Her search ended when she found a brown stripped fabric. She knew the most difficult part of the costume would be finding the boots. The costume company had cheap looking vinyl and she wanted something more befitting a rouge of the high seas. A pair, borrowed from the studio’s wardrobe department, became perfect after adding several gold buttons on the boot straps and lace up shin cuffs. A black sash, trimmed with gold, a bandanna with beaded braids, and pirate’s hat complete with white plum added the finishing touches.

The Halloween party was at the Cove, the same place she and Steven had met three years ago. The owners had decorated the darken labyrinth with cobwebs, black drape, and a non-toxic dry ice fog that floated above the floor. The staff of the upscale nightclub were masked and in costume and a festive throng of people all dressed in various costumes danced or sat drinking.

Lindsey had just returned from the restroom after freshening up when she felt a hand on her shoulder then caressing her back and moving down on her ass.

“I would like to drink your blood,” the voice said in a rather good impression of Bela Lugosi.

Lindsey turned and found herself in the arms of a man dressed as Count Dracula. His hands continued to caress her ass as he kissed her on the lips.

“Mmm, my sassy lady, you taste good.”

He was moving in for a second kiss when she drew the dagger with its rubber blade from her belt. She placed it between the Count’s legs and sweetly said: “Save your lusty desires, if you want to perform sex again.”

“Awh yes,” he said looking down at the toy dagger pressing against his family jewels. Backing away, he made a polite sweeping bow. “As you insist, my lady.”

Lindsey moved across the room feeling good about the costume she’d created. She glanced at the other party goers. A man dressed as a fire hydrant with a label pasted near his crotch area that read: Pull in Case of Emergency. She walked over and pulled the handle. A door opened and a fake eight inch rubber cock fell out, as the hollow sounding voice from inside the costume told her to enjoy herself. She complimented him on the creativity of the outfit and passed a tall woman wearing a witch’s outfit complete with pointed black hat and a broom. She saw a young woman in a sexy red Star Trek costume; a man in a Big Foot costume with a rather frightening hairy full face mask, and a knight in shining armor kissing a trim looking woman in a cowgirl outfit complete with animal print chaps and fringe everywhere.

She reached the half sofa and table where she and Steven sat only to find two women standing behind the sofa on either side of Steven. Each wore a beehive wig; one blonde the other black. Their eyeliner was overdone, and both outfits appeared to be a last minute idea. The woman on Steven’s right wore short shorts in sizzling pink with a matching front zipper pink jacket and a NASCAR cap. The other women had long, extra long legs, and a trim curvy figure that would make any man’s dick hard. She wore an ultra short flowery paisley print 1960’s go-go outfit, complete with white vinyl boots. The outfit’s plunging V-shaped neckline was showing definitely more cleavage than Lindsey’s costume. And she could see the woman’s hard nipples poking into the material.

She recognized the woman in the blonde wig by the large tattoo on her upper right arm as Suzy, one of the production coordinator girls at the studio who she’d told about the costumes she was making for the party. She guessed the other women to be her lesbian friend Gayle.

“These ladies bought us a drink,” Steven said looking up as his wife approached.

“We’re not ladies,” Suzy replied back, “We’re sluts.”

The two women complimented Lindsey on her outfit and disappeared. Lindsay sat and reaching under the tablecloth felt the crotch of Steven’s trousers. She giggled. He was semi-hard.

“I hate to destroy your fantasy about being with those two women, but they swing different.”

The band struck up an electric Techno rhythm as Lindsey watched a woman in disco outfit slithering toward their table. The woman was short, wearing a long blonde curly wig and multi-colored head wrap along with a flirty short skirt that was slit to the waist and leaving nothing to the imagination. She reached out and took a sip from Steven’s drink then motioned for him to stand.

Lindsey sat watching the woman now dancing with her husband. She couldn’t figure out who she was and perhaps somewhat jealous of the way Steven was looking at her well-endowed breast bouncing and jiggling as they danced to the music.

Suzy and her friend Gayle returned asking if she’d like to join them in a threesome. She told them no. Tonight, she wanted her husband’s cock and to feel his warm body against hers.

Steven returned from the dance floor. They ordered another round of drinks as the party began to get into full swing. Glancing around the room it was apparent that some people didn’t care who was watching. Some were dancing half-naked; others tightly coupled together kissing and feeling each other. She grabbed Steven’s hand, squeezing it tightly, as they watched the couple next to them. A bleach blonde and mousey brunette had stripped out of their costumes. The blonde was working a dildo into the brunette’s vagina, while the brunette bit the blonde’s nipples.

