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Precious Turns Up the Heat

Precious Turns Up the Heat

Precious really enjoyed giving her first lap dance, now she will perform for a couple...
Master leads Precious to the next room and as they enter, she notices it is set up pretty much the same way as the first, with the bar in the corner, but this time instead of one chair, there are two chairs. The couple is sitting there side by side, each in an over sized arm chair. In her mind, Precious names them “Mr.” and “Mrs.” 

About thirty-five years old and dashing, dressed in a white shirt and neatly pressed slacks Mr. sits there, hands resting on the arms of the chair, calmly looking as if he owns the place, exuding confidence. Mrs. is impeccably groomed, every hair of her blonde bob haircut neatly in place, her make up perfectly applied to her smooth, beautiful, skin. She has on a beautiful black dress that reveals her taut stomach through a cutout and a short, slim skirt that barely covered her shapely thighs. She looks to be about twenty-five years old and sits there, stiffly upright, legs crossed and hands clasped tightly in her lap, watching Precious intently, as she enters the room.

Master introduces her and then retreats to the far corner as he did with "Panty Man", and slips the disc into the player, waiting for the cue from Precious that she was ready to begin. She stands again in front of the couple and closes her eyes then opening them and gives him a small nod, the music begins. 

She remembers Master saying that the woman was intrigued with her nipple clamps and the chain strung between them, so she begins with her top. As her hips swing in an exaggerated figure eight, her hands move up to untie the scant white top that Master had brought for her. Pulling it open, and easing it off her shoulders, she advances toward Mr. her eyes locked on his, and a sultry smile on her lips. 

Straddling his leg, she lowers herself and sits, grinding herself against it, and allows the tiny top to fall to the floor. Standing again, she reaches behind and turns away from the couple unhooking her bra. Turning back to face them, she slips the straps from her shoulders allowing it to fall away from her breasts, revealing the nipple clips she still wears, the chain hanging slack between them. 

Stepping from between his legs, she turns from them again, this time sliding her hands down over her hips and around to caress her ass. Swaying her hips to the music playing over the speakers. She undoes the zipper on the side of her skirt and allows it to fall from her hips to the floor, kicking it aside, standing there in her little thong and heels and nothing else. Her hips never ceasing their tantalizing swaying motion. She bends down, legs straight and slides her hands down over her ass, pausing to caress it briefly before continuing down the backs of her thighs and calves, around to the front of her legs and slowly back up between her legs to her pussy. She can feel the heat coming from her pussy as she contemplates how she will tease Mrs. 

Precious hears Mrs. gasp as she steps away from him and closer to her, and can now hear the shallow quick breaths as Mrs. becomes more excited. She quickly glances at Master who gives her a slight nod. Precious straightens up and moves to Mrs. Standing in front of her, she places her hands on the arms of the chair and leans down, ass in the air, back arched. Dipping as low as she can she rolls her body up, feeling the chain on her nipple clips to drag up its way up Mrs.’ thighs as her tits brush against the front of Mrs.’ dress and their lips brush against each other’s. Straddling her legs, Precious presses her pussy down rubbing it against Mrs.’ thighs.

Hearing a moan encourages her to go further, moving up and pressing herself against her body she grinds herself down against her thigh while kissing her full on the lips and sliding her hands against her breasts. Precious allows her hands to glide down from Mrs.’ breasts, over her stomach, coming to rest just over her mound. Her hand presses down, closer to Mrs.’ pussy and Precious can feel the moist heat coming from her as she uncrosses her legs. 

Taking Mrs.’s hands she slides them up her body to her breasts, allowing her to feel the weight of them in her hands and to toy with the nipple clips, all the while, grinding her wet pussy against Mrs.’s thigh. She drops her hand down to Mrs.’ sculpted thigh and slides it upward, under her skirt, allowing her hand to come into contact with Mrs.’s hot pussy. 

“Oh my God!” Precious thinks to herself when she realizes that Mrs. isn’t wearing panties. By this time, Mrs. is straining to push against Precious, wanting, no, needing to feel herself connecting to Precious’ palm as it presses against her, with her sopping pussy. Precious lets a moan escape her throat as she continues to grind and kiss Mrs.

She can hear Mr.’s breathing becoming more rapid while he watches the scene unfold in front of him. Mrs. looks over at him, her eyes quietly pleading, and he tells her in a quiet voice, “Do it.” Precious feels Mrs. beginning to cum against her palm, panting and moaning. As Mrs. quiets, Precious looks over at Mr. and gives him a wink as she rises up and allows her breast to graze against Mrs.’ lips as she removes herself from her lap, turning her attention to Mr. 

