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Girl poses for a nude art class for her sister.
Jess was standing on a podium in a slightly chilly classroom, sunlight was pouring in the nearest window, shining over her small, firm right breast. Her nipples were erect, and goosebumps appeared over her arms. As always, it was a mixture of the temperature and her arousal.

She stood at 5' 3", looking over the class that was viewing her nude form, taking in her body, and forever immortalising her beauty on a canvas. At 24, she felt more alive than partying had ever made her. Just another ten minutes and class would be over. She knew that it wasn't long, but she couldn't help herself. Her left hand was slightly cupping her pubic mound, just hiding her thinly trimmed landing strip, so she let her fingers wander.

Out of character, she let her index finger find her clit, and she lightly moved it in a circular motion around her most sensitive spot. She still heard the sound of the class drawing, so she knew she didn't have to stop yet. She was in a trance, full of sexual energy that needed to be unleashed. She knew it was close, just one more minute, and she would feel her powerful release. It was then that Mrs. Silverman called time. Class was over. Jess's eyes sprang open, and she saw one goth girl at the front of the class looking at her crotch, blushing. She realised she may have been caught.

As she went to step down from the podium she was still shaking from her build up and much needed release, she must have lost her footing, because she took a tumble and fell the four feet to the hard, concrete floor. When she woke up, she was still totally nude surrounded by the class, but their eyes had changed since the last time they gazed upon her. Now they were full of worry and fear. She felt fine, but when she tried to stand, she realised her ankle was in a tremendous amount of pain. An ambulance soon arrived, and Jess had to ask to be dressed by the class. After putting on her skirt and t-shirt, she was taken to hospital. It was only a minor break, but she would ahve to stay off her feet for at least two weeks, and she was given a crutch to help her movement for the meantime.

Fast forward six days and Jess is staying back at home while she recovers. She only has two classes left to pose for, but with her recent injury, there was no way she could stand still, let alone stand, for ninety minutes. She was going to let down Mrs. Silverman and her whole class, and she didn't know anyone who could stand in for her. Except maybe one person.

Jess remembered that her sister, Kiara, had recently told her about getting naked in a play she did at her drama academy. Her sister was old enough, brave enough and would be available. All she needed to do now was ask.

Kiara heard her Jess shouting her for the third time that day, and was already getting annoyed at her sisters temporary disablement. She sauntered through to her sisters room, and was greeted to the view of her Jess's nude body. Shocked, Kiara shouted "Jess, what the hell?" only to have Jess usher her over to the bed. Kiara had been spending her free day the way she loved, getting high, leaving her more relaxed than normal. So, following her sisters instructions, she decided to sit down.

Jess explained what she needed, and Kiara listened intently, letting her gaze drift on to her sisters breasts. Kiara was a lesbian, and she had never noticed it before, but her sister was really hot. She felt that familiar tingle rise up inside her, and she was lost in the sight of her sister. Then, before she knew what had happened, she was being asked a question. "Well, will you do it?"

"Uh, do what?" Kiara stammered.

"Jesus, you little stoner." Jess nearly shouted, "Will you pose for my class? There's only two left, and you're definitely going to be fun to draw."

"Um, you mean like, naked?" Kiara's responded.

"Yes Kiara, naked. But it's actually really fun. Please please please?" Jess was begging. "Look how easy it is, I'm naked right now."

"Yeah, I guess you are." Kiara mumbled. "Okay, I guess I'll do it."

"Yay! I love you, you're the best sister ever." Jess blurted out, then did her best to jump up, giving Kiara a big hug then kissing her quickly on the lips. "You'll have a great time!"

Kiara was nervous when she stood in the classroom with Mrs. Silverman and her sister. She was being shown the podium where she would stand, and was told that the class lasts ninety minutes, with two forty minute poses and one ten minute break. After becoming acquainted with the class, she looked through an art book with a collection of poses she was told that she welcome to choose from. She chose two simpler poses, and was ready to start.

The class poured in, and all nine of the students took their seats. These people ranged from a pretty young goth girl who looked around nineteen, to an older chubby woman who looked to be in her fifties. It was a rather small class, with only two males, both of whom seemed to be gay. Kiara stood behind a screen slider and slowly began to undress.