“The action is starting early tonight,” Steven whispered in her ear.

She felt his warm hand slid inside her blouse; his fingers squeezing a breast before rubbing the palm of his hand over a nipple. She gave him a sultry look, while letting her hand slide under the waistband of his trousers. A second later, her fingers found his swelling cock. It was straining to get out of the tight confines. She watched her husband released the clasp and undo the zipper. Instantly, his hard cock sprung free. It stood straight up with her hand rubbing the shaft.

“Oh my, that’s a nice one,” a female voice said.

Lindsey looked up. It was the short woman with flirty short skirt slit to the waist that had danced with Steven. And in the blink of an eye, the woman’s had gone down on her husband’s cock.

Lindsey gripped the shaft of her husband cock and gave him a hot passionate kiss. She ended the kiss and watched excitedly as the woman sucked Steven’s cock with a zest. She lifted her skirt high over her knees then drew her hand under it and let her fingers brush over her pussy. She rapidly tapped her cuntal lips felling herself become wetter with each tap.

“Oh fuck, I’m ready,” she whispered to her husband.

And with that said, in one fluid motion she pushed the woman’s face away from her husband’s cock and swung her body onto his lap. It took her less than a second to straddle his legs and position the head of his cock at the entrance of her dripping wet vagina. Steven flexed his hips, thrusting them upward and sending his hardness into Lindsey. Her hips bucked wildly as she began to ride husband’s cock with a vengeance. She was hot and wild and unconcerned if anyone was watching. Suddenly she felt her skirt being pulled up over her ass and resting against her back. The next instant she felt a tongue rimming her ass hole.

It was the same woman that had been sucking Steven’s cock. She’d slid under the table and was alternating between licking Lindsey’s ass and Steven’s balls. Lindsey had never had her ass licked. It only made her feel more decadent and wild; giving her the energy to increase the tempo of her bucking hips. She felt her orgasm growing close and gave her husband a hot biting kiss on the lips as she came coating his cock with her juices.

Instantly, she lifted off his cock, pulling her body up on Steven’s chest., as her hand pushed his cock in the direction of woman under the table. Without hesitation, she sucked it into her mouth. She shoved her tongue up against the prowl of the cock head and clamped her lips tightly around his cock. It was all Steven needed. He exploded in her mouth.

“Oh fuck, that was good” the woman groaned as she let the cock slip from her mouth, a trickle of cum running down over her chin.

Lindsey returned to her sitting position on the sofa and slid an arm around her husband, while pressing close against him. She lifted up the edge of the table cloth and saw the woman on her hands and knees crawling out from under the table. She had a cute ass and her heavy tits had fallen out of the outfit.

“Come up here and have a drink with us,” Steven said, as he signaled for the waitress to bring them three drinks.

The woman removed her blonde wig and sat on Steven’s lap. Her red hair was cropped short, and she had soft green eyes that looked through the slits of her half-mask. She made no attempt to push her generous-sized breasts back into the costume. Instead she sat with her legs apart and the short skirt hiked up to her waist.

“I’m Linda,” she said, removing a glass from the drink tray. “I’m horny and ready for anything.”

She downed the drink in one swallowed, sitting the empty glass on the table, and then drawing her arms around Steven’s neck, while grinding her lips against his in a passion fueled kiss. “Why don’t you too hot looking pirates kidnap me and take me somewhere where the three of us can really get it on.”

Lindsey sat sipping her drink and glancing at the Linda’s smooth looking pussy with a neatly barbered triangle of red hair. She had nice legs and tits that looked like they were full of milk. She could see herself munching on Linda’s cute pussy while Linda sucked her husband off. Maybe later Linda would lick her pussy while Steven fucked her in the cute ass. Perhaps they might play pirates. She could envision Linda walking the plank over their swimming pool with her hands tied behind her back. She could imagine the little thing going into the pool, gurgling as she sunk to the bottom, before Steven would jump in to rescue her. Or an even better idea would be to take her downstairs into their basement. They would tie Linda to the wood table and while Steven fucked the little red- headed bitch, she would bedeviled Linda with the multi-speed rotating head vibrator and then sit on her face and let her pointy tongue work on her pussy.

Lindsey looked over at her husband. “She’d make a nice Halloween treat to take home.”

“I’ll get the car,” Steven said finishing his drink, as he lifted Linda from his lap and placed her onto the sofa.

Lindsay reached over and placed her hand on Linda’s bare pussy.

“Honey, you are going to enjoy the evening at her house.”

“Um, I can’t wait,” Linda cooed.


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