Turning her back to him as she steps between his legs, Precious bends over at the waist with her hands on her knees for balance. She pushes her ass out toward him, close enough to his face to feel his hot breath on her wet pussy. Swaying her hips in front of his face, she leans down further, her pussy getting closer, knowing he can smell her excitement. Pushing up on her arms, she rights herself and sinks down, her wet pussy against the front of his pants, feeling how hard he is. She grinds against him with her hands on his knees. 

Mr. shifts a bit in his seat and then she feels his hands on her hips, pulling her down. She grinds against him as he pushes up, his hard cock straining in his pants. She presses down on him more, his thrusts are becoming more insistent. Precious looks over and sees that Mrs. is watching them, her hand down between her thighs. Grunting, Mr. gives one final, hard, upward thrust, and groans, then is still beneath her, his hands releasing the grip on her hips. 

Precious stands and moves toward Mrs., straddling her leg. Kissing her hard on the lips and stroking her cheek while Mrs. continues to finger fuck herself. Sliding her hand down her arm, Precious covers Mrs.’ hand with her own, guiding it, making her fingers slide in and out of her pussy like some kind of living dildo. Increasing the tempo as the kiss becomes more frantic. Finally breaking the kiss, Mrs. begins breathing harder as Precious pinches her nipple with her free hand, sending Mrs. over the edge, hips bucking and crying out. Their hands are suddenly covered in her cum as it gushes from her throbbing pussy. Precious leans over and brings her fingers to Mr.’s lips letting him lick his wife’s cum from them.

Suddenly remembering Master sitting there, Precious looks around to see him watching her, a wide smile on his face. He stands and walks over to them, holding his hand out for Precious. Standing up from Mrs.’ lap, Precious feels Mr. slipping something into her hand as she reaches out to take Master’s hand. Looking down, she sees that he has passed her some cash, folded up small. Her eyes meet his as Master takes her hand, Mrs. also presses something into her hand as Master leads her away. She turns to smile at them, but they are already making out, both of them hot and horny. Master leads Precious from the room still in just her tiny thong. 

When they get to the hallway, Precious looks down at what Mrs. had given her and discovers it is a slip of paper with her phone number on it. She giggles wildly as she hands the cash and the phone number to Master. He leads her to the men’s room and pulls her inside, Precious thinks that she might have gone too far with the couple, and is about to be punished. 

Three guys are standing at urinals peeing. Yanking her around quickly, he pins her hard against the wall next to the door and covers her mouth with his, kissing her hungrily. With his hips pressing hard against her, jerking the nipple clips off as he continues to kiss her with his hand tangling in her hair. He breaks the kiss and spins them around, his hand still in his hair as he leans against the wall, breathing hard and growling at her, “Watching you with that couple was fucking hot! You blew me away, I want it fast and hard tonight little slut! Suck my cock!” 

She drops to her knees and quickly opens his pants pulling out his cock. Stroking it as she brings it to her lips, she slips her lips over the head. He grabs another handful of her hair and rams his cock deep into her mouth with a grunt. Her tongue working furiously against the underside of his cock as he pulls her head back, sucking hard. He watches her cheeks hollow as she moves back and forth, her head bobbing on his cock, her hands on his thighs to steady herself as she sucks and teases the shaft and the swollen head. 

The three guys have moved closer to watch Precious work Master’s cock as he continues to thrust in and out of her mouth. They begin to jerk off as they watch. Precious is drooling over his balls, her hand covered in thick saliva as he continues his assault on her throat. She is so focused on his pleasure that she only becomes aware of the guys standing behind her when she hears them beginning to moan as they stroke and squeeze their cocks harder and faster. Master growls deep in his throat as his cock swells, Precious presses her slippery fingers against his asshole as he begins to cum, shoving himself deep into her throat. 

Gulping and swallowing Master’s cum, she feels a warm wetness on her back as the first guy begins to squirt his cum, then the next. The third is rubbing his cock in her hair, globs of his cum matting in the long dark strands. Master pulls out from her mouth and shoots the remainder of his seed over her face and tits. Cum dripping from her face, and hair, dripping and running down her back and her tits. The three guys stuff their cocks back into their pants and quickly leave the men’s room. Precious looks up at Master with her bottom lip between her teeth. 

“Let’s go home, Precious.” Master says with a chuckle, straightening his clothes, “I think you’ve had enough excitement tonight.”

“I’ll just get my coat, Sir, unless you’re really attached to that outfit.” Precious says. 

“You don’t need your coat, you’ll go, just like this.” Master responds as he takes her hand and leads her from the side door out onto the street. 

As they walk to the car in the shadows, the cold air makes her nipples harden. When they reach the car, Master opens the door and Precious turns to kiss him, stroking him through his pants. He settles her into her seat and buckles the seat belt across her naked body then walks around to the driver’s door. Getting in, he starts the car, fastens his seat belt and heads for home, driving slowly, enjoying the look of desperation on her face. He knows she’s horny and needs to cum hard, so he speeds up and takes her home.

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