Kiara pulled her t-shirt above her head, and as it was the summer, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her A cup breasts were now on show, and she felt that same feeling rising inside her. She took off her boots and socks, then pulled down her jeans, leaving herself only wearing her boy shorts, sporting a picture of a devil and with speech bubbles saying "Horny?". She put her fingers inside them and closed her eyes, pulling them down to her ankles. The air hit her young, sweet pussy. Usually she shaved, but after appearing nude on stage, she felt like she wanted a change, so was growing her hair in. Now it was around an inch in length, and was clearly visible, but so was her clit when she was aroused, and she was certainly aroused. She quickly slipped on her white robe and entered the view of the class.

Climbing the podium, she looked out to the classroom, looking for her sister, who was sitting right at the front. She gave her an awkward smile, which was met with Jess mouthing "Good luck." and blowing a kiss. She already felt more confident. Mrs. Silverman described the poses that would be drawn today, and told Kiara to start at her leisure.

Kiara dropped her robe and placed her right arm over her right breast, and her left arm on her right knee as she sat on a small stool. She spent the first ten minutes ignoring her arousal as she looked at her older sister. She knew that there were eleven people who could see her naked right now, and the exhibitionist in her loved it. She was full of sexual energy, and she was almost certain that for her ten minute break she was going to go to the bathroom to masturbate.

Soon, the forty five minutes were up, and the class broke up. Kiara ran to her sister and hugged her, before even putting the robe back on, and thanked her for asking her to do this. Kiara was having the time of her life. She then returned to the podium, put her robe back on, and excused herself for the bathroom.

As she entered the stall in the bathroom, she hung up her robe and sat on the toilet without even lifting the seat. She wasn't going to pretend to be here for the toilet, she was horny, plain and simple. Her right hand rushed to the wet, glistening and bushy love nest between her legs, and before she knew what she was doing, her finger was inside her, slowly but with precision applying pressure to her G-spot. She was lost in the moment, driving her finger in and out of her pussy, when the stall door next to her opened. She heard someone else sit down, and then heard them moan similarly to the way she was just seconds before. She continued her activity, pumping wildly into her tight young pussy. The stall next to her was even noisier than her own, and it was turning her on to no end.

Soon, the stall next to hers was shaking, and Kiara felt her own orgasm rushing up on her, and just as the stranger in the next stall shuddered, so did she. They let out a simultaneous scream. Both of them fell in to their sexual rest, and lay against the adjoining wall, almost feeling each other. Almost.

"Kiara?" was the next thing she heard. "Kiara, where are you?" Mrs. Silverman was asking. "Two minutes until you're back on, hurry please."

"Okay Mrs. Silverman, just finishing up." was her reply, and she got up, washed her hands and left the bathroom.

Soon, she re-entered the class, and she noticed only two people were absent, the goth girl she had spotted earlier, and her sister. The possibility of masturbating next to her sister made her horny all over again, and she felt her nipples harden at the prospect. Either way, she had just masturbated inches away from a very beautiful girl.

Mrs. Silverman waited for Jess and the goth to come back, and then instructed Kiara to take place and pull her second pose. She climbed the podium and struck her pose, the Supergirl, both hands on her hips with her chin held high. As she looked out at the front of her class, she couldn't tell if either her sister or the goth looked like they had just had an orgasm. She just kept her head held high, with her nipples pointing at the class and her pubic hair still sticky from the orgasm she had just achieved. The confidence that was filling her was enough to keep her posing like this for hours. But sooner than she would have liked, time was called, and she was finished. She donned the robe for a final time, thanking Mrs. Silverman for having her, and telling her that if Jess wasn't able to pose for the last day, then she would happily fill in again. she walked behind the slider once more, but before she could get dressed, Jess grabbed her from behind and squeezed her tight. "Thank you soooo much for today baby sis," she squeaked "you're the best!" and then kissed her on the lips again, probably for a little longer than she should have, but then she hobbled away. Looking back, she whispered "And you looked so sexy up there." whilst winked at her.

She was now almost certain that it was her sister in the stall next to her, but when she slipped her hoodie back on, she felt a note inside the pocket, with a phone number written down. "From the goth. Call me. Faith x" was written above the number. Things just got interesting, and Kiara had no idea who was next to her, once again. All she knew was, she had to find out.

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